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Renamed Renaissance Periodization RP Templates Anonymous 19/01/21(Mon)19:23 No. 25950

File removed. - ( )

I like that idea, here's my contribution. I've posted these before, but now they are renamed for clarity (instead of M_5_C or something like that)

RP Male Physique Template Beginner/Intermediate Full Body 3 day/week: https://anonfile.com/W8weo5rfb2/RP_Male_Physique_Template_3x_Week_Full_Body_xlsx

RP Male Physique Template Beginner/Intermediate Full Body 4 Day/week (Dec. 2018): https://anonfile.com/b6x2ocrab9/RP_Male_Physique_4_Day_Full_body_xlsx

RP Powerlifting Hypertrophy 4 day/week: https://anonfile.com/dexfoer5bd/RPPowerLiftingHypertrophy4Day_xlsx

RP Powerlifting Beginner Strength: https://anonfile.com/fdx9o1r1be/RP_Powerlifting_Strength_Beginner_xlsx

RP Powerlifting Peaking Beginner: https://anonfile.com/h0xfodr5b8/RP_Powerlifting_Peaking_Beginner_xlsx
Zip file of a bunch of RP Female Physique Templates, most labeled well: https://anonfile.com/q0x5o1rfb3/RP_-_Female_Physique_Training_Templates_rar

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