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cheap jordans free shipping ytwnot@gmail.com 17/09/19(Tue)08:46 No. 191745 ID: a2284c

According to reports, at present, Putian, Fujian shoe enterprises more than 4 thousand, more than 43 of the tax to pay more than shoes enterprises, with a complete industrial chain of the footwear industry. Chairman of Putian Footwear Association Chen Wenbiao believes that the market holds great strategic opportunity, in the new industrial pattern, the footwear industry chain in the role of the enterprises should focus on "good product" relationship into new collaborative relationships from the exchange of interests, mutual cooperation, mutual polished, more good products and enterprises will continue to there.

Anonymous 17/09/22(Fri)19:37 No. 191760 ID: ec5fee

File 150610182578.jpg - (1.62MB , 2792x2792 , 1505241480839.jpg )

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Anonymous 17/10/09(Mon)22:39 No. 191839 ID: 1e9409

File 150758155435.jpg - (193.00KB , 1500x1680 , 14695458824903.jpg )

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