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HM 4e/5e product list Anonymous 17/01/03(Tue)10:09 No. 115098

Trying to put together a full list of all HM 4e/5e products to see what's left after the recent posts. Some of the 4e stuff might be generic Kalamar items. Looks like the 5e trove that's been posted is pretty light, but 4e seems pretty good except for the later adventures.

HackMaster 4e

[K&C2001] Hacklopedia of Beasts Volume I
[K&C2002] Hacklopedia of Beasts Volume II
[K&C2003] Hacklopedia of Beasts Volume III
[K&C2004] Hacklopedia of Beasts Volume IV
[K&C2005] Hacklopedia of Beasts Volume V
[K&C2006] Hacklopedia of Beasts Volume VI
[K&C2007] Hacklopedia of Beasts Volume VII
[K&C2008] Hacklopedia of Beasts Volume VIII
[K&C2101] HackMaster GameMaster's Guide
[K&C2100] HackMaster Player's Handbook

[K&C2200] B1: Quest for the Unknown
[K&C2201] B2: Little Keep on the Borderlands
[K&C2228] B3: House of Madness
[K&C1205] Brothers by Blood
[K&C2210] C1: The Hidden Shrine
[K&C2213] C2: Demon Tower of Madness
[K&C2218] C4: The Prophecy of Shardar
[K&C2206] D1-2: Descent into the NetherDeep
[K&C2203] G1-3: Annihilate the Giants
[K&C2214] I2: Crypt of the Lizard King
[K&C2205] K1: Slaughterhouse Indigo
[K&C8007A] K7: Tower of Jhedophar
[K&C150b] Raid on Borgal's Keep
[K&C2216] Road to Aster
[K&C2204] Robinloft
[K&C2217] Robinloft 2: Tahd's Legacy
[K&C2207] S1: Tomb of Unspeakable Horrors
[K&C2215] S4: Lost Caverns
[K&C2224] S5: Dead Gawd's Hand
[K&C2227] S6: Isle of Death
[K&C2202] Smackdown the Slavers
[K&C103] SV1: Unguarded Hoard
[K&C2212] T1-4: The Temple of Existential Evil
[K&C2221] UK1: Porpher's Enchanted Garden
[K&C2208] White Doom Mountain
[K&C3001] Wryneck's Wheelhouse: Mobile Home of Doom
[K&C2222] YK1: The Hungry Undead
[K&C2225] YK2: Temple of the Bronze Flame
[K&C2226] YK3: Sometimes They Come Back

[K&C2130A] The Adventurer's Guide to Pixie Fairies
[K&C1204] By the Sword: Dueling in Realms of Fantasy
[K&C2105] The Combatant's Guide to Slaughtering Foes
[K&C1039] Dijishy: The City of History
[K&C2120A] Garweeze Wurld Atlas
[K&C2120] Garweeze Wurld Gazetteer
[K&C2111] Gawds & Demi-Gawds
[K&C1203A] Goods and Gear: the Ultimate Adventurer's Guide
[K&C2113] The Griftmaster's Guide to Life's Wildest Dreams
[K&C2129] HackJammer
[K&C2010] Hacklopedia Field Manual
[K&C2009] Hacklopedia of Beasts: Monster Matrix
[K&C2011] Hacklopedia of Beasts: Rustlers of the Night
[K&C2124] Lord Flataroy's Guide to Fortifications
[K&C003] Mythos of the Divine and Worldly
[K&C2212] Sir Robilar's City of Brass
[K&C2104] The Spellslinger's Guide to Wurld Domination
[K&C201] Volume One: Beneath the Waves
[K&C2120B] World of Aldrazar
[K&C2108] The Zealot's Guide to Wurld Conversion

[K&C1030A] City Map Folio
[K&C2122] Coloring and Activity Book
[K&C2106] GameMaster's Campaign Record
[K&C2107] GameMaster's Coupon Book
[K&C2126] HackMaster Combat Wheel Game Tool
[K&C2102] Hackmaster GameMaster's Shield
[K&C2127] Hackmaster GameMaster's Shield (Revised)
[K&C2110] Hackmaster Player Character Mat
[K&C2113] Hackmaster Player Character Record
[K&C2117] Hackmaster Player Character Record 2.0
[K&C2117C] Hackmaster Player Character Record 3.0
[K&C1201] Trove of Treasure Maps

HackJournal #001 - #037
HackJournal Annual #1

3rd Party
[Frugal GM]
Danger in Drakesville
Heroes of Hackston I
Heroes of Hackston II
Heroes of Hackston III
The "Test"
Trouble at Karst Cavern
Peyo's Hunt
Dark Anniversary

HackMaster 5e

HackMaster Basic
HackMaster Basic Plus
HackMaster GameMaster's Guide
HackMaster Player's Handbook
Hacklopedia of Beasts

A Sewer Runs Through It
Baurgar's Prize
The Brindonwood Syndrome
Dusk of the Dead
The Forgotten Monastery
Frandor's Keep
The Gauntlet
The Gift
In the Dark of Fright
In the Realm of the Elm King
Legacy of the Elm King
Moor's Caw
Mugful of Mayhem
Mysterious Shrine
Nest of the RatMaster
Plague of Cosolen
The Prodigal Sons
Raktavira's Villa
The Secret of Blackgate Farm
Shadow Over Tiwidu
Sheep Thief
Strangers on the Trail
The Temple of Unrelenting Despair
Vidar's Final Trek
White Palette, Ivory Horns
Wrath of the Vohven

Blood Clans of Jorikk: On Wild Lands and Wild Folk
Blood Clans of Jorikk: Regions Starter Pack
Blood Clans of Jorikk: Region Guide - Middle Plains of Drhokker
Blood Clans of Jorikk: Settlement Guide - Drhuyl
Blood Clans of Jorikk: Skarrn - The Tongue of the North
Blood Clans of Jorikk: The Saga of Vigurdr Dunrjork
Tiwidu: Village on the Verge
Zealot's Guide Book 1
Zealot's Guide Book 2
Zealot's Guide Book 3
Zealot's Guide Book 4
Zealot's Guide Book 5
Zealot's Guide Book 6

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