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Anonymous 19/02/24(Sun)07:37 No. 1259 ID: 76b0be

File 155099022780.jpg - (166.85KB , 900x506 , pewpew.jpg )

Don't forget, anyone who doesn't want to go to war is gay.

Anonymous 19/02/24(Sun)07:55 No. 1260 ID: 9bccbf

You posted this exact thing about Best Korea in 2016, faggot.


Anonymous 19/02/26(Tue)19:32 No. 1261 ID: 78d5a7

As true today as it was in yesteryear.

Anonymous 19/02/28(Thu)08:00 No. 1264 ID: 18d120

File 155133720634.jpg - (10.69KB , 280x274 , dodecahedron-regular.jpg )

You're just wargay. You think you get off on atrocity?
Aren't you just a regular dodecahedron. Nice geometry, fa​ggot.

Anonymous 19/05/08(Wed)15:41 No. 1412 ID: 2b8fa9

You're just peace gay. You'd rather blow a dude than fight him. That's the gayest gay there is.

Venezuela needs to be "freedomized". America needs to help Venezuela understand and learn the lesson that it's not okay to be Venezuelan.

Anonymous 19/05/09(Thu)05:52 No. 1413 ID: 251736

Peace is much harder than war. War is flaccid.

Besides, Venezuela is perfectly capable of teaching itself that it is not ok to be Venezuelan. Their government just about sold it's entire gold stock to Saudi Arabia for cash; what were they going to do for money after they blew that? We've sanctioned them and all their allies sufficently; we don't need to spend another dime on this situation, let alone the lives of our soldiers.

Do you really want to send American soldiers to get dysentery in Venezfuckinguela?

Anonymous 19/05/11(Sat)03:06 No. 1414 ID: e04de9

We already spend millions on our military. We might as well use it.

Americans join the military to kill people and fight in wars. That's the point.

Anonymous 19/05/11(Sat)03:37 No. 1416 ID: 1e5fb7

Who knew Donald Rumsfeld browsed 7chan?

Anonymous 19/05/11(Sat)09:09 No. 1417 ID: 983e14

I would never have agreed to occupying and rebuilding Iraq. Nor training or funding Iraqi forces and giving them arms.

The invasion was fine.

Anonymous 19/05/11(Sat)15:58 No. 1420 ID: 1e5fb7

>The invasion was fine.
>occupying and rebuilding Iraq
>training or funding Iraqi forces
>giving them arms.

If you can't understand that the first made the other three necessary then it's pretty obvious why your response to the invasion of a sovereign country that would net us no benefit and yet cost us money, allies, and lives is "might as well".

Anonymous 19/05/11(Sat)22:26 No. 1421 ID: 983e14

Why don't you enlighten me? Also, don't throw around the word sovereign country like it means anything globally.

Anonymous 19/05/11(Sat)23:38 No. 1423 ID: 1e5fb7

The initial reasoning for the war in Iraq was that Iraq under the leadership of the Ba'athist Party was a rogue state developing Weapons of Mass Destruction, the goal however was regime change as stated numerous times by the Bush Administration. The argument is that if left in power, Saddam Hussein would continue to be a threat.

The whole point in invading a country and overthrowing the government is replacing that government with another that is more aligned with what you want. To do that you need the following:
1.) To establish the basis of a new government and the processes under which it will fuction, hopefully with the cooperation of some of the people within the country.
2.) Have that government be recognized as the legitimate government so that it can carry out basic functions such as trade negotiations and international relations. Things which all governments must do.
3.) Ensure that the government can exert control of the territory within it's internationally recognized borders and the population within them. Considering you just blew the shit out of the military, that means reestablishing said military with sufficient training, infrastructure, and equipment. It also means rebuilding basic functions like the power grid, sanitation, law enforcement, and infrastructure which all went to shit when you destroyed the government running them.

It's all or nothing. If your goal is to install a new government then that's what you have to do. If not there is no reason to invade.

And I'm not throwing the word sovereignty around, it's literally the basis for international law. Venezuela is a country with people and borders and a government and police and malls and kitty cats and every other damned thing that is recognized as such by every other nation on fucking earth. Don't believe me, why don't you check out some places where the government has little to no international recognition and see how great they are doing.

Anonymous 19/05/12(Sun)16:21 No. 1426 ID: 32e8db

This might sound crazy, but hear me out.

What if we invaded, killed the Ba'ath party and Saddam, and then just left?

Anonymous 19/05/12(Sun)19:46 No. 1427 ID: 7f631b

We'd have created a power vacuum that would immediately be filled by extremists; oh wait that happened anyway.

You must be trolling. It doesn't take a degree in political science to understand what happens when you destroy a government and leave nothing in its place.

Anonymous 19/05/12(Sun)20:12 No. 1428 ID: 32e8db

>oh wait that happened anyway.

>understand what happens when you destroy a government and leave nothing in its place.
It ceases to be an immediate threat.

Anonymous 19/05/12(Sun)21:51 No. 1429 ID: 7f631b

You stupid fucking robot. Come on Vlad, this isn't that complicated. When you bomb civilians, you make more enemies.

We didn't just take out Saddam, we left Iraq in ruins. We'll leave Afghanistan in ruins too, and Syria will be mostly dust by the time we're through with them. Those people aren't going to remember the illustrious United States Army of Freedom, Peace, and Democracy coming to rescue them from tyrants. They are going to remember that the United States destroyed their cities, their economy, their culture, and then left them to be victimized by even more tyrants.

As per >>1423, the invasion of Iraq was an unlawful act of aggression with no military or diplomatic purpose. It was meant to stroke the Bush administration's collective egos and appease the 'murrican public. Unfortunately, the consequence is going to be an entire generation of people growing up with the reality that western powers can and will invade them, blow up their streets, murder their families, and abandon them to terrorists--all the while ignoring the United Nations and the International Court of Justice.

The US made a fucking mess of the Middle East, scattered suicide-bombing terrorists bent on bringing down western society all over the planet, and while we're still neck deep in this shit you want to go fuck up some other part of the world?

Anonymous 19/05/12(Sun)23:04 No. 1430 ID: 32e8db

Nobody said anything about bombing civilians.

The Middle East has been fucked up since it was created. I'm not saying we're making the situation better, but it's been a shit show since the 20's.

We went there because Saddam was threatening the US with WMDs full stop Saddam had to go. Nobody said anything about rebuilding a shitty country with a backasswards culture.

Who cares what they remember? We're not there to enrich their lives. We were there to kill Saddam.

If you believe in that sort of international law, you're retarded. The UN and EU were created, so Germany would stop attacking everyone. The vast majority of countries in the UN are so corrupt and oppressive that it's a ridiculous concept. Look at Ukraine being invaded right now. It doesn't matter.

Anonymous 19/05/13(Mon)06:15 No. 1432 ID: 3ac2f3

The Venezuela situation seems pretty cut and dry. They need freedomization and we're going to give it to them.

Anonymous 19/05/13(Mon)09:46 No. 1433 ID: 7f631b

I give up; the idiocy cannot be stopped.

I'll just watch the world burn.

Anonymous 19/05/14(Tue)07:42 No. 1434 ID: 8357c8

Don't be so dramatic, faggot. That little bitch attitude is exactly what makes you a huge pussy.

You act like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and (you forgot Yemen btw) were paradise before the wars.
NEWS FLASH: They've been shit.

Anonymous 19/05/15(Wed)04:52 No. 1435 ID: 76b7be

File 155788877580.jpg - (88.88KB , 613x767 , Tacos.jpg )

>We went there because Saddam was threatening the US with WMDs full stop Saddam had to go
We went there because Saddam took out a contract on poppy Bush and because Cheney's pals wanted their oil. There were a lot of people in the administration who thought it'd be a cakewalk and we'd be in and out in a month, two tops.

That's why in the runup to the war they got rid of everyone in the military who reminded the administration that an occupation would require more personnel than the US military currently employed being placed in Iraq, all to stifle insurgencies.

Anonymous 19/05/16(Thu)06:12 No. 1436 ID: 01e798

Look, your entire point of view holds no water. Nothing you have to say makes any sense. Several people have tried to break it down for you, but as usual idiocy triumphs over reason.

I recognize the superiority of your stupidity, after all your people elected Duck and they'll do it again in 2020. So what if he tanks the economy and leaves office with the greatest deficit, the most active conflicts, and the highest rate of hate crime in history--you like how he sticks it to the libs and there are more of you than there are people who give a shit if the planet earth still hosts human life twenty years from now.

I guess you win, and the human race loses; good game.

Anonymous 19/05/17(Fri)02:19 No. 1438 ID: 1c87de

Do you have a single shred of evidence to back any of those statements up or is it entirely speculation and hearsay?

You do not speak for the human race, so stop acting like you do. We're articulate enough to speak for ourselves without you.

Anonymous 19/05/18(Sat)13:04 No. 1439 ID: 9a3531

Look at you, back to square one again.

You do not have the intellectual capacity to lose an argument.

The only way to win this game is not to play; I'm thoroughly convinced there is nothing that can be done about you. Idiocracy is happening; we all know where the world goes from this point on.

It was a good couple of millennia.

Anonymous 19/05/29(Wed)13:30 No. 1453 ID: 8d4dbf

California needs to be destroyed.

You vapid, smug, retarded cunts can no longer be tolerated. Your stupidity is a cancer that must be cured.

Anonymous 19/05/29(Wed)16:53 No. 1454 ID: f682f1

The other day someone asked me to explain what's going on in American culture. People in other countries are really worried you know; the rest of the world sees our economy going down the drain, our alliances falling apart, and our leader getting chummy with dictators and thinks we're one bad day from total collapse. I tried explain that the core problems is how we lost the ability to argue constructively and reach compromise or conclusion.

I made an example by emulating you while he debated me on various issues. I disparaged his arguments, doubted his sources, and dismissed his examples of how similar issues were resolved in other countries as unrelated to my own history and culture while continuously insisting that nothing he said countered my point of view--which I made no attempt to support with reason or empirical evidence of its efficacy.

I left out the part where we insult each other's intelligence. Nonetheless, we came to the conclusion that the United States is doomed. Thanks.

Anonymous 19/05/29(Wed)20:46 No. 1456 ID: e1db67

You have no sources. You never source anything.
I don't "doubt" sources. You never provide any sources.

People like you are the problem in the United States. We used to hold pieces of shit like you accountable for your lies and baseless claims, but with the advent of the internet, you're now free to spread your lies to every moron in the world, completely free from scrutiny.

Even now, you still take no responsibility for your bullshit.
So, yes, we are most likely doomed. Thanks, dipshit.

Anonymous 19/05/29(Wed)22:01 No. 1457 ID: f682f1

File 155916006781.jpg - (455.34KB , 1680x1050 , C8wpwYU.jpg )

As long as I get to watch you die, whatever; let the empire burn.

Anonymous 19/05/30(Thu)02:36 No. 1459 ID: e1db67

File 155917660263.jpg - (90.37KB , 615x938 , 1558868766960.jpg )

You won't, though...

Anonymous 19/05/31(Fri)22:17 No. 1461 ID: b0f049

File 155933384456.jpg - (16.84KB , 538x541 , Elephant.jpg )

>Do you have a single shred of evidence to back any of those statements up or is it entirely speculation and hearsay?
I know this is difficult for you to understand, but some of us were actually alive during the invasion of Iraq.

We lived through it. We - get this - paid attention to what was going on around us. We didn't just waste our entire lives fucking around on Facebook and Twitter bitching about how we can't get a job.

Once you grow some hair on your balls and get laid it expands your perception of the world. Run off and only come back after that's happened.

Anonymous 19/06/18(Tue)18:41 No. 1501 ID: 8467a7

>Durrr I was there. Trust me. You're just a social media using kid.

Just STFU, moron.

Anonymous 19/06/18(Tue)20:10 No. 1503 ID: fb385f

File 156088142837.jpg - (37.44KB , 750x603 , Kid.jpg )

It's okay kid, some day a girl will take pity on you.

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