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Implant (tags: tentacle(s), f/f, f/m, science fiction) Rachael Avarie!!IuBGZ0LmOz 12/10/10(Wed)15:56 No. 17365 ID: 4c9640

I re-read a story I wrote some time ago. Then I decided to write some more. If this post's format screws up on 7chan then I apologize, this is my first time posting here.

Since some people may want or need to track this story or other stories I may post, I’ll go by the pen name "Rachael Avarie" here rather than Anonymous. This is the first story/writing I’m sharing with the world, so feedback is especially appreciated.

I considered writing this in first person, but I may be switching point of views, so I’ll stick with third person. I’ll also be writing with spacing between paragraphs because I’m not sure if websites such as this will allow for tab indentation. I’ll leave no line spaces between multiple quotes except between some extra large paragraphs, and will merely use a double star ** to indicate a new speaker, as necessary. Double inverted commas indicate speech; single inverted commas indicate thought, normally. Now although this story is rated as science fiction, I’ve made an effort to make it seem as realistic as possible. I’ve tried to make the character reactions to the unnatural as accurate as a real person’s reaction would be, though at points I’ve had to tone it down to forgo to write too much “gasp, shock, horror, ugh!” character reactions. Hints: the first chapter isn’t very erotic, but the second chapter will have scenes that, hopefully, ‘deliver’ (if you know what I mean ;)

Splurb: Julia is an ordinary 17-year-old girl. She gets implanted with a biological creature that attaches itself to her and starts growing. Don’t want to put too many spoilers here otherwise.

Tags: tentacle(s), f/f, f/m, science fiction

Chapter 1

Tuesday, school was out. Julia Sharinotte hated this walk home. That wasn’t to say it was sleazy, nor impossibly far, but something seemed off about one particular building. She’d be damned if she was going to walk around the block, however. Julia walked swiftly, ignoring the sights and the smells around her. Her mother was a quarter Japanese, though they’d all been born in the US. She considered herself an average girl, definitely of average height, though prettier than average, with long dirty-blonde hair, pale blue-green eyes. Her face had a touch of freckles, and she had B-cups, wrapped onto a slender, 17-year old frame. Her best friend certainly didn’t consider her average; she was always gushing about how gorgeous she was, about how unfair it was that she didn’t have to wear makeup. Oh Julia wore makeup, the tiniest amount she considered healthy, but she hated eyeliner. In her opinion, it destroyed a person’s face, more often than not.

The rumble of an eighteen-wheeler rumbled past, along the wide, two-carriage street. A jackhammer shattered the afternoon for a moment, and as it ended, the normal hubbub of nearby voices and engines were again clear. She grimaced, and was interrupted as she reached toward her mp3 player.

“Hey, could you give me a hand here?” A man – no, a boy, perhaps a few years older than her, wearing a construction helmet, was trapped in the most awkward position. She shuffled over, grabbing the iron beam that had slid down, trapping his arm and leg. He was holding a bucket of paint and brush with his other hand, with nothing to hang the paint on to. He couldn’t very well drop the paint.

“Oof, that’s heavy.” She grunted, easing up a bit, and allowing her one hand to slide slowly along the smooth shaft. His breath caught. She bit her lower lip, maneuvering her waist carefully beneath him and the shaft, trying to gain more leverage. He grimaced at her apologetically. Finally the beam slid free.

** “Sorry about that.” The smiling boy said, putting the paint down. “It collapsed and the guys are way over there.” He jabbed a thumb behind him.
** “Are you hurt?” She queried, checking his arm. He withdrew it, seemingly cautious.
** “I’ll be alright.” Then he laughed. “I was supposed to wait for someone else to be nearby before I climbed up, but I got impatient. Say, what’s your name?” She told him. “Hey thanks a lot Julia. Oh I’m Trent.” He smiled again, holding out his hand. She reached to shake, but he hastily withdrew it. “Oh damn I’m sorry, I’m sure you don’t want your hand dirty.” He laughed again and she grinned.
** “Too late, lifting that bar already did that,” she admitted.
** “Oh, well in that case would you help carry something with me? Those guys are going to take forever to finish installing that generator, and if I can just get this moved, I can carry on with my work.” His face fell when he realized what he’d said. “Atch, I always talk before thinking. I can’t expect you to carry that.”
** “Hell yeah you can.” She retorted. “Is it heavy?”
** “Well not particularly, just awkward.” He said, shifting uncomfortably. Suddenly he jolted, as if electrocuted. “Hey! If you help me carry it then I get to take you out to lunch some time; how’s that?” She took half a step back, and looked him over properly this time. He was cute; oh yes, it was tempting.
** “I have school.” An excuse, any excuse – she didn’t want to appear too eager.
** “Oh that’s no problem, how about Saturday?” She pretended to think it over.
** “That could… should work.” Her stomach unexpectedly did a backflip. ‘I must be crazy!’ She thought.
** “Can I give you my number?” He asked, grinning again.
** “Sorry, my mom is anal about my phone getting stolen, I’m not allowed to take it to school.”
** “Nothing to write it down on?”
** “Nope. No homework today so my books are all at school.” She shook her head firmly, but then felt her face brighten. “I have a good memory.”
** “Alright,” he muttered, whipping out a Nokia. “Can’t even remember my own number. Ok, to be fair, it’s a new one.” He peeled off the number, and she had to ask him to repeat it once.
** “Cool, now let’s move this thing.” She booted the iron shaft.
** “Roger!” After some difficulty lifting it to shoulder height, she found somewhat easier to carry than she’d been expecting. They moved further down a sidestreet into the shade and set it at head height, resting on a holder.
** “Great, thanks a lot, now I can climb up.” They stood there uncomfortably for a moment, then he smirked and double pointed her. “Don’t forget!”
** “I won’t!” She chuckled, backing off with a wave.
** “Write it down!” He jogged off to retrieve his paint. Sighing, she glanced behind herself at the dark street. She was somewhat athletic, and with her slim figure she was hardly uncomfortable jogging across the narrow street. It would be much easier to cross here than at the intersection. She was right the way across when she realized this meant she’d have to pass right by that horrible building. She glanced back toward the boy - Trent, and her stomach flipped again. No, she was not going back there. He would think she was a doozie. ‘Strut’, She told herself. Elegance was a sure sign of confidence. She’d practiced this before, and turned her walk into an almost-sashay. It was subtle enough to appear natural. Her mind strayed back to her music, and she was going for her mp3 player when she was interrupted a second time by that dratted jackhammer. Then a dark figure stepped out of a doorway.


The scientist was exhilarated. He had finished a massive series of tests on various animals, and had finally perfected his specimen. It was long past time for him to test a human subject. Unfortunately, there was zero chance he would get any volunteers. He certainly wasn’t going to be the first human test himself. He had planned various strategies for hours now. Unfortunately, while he was brilliant at biology and advanced genetics, he was a complete fluke when it came to interacting with other people. Maybe that had something to do with why he always preferred working alone. Of course, this project made that a necessity.

He had taken to peering out of his doorway, holding the door open at a crack. He would snag the first suitable subject who walked by. It was crude, and it would give his game away to the person he took. It would probably bring the cops down on him as well, but he had a secure holding area. They would not find his human subject.

He’d had a big fallout with the scientific community once before, and he’d had to change his identity. He could do that again – he still had his contacts, and when he was finished with his first human subject, they would be released and he would disappear. He wouldn’t have to kill anyone if he was lucky.

He was at the doorway for barely thirty seconds when a girl approached. It was much brighter outside, so whereas he could see her easily, she would probably not notice him until it was too late. A jackhammer had started up, and he seized his chance. He exited naturally, nodding to her as she approached, and made as if to pass her by. She passed him, keeping her head stiffly and self-consciously straight ahead, and suddenly he was on her other side, crab-walking her toward his door. She never had a chance to run, he seized her thin arm in a strong grasp, and she squealed, trying to elbow him. Within two seconds he had shoved her inside and slammed the door shut, sliding a bolt into place. She blinked in the dimness, and began to glance about frantically. He grabbed her again and dragged her struggling and screaming to his apparatus.

After strapping her in, he swiftly jabbed her with a needle. He winched the girl into a lying-down position even as she passed out.

After snapping gloves on, he reached a test tube, carefully withdrew a purplish worm-like creature, with fluorescent blue blotches on it. This was the third generation of his one hundred and sixteenth modification. The DNA indicated nothing had changed between the first and third generation, so it was most likely stable. He had considered taking it to a fifth generation, but there was no point in dragging it out if it was incompatible with a human. This particular specimen had been birthed several days ago, and had reached a size of almost three inches. It was still narrow, being less than one inch in width.

He dropped it back in the test tube, and rested the rube upright, carefully balanced on the apparatus. Then he moved to the girl, un-strapping her completely. He unbuckled and unzipped her denim shorts, and swiftly dragged them down her legs and off her feet. She had a pad. He shifted it aside, and then plied her legs widely apart, giving him clear access. He reached for the test tube again – the little bugger was crawling slowly up the glass – and emptied the worm-like critter onto his gloved palm.

Carefully, ever so carefully, he unfolded the girl’s labia, and then pushed the wriggling purple specimen against her opening. It entered slowly, and his breath hitched. Then it seemed to realize there was nothing blocking it, and it crawled deeper, soon disappearing inside her. He released her lower lips gently, replaced her pad, and pulled her panties and shorts back on, zipping and bucking the shorts.

The scientist was an avid coffee drinker; his own personal drug, and he felt the stirrings now. He’d had to drop from three phases down to two-phase electricity because his bills were racking up. Cursing softly, he headed into the kitchen and turned on the gas stove. He had made one mistake with the project. He’d forgotten to increase the drug dosage enough for a human subject. He never heard the girl stir slightly as he left her; nor did he take much notice of the pungent smell of gas in the kitchen. It was the last mistake he ever made. As he struck a match, the explosion was so violent he was flung to the other side of the room, and then the fire began to spread rapidly, lapping at the cold wood.


Julia came to slowly. A loud boom occurred, and a cushion of hot air hit her shortly after. She struggled to overcome the drug, finally managing to sit up. After another woozy moment, her sense returned slightly stronger, and she realized that something was horribly wrong. One look behind her at the flames lapping at the ceiling in the next room sparked her adrenaline, and she staggered away from the smoke now pouring out. Two more booms indicated more gas bottles exploding. She reached an iron door and banged on it frantically with her firsts, before she realized it was bolted on the inside. She flung the door open and half ran, half staggered. She ran and ran, not stopping until she got home.


She told nobody. Her mom noticed she seemed a bit offish at dinner, but otherwise Julia pretended that everything was perfectly fine. She’d had a scalding shower shortly after getting home, helping to slow the shaking and sooth her nerves somewhat. All in all, she was feeling almost normal again as she got into bed. She checked herself for being raped, but her virginity was intact. She breathed a sigh of relief, and started rubbing herself until warm flushes swept through her. Knowing this would soothe her nerves further, she rubbed until the warm flushes reached a crescendo, and she clutched the blankets tightly with one hand as her breath caught. She’d been right; it did calm her nerves, allowing her to drift off to sleep sooner.

By now the little purple wormlike creature had burrowed deep into her left ovary, and had already sent out tiny protrusions, attaching itself firmly inside. It sent out more tiny feelers, ever so slowly, connecting itself to her vessels, allowing it to leech slowly but surely off her blood. Some time past midnight it set about converting the stolen blood into a different kind of substance.


Julia woke full of vitality and happiness. She was confused for a while as to why she was so happy, then remembered Trent the construction worker from yesterday. She stretched out her arms above her in glee. It would be her first proper date. Her parents were strict on those principles, though they had promised to ease up when she had turned sixteen. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, for her parents at least, she had been far too busy with studies to be paying much attention to boys.

She threw her covers off and hurried off for the bathroom and then some breakfast, jumping down the three stairs on the landing.

She had grumbled a few months back about getting her own car, but her father was busy working with a contract, and he would only be paid in full once it was finished. She’d settled to walking to school – after all, it was only five blocks. She only wished it didn’t make her look like a poor kid. This morning however, Sandy picked her up. Her best friend sat honking in the driver’s seat of her mom’s convertible, with a grin-full of teeth from ear to ear. Julia slapped her a high-five as she climbed into the passenger seat. Sandy was a redhead, about as fiery as they come, and she had at least five times as many freckles as Julia did. Her blazing green eyes were all the more fantastic with the thin eyeliner she usually employed.

Julia wasted no time in filling her in on her meeting with Trent, and to her credit, Sandy seemed almost as excited for her as she was for herself. They were still discussing possibilities when they drove past the building Julia had been kidnapped in. She had told no one about that episode, and planned to keep it secret. Sandy slowed the vehicle as they both turned in their seats to stare at the building – or rather, the pile of smoldering ash and rubble. A seemingly abandoned fire truck was parked on the far side of the one-lane side street. Sandy made a casual comment and Julia laughed nervously in response. They drove on by.


The rest of the day went by without a hitch. Julia felt several twinges in her lower stomach throughout the day, but she paid them no mind. Math, Physics, and English all passed by like a tornado, and she found herself sitting at lunch break, drinking soda through a straw, arguing and laughing with Sandy, Iola, and Vivka. Iola was a petite brunette, whereas Vivka was a dark-haired Russian girl. The four of them usually hung out together during break, and they had had group sleepovers together in the past.

The bell went and they dived back into classes. As the hours passed by Julia definitely felt stronger stirrings inside her, but there was no pain. Oddly enough, her first reaction was arousal, but again, she tried to ignore them. She felt several hot flushes on the drive back home with Sandy, and again during dinner. For the second night in a row her mom found her strangely quiet at the table. Then she was off to her room, this time with homework, which she attacked with voracity.

She had a panic attack as she realized she had forgotten to write Trent’s number down last night. Her mind shifted into reverse, and she sat with a pen poised above a torn-off paper for a full minute before writing the number neatly. She chucked the scrap of paper into a drawer and showered, getting ready for bed.


The next day she felt strange, almost light-headed. Sandy was nowhere to be seen, so she conceded to walking. Every few steps brought a hot flush, and worse, some moisture was leaking out of her neither region. ‘What’s going on? I’m not due for a period for another two weeks or so!’ She thought, trying to mull it over. Thankfully the pad was more than enough, and she had a spare in her bag, which she now carried slung over one shoulder.

She found it hard to concentrate in classes with the flushes, and at more than one point she found herself getting inexplicably aroused. She was her usual self at lunch, talking animatedly, but it was all an act. Inside she felt bizarre. ‘Is this what it feels like to be high on drugs?’ Her thoughts wandered. She found herself pinching her legs together as a particularly strong flush rushed through her.

** “You alright Jules?” Sandy asked, concern on her freckled face.
** “Yeah just, you know…” Julia replied, grimacing.
** “Right, sorry.” Sandy went back to her wrapped chocolate bar. Julia decided not to eat anything, but her soda was so good that she went back for seconds.

After lunch it got worse. Her pad had reached saturation point, and she replaced it with the spare. Julia found herself sitting next to Alexis in Geography, and her mind began to do bizarre things. It was as if she was slowly sliding out of sync with reality. Alexis jabbed her in the ribs and she yanked her concentration back into place with a huge lurch.

** “Well Julia?” The teacher repeated, tapping a ruler on one hand.
** “Scandinavia.” Alexis breathed, holding a hand casually in front of his mouth. Julia repeated what he’d said out loud, and the teacher nodded, moving on.

A moment after she relaxed control on her mind, it began sliding out of sync again. She felt a silly grin sliding onto her face as the feeling intensified, and she experimented, pulling her concentration back into place. It snapped back immediately. She let it slip, pulled back, and kept it up for some time, barely concentrating on the lesson. At one point she tried letting go for as long as possible, and she slid into a hazy delirium; it felt awesome. The entire class was swimming. After she’d pulled herself back to cognitive thought, Alexis looked at her strangely.

** “You on weed?”
** “Nope.” She suppressed a giggle.
** “Damn, I was hoping you’d have some spare. Sorry, you looked for a moment there like you were under some serious chronic stuff.”

She made an effort to see the rest of the class through without sinking into that feeling again. Every time she began sinking, an extremely pleasant tickling sensation fluttered all over her head, focusing on her brain. It was not too hard to hold it off – barely harder than keeping her eyes focused in a specific direction, but it was so tempting to sink again.

She had more homework, so she slugged her bag onto her shoulder on her way out the last class, bypassing the locker room. Walking home helped keep her mind clear, for the most part, but once home she collapsed on the sofa and sank into the delirium once again. The hot flushes had eased up a bit on the way home, but now they were back. The delirium pounded through her with each heartbeat, and her eyes slid half shut. She could not tell how long she’d been there when someone shook her. She opened her eyes and her mom was there. Great, her dad was also there, she’d been looking forward to his return. It took her a moment to notice the concern and shock on their faces. Her mom was saying something but it came out all garbled.

Julia yanked hard on her mind, clutching at sanity. It was like sliding up a long tunnel to the surface.

** “Sorry, what did you say?”
** “Are you on drugs?” Her mom said, almost franticly.
** “What? No, of course not.” Julia replied, sitting up hastily.
** “Are you feeling alright?” Her dad asked. She was about to reply when the strongest flush yet shot through her, making her eyes widen slightly. It was… almost painful.
** “Not exactly. I keep getting these hot flushes.” Her mom was about to speak, but she shook her head. “No it’s not that. I’m not due for two weeks.” If possible, this made her mom even more frantic.
** “Could you be pregnant?!” Julia stared at her, gaping.
** “That’s not possible. I’ve never been with…” She struggled to finish. “I’m still a virgin!” She almost shouted.
** “That’s ok, we believe you.” Her dad hushed her, and rested a hand on her mom’s shoulder, calming her too. Julia felt the feathery tickles around her mind again and she pushed them away. Something was wrong with her. It must have shown on her face.
** “I’m going to take you to the doctor. It’s not too late.” Her dad said, looking at his watch.

The trip ended up taking longer than usual. The doctor spent ages testing and re-testing. He made her sink into the delusional state three times before he was satisfied that he had recorded all the symptoms. He asked a multitude of questions, and the only thing she left out was that she’d been kidnapped. He ended up referring her to a specialist. Her dad was there the whole time, and he agreed. The doctor scheduled a meeting with the specialist in a nearby hospital for the next day.

She wasn’t too sure about eating anything that evening, but she was glad once her parents forced her to eat a little. It was normal casserole, her mom had made it a hundred times before, but the flavor literally exploded in her mouth. It was so delicious it almost made her eyes water from the intensity. She complemented her mom profusely while her dad called in on work, explaining his absence on the morrow. She ended up having seconds, which was just as good as the first small helping, and even the water she drank afterward tasted better than usual, which was strange, considering water was not supposed to have any taste to start with.

Feeling rejuvenated, she continued to ignore the hot flushes as she had a long, soaking shower. The strange feelings had made her aroused so much during the day that she was almost desperate to get some relief, so she turned the water down to a lukewarm trickle, and lay down, peeling her labia apart and allowing the water to hit her just so. Just because she could do so, she allowed herself to sink into delirium as she neared climax. She was deep under when the explosion shook her, and it seemed to stretch on forever. Afterward she pulled her mind back to the surface, and got slowly to her feet. That had been the most intense orgasm she’d ever felt. It wasn’t normal for her to masturbate this often, but ever since those strange feelings had started she’d felt so much… different, than before.

Sleep was not easy. There was no way she could relax herself enough to fall asleep without sinking into delirium, so she had no choice but to let go. She’d been slightly afraid of this, but realized that there was nothing she could do about it.

The awesome tickling sensations began, pulling her slowly under, and she felt her breathing slow. She sighed as her mind sank deeper and deeper down that tunnel. Finally she sank into the deepest delirium.

She had strange lucid dreams after a while, and twice woke, the first time not even bothering to pull out of delirium before falling asleep again. The second time she didn’t have much choice, as she had to go to the bathroom. She was annoyed at herself for drinking so much water after dinner.


Julia woke on a cold Friday morning to her father softly knocking on her open door. She was still half delirious as she sat up, and she took a couple of seconds to respond to him. It was already eight thirty, and they had to leave soon. She rushed off to get something to eat, and then they were in the car.

Her dad stopped by the school to inform them of her absence. Julia had just made a splendid discovery. She sank into delirium –while- listening to her mp3’s. That had her fully occupied while her dad drove the rest of the way to the hospital. He looked a bit worriedly at her once or twice as she giggled vaguely. For the first time, she wasn’t one hundred percent certain she wanted to be cured. She would surely miss this feeling.

All too soon they arrived at the white thirty-floor building. She kept her mind in focus now in order to walk properly, and they entered the reception area, and were directed to a waiting room. A while later they were called through to a private office-like area, where the specialist greeted them. He had been forwarded the reports the doctor had made yesterday, and repeated one or two tests on Julia.

** “I’m going to have to make a couple of x-rays, is that alright?”
** “You’re the boss.” Her dad said, nodding.
** “Right this way please, miss Julia.” The specialist had her lie on a white platform, and then moved a machine above her. The x-rays took a few moments to develop, and once finished, he stared at them for a long time.

** “There is another scanning method I used here.” The specialist began. “We don’t normally ask permission to do this scan, because unlike x-rays, it is non harmful to the body. This one gives us a clearer view of what is happening.” He looked up at them. “I don’t like it. There is something badly wrong. I wouldn’t write off cancer, but it seems next to impossible that we are dealing with cancer here. In fact, the best guess I can make at this point is that you have a malignant life form inside you.” Julia glanced at her dad worriedly. “This does not seem to be anything your own body has spawned.”
** “Can it be removed?” Her dad asked.
** “Most likely.” The specialist nodded, glancing at the sheet again. “It appears to have attached itself to Julia to a certain degree.” His face grew more alarmed the longer he looked at the sheet. Then he looked up. “I’m going to have to call an emergency meeting concerning this with some other doctors. Please feel free to wait here and relax.” He indicated some comfy-looking chairs on the side, and then walked swiftly out of the room, clutching several data sheets and the scans in his arms. Julia glanced at her dad.
** “Surgery?” She almost whined. He put an arm around her comfortingly.
** “We will get through this. Be brave.” She nodded warily as another hot flush jolted her system.

The specialist returned with several doctors in tow, two of them female. They were arguing animatedly, and the specialist set the pages on his desk, spreading them out, while the others looked over his shoulders. They were using jargon that was hard for Julia to follow, but one phrase in particular stood out:
** “The specimen, or implant, we could call it, is lodged in her ovary.” Julia shuddered, resisting the urge to clutch her lower stomach. The doctors argued some more, but they slowly seemed to be reaching a consensus. Finally the one walked over to her.
** “Miss Julia?” She nodded nervously. “I’m a surgeon, as is Miss Wilkinson here,” he indicated one of the nurses hovering close by. “We think it would be best to do a local anesthetic and remove the implant with standard surgery. It’s an awkward procedure due to the delicacy of the ovary – that is the problem area, but I’m confident that we can successfully remove the implant.”
** “Implant?” Julia’s dad queried. “Why call it that?”
** “It seems to be a highly evolved form of a Cyrus Fungus. It’s not a real fungus, we just call it that, hence the prefix. It’s impossible to decipher exactly what this thing is unless we can remove it and perform some tests, but that is the closest match we have on database.” He glanced haltingly at the specialist, who stepped forwards.
** “This is not the first time someone has experimented with the Cyrus Fungus.” He began. “The implant inside you isn’t a naturally ‘evolved’ specimen, we’re pretty sure it can be traced back to a rogue scientist, who ironically, died recently - in a fire, two days ago. That was big news in the papers yesterday. The worst part of it is that his entire lab burned to the ground, destroying anything we could use to help identify the properties of this specimen.” The nurse surgeon spoke up.
** “We have contacted the experimentation lab in contract with this hospital, and will probably transfer the implant to an animal for further testing, once it has been removed from you.” Julia swallowed, starting to feel very nervous.

- - - -

That's it for chapter 1. I have more written, should I continue?

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Anonymous 12/10/12(Fri)23:51 No. 17386 ID: d535eb

Back to the top!

Rachael Avarie!!IuBGZ0LmOz 12/10/13(Sat)19:45 No. 17392 ID: ca61b9

Up until this stage I have done a lot of reviewing, going over what I wrote several times. From this point forward I have done less reviews and checks, so if you spot any mistakes, please let me know. A lot of this chapter is very new.

- - - -

Chapter 4

The walk to the park was surprisingly fast; Julia walked more slowly at the end to prepare herself, so she ended up arriving three minutes late. The west gate was like a looming iron portcullis, and had an oval carapace on either end, where it was linked to the palisade. She almost didn’t recognize Trent. He was sitting on a bench just outside the park, reading a tiny book. Without his construction helmet, she could get a good look at his wavy brown hair for the first time. It appeared he had given it a quick brush. He was wearing casual, yet subtly stylish clothes. His dark jacket was probably not leather, but it appeared so from a distance, and his sport shoes were gleaming, matching his long trousers perfectly. She suddenly wished she’d worn long jeans instead of a miniskirt. Then again, her legs were freshly shaved, so she swallowed her butterflies and walked up to him cautiously.

** “Julia?” He jumped up immediately, snapping his book shut and hastily stowing it in his pocket. She almost apologized for being late, but decided it would set precedence in the wrong direction.
** “Hi, you look well.” She grinned, trying to appear natural.
** “Yeah um, you look fantastic.” He hesitated a moment, then held out a hand to her, professional style. “Clean hands this time.” She shook it formally, laughing a bit in response. “Do you mind taking a walk?” He motioned towards the park gate.
** “Sure.”
** “So how’s school?” He asked as they passed through.
** “School’s great, though I’ve been off this week because of the OP.”
** “Ugh, what was that all about?”
** “Just an infection.” She muttered, glancing up at the evergreens rustling gently in the breeze.
** “Hey, aren’t you cold?” Trent asked, moving to take his jacket off.
** “No I’m fine.” She waved him off. “Besides, we can go inside someplace after the walk, right?”
** “Yeah, there’s this great restaurant near the corner of Elm street, we can go there in a bit. So tell me more about school? It’s been a couple of years since I finished.”

Most people in the area were wearing warm clothes; it was somewhat strange to her that she was the only one dressed this lightly. They made casual talk for a while, as they wondered slowly about the park, occasionally scattering pigeons and ducks. She told him about some of her classes, her friends, and the great times they’d had. The focus switched to him as they rounded the duck pond, and he told her of his school years, briefly mentioned the couple of girlfriends he’d had, how the sophomore girl had dumped him, and then went on to talk about his construction work. She discreetly studied his pale gray-green eyes while he talked.
They stopped off at the restaurant for a while. Trent ordered a burger and juice for each of them, and they resumed the conversation. Each time Julia got nervous that they’d run out of things to talk about, Trent would pick up on something else.

** “Thanks for this,” Julia waved her hand vaguely at the table, “I had a great time. I should probably get home soon.”
** “Hey, you want to meet up again sometime?” Trent asked, sucking the straw to his icy juice sachet.
** “That’d be nice, what day?”
** “I was thinking we could go watch a movie together on Monday afternoon or something.”
** “Sounds like a plan.” She grinned, and stood slowly. He stood with her.
** “I’ll get the bill, see you Monday.”

Julia called Sandy as promised, though she made certain her mom wasn’t listening in this time. The weekend passed in a rush. On Sunday she spent some time with her dad before he left that evening. He called her into his study just after ten.

** “Julia, I’ve been thinking about you a lot this past week.” He told her, setting a pen down and leaning back to get a good look at her. “You haven’t said much about that fungus. How are you doing? Are you in pain?” She swallowed, feeling a bit edgy about the topic.
** “It hasn’t really hurt.” She shrugged.
** “What about that state you sink into? Has that happened again, or is that gone?”
** “That’s always there, but I can control it.” Julia replied, feeling the faint tickling at the back of her mind. Just mentioning it or thinking about it made it more noticeable.
** “I think we need to test this thing again. If there’s a chance…” he trailed off. ‘If there was a chance for her to live’, is what he’d meant. “Maybe I should take tomorrow off work.”
** “Dad – no. I’m fine, mostly. I can deal with this for another week.”
** “Alright, but you are getting tested again, okay?” She nodded. “I hope you feel better this week.” He reached for his pen and she took it as her queue to leave. “Nice bracelet by the way. Love the color.” She glanced at her wrist and smiled.

Julia sank into the calming delirium as usual that night. She’d been closing her bedroom door recently because of her strange new eyesight. Even the faintest light from through the passage would illuminate her room too much now. She was thankful she had thick curtains. As she sighed, reaching the deepest delirium, a garbled sound floated in her mind, like a distant ‘scree scree’. She huffed, turning over. Again, ‘screee’, almost like a distant, echoing screech. ‘scrochrshh’! She sat bolt upright, tearing her way up her ‘tunnel’, back to full consciousness. She stared around, waiting for the sound to come again, but after a couple of minutes gave up, sinking down again.

Deep under, she heart the whispery, echoing sound again. She listened for a moment, and then mentally called out, ‘what?’ The sound paused, as if waiting for her to talk. She tried to sleep, but a few moments later the sound floated to her again. ‘That bloody creature is in my head.’ She thought, through her own thoughts turned up somewhat garbled, due to the delirium. Again it paused at her thought. It took nearly two hours for her to fall asleep, due to the creature constantly making sounds. She finally drifted off, only to wake up a few hours later to massive contractions in her stomach and below. She was only dressed in her light-blue nightie and panties. Her panties felt wet, like she’d pee’d herself in her sleep. The contractions continued for some time, and they were incredible, like a spontaneous orgasm, only more powerful. She rode the high, halfway up the tunnel to delirium, when suddenly the contractions peaked, and her hips lifted off the mattress. For a brief moment she felt a strong urge to pee, and the contractions felt so good that she just released. A gushing feeling welled up inside her, and then something was tickling her womb. It washed out with the liquid, and she felt it wriggling inside her panties. She found herself panting in the aftermath, and gingerly touched her panties. They were soaked, and it was sticky. She grabbed the wriggling thing and pulled it up to her face, opening her eyes. The fluid smelled odd, but nice. She couldn’t see properly, so hit her bedlamp switch.

A tiny, purple, wormlike thing was wriggling frantically about in her hand. It had fluorescent blue spots, just the color of her bracelet’ the color of her tentacle. And it *was* a tentacle, she realized, slipping off her soaked panties and tossing them to the floor. She pushed the tentacle out of her opening. It had grown. The end had that tiny opening, and it almost appeared to be shrinking, as if it had just released the sticky fluid. ‘As well as this.’ She glanced back at the thing in her hand. She got up shakily, the tentacle still dangling flaccidly from her hole. After a quick trip to the bathroom and cleanup session, she walked bottomless to the kitchen. She could hear both her parents breathing in their sleep, so she’d deemed it safe. She boiled a kettle and dumped the purple worm into a tin filled with boiling water. She flinched as it went berserk in the hot water, but after a few moments it stopped moving. She took it into the back yard and poured it onto the brickwork in a corner, then grabbed a spade and whacked it a good one. It squished satisfyingly, smearing purplish blood on the brick. ‘So that’s how it reproduces.’ She thought wryly as she headed back to bed. She decided to forgo a clean pair of panties, as she planned to shower in a few hours anyway. The whisperings of the creature echoed in her head until she fell asleep again.

Monday morning the cold weather hit in earnest, as a cold front closed in, though the weatherman had promised it would be warmer that afternoon. Julia dressed lightly again for school, and called Sandy to ask her to pick her up, as it was drizzling.

Iola and Vivka joined Sandy and her at the school gate, and they hung about for a few minutes until the bell rang. They trooped off together to Math class. Julia stuck by Sandy, sitting down beside her.

Julia was fooling around on her scientific calculator, trying to calculate Pi. Sandy was doodling on the back inside cover of her Math workbook. Suddenly the intercom crackled.
** “All students, this is a reminder that the interschool athletics meeting will take place on Friday as planned. If you are taking part, please register with Coach Frayman before Thursday.” Sandy glanced at Julia as the broadcast ended.
** “You gonna join in on Friday?” Julia shrugged then nodded. She had been vaguely planning on it before. Her interest in athletics had peaked a couple of years ago and waned since then, but with the additional energy she had now, she was curious as to how she would do.
** “How ‘bout you?” She looked at her friend. Sandy just shrugged.
** “Come on, you can get in some training with me this week and then have fun on Friday.”
** “It’s an interschool meeting. This school is already big. The event is gonna be huge.” Sandy complained, keeping her voice down.

Julia intercepted her two other friends in the hallway a bit later.
** “Hey, need some help persuading Sandy to run on Friday.”
** “Whassthematter, scared?” Vivka peered at Sandy. Sandy shrugged again.
** “Pawk pawwk,” Iola muttered under her breath so that Sandy could just hear.
** “I’m not fit.” Sandy complained.
** “So, there are events that don’t involve much fitness.” Julia replied.
** “Ugh, I’ll think about it. Happy?”
** “Don’t leave it too late. Tell us by tomorrow. Hey what about you two?”
** “High jump, long jump, maybe a sprint.” Vivka said.
** “I’m a slowie,” Iola grumbled. “I can only do long distance.”
** “Good, I’ll join you in that.” Julia responded.
** “I thought you preferred medium distance.”
** “Maybe I’ll do both. I’m fitter this year.”
** “Don’t hurt yourself.” Vivka cautioned in a slightly mocking tone. Julia drove an elbow into her ribs before she could dodge.
** “Yoo guys, Julia’s going on a date today!” Sandy intoned.
** “Huh? What?” Vivka and Iola glanced at Julia, frowning. “What grade’s he in?”
** “He’s not in school,” Julia hastily spoke before Sandy could get another word in edgeways, “and yes, he has a job.”
** “Not a very nice one.” Sandy said. “I hear he gets dirty.”
** “Ooh!” Vivka exclaimed.
** “Kinky!” Iola laughed.
** “Ugh, you guys, seriously. He’s a construction worker. He’s good at his job.”
** “How do you know? Do you watch him?” Vivka taunted.
** “How’s he good at his job if he drops things and needs girls to help him?” Sandy mentioned.
** “We already went on a date, Vivka.” Julia sighed. She ignored Sandy.
** “Wait, what?” Vivka and Iola started pestering her about the details of the first date, with Sandy supplying unhelpful additions.


Julia caught up with Sandy on the way to the car.
** “Can I get a lift?”
** “Sure, hop in.”
** “Can you drop me at the mall?”
** “You don’t want to go home to change?”
** “Nah. Don’t you think I look fine like this?”
** “You look like a cute, over-eager schoolgirl.” Sandy muttered. Julia responded by sticking her tongue at her.

Julia’s stomach twinged slightly as they pulled into the street, and a feathery whisper floated to her.
** “Did you hear that?”
** “What?” Sandy flicked the indicator on, barely paying attention.
** “That whis…” Julia frowned as the fluttery feeling returned in her lower abdomen, together with a whispery sound that seemed awfully close. “Nevermind.” Sandy responded by turning the radio on.
** “Garbage station.” Julia muttered.
** “Huh?”
** “There’s no good radio stations on the local band. If you want something good you’ve gotta listen to Internet radio.”
** “Really? What station?”
** “Several. I’ll give ‘em to you later if you’re interested.”

** “You gonna be okay?” Sandy leaned over as Julia got out.
** “Sure. I’ll either have Trent drop me off or I’ll run home.” She ignored the fact that she’d been having constant twinges throughout the drive.
** “It’s a long way.”
** “Well I’m getting fit anyway.” Julia shrugged, about to close the door. “Hey, why don’t you join us?”
** “I dunno.”
** “C’mon. Park, I’ll wait. You’ll get to meet Trent. There’s a couple of good movies on.” Sandy hesitated, then grinned. Julia closed the door and folded her arms, waiting for her.
They walked to the cinema entrance together; Sandy twirled her keys around one finger until they spotted Trent. He was waiting outside, holding a copy of the weekly shows.

** “Who’s this?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.
** “My best friend, Sandy. She dropped me off here, so I invited her to join us.” They appraised each other briefly.
** “Nice to meet you,” Trent stepped forwards, shaking her hand. As an aside he added to Julia: “You never told me your friend was so good looking.” Sandy suddenly blushed, which contrasted wonderfully with her freckles.
**“Dude.” Julia fake-punched his side. He laughed it off, holding up the paper.
** “Take a look at today’s times.” Sandy stepped closer as Julia read it.

They chose a comedy and the girls bought tickets while Trent wandered over to the food line. Once inside the cinema they found seats right at the back. Julia sat between Trent and Sandy, feeling self-conscious. Trent placed a huge bag of popcorn between them, and handed a smaller one over for Sandy. He’d gotten drinks too, and handed them over.

Between the two of them, Julia and Trent managed to polish off half the popcorn before the opening credits had ended. The fluttery whispers inside her head were annoying, but she was getting used to them, and able to tune them out.
** “Hungry?” Trent queried.
** “Haven’t had lunch yet.” Julia said, grimacing slightly as her abdomen twinged again, a bit harder. She suddenly realized something. She’d been unconsciously holding in what she’d thought was a pee; except now she realized there was a subtle difference. The feeling was coming from the implant.
** “I’ll get something extra before the show starts.” Trent made as if to get up.
** “Please, let me. I need the restroom anyway.” Julia hastily rose.
** “Uhm, sure. Here.” He handed her a twenty.
** “Be right back.” She half-jogged out.

She stopped to get a large burger, then went straight to the restroom and closed the door to a cubicle, sitting down on the toilet whilst wolfing down her burger.

She let out a small trickle, then wiped. Then she waited, and waited. A few drops dripped from lower down as her abdomen twinged again, still more strongly.
** “Hunngg.” She leaned forwards suddenly, as a series of amazing contractions swept through her. They peaked and dipped for a while, then rose to a crescendo. She was trying not to pant out loud by this stage. A strong urge to pee swept through her and she tried holding it in. It worked for a while, then she relaxed and allowed the contractions to come strongly again. A strong pulsing began inside her that turned into a gushing, and a sudden burst of fluids swept from her. She looked down in time to see another purple, wriggling thing with fluorescent blue blotches in the toilet water. She grabbed toilet paper and wiped fast, then reached down and plucked the critter out of the water.

She finished off and exited the cubicle. She checked the coast was clear, then washed her hands and washed the worm thing for good measure. It was honestly rather cute, still wriggling slightly. She disliked having to kill it, but she didn’t have anywhere to leave it, and there was no way she was going to let it loose. She eyed a cleaner’s mop in the corner. Feeling slightly sickened with herself, she used the handle to crush it.
** ‘Scree?’ Something in her head asked her.
** ‘Sorry wormie, I don’t have a choice.’ She mentally replied. It didn’t make another sound as she flushed the squashed worm down the drain.

Julia purchased another three, somewhat smaller burgers and headed back to Trent and Sandy. She was surprised to find them talking, though the movie had already started and seemed to be at a boring introduction stage. They thanked her as she handed each of them a burger.
** “I didn’t know if you’d eaten already.” She explained to Trent.
** “I’ve had a bit, but still a little hungry; thanks.” They settled back to enjoy the movie.

Delirium crept up on Julia unawares, and she allowed it to take hold of her. Some time through the movie Trent placed his warm hand on her arm. She kept still, and it felt like his hand was sending electric thrills into her arm and coursing throughout her entire body. She rode the incredible delirium for a whole hour, not paying as much attention to the movie as she should have.

Eventually the movie got more action, and she pulled out of the delirium to pay more attention. This was a mistake. Her energy spiked beyond anything she’d ever felt before, and it was all she could do to hold herself still. She consoled herself by deciding to run home instead of hitching a ride with Sandy.

Trent seemed kind of shy after the movie, which she found cute.
** “You alright?” He asked her quietly.
** “Yeah, thanks. I had a great time.”
** “You seemed kind of rigid some of the time, if you don’t mind me saying.”
** “Oh, sorry. When you put your hand on my arm it made me feel all fuzzy.” She confessed.
** “Hah!” He couldn’t hold the laugh in.
** “Don’t laugh, I’ve never been on a date before I met you.” She hesitated, then quickly reached up to peck his cheek. She didn’t have to reach much, as they were rather close in height.

He was still holding his cheek with a bemused grin as the girls left.
** “You two are so cute together.” Sandy muttered, making it sound like a crime.
** “Jealous?”
** “Yeah alright, just a little.” Sandy laughed. Julia snorted, glancing at the sky. It had stopped raining, though she would have gone regardless of the weather.
** “I’m going to run home, okay?”
** “Why? The car’s right there.”
** “I need to burn off some energy.”
** “Sure?”
** “Yeah. I could hardly sit still during the last half hour in there.”

Sandy waved as she climbed into the car. Julia was well aware that she’d look a bit silly running in a school dress, but she didn’t give a rats ass, and took off, setting a fast pace. A couple of minutes later Sandy drove past, hooting. Julia grinned and dug in her pocket for the mp3 player. She listened to music for the remainder of the run, keeping her fast pace all the way home.

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Getting pretty damn interesting. Hopefully this stuff starts to get explained.

Rachael Avarie!!IuBGZ0LmOz 12/10/18(Thu)23:01 No. 17451 ID: 4c9640

Again, please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

- - - -

Chapter 5

Julia attended athletics practice on Tuesday and Wednesday, dressed in her sports outfit and running shoes. She was not really there for the practice so much as to get an overview of this year’s competition. She was well aware that there’d be many more athletes during the meeting on Friday, but this was better than sitting at home. Still, Tuesday afternoon the field was fairly crowded with high school students. Some were sitting or standing on the sidelines in the usual school uniform, just watching. Most were milling about in running clothing and had running shoes. It was a tartan track, so the shoes were generally necessary. The few who didn’t use shoes had their feet carefully strapped up. Coach Frayman was handling things well, along with the help of a few other junior assistants.

Julia avoided the long distance practices, wanting to keep a low profile. She did a couple of laps, keeping pace with the other girls for the 800m practice. She was tempted to run ahead to join the guys, some of who were half a lap ahead. Two years ago, during the peak of her athletic fitness, she’d have been able to keep a faster pace, but many of the girls were bunched in one pack and she didn’t want to pull away.

She joined in for a bit of long jump and high jump, managing to get the highest score in both events out of all the girls, though she knew she was holding back quite a bit. Once again it was tempting to compete against the guys. This was good news to her; she’d never been the best at either event before. She spent a good deal of her high jump practicing the Fosbury flop rather than straining to gain actual height.

The 100m sprint was her first real test. Two years ago she’d been barely faster than Vivka. Two other girls had been pretty close as well, and it was a juggle between the four of them. Fortunately during the final stretches of the sprint she’d given it her all and barely scraped a win.

Every two to three years the school joined an interschool athletics meeting. It had been three years since the last one, and that had been embarrassing for her. Though she was confident she’d gained in speed and fitness the year after that, in the previous interschool meeting she’d come sixth in the 100m final.

Both Sandy and Vivka were with her this time. They’d finally managed to persuage Sandy to join them, and Sandy was a fair sprinter, though not quite as fast as herself or Vivka. Coach Frayman lined them up on the tartan track, readying his claptrap device to simulate a gun going off. Julia was in the middle of the rows, with Vivka in the lane immediately to her right.

** “May the best girl win.” Vivka snarked. Julia frowned as she tightened her shoelaces. She suspected Vivka had gotten faster since the previous year. She pulled hard, tightening the laces much more than she usually did. Several years ago she’d been running and had one shoe come off, and she did not want a repeat.

** “Set.” Nine pairs of legs rose. “Clap!” It was a slow start for Julia, though this was partially intentional. She wanted to get a good measure of the speed of her opponents, and the best way was to see things from behind, and if need be, catch up near the end.

Vivka had gotten an excellent start, and was powering ahead, nearly two meters in front of Julia one third of the way down the track. Yes, Julia decided, she had definitely gotten faster. However she wasn’t in the lead for long. Another girl, Antionette, the girl that had almost beaten Julia two years ago suddenly reached her top speed and closed the gap to Vivka. Julia watched them out of the corner of her eye. Vivka’s arms were pumping hard, and she was doing her best to keep up, but the gap was slowly widening.

Years ago, during the 200m, Julia had used a technique for rapidly accelerating at roughly the 120m mark. By leaning further forward than was strictly necessary, she was able to accelerate to the point where none of the others could quite catch her. Now, two thirds of the way along their 100m sprint, Julia leaned forward, using her old technique. She wasn’t certain she’d be able to close the gap, but she was going to try. She almost overdid it, leaning much further forward than she’d originally planned. She compensated by moving her legs substantially faster, trying to regain her balance.

‘Holy shit!’ ran through her head at her sudden burst of speed. ‘Holy mother loving shit.’ She didn’t normally swear, but in the space of two seconds she had overtaken Vivka. A massive burst of energy suddenly exploded into her legs like a lightning bolt, and she had to pull back as she approached the finish line to avoid appearing unnaturally fast.

She won. She’d won by nearly four meters. The slowest girls were still crossing the line as Julia casually walked to the side.

** “Bloody hell.” Vivka muttered. “I thought I had you that time.” Julia snorted.
** “Nice Julia,” Antionette called. “I didn’t see you there until the end.” Julia gave her the thumbs up. Antionette had actually beaten her in last year’s sprint, though only just.

Sandy had come fifth this time, although that wasn’t as bad as it sounded, as Gerri was almost as fast as Antionette and Vivka. She’d gotten a bad start though; nonetheless, Sandy had come in a good two and a half meters behind her. Julia suspected that Sandy could’ve done better if she was properly in shape. It was hard to sprint at your absolute maximum for the full 100m if you were unfit. She’d had personal experience in that matter the previous year.

** “Um, Jules?” Sandy called. Julia and Vivka walked over to her. “Two questions. First, why did you run so slowly in the beginning if you could run as fast as you did in the last twenty-five meters? Second, how the blazes did you run so fast in the end?”
** “I wanted to see how fast Vivka could run.” Julia replied smugly.
** “I was almost keeping up with you for a while there!” Sandy whined.
** “What about your speed? You were never that fast before.” Vivka frowned.
** “Two years ago my leg muscles weren’t as strong. Last year I pulled an epic lazy stint. Antionette even beat me.”
** “Oh yeah. I remember that one. I almost beat you too. Still, today was ridiculous! If what Sandy says is true, you weren’t even running flat out the whole time.”
** “Yep.” Julia grinned.

** “Girls!” The coach called, jogging up to them holding his clipboard. “I don’t think you’ve registered for Friday. You’re allowed to compete in four events.”
** “What if I only want to do three?” One of the slower girls asked.
** “You don’t have to compete in all four.” The coach held a pen ready. Iola walked over from across the field.
** “Can you mark me down for the eight hundred and one five?”
** “Sure.” He scribbled for a couple of seconds. “Vivka?”
** “One hundred, two hundred, long jump, high jump.”
** “Antionette?”
** “Same as Vivka.”
** “Julia?”
** “May we compete in more than four events?”
** “No, there’s not enough room. You’re also more likely to burn out if you do more.”
** “Not a chance. I’m ultra fit this year.” Julia snarked.
** “Still not enough room.”
** “Fine. One hundred, two hundred, eight hundred, one thousand five hundred.”
** “…one five, you sure?”
** “Duh. Is there a three thousand? I’ll do that too.”
** “Actually there is. But four events per person, I already told you.”
** “Ugh. Fine, make it three thousand then. Otherwise Iola won’t win any of her races.”
** “You think you can beat me in one five?” Iola asked in a disbelieving tone.
** “The ball’s on you to beat me in the eight hundred.” Julia replied. The coach called two other girls then Sandy.
** “One hundred. Long jump, I suppose. Humm… what else?”
** “You can try the two or four hundred, or both.” The coach suggested.
** “Two hundred.”
** “Gerri?”
** “One, two, eight hundred, and long jump.”
** “Alright. I’ll get the rest of you down in a moment. What about our one hundred relay? You up for that?”
** “Heck yeah.” Antionette said.
** “You said four events!” Julia protested.
** “Four plus relay.”
** “Then I’m in,” she said.
** “Who are the four fastest sprinters here?” The coach asked.
** “Me, Julia, Vivka, and Gerri.” Antionette ticked them off on one hand.
** “You two up for this?” Vivka and Gerri nodded. “Right, there’s a few batons in that crate over there. Take a couple and practice swaps. Who’s the best starter?”
** “Vivka, probably.” Gerri muttered.
** “You should have her start the relay, then place the rest of you in order of speed so your fastest runner finishes,” he said. Julia punched the air at this.
** “I’m second fastest though.” Vivka tried.
** “Lies.” Antionette and Julia said simultaneously, then grinned at each other. Vivka harrumphed.

The coach finished off marking the remaining girls on the scoreboard while the four of them approached the crate. They took two batons out, and took up positions. The coach approached them shortly thereafter.
** “Right, you know the drill. Pass with right hand; receive with left hand. Swap the baton to your right hand halfway through your run. Push the baton to the edge of your hand like this. Don’t drop it while passing. Now give it a few runs.”

Vivka practiced passing to Gerri while Antionette practiced passing to Julia. It was fairly easy as she’d done it before. Last year had been terrible; she was so unfit that she couldn’t keep her full speed throughout the 100m. She’d started that time and it was a bad start on top of it all. Thankfully they had only been competing against two other groups and had pulled in a close second. Antionette had been in the winning group. This year they were putting all their fastest runners into one bag, hoping to win the inter-school relay.


Sandy took her for another driving lesson after athletics. She made her drive slowly through several suburbs, then got her to practice handbrake pull-offs on a gentle slope. They kept to the quieter parts of town since Julia didn’t have her learner’s yet. She managed to stall only six times.


Trent called her that evening. Her mom answered the home phone and called her over.
** “A Trent wants to speak to you. Is he someone from school?”
** “N-no,” she answered haltingly, “he’s that guy I met by the park the other day. We went to the movies together on Monday. Sandy was with us too.”
** “Hmph, fine. Use the phone in the hall, I’m busy.”
** “Hello, Julia speaking.”
** “Hi, how’re you?”
** “Good thanks.” Julia replied. She belatedly realized she’d forgotten to ask after him.
** “Was just wondering what you were up to tomorrow.” He asked.
** “School, the usual. Oh, I’m at athletics practice in the afternoon,” she added.
** “Cool, what time is that? If it’s early enough I could come watch, if that’s alright with you?”
** “Sure, I think we start at quarter to three.”
** “Work finishes tomorrow at three, I’ll see if I can make it.”
** “Alright. Want to hang out after?”
** “Only if I’m not impeding your homework,” he laughed. “Otherwise we can go for a drive. I’ve got an old beetle; it’s not very manly, but it gets me places.”
** “Sounds interesting. Got anything in mind?”
** “Do you prefer going for a ride, or walking?”
** “At the moment? Walking, but I’ll leave it up to you.”
** “Alright, I’ll decide and make it a surprise for tomorrow.”

He hung up shortly after a brief goodbye, and Julia started on her homework, wanting to get ahead now to avoid crowding her schedule later. She wondered if her mom had listened in on that phone call, then decided she didn’t care. She clenched her hand; it would be useful at this stage to get a cellphone.

She tightened her hand again, harder, and her pencil snapped in two.
** “Oh for Pete’s sakes…” she growled, trailing off as her abdomen jolted suddenly. ‘Great. This again.’ She’d almost wet her bed again last night, making it to the bathroom in time to release more fluid, and squashed the third tentacle spawn. She gritted her teeth and tried to hold it off, clenching her abdomen, and continued her homework. The contractions returned, along with the soft, whispery sound in her head, and she clenched harder, still holding it off.

The creature seemed to be asking her a question; she wasn’t sure how she knew, but she was certain. It didn’t use words or any intelligent indication, it was really just a basic idea of feelings it sent to her, and she got the idea that it was wondering whether to release the spawn now or not.

‘No!’ she tried telling it firmly. It sent her a wave of confusion and she tried imagining a negative, while repeating the word ‘no’ firmly in her mind. It seemed to get the idea this time and the contractions stopped. She turned on her laptop and listened to some Internet radio while she studied, hoping it would drown out the sound of the creature if it tried anything again.

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sex or not, this story is delightful and begs to be continued. so many open-ended stories! Trent, Sandy, the athletic meet, her father; and i think it's wonderful that the implant was just starting to communicate. i hope the writer is still out there to add to this.

just a literal few typos, but nothing incomprehensible.

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Hi peeps, sorry it's been so long, I started my first job at the beginning of this year (2013) and it's kinda hard to get any writing done when 9 hours of your life are stolen from you every single weekday.

As to the typos, to bear in mind that some may be intentional. Such as the abbreviation "where're". It stands for "where are" obviously, and is underlined in red as a typo, but I don't care, sometimes I just write what I want.


Chapter 6

Sandy honked; two light taps on the horn outside Julia’s house. In the space of a few seconds Julia opened the door and rushed out, carrying her sports bag. Sandy smiled, unlocking the passenger door for her.

** “Jules, I’ve been meaning to ask you…”
** “Yeah?”
** “Yesterday you ran faster than I can ever recall you running before. Is that natural, or has it got something to do with that –thing- inside you?”
** “Uhm,” Julia hesitated, “I’m not actually sure, but I think it is affecting my speed and endurance. I can run a lot further than before without getting tired.”
** “Is that why you wanted to sign up for three long distance events?”
** “Yup. Remember our last sleepover? I woke up super early and went for a run while it was still dark. I ran around the block so many times I lost count. At the end I wasn’t tired. Well not much.”
** “Woah seriously?” Sandy asked, pulling out of the driveway.
** “I wasn’t running slowly either.” Julia said, staring out the window.
** “How did you run in the dark though? It’s near new moon and my suburb is fairly dark. You could’ve fallen.”
** “Remember I said this thing is affecting my speed and endurance? Well it’s affecting me physically in other ways too. I can hear much more clearly now, and I think I can see infra-red light.”
** “But that’s impossible.”
** “I would’ve thought so too. Evidently not.” Julia glanced at her, seeming to mull over something.
** “Spill.”
** “It… reproduces.”
** “What?”
** “Every five to eight hours it pushes out some kind of wriggling spawn. I’ve crushed all of them so far. I’m not sure how good it would be if they were to be released to the wild.”
** “That’s gross! So, theoretically, you could put one of these spawn things into another person and pass it on like a virus?” Sandy asked. Julia looked at her silently for a few moments.
** “Probably. But I wouldn’t classify it as malicious. Pretty much everything that it has done to me has been good. I would consider it more an animal than a virus. Think of it as a pet, only one living inside you.”
** “Ooh!” Sandy shuddered, squealing. “How can you stand it?”
** “I wouldn’t choose to get rid of it even if I could.” Julia admitted.
** “You’re insane.”
** “You might not say that if you’d experienced what I have these past two weeks.” Julia smirked.
** “So, what else can it do?”
** “I think I’m more resistant to cold now.”
** “Wicked. Anything else?”
** “Makes my head feel all floaty if I relax.”
** “You dweeb. Isn’t that distracting?”
** “I can choose to make it go away.”
** “Humm. Well here we are.” They pulled into the school parking lot.


Sandy took part in the 800m practice. Thursday there would be no practice, so she decided to go for it today. Iola, Julia, and a few of the other fitter girls ran ahead. They weren’t pushing themselves too hard, but Sandy knew she wouldn’t be able to keep up that pace. She finished a good seventy meters behind them, clutching a stitch. She was glad she had chosen the two hundred and not four, for Friday. At the finish line, Iola was breathing fairly deeply, though she wasn’t out of breath to the point where she had trouble speaking. Julia seemed to be pretending to breathe hard. Sandy watched her out of the corner of her eye and her deep breaths were irregular.

She watched them do more relay passes; coach Frayman was not quite satisfied with the previous day’s practice. Trent turned up after a while, though he kept to the side at first. After watching a couple of practice passes he walked casually up to her.

** “How’s it going?”
** “Pretty good. You gonna watch on Friday? We’re having an inter-school athletics meeting.”
** “Wish I could. Unfortunately I have work.”
** “What’s it like being in construction?” She suddenly asked, stealing a quick glance at him.
** “Some days are tough, but that keeps me busy. Sometimes I’m hanging around with a couple of guys waiting for a delivery. It’s the days that I do nothing for long periods of time that tend to drag.”
** “You planning on staying in construction?”
** “This is my second year. I’m sharing an apartment downtown. Next year I’m hoping to have enough saved to study engineering.”
** “Man with a plan.” She smiled.
** “Heh. Woah, how fast -is- Julia?” He exclaimed. The girls were practicing rapid acceleration after receiving the baton.
** “Fast.” Sandy said, folding her arms.
** “Dayum. How ‘bout you?”
** “Not nearly as fast.” She replied, then added, “but I can still run. I’m just a bit unfit now.”
** “I’m going for a walk with her later.” He breathed quietly. “You doing anything, or would you join us?”
** “I dunno.” She shivered as a cool breeze passed. “Yeah I guess so.”
** “Great, it’s not too far, so don’t worry.”
** “Kay.” She continued watching Julia. Her movement was so elegant and sleek. She made the other runners look almost clumsy. Antionette was just raw power, and strong as she was, Sandy could tell that Julia was now stronger. They started on long jump shortly after. Sandy joined in, leaving Trent on the side. Julia waved at Trent in passing. Sandy continued to watch Julia though, who was also practicing long jump, despite not planning on doing it on Friday.

Julia made the furthest jumps, making them look easy; however she over-stepped constantly. When Sandy asked her about it later, Julia just muttered “intentional”. Sandy believed her.

After athletics prac the two girls disappeared inside the changing rooms with the others, changing back into their school uniforms. Julia passed Sandy some deodorant from her sports bag and Sandy thanked her, applying some.
** “What about you?” She asked.
** “I don’t smell.” Julia replied absently.
** “You did way more running that I did.”
** “Showered this morning. The antiperspirant I put in after the shower will hold.”
** “If you say so.” Sandy shrugged, still watching Julia. Underneath her near-flat muscles she could see power. It was hard to see at first glance, but something told her that Julia was much stronger than her. She glanced briefly at Julia’s panties as she struggled into her skirt. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so she looked away, wondering. They made a quick detour to her mom’s car so that Julia could stash her sports bag in the back.

As they walked toward Trent, Sandy told her that he’d invited her along too. Julia seemed okay with it, so she said no more.
** “I thought we could do a short loop from here,” Trent said. “My car is parked a couple of blocks away if you want a ride back later.”
** “My mom’s car is at the school, so that’ll work out,” Sandy replied.
** “Where’re we going?” Julia asked.
** “It’s a surprise.” Then he laughed. “Nothing romantic I’m afraid. Just something I discovered earlier today and I thought I’d show you.”
“Mystery man.” Sandy muttered.

Julia seemed to be brooding a bit as they walked. Sandy tried to perk her up. When that didn’t work, she subtly asked her if she could listen to her mp3 player as they walked. Julia handed it over without a word and Sandy quickly turned it on.

The music was more interesting than she expected. It was an upbeat rhythm with some nice Asian singing. Trent was talking to Julia animatedly, though she couldn’t hear either of them. After the third track she pulled out an earphone.
** “Are these noise canceling?”
** “Noise isolation I think,” Julia replied, glancing over. “Act a bit like ear plugs, though they’re not as high quality as I’d like.
** “What kind of music do you like, Julia?” Trent asked.
** “Anything with a good beat.” She replied. “You can listen some time.” She indicated the mp3 player Sandy was holding.
** “Oho, we’re here!” He said abruptly, stopping.
** “Where’s here?” Sandy asked. They’d stopped on a fairly busy street corner part of the way en-route to Julia’s home.
** “There.” Trent pointed diagonally across the intersection. But there was nothing there except a burned down building.
** “I don’t get it.” Sandy dismissed.
** “Well see, we’ve been given a new contract.” He said. “Clearing up the rubble. It’s quite the mess.”
** “So-o?”
** “So there’s something interesting I found. You’ll have to see it for yourselves.”

They made their way carefully through the ash and rubble, with Trent leading the way. Sandy almost fell several times, trying her best to keep grit off her school uniform. Trent, who seemed less perturbed by the dirt, soon reached a coal-black board. He heaved, turning it over, and surprisingly the other side was not burned much.
** “What’s that?” Julia said curiously.
** “Trapdoor. Check this out.” Trent glanced about then tugged the handle. The badly oiled hinges grated and he left it lying open, resting on the board that had been covering it.
** “Nobody else knows it’s here yet.” He said. “I was with some of the other guys and I needed to relieve myself so I took a walk. On the way back, I spied this. It had a padlock but it was not clicked shut. I had a brief look inside.”
He descended a short ladder, then pulled a small torch from his pocket and flicked it on. Julia immediately started climbing down. Sandy was more hesitant, but eventually followed her.
** “Looks like your average study,” Trent muttered, shining the torch about shelves covered in files, books, and a large desk that had papers scattered about. “Not very interesting, but I thought this little place was quite a neat hidey hole.”
** “Hidey hole…” Julia repeated absently. She picked up one of the papers from the desk and looked at it for a while.
** “Can you read it? Need some light?” Trent asked, shining the torch for her.
** “Um yeah, thanks. It might be a science report of some sort.”
Sandy glanced over Julia’s shoulder, scanning a random line of the text in the meager light.
‘Section K subsection a; 19 July; test subject 228 healthy, showing signs of significantly increased strength…’
Trent peered around the room while Julia read, then turned to start reading with her. She hastily put the paper down.
** “Shall we go back up? Or have you got any more secret rooms to show us?” She grinned at him.
** “Ugh, nah this is it from what I can tell.” He flicked the torchlight around the room once again.

They climbed the ladder; Trent let both girls go ahead and when he emerged he shut the trapdoor carefully.
** “Cover it.” Julia casually pointed at the board. Only Sandy had known Julia long enough to know that it wasn’t so casual. She had a hunch Julia wanted to keep the trapdoor a secret for some reason. Trent overturned the board again, not realizing anything out of the ordinary was going on.

They made their way cautiously out of the debris and crossed the street. The conversation turned to housing and the construction work involved. Sandy decided to join in and handed the mp3 player back to Julia. Trent was explaining electrical and piping problems when they reached an old, dull-green beetle parked in the street between two larger vehicles. Trent plucked a small set of keys from his jacket and opened the passenger door.
** “Nice.” Sandy said, looking the car over. “Wish I had my own car.”
** “Picked it up a couple of years ago, second hand obviously. It was going for a very good price. Unfortunately it’s rather heavy on oil now. Hop in!”
Sandy let Julia take the front seat and climbed into the back, not bothering to strap herself in. She sat in the middle, leaning forwards and wrapping an arm around Julia’s headrest as Trent pulled out.
** “First time lucky. Normally it takes a few tries before it starts. So what about you Julia? Planning on getting a car soon?”
** “I’m still learning to drive,” she laughed.
** “Well if you decide to get one I know where you can get a good second hand deal. Let me know.”
** “What sort of price?” Sandy asked.
** “Well there’s this old Bentley I saw advertised the other week…”
** “Dude no way!” Julia interrupted.
** “Yes way. The only glaring issue was the suspension but they’ll replace that.”

Sandy listened in, wondering if it was worth getting her own car yet. She decided it might be better to wait until she started on college. Trent pulled into the school parking lot a couple of minutes later.
** “Thanks for the ride,” Sandy said as she and Julia climbed out.
** “I’ll call you sometime. Weekend maybe.” Trent said, waving at Julia.

Julia waited until they were driving.
** “We’re going back there tonight.”
** “Wha?”
** “We’ll need a car. Can you borrow your mom’s car again this evening? We’ll wait until about ten or eleven. The streets should be pretty quiet by then.”
** “Why?”
** “I want to raid those books and papers.”
** “What did you see?”
** “Information on this thing inside me. I want to read more. Besides, I’d rather nobody else found those papers.”
** “I can ask my mom.” Sandy said faintly.
** “Call me when you’re ready. I’ll go outside and wait for you to pick me up. Oh, and bring gloves!”

Sandy mulled over this for a while, then sat up straighter.
** “Right, time for your driving lesson.”
** “Do I hav’ta?” Julia pretended to pout.
** “Yup. C’mon, I’m putting homework time aside for this. I’ll drive to a quieter suburb first.” Sandy parked on an incline after a few minutes’ ride. It was substantially steeper than the last incline Julia had attempted to pull off on.
** “I will roll back.” Julia said.
** “Don’t worry, you’ll do fine. Now swap seats.”
They both hopped out and ran around the car. Julia got in carefully and Sandy waited until she was comfortable.
** “You’ve done this before. Shift to first, hold the handbrake, and release it as you pull off.”
Julia did it slowly at first, and the car started to roll back as she release the handbrake. She almost stalled, but then started moving forwards. She grinned at Sandy.
** “Stop.”
** “Eh, why?”
** “Do it again.”
** “O-okay.” Julia hit the brake and narrowly avoided stalling as she almost forgot to push the clutch in. Sandy pulled the handbrake up for her. Julia waited a few seconds then pulled off again, this time rolling back less.
** “Again.” Sandy said. Julia sighed softly and stopped, repeating the cycle. Around the sixth pull off she managed without rolling back. “See? It’s pretty easy once you’ve done it a few times.”
** “Shall we do parking? I haven’t tried that yet.” Julia asked.
** “Nah, we can do some tomorrow maybe. Besides, I’m not sure if I’m the right person to teach you that. I used to be able to do a reverse park when I took my license but I doubt I’d get it right first time if I tried now. Alright let’s go around the block, then you can head for your house. You probably also have homework to do.”

Julia stopped a short distance from her house without pulling in to the driveway and got out, grabbing her bag from the back while Sandy hopped into the driver’s seat.
** “See ya later!” She called.
** “Aim for quarter to eleven.” Julia waved. Sandy nodded and slowly pulled off.

Sandy spent most of her homework effort on her advanced algebra. By the time she started on her English essay, it was getting dark. Her parents arrived home together after dark, and they had takeaways for dinner. Sandy retired to her room later to finish her essay. She could finish it on Thursday, but she wanted it done now. By the time her parents were getting ready for bed, she was sick of Shakespeare. She was a Roald Dahl fan, though she could understand why they didn’t use his literature for school. She hurried out of her room to catch her mom before she went to bed.
** “Mom, Julia asked if she could spend the night, but she wanted to finish her homework before coming over.” Her mom stood in a nightgown brushing her teeth, watching her. “Would it be okay to use the car to pick her up soon?”
** “Just lock the garage when you return.” Her mom nodded. Sandy thanked her and returned to her room, flopping onto her back on the bed. She felt slightly guilty about the half-truth, but it wasn’t as if she and Julia were planning on going out to get drunk. She wanted to do more homework, but her thoughts were spinning. She liked Trent, and that was turning out to be a problem, because he was already with Julia. She wanted to spend some time alone with him, but that might come off as awkward. It was still quite some time before she was due to meet Julia, so she started running a bath.

She only had to wait a few seconds before Julia ‘appeared’ from the shadows and opened the passenger door.
** “All good?”
** “Yup,” Sandy nodded, “I told my mom you wanted to come over to our house as an excuse. I hope she doesn’t check in on me tomorrow morning. If she notices you’re not there, I’ll just say you left early for a run.”
** “Sounds like you have things covered on your side.” Julia said while Sandy yawned, pulling out into the street. “I brought a head-torch and a couple of glowsticks if we need ‘em. It may be light enough outside that we’ll only need extra light inside that basement.” She was already wearing a pair of gloves. Sandy had almost forgotten, but she slipped hers on now.
** “How much stuff are you going to take?” Sandy asked.
** “Everything.”

Sandy stopped a few minutes later near a quiet corner, closest to where the trapdoor should be, as per Julia’s instructions. Julia got out immediately, strapping the head-torch on and passing Sandy a red glowstick. Sandy locked the car and followed Julia into the shadows. Julia started climbing over rubble, but Sandy stopped just before it.
** “I can’t see.”
** “Huh? Use your glowstick then.”
** “Could I use the torch rather?”
** “Yah, I guess so.” Julia hopped back to her and passed it over. Sandy slipped it on and tested the light modes. It only had two: bright white light, and a dim red LED. She switched it to the dim red light and carefully made her way after Julia.
** “Here it is. C’mon you’re dawdling!” Julia swung the board out of the way and opened the trapdoor, descending swiftly. Sandy reached it almost ten seconds later and gingerly climbed down. Julia had already busted a glowstick and left it glowing on a high shelf. Julia was at the desk, quickly scanning over the piles of paper there.
** “What must I do?” Sandy asked.
** “I want to try to keep everything in the order that it is here, so I’ll get these papers. Can you start moving those heavier books to the top of the ladder? Just leave them at the top and try to keep them in the order that they were on the bookshelf.”
** “Kay.” Sandy busied herself, though her progress was a bit slow, as she could only carry one book up the ladder at a time. Julia spent some time shuffling papers, then she asked Sandy for the car keys. She handed them over and Julia climbed the ladder swiftly with a big pile of papers in hand. She returned half a minute later and grabbed another pile, disappearing for another short while. Then she started carting the books Sandy had left up top, carrying several at a time. She was done before Sandy had finished on the first shelf. Julia joined her and carted a second shelf-full of loosely bound files to the surface.
** “That was rather quick,” Julia said, grabbing the glowstick off the shelf. “Head back to the car and open up, I’ll cart the rest of the things.” She passed the keys back to Sandy.

Sandy carried two files back with her, walking carefully to avoid tripping herself up. Julia overtook her and dumped four files on the car’s roof, hurrying back into the darkness. Sandy started shivering as she unlocked the front passenger door. It was a cold night.
** “Just sit and relax,” Julia said as she returned the second time, “I want to put the files in order, so leave them.” Sandy climbed into the driver’s seat and waited. Julia had put the loose papers onto the back seat, and spread them out to mimic the positions they had been in on the basement’s desk. She returned with the final set of files, having already carted all the books, and started piling everything into the boot.
** “How clearly could you see back there?” Sandy asked.
** “The basement was a little dark, but there was enough light filtering in from the trapdoor that I could see shapes clearly. I could probably have read in there without the glowstick if I’d needed to.”
** “But it was almost pitch black even outside the trapdoor!”
** “Nah, it was just dull, like a two-quarter eclipse. Brighter than full moon for sure.
** “Crikey!” Sandy muttered.
** “Hey, no Crocodile Dundee puns!” Julia said, getting into the front passenger seat.
** “All done?”
** “Yup, we can go,” Julia said, strapping herself in. Sandy started the engine.

The trip home was fairly quiet. They quietly carried the documents, files, and books into Julia’s bedroom. Julia stashed the files under her bed and the rest into the back of her cupboard. They said their goodnights and Sandy drove home alone.

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Chapter 7

Thursday morning: It was a fairly quiet meeting, at first. The room had excellent lighting, five-star hotel style, dim enough to be easy on the eyes, but bright enough for clear reading. The seating was high quality, arranged in a semi-circle around a low table. There were a few murmured conversations in the background.

** “Drinks, anyone?” A waitress asked. Ronald looked at her over the papers he was re-reading.
** “No thank you. We don’t expect to be here long. We’ll just need some privacy.” He looked down, finishing the last paragraph, neither seeing her nodding nor leaving the room. He looked up a few moments later as two men in dark suits walked in, closing the door firmly behind them. “Is that all?” Ronald asked.
** “I think so,” a woman to his right affirmed. He looked her over briefly; she in her late forties, and the only other woman in the room was aside her, peering deeply through horn-rimmed glasses at her own copy of the document Ronald had just put down. She was slightly younger. As the two newcomers sat on a couch to Ronald’s left, he studied the last man in the room. Cornville had arrived with the two women; all three of them were researchers. He handed the newcomers each a copy of the document. They started reading swiftly. Ronald sighed; he was not certain what was going to be decided here – it was probably a case of choosing the lesser of several evils.
** “Cyrus Fungus, class-X mutation.” One of the darkly dressed men said. “This is a poor classification.”
** “It’s the best we could do. The entire building was burned to the ground. There are no manuscript or records on this aside what we have been able to figure.”
** “And the animal?”
** “The rabbit has been terminated,” the scientist said uneasily.
** “Why?”
** “Simple really. We’d done all the tests we could do. The implant was growing rapidly and we wanted to avoid causing the host excess pain.”
** “It was expected to die shortly regardless.” The woman with the glasses said, putting her document down. “Gentlemen. We are here to discuss a person called Julia Sharinotte. As you have just read, she was last tested positive for the class-X implant as having attached itself to her vertebrae. This was also recorded to have occurred in the rabbit. Shortly thereafter, the animal began showing somewhat odd behavior. Brain scans indicate it would spend much of its time in a lucid state. Miss Sharinotte also reported similar effects on her mind, during her last visit to the hospital. If you would look…”
** “This is disturbing.” The man immediately to Ronald’s left interrupted. “During stimulus, Subject A, that would be the rabbit I assume, displayed greatly enhanced physical prowess. Moreover, healing rate had increased phenomenally, this due to actual mutation of the subject’s cellular structure, similar to a cancerous growth.” He looked up from his copy. “What of this girl you spoke of?”
** “We called her father earlier in the week, but he seemed to indicate she was not in pain yet. She is scheduled to visit the hospital on Monday.” The man started reading again and drew in a sharp breath.
** “This thing reproduces?”
** “Well that would be a given.”
** “The spawn are overly active in seeking a new host… blah blah… terminated. Terminated? You killed all the thing’s offspring?”
** “The last one we tried to deep-freeze.” The woman replied. “Unfortunately it did not slip into a hibernated state swiftly enough and succumbed to the cold. It’s no great loss though; we want to exterminate this strain, not encourage it.”
** “I had arrived at that conclusion.” He replied, still reading. His buddy cleared his throat.
** “She should be terminated then.”
** “Who?” The woman asked, mystified.
** “This Julia Sharinotte.” He shifted to look at his partner, who nodded.
** “What you’re advocating is murder,” Ronald cut in.
** “Yes, we should do more tests on her anyway.” Cornville said quietly.
** “At the very least she should be brought in for questioning, and possibly for holding. We do not know how this creature is affecting her mental state.” Ronald breathed a sigh of relief and held his document up, doing another brief scan while the others argued some more. Thankfully they didn’t mention actually harming the girl again. He didn’t notice the man who had suggested terminating her was not participating in the argument, and instead was looking on, thoughtfully.


Julia found it harder than she’d expected to concentrate on her biology test. She’d been sitting cooped up all day, and felt like jumping up and down several times. She bent over to circle another multiple-choice answer, her pen making a soothing ‘rolling’ sound. There were similar sounds all around her, and the occasional cough, or someone shifting in their seat. A few more seconds passed and she realized her mind had been blank for over ten seconds. The delirium was encroaching, and despite herself, she sank almost halfway. She held up her paper, trying to keep a balance of concentration and ‘floatiness’. After a while of this, she realized her excess energy had subsided substantially. ‘Interesting’, she thought, circling another answer. The delirium seemed to counter her energy.

She didn’t feel smarter than normal, but some reason, the answers were coming to her easily, even under half delirium. Her muscles slowly relaxed while she finished the last few questions. As she went over her paper again, she noticed none of the other students, that she could see, were finished. They were all sweating, too. She felt warm, but not enough to sweat excessively. Then again, she always felt warm these days. Even last night, Sandy had been dressed more warmly, and had been shivering.

The implant had been strangely quiet for a while now, in fact, ever since she had told it ‘no’, so vehemently. Since then it had only occasionally made fluttery sounds or it’s signature drawn out ‘screee’, which faded at the end. Pretending to review her test further, Julia thought about the little nuances she’d experienced due to the implant. She liked to complain silently to herself about some of the things, such as the thing making small noises in her head, or the excess energy she always seemed to have.

If she was honest with herself however, she liked the excess energy. It certainly beat the lethargic person she was before. She knew she wasn’t the only one who’d been lethargic. In fact she was pretty sure it affected most, if not all people. Even an energetic person had their limits, and sometimes just felt a little lazy. Julia couldn’t claim laziness now due to physical constraints. Any ‘laziness’ she felt now was merely due to an unwillingness do so something. Such as her homework. The closest way she could ‘simulate’ laziness now was to go deep into delirium. As for the noises the thing made in her head, they were actually comforting. She couldn’t really describe it, even to herself, but was like having a close personal friend or even a lover whispering in her ear. Sometimes it gave her the shivers – the good kind.


** “That was a hard test,” Sandy complained half an hour later, once they’d finally been dismissed. “…and before you say anything, yes, I did study for it! I can describe cellular structure perfectly fine, it’s the long-winded names that I can’t always remember.”
** “I don’t think I forgot any.” Julia said smugly.
** “What, you have enhanced memory as well now?”
** “Maybe, maybe not. For all I know, I could’ve done just as well months ago.”
** “I have an idea. Stop here for a sec.” Sandy sat on a conveniently placed bench and dug for a paper and pencil in her school bag. She started writing. Julia waited impatiently for her to finish.
** “I’ve written thirty five digits here.” Sandy explained. “I’m going to read them out to you once, and only once. Do not write them down. I’ll ask you to repeat them to me tomorrow.”
** “I suppose that’s a good memory test.” Julia said, leaning against the wall. She was feeling strangely bloated down below. The bloat was coming from below her stomach, so she surmised it was caused by the implant. A twinge of nervousness swept through her; she hoped it wasn’t going to get too big. Sandy stashed her pencil away and read the whole list of numbers out loud.
** “Got ‘em.” Julia replied. “Can we go?”
** “Yeah, just let me put this in my locker. Whee! No school tomorrow!”
** “I agree with that sentiment.” Julia smiled. “Oh hey, I’m gonna run home, okay?”
** “Dude, driving lesson!”
** “Ugh. Fine, let’s go.”

They did parking, using a near-empty car lot. It was a little hard; Sandy had been a good teacher thus far, but parking was her weak point, so she could only give vague instructions.
** “So, when are you applying for your learners license?” Sandy asked on the way home after twenty minutes of parking practice.
** “I suppose I should. I’ll think about it.”
** “Ho ho ho, I’ve heard that one before.” She pulled into Julia’s driveway. She looked at Julia strangely as she stopped.
** “What?”
** “You have changed. Your face I mean. You were always very good looking, but now you’ve gone up a rating or two. You look better than ever; it seems quite a sudden change.
** “Doesn’t help with the boy department.” Julia grouched. “Whenever one approaches me in the hallway or outside school I have to virtually glare at him to make him change his mind and leave.”
** “Wish I had a fandom lined up.”
** “I don’t need one, I got Trent!” Julia shoved her nose into the air smugly and got out. “Thanks for the help last night by the way.”
** “No problem. Did you manage to read any of that stuff?”
** “No. I’ll read it on the weekend. See ya.”

The bloaty feeling returned as she walked inside. She snuck into the bathroom, avoiding her mom, but when she was done, the bloaty feeling was still there. On top of it, she was hungry, as usual, so her stomach definitely wasn’t causing the bloat. Sighing in mild frustration, she glanced in the mirror, and received a small shock. She’d always had one or two pimples here and there, and her jaw had been a bit square for her tastes.

It seemed like Sandy was right. Her reflection was flawless, without blemish. Her jaw had seemingly become smoother overnight, though she knew it had to have happened over at least a week or two. Her eyebrows even looked sleeker, though she couldn’t put her finger on why. It was just small changes, all over her face, but the complete package was stunning. She thought back to her second hospital operation. The wound had healed unnaturally fast. Could it be affecting her beyond the healing aspect?

She washed her hands and headed out. Her dad had been exhausted last night and said a simple ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’ to her. Today he was waiting for her, watching some motorsport on TV; the sound was muted. He perked up as soon as he saw her.

** “Julia! Come, sit.”
** “Be right there.” She grabbed some fruit off the kitchen counter and munched it on her way to the lounge.
** “How are you feeling?” He asked.
** “Fine.” Munch.
** “You look fine.” He glanced pointedly at her. “You aren’t feeling any pain or discomfort?”
** “No, not really,” she shrugged.
** “Not really?” He raised an eyebrow.
** “Well there’s no pain. It is sometimes a little uncomfortable, but it comes and goes.”
** “Hmph. I’ve scheduled you for a checkup on Monday. I want to keep an eye on this.”
** “I don’t think they can do anything, but I guess it’s for the best.” She finished eating and frowned at the core. Blasted apple had made her even hungrier. “I’m gonna get some lunch.”
** “Alright.” He waited until she was halfway to the kitchen. “How’s school?”
** “Great. We had a bio test today.” She skipped about the kitchen, getting out a frying pan, bread, cheese, tomato, butter, and a little bit of onion. “How’s work?” She called.
** “Busy. I was tired yesterday. It’s looking promising though. Shouldn’t be much longer before I move onto the next contract, and that will be easier.”
** “Mhmm.” Julia quickly sliced tomato and onion, putting them onto three slices of bread. She then put three more slices on top and switched the stove on. “Do you know if mom’s busy tomorrow?”
** “You’ll have to ask her, why?”
** “Was wondering if you and she would like to come to the athletics meeting tomorrow.”
** “What athletics meeting?”
** “There’s an inter-school meeting. Our school’s hosting it, but several other schools will be joining, so it’ll be a pretty big event.”
** “You aren’t taking part, are you?” A note of caution crept into his voice.
** “Of course I’m taking part. Why wouldn’t I?”
** “With that thing inside you, I don’t think you should be over-exerting yourself.”
** “Hah, I’ve been running all week, running miles.”
** “Julia…” his voice grew warningly. “You may be living on borrowed time. You really shouldn’t be running anywhere.”
** “I don’t care, I need to run.” She said stubbornly, mashing the bread into the frying pan hard with a spatula, causing it to sizzle.
** “Need to? Of course you don’t need to.” He walked over to the kitchen and leaned against a counter.
** “I have energy to burn off, I needed to get fit for Friday, and I don’t care. If I’m on borrowed time then I want to live, not hibernate.” Though privately she thought that she wouldn’t have needed to train for Friday at all.
** “I’m sorry I haven’t been around.” He said quietly, squeezing her shoulder.
** “It’s okay.” She flipped her toasted sandwiches.
** “Three!” He exclaimed. “Are two for me?”
** “Very funny.” She smirked. “Mine.”
** “You can’t seriously be planning on eating all three,” he laughed, reaching to pluck one from the frying pan. She waved the greasy spatula threateningly.
** “I’m not joking. If I finish two and they fill me up then I’ll give you the last one, but I’m pretty sure I’ll still be hungry after two.”
** “Have you always eaten like this?” He asked, surprised.
** “No.” She stared blankly at the wall. “Only since recently.”
** “You mean since that thing…”
** “Exactly.”
** “If it’s sapping your strength-” he began, but she interrupted.
** “It’s not sapping my strength. If anything, I have loads more energy than usual. That’s why I’ve been running.”
** “Well okay.” He left her, returning to the lounge. “If you need anything, let me know.”
** “Thanks dad,” she whispered. “Thanks for caring.” She swallowed a lump in her throat. Why did she feel like this when her dad brought the subject up? She could speak to Sandy about it just fine.

She followed him a few minutes later, along with the delicious smell wafting from her plate. She sat beside her dad, already eating.
** “So – athletics tomorrow huh?” He began. “What events are you doing?” She told him. “As long as you’re careful, I suppose. No need to burn yourself out.” She grinned as she polished off the second sandwich
** “So you wanna come and watch tomorrow?”
** “I think so. Ask your mother if she’s free. In fact, I think she should come. We should both be there to support you.” He watched the TV for a few more seconds then suddenly glanced at her. “Holy cow! Where’d you put them all?”
** “Told you I was hungry.” She jumped up with the empty plate.

Her mom was busy in her study, as usual. She asked her and with some persuasion managed to get her to agree to come with. The rest of the day was fairly quiet. Julia did some of her homework then showered early.

While showering she pushed the implant’s tentacle out as far as she could, and got a shock. It was nearly one and a half feet in length, and that was when bunched up. She found she could stretch it to two and a half feet. The thing started cooing to her as she involuntarily began stroking it. She giggled softly as she pushed her finger against the tip and made it half-swallow her finger. It was soft, moist, and slippery like the neck of a sea anemone both inside and out.

She wondered what it would taste like, and sat down on the short bench built in to the shower. She stretched the tentacle to her mouth fairly easy. It had a mild sweet/salty flavor, and she started suckling on the tip, and she could feel it like it was a part of her. She considered it a bonus side effect that it was making her very horny, so she closed her eyes and kept suckling.

She spread her legs apart, her breaths coming in quick, short bursts. The bloaty feeling swelled, and the creature cooe’d more loudly at her. She hushed it while performing her oral ministrations. After a while it felt a bit like she needed a pee, and she kept going, faster. Warm tingles began shooting through her stomach and spine, and within seconds, a thrill rushed through her entire body, and she received a headrush. The tingles turned into a hard pumping sensation in her womb, and something gushed into her mouth in spurts. It felt so good she didn’t stop suckling until the squirts had faded, then she spat a mouthful of fluid onto her hand. It was slimy and slightly sticky, with no color, being totally transparent.

She’d hoped the bloaty feeling would fade, but it was still there, as strong as ever. She sighed in the aftermath of the strange orgasm and rinsed herself off.

She headed for bed shortly after for an early night.

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Rachael Avarie!!IuBGZ0LmOz 14/08/10(Sun)22:32 No. 22234 ID: bfbbcf

Chapter 8

Some time in the middle of the night Julia woke with a strange sensation. Strong tingles were shooting up and down her body. The bloaty feeling seemed to have increased almost twofold. The implant creature began cooing at her. She threw the bedcovers off and lifted her nightgown up, then on a whim quickly slipped her panties off. A small quantity of fluid was leaking from her nether regions.

A slow hemorrhaging began inside her womb, and it grew into a thundering pumping sensation, each in time with her rapidly increasing heartbeat. Then a surge of pleasure shot through her, almost making her vision turn white, and she cried out. The surge began coursing steadily and she panted, breathing in time with each fresh surge.

Julia felt something inside her move; something aside from the implant. It began to push toward her entrance, and for a brief moment it was almost painful, as it squeezed out of her womb and into her canal. It came easier then, slowly sliding. She was half sitting up, and drew her left leg toward her, holding it folded against her chest. She looked down and saw thick, transparent fluids oozing from her entrance. The implant finally grew quiet. Then something nearly pearl-white poked out. Her eyes widened as it pushed out completely and fell with a 'plop' onto the bed covers.

It was an egg. She marveled at it in astonishment. It was more than twice the size of a chicken egg, and she had just laid it! For some reason she started giggling uncontrollably as she stared at it. So *that* was why the implant had stopped pushing out mini-implant spawns! It had in some way shifted into a different reproductive cycle and instead produced an egg.

Somehow she knew it was her fault. When she had told it "no!" so vehemently the last time it had tried to generate one of its spawn. She stopped laughing and picked up the egg, a bemused expression on her face as she studied it. It was still sticky from her fluids. The bloaty feeling she'd been experiencing for the past twenty-four hours was finally gone.

She got up, not bothering to clean up the sticky mess on her sheets, and carried the egg to the bathroom, still wearing only her nightgown. She rinsed it off under the tap, then leaned against a cupboard and tried piercing the egg with her thumbs' fingernails. The egg seemed kind of velvety, softer and thinner than a chicken egg, and more pliable. It actually dented inwards substantially before it tore open.

Julia rushed to the basin and put the plug in, quickly opening the egg up and pouring its contents into the basin. She goggled at the contents. There was a lot of fluid, but also five identical implant spawns. They must have been cultivating inside the egg instead of being pushed out of her one by one.

A horrible feeling welled up inside her as she boiled the kettle. She had a strange maternal feeling toward them, but she knew she had to destroy them. She didn’t watch as she dumped the spawns into the boiling water; didn’t watch them writhing in brief agony. She disposed of them like she’d done with the very first. Feeling a little emotionally drained, she returned to bed to try to catch more sleep.


She woke, and this time, it was daytime. She glanced out the window; it promised to be a glorious, sunny day, with no clouds in sight. A surge of adrenaline shot through her as she remembered it was Friday. She clawed for her alarm clock and checked the time. Quarter past six; so she had some time. The athletics meeting was set to start at eight, in order that the buses from the neighboring towns could get there in time for the guest runners to compete.

She had a quick shower and applied liberal quantities of antiperspirant. She shaved her legs and underarms for good measure. She dressed herself in a tight blue vest; it was a bit short, showing off her bellybutton, but she surmised that a lot of the female athletes would be dressing similarly. On went her tight shorts, also dark blue. They made her legs look extra long and showed off her thighs nicely. The running clothes weren’t making her cold, but it was a bit revealing for just sitting in the car or sitting in the stands with her parents, so she threw on a white pullover and navy-blue, nylon, long pants. They were kind of baggy, hiding her shapely legs for the most part. She pushed most of her hair fairly tightly against her scalp and put clips in. It was still wet; she’d leave it to dry naturally. She walked into the dining room – her mom was sitting at the table eating some toast.

** “It’s almost time to leave, isn’t it?” She asked Julia. “What’ve you been up to?”
** “Oh nothing, just laying in bed,” Julia replied.
** “You mean lying. Grammar young lady!”
** “Err, yes, right you are.” Julia hid a smirk as she grabbed the corn flakes.

After a brief meal and brushing her teeth, she put some spare change in her pocket and slipped on her running shoes, tying them securely, but not quite as tightly this time. She was planning on running barefoot for all her events except the 3000m – that’s what the money was for, she was going to get some tape to strap to her feet. The tartan track would be merciless if she ran much without protection. She may heal quickly, but if she had two events less than an hour apart, she didn’t want to take chances.

Her father greeted her warmly; he’d come through late, not needing any preparation except food. He grabbed the car-keys and pulled out into the driveway for them. Julia helped her mom carry a cooler bag with some refreshments and lunch to the car.


After Julia's father had a bit of trouble starting the engine – it was an older model vehicle, Sandy and her mom followed them in their own car. Sandy was driving, and honked at them, waving. Julia smiled at her, waving back. They arrived at the stadium early, but the parking was already packed. Two more large buses arrived shortly after Julia climbed out of the car; the crowd was growing rapidly thicker. Sandy and her mom joined them as they made their way slowly toward the entrance. It was difficult to talk over the noise, so Julia just took it as a given that their parents would make light talk once they were seated.

The grandstands were less than half full, but a lot of people were standing and moving to the high up levels already. Julia’s stomach twinged with butterflies; this was going to be a good day. After taking their seats she studied the track. A lot of athletes were already on the field, many of them in groups, but some solo. The long-jump pit was being watched carefully by a couple of supervisors, who were turning away anyone who got too close. The high-jump mats had already been set up, and while these were also being watched, students were already practicing jumps. There were several other field events being set up and practiced, such as shot-put. Sandy even spotted a hammer-throw, though nobody was using it. She pointed it out to Julia excitedly.

** “We aren’t fat enough.” Julia laughed.
** “True. Wanna go for a walk?”
** “Good idea, let’s go onto the track.”

They made their way slowly to the gate at the edge of the field, and walked onto the track. They walked around it slowly, occasionally spotting someone they knew from their school and waving. They paused here and there, watching students from the various schools practicing starts and other activities.

When they finally returned to the stands they couldn’t find their parents anywhere. Julia scanned the crowd and finally found them several rows away. They were sitting on the edge of the home crowd. They quickly spotted a grinning Vivka who waved them over. They joined her and spoke to their coach together shortly.

** “The sprints will be done first.” Mr. Frayman said, holding up a notepad, turning pages. “If you’re running barefoot, I recommend strapping your feet up.” He had some wrapping and Julia thanked him, taking some, glad she didn’t have to go searching for someone to buy it off. “Relays are right at the end of the other events, after lunch. Keep yourselves warm until your race and after. Iola, why aren’t you wearing a warm top like Julia?” Iola, who had been standing nearby in a thin vest blushed and ran off to get something warm on. Coach Frayman informed Sandy that her times hadn’t qualified her for the 100 meter, which she looked a bit peeved about, but both she and Gerry were given slots for one of the slower 200 meter races. Neither were sure whether to look pleased or displeased about this. Sandy just shrugged.

The stands were rapidly filling; Julia and Sandy went back to sit with their parents as eight-o-clock drew near. Julia busied herself with strapping her feet up while the commentator on loudspeaker shifted from yelling out advertisements to actual athletics related things.

Julia’s butterflies grew worse, and she forced herself to calm by sinking slightly into delirium, not wanting to keep her body running on high energy so soon.

The first races started, not quite on time, but not too late. They began moving slowly up the age groups, starting with eighth-graders. Julia watched the first few sprints with interest before their coach called them over and told them to go and wait at the starting line.

It was all rather fun heading over with a bunch of athletes Julia personally knew, or at least had seen before. They were all talking animatedly as they headed out the gate and crossed over to starting area. She even spotted one or two faces she vaguely recognized from some of the athletes lined up at the start. They joined the back line, sitting together with their own age-group while the guys two years younger were just lining up to start. Julia stared at the lithe bodies of both genders as they alternated the starts. She was getting horny, and wasn’t sure whether to find it a nuisance or welcome it. She smirked, almost certain that nobody else there was feeling quite like she was.

She took off her warm top and long pants just as the guys in front of them set off. There were some really fast athletes in their group, though she couldn’t tell too easily watching from behind. She glanced surreptitiously at the girls in her own age group as most of them stood up and started stretching. It was difficult to tell, but she was sure some of them were very fast, faster even than Antionette. Her nerves started up again and she pushed them down with delirium. She copied their stretches and warm-up exercises. There was a lot of nervous tension in the air, some of them were hopping on the spot and flicking their fingers as they got warm. Two, no three of the girls from other schools were setting up starting blocks. Damn. She kinda wished she had her own pair of starting blocks, even though she’d never practiced with any. A bit of tense conversation was starting up. A short-haired girl, one with starting blocks on Julia’s immediate right smirked at her.

** “Are you fast?” She raised her eyebrow, waiting for Julia’s response. Julia shrugged. The girl didn’t seem quite as nervous as the others; she had the air of someone with training, too. Her smirk deepened a little with Julia’s unenthusiastic response. Antionette and Vivka were on opposite ends of the lanes, making it impossible to speak to them as she was right in the middle. Vivka was on her right and waved hopefully at her without speaking.

** “...been training two full terms for this,” the girl was saying, projecting an over-confident air. “My sister and I were hoping for some really good competition. You -look- fast, ‘cmon, give me a hint.” She laughed lightly.

** “Your sister?” Julia asked, distracting her.

** “Two to my right,” she indicated the girl with long black hair to Vivka’s immediate left. The girl didn’t look at them, looking dead serious and staring straight ahead, kicking her shoes against the tartan surface. Julia looked down. Her sister was still talking, and Julia noticed she was also wearing shoes. They weren’t ordinary shoes, they looked like expensive running shoes, not brand new though – they’d clearly been worn in. Julia couldn’t resist tossing a carrot in the air. She waited until the other girl stopped talking.

** “If you can beat me, I’ll be impressed,” Julia spoke softly, but the girl goggled at her.

** “Yeah right.” She smirked again, looking pointedly at Julia's feet and lack of starting blocks. The girl turned to focus on her starting blocks as the coach finished up with his starting pistol and ordered them to the line. Julia dropped the delirium, having no more need of it as she crouched down. She felt awkward besides the girl next to her. Her other neighbor, the girl on her left, also had starting blocks, though she didn’t look quite as fast as the two sisters.

** “Take your mark.” A hush fell over them all and silenced the last conversation. “Get set.” Legs rose. Julia clenched her teeth. In the space of an instant, a shuffling to her left, and a loud footfall broke the silence. A few split seconds later the gun went off, and Julia kicked off, along with a few others, only to hear the gun go off a second time. “To your places!” Ugh. Someone had jumped the gun.

They walked around behind the line for a few seconds, a few jumping up and down again and repeating stretches, then - “take your mark” Julia crouched with the others.

No-one jumped the gun a second time. Julia’s race started with a kind of serenity. The air, the sun, the atmosphere, and the rapidly accelerating track in front of her – she was one with the finishing line. She breathed it all in. The girl on her left had been one of the best starters, and was neck and neck with Julia. The two sisters, also having had a good start, were accelerating quickly, nearly two strides in front of Julia. They were incredibly fast. In her left peripheral vision, Antionette was straining to keep up, but slowly falling behind. Thirty meters. Forty meters. Julia strained harder, until she was half a pace ahead of the girl on her left. The sisters were three and a half paces ahead now, their legs a blur. Julia pushed upwards in her mind, the opposite of delirium, and the lightning threatened to explode in her legs. Fifty five meters. No, she couldn’t allow the lightning to overwhelm her so quickly. She dipped slowly, easing in to it. Her legs felt strangely energetic, and she moved them faster. The nearly four paces lead of the sisters slowed, then slowly shrunk to three paces. Sixty meters. Julia allowed the lightning to slowly envelop her entire body, and suddenly, in an instant, her legs didn’t feel like they belonged to her any more. She could still feel them, still control them, but she had the oddest feeling like of a person gliding forwards smoothly on a skateboard. Faster. The gap to the sisters was closing, faster and faster. By the seventy meter point she was in the lead, and still accelerating, rapidly now. It was like before. She had the sudden feeling that she was going to appear unnaturally fast. Perhaps it was good she was so close to the finish, her legs were just wanting to go faster and faster.

She blew past the finish, starting to slow down only a few meters beyond.

The most shocking thing though, was that she was barely out of breath; her heart rate had barely increased from the start to the finish. It spiked momentarily when she touch the lightning, but subsided quickly once she released it. She glided on the energetic feeling, coming down slowly. The girl who had been speaking to her at the start looked pissed, but didn’t say anything. Her sister merely looked resigned. However neither of them were breathing very hard – they were evidently very fit. Julia noticed Sandy nearby shortly after, grinning at her.

They had to go through the usual procedures, the top athletes having names taken at the finish. Julia overheard the names of the fast sisters. The one with the short black hair who’d spoken to her was Elise, and her sister, Paige. Julia strongly suspected they were twins, perhaps even identical twins. They seem to have taken pains to have different makeup and hairstyles as if to hide the fact that they were identical. She had to admit it worked fairly well. Suddenly a man, one of the time takers, jogged up and whispered urgently to the other officials. A few of them glanced at Julia and then an older woman waved her over.

“Miss Sharinotte, what is your best time?”

“I... I don’t know.” Julia stuttered.

“Well, you were four hundred milliseconds off the world record. You ran one hundred meters under eleven seconds.” The elderly woman looked at the results again. Sandy was nearby and heard. Her jaw dropped. Julia’s heart was thumping faster now. She had not been running her top speed near the end, nor had she been accelerating very quickly near the start. She had accelerated without the lightning, and knew that if she’d touched it sooner, she could have accelerated faster. Part of her was thrilled, but she realized it was cutting it a bit close. Just a little more speed or acceleration and she’d have matched or thumped the world record.

The officials crowded her for almost five minutes before they finally let her go. She got several offers of professional training and at least two offers of sponsorship. She told them she’d think about it. At least two people gave her their phone numbers, scribbled hastily on small slips of paper. One of the time keepers went so far as to grumble about forgetting his business card at home. Julia finally found a gap in the conversation to slip away and retrieve her warm clothes.

She found out later that Antionette had come fifth, and Vivka sixth. Vivka had exaggeratedly told her that Julia’d been ‘miles’ ahead at the finish. It was a good feeling, but Julia was worried again. She’d be running the 200m next, and it would be even harder to judge her speed versus a would-be world record. She’d have to be more careful, staying fairly close to the front runners.

As it turned out, the time for her next race was much further away than expected. She hadn’t anticipated the 1500m races to take so long, but she should have seen it coming. She enjoyed watching Iola run her long distance, but inside was itching to be there running with her. Iola put out a good performance, but came third. She was probably conserving her strength for the 800m. Neither of the fast sisters from the sprint were doing the 1500m, so Julia presumed they were doing one of the other long distance races. She hoped so; it would be pure comedy to beat them again.

All in all it was nearly two hours before her next race arrived. She’d passed the time by watching the field events and the crowd, wandering about talking to a few people here and there, even her parents. Somehow they hadn’t found out how close she had come to the record, though they did compliment her, seeming very impressed by her performance.

Presently Julia found herself ambling across to the 200m start with most of her friends. Sandy was with them, though she’d be running a separate 200m event as she did not qualify for the faster one.

The twin sisters were already setting up their starting blocks and the Elise nudged the other as Julia’s group approached. Julia smiled at them and they frowned, muttering to themselves. This time the start was a little more relaxed; it was only the Elise and Paige who were ultra tense. There was a brief lull in the crowd across the field before their start. It erupted into a roar as they started, the different schools vying for superiority and victory of their own runners. They’d been in staggered positions, naturally, and Julia tried hard to match the twins’ acceleration. It was made a bit easier due to Paige being right in front of her this time. She found herself admiring the girl’s legs and sleek, long black hair as it glinted faintly in the sun. She was ridiculously fast, gaining the upper hand for a few seconds from the starting block. Julia touched the lightning inside her slowly as they approached the straight and final 100m, closing the gap neatly so that they were neck and neck at the halfway point. Elise was alongside them as well, cutting across the inside at the last moment and into the lead. Julia accelerated slightly. Elise lost the lead. Julia kept going faster, until she could see no-one in her peripheral vision. She tried to judge her lead by the footfalls and breathing of the athletes behind her, but it was difficult. It was over in a few seconds.

This time she’d been more careful, and was over two seconds off the world record. Of course that didn’t stop the athletics enthusiasts and time keepers from swarming her at the end. Many exclaimed heartily that with a little more training she could close that gap to less than a second. Julia kept her mouth shut. Out of the corner of her eye the two sisters’ expressions grew darker.

Antionette came fifth again, and Vivka a distant seventh. They hung around the finish to watch Sandy’s race. Julia’s heart fell for her friend as she crossed the finish line alone. Even in the slow race she’d come eighth – dead last. Sandy didn’t look too perturbed though, and crossed over to give Julia a high five. Gerry had been in Sandy’s race as well, and just managed third. She was fast, but not fit enough to run the 200m well.


Flickers of delirium shot through Julia as she moseyed off to the bathrooms nearly an hour later. The creature had started speaking to her in its usual gibberish. Again it seemed to be asking her a question. This time she didn’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to it, she told it ‘wait’, and tried projecting the term ‘wait’ as an image in her mind as best possible. It quietened down, but she wasn’t sure if it had understood. She did feel rather horny though, so her trip to the bathroom and back took a little longer than intended.

She had a small lunch and did some light exercises shortly afterward to burn some of it off. She crossed the field to watch Vivka and Antionette finish off at high jump. They used up their last few jumps and tied third, fourth, and fifth along with another girl.

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Chapter 9

As the day approached noon, Julia found herself sitting with her parents, casually sipping a sports drink.

The eight hundred meter loomed, and suddenly looked to be a huge event for their age group. Ten minutes before the start, coach Frayman announced that it would be open – meaning anyone in their age group could join in, regardless of whether they qualified. After a little prodding, Julia managed to persuade Sandy to join.

** “Might as well, I’m not doing any other long distance events,” Sandy grumbled. “But I warn you, I’m probably going to come stone last.”

Evidently Sandy wasn’t the only one who felt this way. More DNQ girls joined them near the starting line as the lower age group finished off their event. Some of them looked very unenthusiastic, but resigned. Two of them were significantly more pudgy, and were laughing the race off. They weren’t going to run, they were going to slog.

But Elise and Paige there there too, as were Iola and Gerri. It would be an interesting race. Julia almost wished Antionette and Vivka were joining them, but it was already a bit crowded. The twins were pointedly ignoring Julia, or pretending to. She caught one of them glance her way when she thought Julia wasn’t looking.

The previous race finally finished, the last stragglers staggering across the finish, some of them clutching their sides and collapsing into a crouch.

Things took a turn for the worse for Julia’s event when the officials announced the boys in their age group would be joining their race. There were a lot of boo’s from the girls at this, but a few looked thoughtful. The boys, who had been standing mostly silently behind them, moved forwards. Their group was just as large, and the starting line was looking very crowded. The row had doubled up, and the fastest runners were jostling for a position on the front row. The twins got near the outside lane in front, and Julia tried to squeeze to the front on the inside lane. The boys weren’t having it, and she tried shifting back, only to realize she was surrounded. Almost three full rows. The coach called for silence and quickly pushed gunpowder into his starting pistol.

“Darn it,” Julia thought wildly. Too tight. She couldn’t squeeze to her right, and she didn’t dare squeeze out the left, or she’d be forced momentarily off the track. It was too late to go that way around, the man was already raising the pistol into the air.


“Blow it all, I’ll go around once the race starts.” Julia wiped the disgruntled look off her face and focused on her breathing. Two laps. It would be enough. Probably.

They were off. Many of the boys broke into a sprint immediately, vying for the inside lane as they rounded the bend. Julia tried to follow as the line in front of her gave way, but runners on her side pushed in front, cutting her off. They were slow, much too slow.

The slow runners fanned out in an arc from the inside lane, the slowest running on the outside. It was a solid wall. Julia noticed Sandy having difficulty with her position nearby as well. The group took forever to get up to some sort of speed, a moderate jog really, and they were halfway around the first bend when Julia decided she was not going to be able to push past. She slowed down until she was running beside one of the pudgy girls.

Then she cut across to the outside lane, taking the longest route around the rest of the bend, and accelerated.

“Made it.” Heart elated, Julia immediately pushed on a burst of speed, overtaking the entire slow pack as they exited the corner. But the fast runners were already rapidly approaching the second corner, nearly one hundred meters ahead of her. Fortunately they seemed to have slowed down somewhat. She accelerated, passing two girls and a guy. Faster. Another couple of guys fell behind her. Faster. Her legs became a blur.

She entered the second corner on the third lane, still overtaking stragglers that had fallen behind the lead pack. Julia realized she could get stuck behind the leaders before the third corner. That would not do. She continued increasing her speed until she was running flat out. She exited the second corner and for the first time in a long time, her legs felt a bit tired. She touched the hidden lightning inside her head lightly and the tiredness ebbed. She ran faster. Fifty meters to the finish. Thirty. She was closing rapidly on the lead group now. They weren’t too tightly packed, so she took a chance and shot between them ten meters from the finish. An official's rang a bell loudly as they approached the finish. Final lap. Several pairs of footsteps audibly increased as several runners picked up the pace, trying to keep up with her and vying for the inside lane.

She wasn't in the lead yet. Five runners had broken out from the lead group: the twins, and three of the fastest guys. Among them was Johnathan, a dark skinned boy and favorite to win the Victor Ludorum. They all exited the third bend ahead of her, but Elise and Paige were struggling to keep up with the boys now that they had increased the pace.

Julia eased beside the small group on the outside, then deliberately looked sideways as she overtook them. The boys knew. They weren’t really in the same race, but each was clearly determined to win, and there was no way they were going to let a girl beat them. They increased their pace to match Julia’s as they closed within forty meters of the fourth and final bend.

The crowd grew wild as the end neared, standing and cheering, stomping, and even blowing a few trumpets. Those were forbidden, but evidently some had managed to sneak them in.

Julia was astonished when the sisters increased their pace to match. It didn’t last though, within twenty meters they fell a little behind, and then the boys put on a huge burst of speed, vying for the front position at the last corner.

“No, not happening.” Julia thought, and brushed harder up against that lightning, that white sheet of ice and steel inside her. Her legs became machines, her bare feet pounding on the tartan. The boys were running ridiculously fast, but Julia was in front of them.

For a moment she thought she was in the clear, then, incredibly, they were catching her again through the corner. Abruptly they passed some of the slow runners, lapping them. Fortunately the slower girls had heard their approach and moved to one of the outer lanes.

The boys were catching up. Julia fell into the lightning. It was like being slam-dunked by molten metal and crushed ice. It was like floating on water and simultaneously getting sucked into a vortex. Her heart, already beating rapidly, increased in rhythm like a jackhammer. Time seemed to slow; her vision sharpened. There were a few clouds on the horizon, and they crystallized in her vision. She leaned forwards.

She was one with the lightning. She became the lightning. She was already out of the final corner, and the finish line drew near in tunnel vision.

'Too fast, too fast!' But this time she couldn’t slow down. The footfalls behind her fell into a distant, desperate thuds. She was alone, alone with the crowd.

She moved nearer the outside line now that she was out of the corner, lapping more slow runners, and spotted Sandy just finishing her first lap. Julia was moving so fast it seemed like they were standing still.

In seconds she was across the line, and took nearly twenty meters to stop – though admittedly she wasn’t trying too hard. That speed had felt wonderful.

She didn’t cross to the inside of the field where the officials were immediately, choosing to stand apart from everyone for a few moments. She eased off the lightning and something odd happened. Her heart rate and breathing increased substantially. She hit norm, aka equilibrium, and then dropped the other way, into delirium. She was staggered by a wave of nausea, and fought to keep standing straight. In a panic she clutched at the lightning again, and the nausea immediately faded. Her heartbeat slowed.

“Whoa.” She nearly swayed, finding her head clear again. She waited a bit longer, breathing hard, then crossed to the field between a gap in the runners. By now the other front five runners had finished, and were all walking slowly and painfully to the field. Julia was only now realizing just how fast she had been running, and it was dangerous. Aside from the publicity, she could have easily fallen. A that speed, falling would have been very, very bad. She was drawing a lot of stares again. The crowd was going pretty crazy, but she felt vulnerable now with everyone looking at her.

Julia disappeared as soon as they'd finished crowding her, finding a bathroom stall and locking herself in. She waited there for a few minutes, waiting for her heartbeat and breathing to slow. She felt nauseous for a few moments again, but it faded. She then made her way slowly to her parents, walking right at the top of the stands behind everyone, keeping her head down and trying to avoid attention.

She was hugged by her parents from both sides as she sat between them, with her mom telling her how proud she was of her, and then immediately scolding her for pushing herself so hard. She handed Julia a slab of chocolate, which she accepted gratefully, deciding then and there to finish the entire slab in one go.

Her dad took her aside a few minutes later.

** “How many more events do you still have?” He asked cautiously.
** “Three thousand and the relay, why?” Julia frowned.
** “Skip the three thousand.”
** “But...”
** “Your mom is right, you're pushing yourself too hard.” She started to protest again but he gave her 'that' look, and she caved.
** “Fine.” She sighed, feeling a bit put out. It wasn't a great loss though, the longer event wouldn't be too exciting anyway. She headed off a little later to let her coach know she was dropping an event. He was very understanding, fortunately. Sandy sidled up with Julia afterward as she was walking to sit with her relay partners on the stands.

** “How,” was all she said.
** “Dunno.” Julia shrugged.
** “I looked back for a few seconds. Nobody's that fast,” Sandy insisted, “you almost lapped me.”
** “This thing is changing me.” Julia muttered.
** “Is it going to kill you?” Sandy asked nervously in a hushed tone.
** “No.”
** “How can you be so sure?”
** “I...” Julia paused.
** “When are you going to read those documents?” Sandy demanded.
** “I'll read them today.”
** “Just... be careful.” Sandy shook Julia's shoulder gently before heading off. Julia turned to thank her, though she wasn't sure why, but Sandy was gone.

The other girls greeted her enthusiastically as she sat with them, and her spirits raised. She smiled and joined in with their conversation, tapping into delirium slightly to relax a bit.

** “So, miss Sharinotte, going to stomp the relay for us?” Vivka said, throwing her dark hair out of her eyes.
** “It's up to you guys to set me up for a good finish.” Julia said.
** “Hey, I'll be running right before you,” Antionette said, “we'll give you a good lead.”
** “We're up against Elise and Paige.” Julia reminded her.
** “Who?” Gerri asked.
** “Oh yea. Those two really fast girls. Are they sisters?” Antionette shifted to look at Julia, as if she was expected to know.
** “Yes.”
** “How do you know?” Vivka demanded.
** “Spoke to Elise, or rather, she spoke to me.”
** “We're still going to win.” Vivka said confidently, slapping Julia on the back heartily.

The day was pretty warm now, so Julia had already dispensed with her warm clothes, leaving them with her parents. Sandy came over to wish them luck as the relays started, and ended up walking down to the field with them, though she remained by the fence dividing the stands from the track.

The group split up, each heading to their starting point, staggered 100 meters apart. They got the outside lane, which Julia realized could be a problem. Vivka and Gerry would be running so far in front they may not end up pushing themselves as hard as the other groups. She got no time to warn Antionette, as Vivka was already at the starting line, holding the baton nervously. Julia spotted Elise by the third leg with Antionette. Odd, she'd expected Elise to finish. That left her long-haired sister Paige, running alongside Julia, two lanes in.

It was chaos at the staggered starting line, and Julia was distracted, trying to spot Gerri, quickly looking back to see Vivka accelerating well, seeming to get a better start than most of the others, save for one with starting blocks. Surprised, Julia realized it was that other really fast girl who had beaten Antionette in the 100m, and even worse, she seemed to be in the same lane as Elise and Paige.

Julia watched the girl with narrow eyes as she approached her top speed, rapidly gaining on Vivka, closing the gap faster than seemed normal due to the shorter curved lane. By the time the first baton change came, she had nearly closed the gap. Gerri still had the lead as she accelerated, swapping the baton to her other hand, and fortunately most of the other lanes seemed to be keeping even with her, not gaining on her. A couple were even falling behind. It was the slowest leg on the dead straight, and Julia started moving her legs, keeping the blood flowing and released her delirium, getting ready.

Baton swap to Antionette was nearly fumbled, and Julia had a heart-stopping moment, then sighed in relief as Antionette took off, Elise a few meters behind. Julia watched Elise in astonishment, keeping close attention to her running style. She reached her top speed a lot faster than any of the others, and her stride was huge. She closed the gap in seconds and shot well into the lead. Antionette's face had a pained expression as she watched the gap increase helplessly.

Elise passed to Paige flawlessly before most of the other lanes had even crossed halfway on the third leg. Antionette had, she was still second, but the gap to first was large, and Paige was already off with the baton.

Julia held her left arm behind her, starting to jog slowly. Antionette nearly ran into her, slapping the baton into Julia's outstretched hand, and Julia took off, immediately changing the baton to her right hand and touching the lightning inside herself lightly.

It was so easy, just like before. First the gradual slide into the lightning – she needed a new name for that - propelling her rapidly to her full speed, then pulling deeper on her reserves, surpassing her full speed, until she hit tunnel vision again, and everything crystallized.

She was so far behind Paige, but it didn't seem to matter. The occasional person standing in the field blew past, the crowd was moving in her peripheral vision, and she was closing on Paige quickly. Julia knew this was too much, but like her previous races, she couldn't seem to care enough to slow down.

Then the dizziness hit. She was neck and neck with Paige, some twenty paces from the finish, and she suddenly lost her crystallized vision, the world seemed to speed up around her, and she nearly staggered.

In moments she found herself lying on the ground, blackness fading. When had she blacked out? She vaguely recalled crossing the finish line, though she wasn't sure who had won. Then Paige was standing over her, looking surprisingly worried, reaching down as if to shake her shoulder. A few other people were near.

Julia groaned, turning on her side as another wave of nausea hit. She dug deeply at the lightning, and for a moment felt like she was going to black out again. Then something odd happened. Her body seemed to grow weaker, getting cold, then suddenly grew very warm, and a surge of strength returned to her. The nausea faded, and she sat up.

That had been odd, as if her body had cried out 'no more', and the regeneration had responded by making her stronger – even stronger than before.

** “Are you alright?” It was Elise's voice, but surprisingly soft, coming from Paige. They sounded identical. Julia blinked, looking at her. Paige was really quite pretty, with her long dark hair flowing freely. Julia idly wondered why she didn't have it tied back.

** “I guess so. Just got a bit dizzy,” she laughed nervously. People were crowding her again.

** “She's alright!” Someone shouted out, as if the people nearby had been waiting for confirmation, they collectively seemed to sigh in relief. Then Sandy was there, pulling her away. They made it into the stands, Julia feeling oddly light on her feet. Sandy was jabbering away, and then something she said gave Julia pause.

** “Wait, we won?”

** “That was the closest finish ever!” Sandy exclaimed. “I almost thought you'd lost it, Paige caught up to you again at the end and you were tripping yourself up, but you crossed first. I was directly in line with the finish.” Right on queue, Antionette ran up to them, slapping Julia on the back.

** “You rock!”

** “Antionette!” Sandy hissed. “She collapsed. Shouldn't you have asked after her first?”

** “Ah, guess so, sorry Julia, I'm just so happy I won one race. Well, technically.” Antionette snorted. “You are okay now, right?”

** “Just need a bit of sugar I think.” Julia shrugged.

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Yes. YES. YES.

Anonymous 15/05/27(Wed)02:22 No. 23609 ID: 7232f0

I really like this story and its developments with the implant.

Rachael Avarie!!IuBGZ0LmOz 15/05/30(Sat)22:48 No. 23619 ID: 2fe800

Chapter 10

They made an early exit shortly after the athletics meeting. Julia's father had trouble starting the car again. Finally, after nearly five minutes, he got the engine running.

** "We're going to have to get this sorted," he sighed as he eased out of the packed parking lot. "I can't leave you girls without a car while I'm away on business."
** "I'm sure we'll do fine." Her mother shrugged.
** "We're going to have to get it done sooner or later. I think while I'm here and we have two cars available, we may as well get to it." Her father insisted.

Sandy had invited herself over, and she turned up half an hour after Julia got home with her parents. They locked themselves in Julia's room and started their work.

Julia worked methodically, checking for titles on the loose pages, and trying to find out where to start. Sandy busied herself reading some of the material more thoroughly. Julia eventually decided to get out her pencil and paper, making her own version of a catalog. As they went through the documents, Julia reminded Sandy to keep the position of each document as they had found them in the hidden basement. Sandy nodded without replying. Shortly thereafter, Julia's mom knocked on the door.

** "Your father and I are taking the car to a repair center. I'm going with him in the van to give him a ride back. Grab yourselves a bite to eat, there's cold pizza in the fridge."

** "Hmm, sounds good mom!" Julia called back. "I think I'll heat up a couple of pieces now," she added to Sandy.
** "Suit yourself. I'm not hungry yet." Sandy muttered, turning a page over carefully.
** "I'm still heating up two pieces." Julia said, walking out.
** "Still not hungry."
** "They're both for me."
** "Pig."

Julia grinned, popping the pizza slices into the microwave. She heard her parents leave, and ate her pizza quickly, wanting to get back to working with Sandy.

When she returned to her room, Sandy was no longer kneeling on the carpet, she was sitting on the bed, holding a single sheet of paper. She looked up as Julia entered, looking unusually somber.

** "Read this."

Julia sat next to her and accepted the paper.

It had a date written near the margin. She skipped that, starting to read, when her eyes suddenly flicked back to the date. She took a deep breath. This was written the day she'd been abducted.

Completed test 288 of the final iteration of specimen. All mammal test subjects survived both short term and long term tests. Tests indicate lethargy at times, likely a reaction to the isomer produced by the specimen. Lengthy tests on the isomer show rapid biological changes, resulting in similarly rapid behavioral changes to test subjects. Subjects tend to go from lethargic to highly energetic and vice versa substantially faster than unimpregnated subjects. Infected subjects' cellular structure changes over time, healing rate has a notable (even astonishing) increase. Life span of small rodents increases similarly caused by previous iterations of the specimen. Sexual drive of mammals has a notable increase. Intelligence and memory on primates increases as expected. No unexpected side effects. Size of each specimen differs per subject, depending on subject's womb capacity. No noted pain or recorded deaths of either specimen or subject in this iteration, as concurrent with previous iterations. Deemed safe for humans. Untested on human subjects, will need someone willing.

There was a short list of known side effects beneath this paragraph. Julia knew everything on the list already, and then some. It was as she suspected. This was not fatal. A glowing warmth spread throughout her, and she felt unexpectedly relieved. She smiled at Sandy, who had a curious expression on her face. Julia looked at Sandy expectantly, but Sandy just stared at the floor.

After a long moment Julia slowly jabbed Sandy in the ribs with an elbow. Sandy's eyes flickered and she looked slowly at Julia. She swallowed.

** "You took pics with your phone right?" At Julia's nod she continued. "You understand all the keywords?"

** "Sure." Julia glanced back the paper. "Specimen is the implant inside me. Test subjects are... well, me. That's it." Sandy nodded slowly in response. They looked at each other again.

** "Infect me." Sandy whispered.

** "What?"

** "You know... just use one of those spawn things you keep generating." Sandy crossed her arms.

** "No." Julia said.

** "Julia," Sandy used her full name to let her know she was serious, "I need what you've got."

** "You don't."

** "But I want it. Would you go back to being normal, if you could?"

** "I...-" Julia's voice died. Her stomach fluttered. Unbidden, memories of her pushing something into Sandy crept into her mind. Her 'proboscis' would be a lot longer now. A thrill went through her body, and she barely stopped herself from shivering visibly. Sandy shook her shoulder gently, and Julia nodded. She wasn't sure if she'd be able to forgive herself for what she was about to do, but she couldn't stop now.

They started slowly, clothes coming off one by one. Julia wanted all their clothes removed for this. This wasn't a casual interaction, she knew that they would both be taking this very seriously. She was uncertain of her feelings toward Sandy, but she did feel a great deal of affection toward her right now.


Sandy's heart was thumping rapidly as Julia took the last piece of Sandy's clothes, sliding her panties down, taking them all the way off her legs. Sandy lay back on Julia's bed as she did so, holding her legs slightly in the air, as the cold air tickled the hairs on her skin. She whimpered softly, Julia was taking too long, starting to take her own clothes off. Sandy reached up to assist her, speed her up.

Finally Julia's were also removed, and Sandy lay back, straddling her, feeling her rub softly between her thighs. Hands clasped, Julia leaned forwards, kissing her on the mouth. Sandy whimpered again, thrusting upwards as Julia's hips rolled into hers. One of Julia's hands disconnected from hers and moved to her right breast, stroking her nipple softly. A tingle shot through her body as her deep breaths pushed her chest harder into Julia's hand, and she felt the nipple harden.

She rolled her hips again as another tingle shot through her, centering down below, and something pushed back between her legs, something soft and yet hard. Sandy put her free hand on Julia's breast, stroking softly, then moved it to Julia's rear, pulling her closer. The thing pushing between her thighs grew, and Sandy felt the moisture from Julia connect with her own wetness.

** "Are you okay?" Julia whispered in her ear, the soft, warm air tickling her neck. Sandy 'mhmm'd', nodding, pulling Julia closer. Sandy wriggled her hips, bucking them slightly, encouraging Julia to move. She saw stars as the soft, slippery appendage pushed inside her, slowly, deeper and it felt so right. She let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding with a gasp, as Julia bottomed up, simultaneously pressing against a knob inside of her that she didn't know she'd had. She thrust her hips upward urgently, trying to pull Julia in deeper.


Julia kept a slight dip in delirium, enjoying her head tingling along with the rest of her as she pushed slowly into Sandy, the appendage feeling like her own. It was so sensitive now, and she felt every bump, every curve of Sandy's tunnel. She reached Sandy's wall, and remained there for a few seconds, throbbing with need. Then she pulled back and begun to thrust slowly, receiving an involuntary gasp from Sandy as she did so. Julia felt her own moisture begin to seep slowly through the implant, flowing along until the tiny hole at the entrance, burrowed deep inside Sandy, until it started seeping slowly into her. The wetness of Sandy's tunnel grew, allowing Julia to pick up a little momentum. She needed more moisture. Julia reached down with her hand, between Sandy's hood, finding a little bud, and started slow circles around it. Sandy's whimpers grew in strength, and then with little warning, she felt Sandy begin to convulse around her. The girl's eyes rolled back in her head and Julia watched, fascinated. Her own urgency increased as Sandy's spasms grew and peaked. It was a good fifteen seconds before Sandy was able to open her eyes again, looking up lazily as Julia continued to thrust.

** "So good, don't stop." Sandy murmured, wrapping her arms around Julia. Julia heard a little 'scree?' inside her head, and she affirmed. A low vibration begun inside her own body, and her own breathing increased as she felt the edge approach. Something that felt like a hard knot deep inside her began pushing out. Then she felt it start swimming of its own accord, pushing up through her proboscis. This set off her own orgasm nearly instantly, and she felt Sandy simultaneously beginning to vibrate around her again. She was so soft and slippery for Sandy, and her orgasm just kept coming, building, releasing, building, flowing. A gush of moisture shot out of her into Sandy, and a thrill rushed through her as she felt the tiny spawn wriggling toward her entrance. The tiny hole opened up, and the head of the spawn pushed through. Julia found Sandy's inner hole, and guided the creature gently into Sandy's womb. At this, Sandy wrapped her legs tightly around her waist, and squeezed.


Sandy's second orgasm had barely faded when she felt something moving deep inside her, and she sucked in a deep breath. "Did you..?" she whispered, and Julia nodded. Julia's thrusting slowed, and she slowly pulled out. Something was still wriggling deep inside Sandy, and she smiled. Too late to back out now. The girls lay on the bed silently, limbs wrapped around each other. A good ten minutes passed without words being spoken. Sandy felt the wriggling inside her lessen and then settle. A tiny stinging, not uncomfortable, and then that too faded. Julia's feet rubbed softly against her ankles, and she sighed, kneading the crook of Julia's back with her fingers.


The dark van with lightly tinted windows had been sitting near the driveway of an empty house for several hours. It then left for half an hour, only to return, parking in the same spot as before. The man in the driver seat was middle-aged, wore casual overalls, and tinted glasses, though he had them up at that moment, as he sipped his cappuccino. His companion Cery, a younger man in his early thirties in a nondescript gray uniform cleared his throat, closing the magazine. Beneath lay the mugshot of a young girl with blonde hair framing her sparsely freckled face and startlingly blue-green eyes. It had a depiction: “Subject B” He moved the picture to the side, and underneath was another shot of the same girl. She was further away from the viewpoint, but it was arguably the better picture, being taken under natural circumstances, showing her slightly from the side, laughing with her friend as they trotted down the driveway. Her friend had been cut out of the picture, she was unimportant. The young man moved that picture aside as well. Beneath was a medical file - one he'd read several times. A Toyota saloon drove by slowly, then passed out of sight. A few moments later the front door of the house they were watching opened.

** “Hmmph... there.” Doug muttered, pointing down the street around his cappuccino with his pinky finger. Cery had his binoculars up in a flash.
** “Yep, it's her. So she stayed home then.”
** “Best wait until dark as discussed.” Doug nodded, settling back in his seat. Cery continued peering at the target through the binoculars until the teenager disappeared back inside.


After a giggle-fest or two, and a bit more snuggling, Julia and Sandy headed for the kitchen for some coffee. Julia heard a car pass and popped her head out the door for a moment, but it was not her parents yet. She went back inside and suggested a swim. Sandy agreed enthusiastically and suggested skinny dipping. It was an enclosed sheltered garden, and the only easy access was the sliding door to the house. Julia knew she'd hear a car approach and doors open, so she stripped off outside, leaving her towel lying nearby, and did a pin-drop into the deep-end of the pool. Sandy followed suite shortly. Julia floated close to her as she surfaced.

** "Kay, now what." Sandy murmured softly, as they stood close together, her nipples, hardened from the cold, pressed softly against Julia's chest. They stood just short of the deep-end, on tippy-toes. Julia responded by kissing her softly. Sandy pressed her closer, returning the kiss.
** "Does it hurt at all?" Julia asked a short time later. Sandy parted from her, panting softly.
** "Does what hurt? The implant?"
** "Yeah."
** "Nah, I can't feel a thing." Sandy grinned softly.
** "You will in a few hours, probably."
** "Pain?"
** "Nah," Julia shook her head, kneading Sandy's goose-bumped arms, "you start feeling floaty, like your head has a bit of water in it. Not uncomfortable though."
** "Guess I'll know it's working as intended then." Sandy smiled.
** "Yup. Now, kiss me again, then I'll race you to the deep end."
** "Nuhuh." Sandy shook her head, referring to the latter. Julia drew her close and nibbled on her earlobe.
** "I'll go easy," she whispered. Sandy shivered.

A while later, and after several pool lengths, Julia heard a car approach and stop this time. She motioned to Sandy and they got out, quickly drying and dressing. Julia felt energetic, enthusiastic, and fantastic. Life had its ups and downs, but right now, she was halfway up Mount Everest. She danced inside pulling Sandy along. She wasn't sure what they were going to do, probably calm down now that her parents were back and watch TV or do a crossword puzzle, but she was definitely planning on a run later, once Sandy left.


The lights in the house came on well before full dark, but Doug waited until the sickle moon rose before reaching for his tog-bag. It was not quite full dark, but the glow in the west was rapidly diminishing. Surprisingly, the door to the house opened, and a figure stepped out. It was her. Cery immediately turned his cellphone screen off, sitting up very still. The figure started jogging, moving away from them. Doug reached for the ignition.
** "A bit longer." Cery cautioned. Doug hesitated. The figure crossed to the next block, then rounded a corner. "Ok."


Julia was jogging slowly, not really pushing herself, considering all the running she'd done in the morning. She only intended to round the blocks two-by-two, possibly taking a shortcut on the return, depending on how she felt. She was trying to place her thoughts together about Trent and Sandy. She liked Sandy a lot, wanted to claim her for her own. Perhaps she had. But Trent was her boyfriend. She mulled this over, wondering if she was bi. Wondering was Sandy bi, or was this just a once off thing, Sandy manipulating her to get her own implant. She giggled slightly at the thought. No, it was not really Sandy's fault. She had made the decision. It had been so very tempting regardless of Sandy's actions or motives. As for the once off thing, well, it was not the first time they'd cuddled, not the first time they'd explored each others' sexuality, and Sandy had been -quite- responsive in the pool earlier. She felt a hot flush at the memory. She would have to sit Trent down and explain that...

A short pssht, a whip-like crack filled the night. A car was approaching rapidly. She turned, moving off the road, intending to let it pass. It did not have headlights on, and was driving very fast for a country road. Another pssht, and this time she heart a faint whistle through the air, then a sudden pain exploding in her neck. The car screeched to a halt several paces away; the doors opened.

Julia found herself sinking to her one knee on the sidewalk, clutching her neck in surprise. It was warm and sticky; her slow steady pulse felt loud in her throat. Blood. Why was she bleeding? She raised a surprised face to the two figures approaching in the night. They were each carrying what looked like toy guns – the nozzles way too long to look realistic. One gun rose, pointing at her. She rolled sideways on a sudden impulse, and at the instant realization rose in her, memory from a movie from years before – a silencer being screwed onto a handgun, and another pssht. The bullet ricocheted off the sidewalk. Eyes wide, Julia clawed upward, both up off her knees, and upward into the lightning inside her head. A huge surge of adrenaline rose inside her, and she took off. Muttered talking and the occasional shot, quietened by the silencers floated to her, and then came the sound of pounding bootfalls. Then a flashlight shone from behind, closing on her, flashing over her.

"Why me?" She thought, startled, as she ran, twisting this way and that in the dark, they kept turning the flashlight on and off, using it as a spotter before shooting. She charged into a park, and there was a whoosh of air, a crack, and something hit her hip, sending her sprawling. She got up, running numbly. She only started feeling the pain in her hip after two or three seconds. She was running on grass now, ducking under a few low-hanging branches of trees, dodging around park benches and tables. She had been outrunning the footfalls until her hip had been hit, and now they were slowly gaining. She shambled on in an awkward limp.

Presently the hunters chased her near to a highway. She had crossed safely through three blocks of park, and aside from the one hit to her hip, the remaining few shots they had taken at her had narrowly missed. Relief swept through Julia, as two cars swept by rapidly. They wouldn't shoot her in front of witnesses, would they? Abruptly she realized she was out of the thicker trees, and in plain sight. Another shot took her in the back, piercing through her gut, and she doubled over, the pain was stunning.

She crawled forwards, forcing herself up again. One tree left between her and the road. It was old, with a thick trunk, thrice her body width. She crawled behind the trunk, panting. The footfalls were closing, boots crunching on a few dry leaves. No cars were visible, it was too late. She looked behind her, and her eyes fell on a low-hanging branch.

Without hesitating, she launched herself up, trying to ignore the pain, grabbed the branch, and began climbing. There was no second branch, only a knobbly knot of a branch that had been cut off years ago. She reached for it, missed, and jumped to grab on with both hands. Her running takkies scrabbled uselessly on the trunk, then caught some grip. She was close to a large gap where the trunk branched in two, with a bit of a hollow inside. The men rounded the trunk just as she hauled herself up to the hollow. Another gunshot hit her, grazing her arm. She crouched in the hollow, shaking. Her face was wet too – had they hit her without her realizing it? She felt the moisture with her cleaner hand and realized it was tears, not blood. She hadn't remembered starting to cry, but now she couldn't stop, whimpering, huddling in that tiny hollow. It was hardy protection.


** "You'll have to go, Cery." Doug advised, handing the younger man a long-bladed knife. Cery tucked it into his back pocket – he didn't really need it to kill a wounded teenage girl, but it would be faster, unless he could push her out of the tree so that Doug could finish the job. He hefted his shoes and socks off – it would make easier climbing, and hauled himself up.


Julia started climbing higher the instant she realized one of them was climbing after her. The one trunk thinned a bit, still thicker than her body width, and she pushed herself upwards with the ferocious intent of someone simply wanting to survive. The foliage was thicker here, making it harder to aim a shot at her. She climbed higher still, and reached a good side branch. It would be easier to go sideways now. A stupid thought, she had in her panicked state, designs of jumping down from the side branch. Too late she realized she was nearly three stories above the ground, but she continued climbing sideways. She would jump, hoping the foliage would hide her fall, and land, either spraining her ankles or breaking bones. She would have to lock her scream in if that happened. Land and make no sound whatsoever. Her breathing was coming frantically now as she realized she was about to die. She-

One crack, the sound of a large vehicle, and pain shot through her leg this time. She lost her footing and fell, spinning. Headlights of a truck shone blindingly in front of her for an instant, and then it hit. All went dark.

Temerair 15/05/31(Sun)06:20 No. 23620 ID: 1d592c

Yes. Yes yes yes. Please, I'm so excited you're still writing this! Keep it up! I want to see this go places!

Temerair 15/06/01(Mon)08:33 No. 23625 ID: 04ba48

Oh man... that scene where they came together was absurdly hot. I need more!

Anonymous 15/07/11(Sat)13:11 No. 23730 ID: aafddf

Will there never be more of this?

I wish there would be some more.

Sadly its been a long time, Im quite suprized it's still here...

Anonymous 15/08/13(Thu)16:57 No. 23796 ID: f9dfab

I'd almost given up hope, after the long break from August last year to May this year, but so pleased to see the two (relatively) recent updates. To be honest, the erotic elements are just (welcome!) bonuses as for me the story stands up even without them, so please do continue - I assure you your efforts are very much appreciated!

Anonymous 16/05/17(Tue)05:47 No. 24268 ID: bd5804

Back to the tip!

Anonymous 16/10/28(Fri)04:45 No. 24787 ID: 1c9e97

/bump :(

Anonymous 16/12/20(Tue)05:30 No. 24848 ID: 2f0508


Anonymous 17/02/23(Thu)10:45 No. 24938 ID: 8b2f65


b u m p Anonymous 17/05/29(Mon)08:18 No. 25044 ID: 57b8e2


bump Anonymous 17/12/18(Mon)14:29 No. 25233 ID: c2469c

Aaaaand we're back


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