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The Creeper (Loli) Anonymous 13/12/27(Fri)00:33 No. 20531 ID: a2f9ff

So, where to start?

Name’s Ed. Edward to my parents. Ed to everyone who doesn’t treat me like a four-year-old piece of shit. My story isn’t particularly a normal one, although I guess if it was, it wouldn’t be much of a story. But I guess you’re wondering what the super, awesomely amazing thing that I have taken the time out of my day to tell is. Well, it kind of is amazing, but all good things come to an end. But, I’ll get to that later. Don’t want to ruin the story before it’s even started, do I?

The Creeper. Quite an apt name to describe myself, to be perfectly honest, even if it does contain a bold resemblance to the giant green penises within that god-awful game called Minecraft. Ahem, anyway, the name is kind of related to my story. Or completely related, I guess. You see, throughout my life, I’ve been a bit of a creep. Not in a complete beta-fag, following girls around with pit stains and braces, trailing them until they recognise my existence kind of way. In fact, to be completely honest with you, I’ve never been bad with girls. I mean, I lost my virginity at 13, so I guess that’s not too bad of an achievement, eh? Anyway, enough bragging. The reason for the name is sort of derived from my ahh… hobbies. Ever since I got my first phone (or at least, phone with the nifty little camera on it), I’ve been a fan of taking creep shots. Y’know, sneaking dirty pics of people in public without their knowledge or consent, to then take back to my home and have a glorious fap to. Weird, but nothing too abnormal to create a story about, right? Wrong.

Taking creep shots is generally looked down upon, but to some people it’s a good thing. It helps other people to get their dick hard, so it’s really a good thing. Although, the sort of creep shots I take probably shouldn’t be shared with anyone. Ever. But I’m fine with that. I’m generally quite a selfish person anyway. But I can hear your voices screaming at me to tell you the mystery shots that I could possibly take. I assume a lot of you have guessed this already anyway, but I’ll comply nonetheless. They are girls. Little girls. Lolis. Whatever you want to calm them. I would hover around parks and wait for these girls in short skirts to reveal their cute little butts after swinging around on the monkey bars. Oh the panties. They were perhaps the biggest turn on for me. Pink was best. The girlier the better. And there I’d be, with my phone out, sneaking every shot possible. Then I would travel home just awaiting that amazing fap.

Anyway, you know the name, but not the game. So, I’ll tell you my story. I guess the best place to start would be when I was 13. At this point, I wasn’t even remotely close to being interested in little girls. I was simply interested in any girl my own age, much like any other guy. Ironically, it was the involvement with a girl my own age that actually got me into girls much younger than me. Oh, did I forget to mention? Since I was such a curious little boy, I had averted my sexual curiosities in many directions. This included gay and straight, traps, piss, scat, and even beastiality. I did not go through with or attempt to try out any of these (except, y’know, straight), but they didn’t repulse me if I were to come across them anywhere, and would enjoy a good fap to them. Let’s just say I was fairly open minded. And also, well, any of these except one.

So, here’s the story. Being the little playa I was, I was close to a group of fairly cute girls, probably 8/10’s, and they had all shown an interest in me. Being an immature little fuck, however, I was more interested in getting home and playing on my Xbox or whatever it was that I played back then. One of the girls in particular had shown a keen interest in me; an interest which was hard to ignore. She was cute; long, straight brunette hair, round, blue eyes, and probably the smallest of the group. I had always been comparatively tall, and I especially had an interest in girls smaller than me (look how that one turned out). She was quiet and soft spoken, but was quite renowned for her boyish traits. Not boyish as in starting fights and acting like she had steel balls. No, she was quite girlsh in that respect. It was more her interests; she liked cars, gaming and generally masculine films. These were traits that were very hard to find back then. You didn’t get all the ‘girl gamers’ that are gagging for attention like you do now. So, naturally, I took a keen interest in her.

So, after talking to her for a while (through texts and real life instead of the social network sites that are so readily available today), we were ‘in a relationship’, so to speak. Still being quite immature, I didn’t particularly know much about kissing, or relationships in general. But these were things that I picked up along the way. Kissing turned out to be a lot easier than I had thought. Now bare in mind, that these encounters were predominantly at school, and as such hadn’t really had any room to explore things that couldn’t be done in school grounds. So, I brought up the topic with her, and she invited me around to her house. It was summer at the time, so we were both clad in short summer gear. It had been a beautiful, sunny day, with a very faint breeze and a heat that was unusual to say I live in such a miserable country.

Anyway, the house had been quite a surprise. It was huge; much bigger than mine, which was adjacent to a rough council estate that was full of… ‘lower class’ individuals. Hers was away in the countryside, surrounded by nothing but miles of roads and fields. They themselves didn’t own a farm, but they seemed to live in an old farmhouse. They also had stables around the back, which had two horses inside, presumably which said girl and her family probably rode. Speaking of which, I still haven’t told you her name. Ruth, if you were wondering. Yeah, makes her sound like an 80 year old woman. Why do you think I withheld it from you? Anyway, Ruth had excitedly (in her own, quiet way) shown me around the exterior of her house, even allowing me to fuss the horses. I had then eventually been allowed inside of her enormous house, to be greeted by two surprisingly jolly parents, of whom I didn’t bother remembering the names of. So here’s the kicker. She had a little sister.

She was called Katie, which was a little bit more suited to her age. Similarly to her sister, she also had brown hair and blue eyes (which was odd since their mother had blond hair), but her face was more rounded and much, much cuter than Ruth’s. But of course, she was probably only about 7, so it was to be expected. She was very active and very immature; much to be expected of someone her age. I remember Ruth telling me to mind her, in which I replied with a consoling ‘she’s not too bad’. Not too bad indeed. So, her parents had gone out shopping or something (obviously they were naive enough to believe that 13 year olds wouldn’t do ‘anything they shouldn’t be doing’ unsupervised), so it was just me, Ruth, Katie and the horses. Ruth had suggested that we go outside and set up the water slide, which seemed like a fun idea since it was summer. And it would mean getting wet. Which was good.

So out we went, with neither of the sisters bothering to consider putting on a swim suit, and I couldn’t really borrow a man’s trunks who was probably twice the size of me. So we ran outside, clad in our clothes, and set up the slide. Let me make a point here that the slide isn’t like a slide where you go down a ramp or whatever, but one that lays flat and you chuck water on and run and slide down it like a penguin. Just in case you didn’t know. The hose pipe, equipment, etcetera were around the back of the house with the horses stables, so we had to play in an area stinking of horse defecate. It wasn’t that bad, and you got used to the smell quickly anyway.

The first to be pushed down the slide was me, of course, being the guest. The next was Ruth, which I nearly had to throw down, and then Katie had followed excitedly afterwards. Ruth was wearing a short, white tank top, and a light blue bra underneath, which was clearly visible through her soaked shirt. She was in the stages of developing breasts, but they probably sat at a happy B at that time. Katie was also wearing a similar white tank top, except she had no bra, obviously. Which made for a nice clear shot of her beautiful, flat chest.

At first, I tried not to notice, but the more I looked, the more I wanted to look. Both of them were beautiful, but Ruth had to wear a goddamn stupid bra didn’t she? After the whole occasion was done, and we’d all had our fun, we tidied up the gear, drenched to the bone. That was where Katie, having no inhibitions whatsoever, decided to remove her shirt and shorts, leaving her in only her cute pink panties (which is probably why I have a preference for pink now). At first I’d blushed and looked away coherently, but Ruth just laughed and said ‘she does that’. Wow, some kid. Unfortunately, Ruth didn’t comply to the same laws as her little sister, so instead stayed in her drenched clothing, which were still easy to see through. I think she noticed this, but instead of trying to hide it, she had instead made a point of leaving her chest as exposed as possible, at all times. Definitely a keeper.

Katie (still in only her panties) slid on her flip flops, with Ruth and myself (I was wearing sandals) alongside her. This was where things got quite weird, but also turned out to be a bit of a turn on for me, if you recall what I said about my fetishes. The smaller horse - who was apparently called Jack - was nudging wildly at his stable door. Turned out, that Jack was Katie’s horse, who was actually considered a pony. I think I recalled Ruth telling me they were both ponies or something, but I couldn’t give a shit at the time. Katie decided she wanted to let Jack out and let him ‘say hello’ to me. Now this horse (or pony, whatever) was still in its younger stages of life, and as such hadn’t yet been castrated. This meant he was very ‘excitable’. So, when he was brought outside, he had a raging boner that was probably the same size as my leg. Weird right? Don’t worry, it gets worse.

So, I see this pony’s thing flopping about everywhere, and Katie begins to squeal in laughter, pointing at it and saying ‘Look, it’s his willy!’ I remember this part perfectly. Ruth had turned to me and said:
‘I sometimes have to clean that, y’know.’
‘What do you mean, “clean”?’ I had said in shock.
‘Like, I have to put my hand in his sheath and pull all the gunk out. But it’s a lot easier when it’s out and I can get all around it easily.’
Now, somewhere she had got it into her head that it was seductive to explain her exploits with a horse penis to other boys. With any other boy, I should imagine they would have been repulsed on the spot. Unfortunately, I was one of the few fucked up people that actually found this hot.
‘Look, I’ll show you.’ She’d said with a wink.
At first, it was Katie simply poking and prodding it, giggling with fits and bursts, still almost completely naked. This nearly gave me an instant boner. When Ruth put on the most seductive face possible and began stroking the giant horse cock up and down with her hand, my 13 year old boner almost exploded out of my shorts. This was easily noticed by Ruth, which pushed her to get more daring. At one point, her face was so close to it, I thought she was going to suck it, but for the benefit of herself, and the sanity of her sister, I’m glad she didn’t. She rubbed harder and more vigorously, looking at me the entire time while I stood in complete shock, boner ripping out of my shorts. Her little sister was too naive to understand, or even care about what was going on, so she continued her giggling in near-nakedness unbarred.
At this point, I couldn’t control myself anymore. I had rushed forward, kissing Ruth so profusely that I had completely forgotten her little sister was present. Very hesitantly, Ruth eventually complied, and there we were, making out in front of a horse with an erection and a girl giggling in her panties. The kissing managed to get so intense that we were effectively dry humping stood up. Once Katie had realised she wasn’t getting any attention however, she acted out with something I would never have expected. She copied Ruth’s exact actions, and taking the copying one step further, she started rubbing and kissing the penis. This caused me to stop instantly, and when Ruth noticed, she went almost insane. Katie had almost bursted out in tears, then ran inside the house, with a half angered and half remorseful sister chasing after her. That left me by myself with the horse, which I kindly lead back into its stable. If only my phone had a camera at that point in time. And, y’know, I hadn’t been in the midst of dry fucking Ruth.

I went back into the house and into Ruth’s room, where a tearful Katie was clinging tightly onto Ruth. They were perched on her bed, which was a double and boasted bright pink sheets. Such a girl. Obviously they’d had some serious chat, and I didn’t want to get involved. Katie then got up and hugged me around the waist, looking up at me with the cutest, most endearing eyes ever, then apologised. I think I asked what for, but was quickly shushed by Ruth. Katie then went back to her room, with her panties slightly lowered, revealing the top of her tiny butt. It was an amazing sight.

I rested a comforting hand on Ruth’s shoulder, and she quickly went back to the mischievous look she had shown earlier. We went back to kissing for a while, and I had almost slipped a hand down her shorts when her parents returned home. Total bonerkill. The rest of the night was uneventful, and I went home at the modest time of 8pm. Disappointing, but that was not the last time I had been to their house.

And it definitely wasn’t my last encounter with Katie.

Anonymous 13/12/27(Fri)02:16 No. 20532 ID: 008f2a

I like your style, this looks very promising in my opinion.

Anonymous 13/12/27(Fri)11:38 No. 20534 ID: a77b98

I really enjoyed your genuine writer's voice and matter of fact storytelling, letting the events speak for themselves. It was genuinely enjoyable, that said, you did mix up your tenses a bit, and some of the syntax did get confusing. I do the same thing, especially when I'm doing stream-of consciousness writing. The best way I've found to fix it is just to read my own writing out loud to myself after a short break, and most of the problems become glaringly obvious.

Definitely looking forward to more.

Anonymous 13/12/27(Fri)19:32 No. 20535 ID: d8a2bc

Thanks a lot, I appreciate your response.

Thanks for your response, and yeah I've found it a bit difficult maintaining a fluent story, especially since in some instances I was kind of forced into switching tenses, with it going from Ed's sort of personal narrative of events in the present and the actual events in the past. Being the first time I've ever written anything in first person (I usually prefer third) it's been quite a challenge clearly distinguishing the two, and creating an easy-to-read story, so I apologise for the fuck ups, but y'know, it's part of the learning and the like. Now, I'm focusing more on the story so it will generally be past tense, so hopefully it will be easier to read. Thanks for the help!

Anyway, time for the next chapter, hope you enjoy it. And don't worry, more erotic stuff is coming later, it's just I'm still in the process of explaining the events. But yeah, enjoy!

The next few days hadn’t really been all that eventful. I think by that point Ruth had realised that what she had done was far past the bounds of ordinary, and as such didn’t bring up the events that entailed once. Fine with me; it was a bit uncomfortable watching my girlfriend tossing off a horse, even if it did give me a raging boner… Although, I guess I was 13, and I could probably get a boner from a girl so much as touching me. Whilst she hadn’t brought up the specific events, she seemed to enjoy herself well enough to invite me over to her house again. Apparently, her parents thought I was a lovely boy, and they would definitely be happy to see me again. Some people are so stupid.

It was the end of school and the beginning of the summer holidays, so I was in a very happy mood. She’d invited me around on the Saturday, giving us a whole day together (unlike the brief Wednesday afternoon such like last time), and much more time to… ‘get to know’ each other. Something I hadn’t known at the time which was very sneaky of Ruth was that Saturday was the only day where both the parents worked the same hours, so it was pretty much me and her until six. I think her parents were slightly retarded, but I benefited from it so who am I to complain?

I got there at eleven, which was quite a decent time to say I woke up at twelve most days, never mind leaving the house. When I got there, her parents were both getting ready to go off to work (I never found out what they did for a living) so they had time to greet me and set the ‘ground rules’, which were nothing sexually but generally hovered around the ‘don’t mess up the house’ mark. Like seriously, the most oblivious people in the world. It’s a shame that I never truly realised just how strict some parents could be, and I ashamedly took my gift for granted. Ahh, those were the days.

Once the parents were out of the house, Ruth and I wandered upstairs into the bedroom, straight to the point. Just like we had left off, we started licking each other’s tonsils like they were made out of ice cream. I remember doing this for a very substantial amount of time; maybe ten minutes purely of making out before we actually moved to do anything else. I think it was me who pulled away, so as to see if I could progress anywhere.

‘What’s up?’ She had said to me in her ever-caring tone.

‘I was thinking…’ I was too much of a wimp to talk about such matters.

There was a long silence before either of us spoke. This time, it was Ruth who made the first move. She pushed me down so I was laid flat on my back on her bed. She was wearing similar shorts as what she was wearing the other day, and a tank top that was this time beige. She then sat just on my crotch, pinning me down with a look of confidence that I had never seen her wear before. It was weird coming from a quiet girl like her, but I guess she was more open around me. I liked that.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked like a complete dipshit.

Her expression became startled at first, thinking she had done something wrong in the heat of the moment. I returned a smile and her confidence came back, although the words she uttered weren’t comparatively so.

‘Umm, I dunno…’

She then started awkwardly grinding her hips on my crotch, which became less awkward as she began to maintain a rhythm. I was shocked, but then began to move along with her, as my boner began to creep up. She noticed this and began to increase her pace, forcing me to move along with her. It felt so good I felt like I was going to cum right there, but I managed to restrain myself. All of a sudden, she flopped forwards, with her arms to either side of me and her face very close to mine. She wasn’t looking at me, however, but instead letting her head drop down while her face was contorted in a grimace as she too felt closer to orgasm. I grabbed her on her butt and began to move her crotch faster and closer to my own, and she looked up towards me, remembering that I was there. Her breathing was heavy, and sweat was beginning to form on her brow. Other than the breathing, however, she made no sound.

Her body slowly kept creeping forward as she began to lose control. Each time she moved, I got a clearer view down her top which caused me to push ever harder. My hands began moving up, pushing against her soft skin and sliding up her shirt. My hands rested for a while around her waist, as I admired her petite frame, then began to move up, bringing tank top along with them. Her top drifted over the slight bump over her breasts (and of course her bra, which was purple today), and then met a block at her shoulders as both she and I realised that her arms were the only support that was keeping her from collapsing forward. By this point, she had leaned so far forwards that it was mainly her breasts over me, so I was perfectly satisfied leaving her as she was. I undid her bra, which was the first time I had ever maneuvered one so it took quite a while, and marveled at her glorious bumps. They were beautifully small, and her nipples were solid as a rock, pointing out against the smooth curve of her chest.

It was then where Katie stormed in. With the indifference and obliviousness that only a seven year old could have, she plonked herself on top of the bed and asked:

‘Whatcha doing?’

By this point, Ruth had managed to quickly throw herself to the side and replace her shirt over her tits. However, the bra remained off, and was strewn across the bed just under Ruth’s back.

‘Nothing, Katie. You should really knock–’ Ruth said through heavy breath.

‘Well you never usually mind. Hi, Ed!’

My boner was extremely prominent and I was surprised that she hadn’t even giving it a second glance. I sat up and hunched my body forward, to try and conceal it slightly better.

‘Hey Katie. Me and your sister were–’

‘Kissing? Yeah I know.’ She said very matter-of-fact. ‘I’ve kissed lot’s of boys before. Ruth doesn’t believe me but I have!’ She stuck her tongue out at Ruth. Her flippant attitude towards what she had just witnessed was surprising to say the least.

‘No you haven’t, you liar. Mum would kill you if you had!’

‘Nu uh, I’ve kissed loads of boys, more than you have!’

And so, the typical sibling argument began. I merely sat to the side, peering at Ruth’s still erect nipples through her shirt as she and her sister argued over probably nothing. It wasn’t a vicious argument; in fact it was very light-hearted, with Ruth and Katie giggling at each other and making feigned remarks. It was heart-warming to watch.

After the argument began to get more ‘heated’, Katie climbed onto the bed and haphazardly clambered over my lap while trying to hit her sister, who was picking up a pillow to defend herself. Katie retaliated in the same way, leaving my lap for a moment to retrieve a weapon. She then stood up, towering me by a slight amount (evidently sharing similar height traits to her sister) and began to exhale a childish laughter that was so cute I felt like joining in. They then both engaged in a pillow fight, which I ended up being caught in the middle of, so I picked up a pillow and engaged in mortal combat.

At first I was just going in blind, hitting whoever came into my crosshairs. When I hit a slightly too powerful hit on Ruth, she turned on me and started beating the holy hell out of me. Katie seemed to find this very funny, so she joined in too, and all of a sudden I was being pounded ferociously by two beautiful sisters, and honestly, I couldn’t have been happier. Suddenly, Katie leapt at me and pinned me down flat on the bed, with both her tiny arms wrapped around my neck. She let out a very girlish roar, and then Ruth joined in too, with us all giggling away like a bunch of kids. With the two of them on top of me, I realised I had lied. Now I couldn’t have been happier.

In a moment of ‘rage’, I let out a much more masculine and terrifying roar, and hefted the two tiny girls in each arm, while they kicked, giggled, squirmed and struggled to escape my grasp, then I threw them both down on the bed, standing proudly as the victor above the pair. They grabbed onto each leg and pushed with great force, but I couldn’t be beaten. Eventually, they gave up and laid back on the bed. I joined them.

We were all breathing heavily, with giddy smiles across all of our faces. Ruth’s bra was laid between me and Katie, obviously being moved during the past events. Unfortunately, Katie noticed this just when I did, so she took it and broke out in a fit of laughter, jumping mischievously off the bed, while a shocked Ruth shouted after her.

‘Get her Ed!’

And so I did. Thankfully, she wasn’t very agile, so it didn’t take long to grab her so that Ruth could snatch the bra away from her. Unfortunately, even Katie’s obliviousness had its limits.

‘Why was your bra on your bed?’ She asked questioningly.

Ruth was stumbling for an answer, so I pitched in. ‘I think she must’ve left it here to get washed.’ Katie hadn’t seemed to notice that Ruth wasn’t currently wearing a bra, so it seemed as good an excuse as any.

‘Ew, that’s why I put my undies in the wash basket.’ Lucky, I simply have to leave my dirty clothes in a pile. ‘I’m too young to wear a bra.’ She said, again, very matter-of-fact. She was certainly a blunt person.

‘That’s… nice.’

‘I asked mum to buy me one once and she said she’d get me a training bra when I got a bit older but I don’t know why she won’t get me one now. What is a training bra?’ She also seemed to have a very short attention span.

‘You’ll find out when you get older.’ Ruth replied. ‘Anyway, come on, why don’t you watch TV or something?’

‘But I want to play with Ed!’ I was flattered that she had taken an interest in me.

‘Yes but we’re… busy.’ She said then looked at me with a wink.

‘You’re only kissing!’ Obviously still too young to understand privacy.

‘Yeah, but–’

‘Pleeeeaaaaaase.’ She begged.


Being the unpredictable person I later discovered her to be, Katie ran forward and kissed me flat on the lips. I was laid down at the time and not really paying attention, so I was caught completely unawares. I laid wide-eyed and shocked, then cleared my throat as Katie skittered off and Ruth chased after her.

I attempted to chase after them but they seemed to have left the house, and I had no idea where they might be. I was also too tired to do any running. As I neared the end of the corridor, I turned around and began walking back to Ruth’s room. I turned my head to notice Katie’s room, which was very dark due to the closed curtains. Similar to Ruth’s, it was pink, but much more girly, and decorated with dolls and other childish items. And lots of dirty clothing. Evidently, Katie was also a bit of a liar. For whatever reason, probably impulse, I decided to walk in and examine the room. My eyes, however, weren’t focused on the room but instead on the floor. Amongst the dirty clothing was several pairs of dirty panties; some in pink, some in blue, some with butterflies or Disney characters or My Little Ponies on them. I picked up the closest pair. They were pink with a little star on the crotch. Perfect.

Well, I say perfect, but at that time I didn’t particularly have a preference of panties, never mind those which belonged to children. This was kinda that mental switch that turned on inside of my brain that began my first interest in younger girls. So, fondling the panties in my hand, I nervously brought them close to my face and sniffed the crotch. This was purely interest more than anything, and it had a weird, musty scent that was actually really hot. My boner began and I couldn’t resist. Almost wrapping the panties around my face, I began to fap.

I was kind of glad that it took the two of them a long time to return, but I was constantly on the lookout nonetheless. When I drew near to my climax, I wrapped the panties around my cock and came glorious streams of hot semen into them. Girls can’t get pregnant at seven, can they? Either way, it was probably the best fap I’d ever had in my life, but I still felt an impending feeling of guilt. It was overcome, however, when I heard the door slam downstairs.

I quickly slid up my trousers and walked downstairs towards the source of the bang. Ruth was sat on the sofa, seemingly seething, while Katie was staring at her with a look of confusion and sympathy.

‘I said I was sorry!’

‘Well sorry doesn’t matter now does it!’

Being the faithful peacekeeper, I asked; ‘What’s up?’

‘Katie threw my bra into a pile of horse sh–… poo!’

It took all my effort to stifle a laugh. Unfortunately, Ruth noticed and charged upstairs in huffed anger. As soon as the coast was clear, I broke out in laughter alongside Katie. Being the responsible adult, however, I decided to ask Katie’s turn of the events.

‘So what happened?’

‘Well, she chased me and then we argued and then she dropped her bra because she’s stupid and didn’t put it back on.’ She stuck out her tongue, to no one apparently. ‘So I picked it up and threw it in the poo. I didn’t know she’d get this mad.’

More laughter, and my curiosity began to show.

‘Did you get it out?’

‘Of course not!’ She shouted between a spurt of giggling. ‘It was disgusting!’

‘Well how do you think she feels about it, then?’ Like I said, responsible adult. Although it was difficult to express responsibility when I had just fapped into her panties. Doesn’t really scream a responsible, sane person.

‘I don’t know…’ The smile faded and the giggling subsided. She just stared at me with her big blue eyes, pleading. It was the cutest thing ever.

‘Come on. We’ll go upstairs and we’ll apologise. I think Ruth was quite upset.’

She nodded in response, and without warning clasped onto my hand. I liked this grown-up feeling of looking after a child. Little had I known at the time that I wanted more than to simply look after one. So young and naive, those were the days.

I lead her upstairs into Ruth’s bedroom, where she seemed to be curled up on her bed on her laptop, trying her best not to look at us. Being as blunt as she was, Katie ignored her ignorance and clambered onto the bed nonetheless, hugging her tight around the waist and saying a rapid fire burst of ‘I’m sorry’. I followed suit but instead wrapped my arm around her shoulders. Looking back now, I realised just how much of a mature 13 year old I was. Or at least, in some ways anyway. She begrudgingly accepted our apologies and we were happy friends again. I had never considered Ruth to be the typical moody teenager type before hand, but it was nice to know that I was learning more about her.

Afterwards, we all went downstairs and decided to watch a film (it was mainly Katie’s idea, who really wanted to watch some Disney crap). They had only the one sofa, which made me wonder how they catered for a family of four, so initially it was me and Ruth cuddled up while Katie was sorting out the film. Once she had the film on, however, she decided it would be a fun idea to jump on my lap, with no warning whatsoever. Blunt. I shot an awkward glance at Ruth who just giggled, then petted Katie on the head. Not knowing how to react, I sat for a while quite awkwardly with my other arm sat limp. A little later and I’d moved my arm around her tiny waist, which she seemed to accept happily. She wriggled slightly to make herself a little bit comfier.

And all I could think the entire time was ‘God, this feels good.’

Jory!qIKW3I8bLQ 13/12/29(Sun)03:55 No. 20545 ID: d8a2bc

Decided to put in a name, just in case some faggot starts writing in my place... Not that I could ever see why anyone would do that, but still. Better to be safe.

‘It’s a little girl.’ I kept thinking to myself.

‘She’s what? Seven? Isn’t that illegal?’ My thoughts were in a very self-judging mood that day. And yet, I couldn’t get the thought of her panties out of my head. I found myself mentally undressing her, trying to remember what she’d looked like when she undressed after getting soaked. Why? Why was I thinking this? I had almost fucked a perfectly attractive girl my own age just a few moments ago, who was sat with me at that moment, and yet I couldn’t think of anyone but the cute little girl who was squirming and almost grinding on my crotch. It took all my willpower to not get an erection. Although she probably wouldn’t have noticed anyway… Because she’s oblivious. Not because I have a tiny dick. Hmph.

Throughout the entire film (which both girls seemed to have all their attention on) I imagined scenarios with me and this girl. Maybe throw her into a puddle so she would take her clothes off. Yeah, that would be nice. Or maybe would could go to her room and she would see my cum and get turned on and then I fuck her there and then and… Yeah, didn’t say they were realistic fantasies.

The film ended and the torture stopped. Katie jumped off my lap as quickly and as suddenly as she had jumped on, and Ruth seemed to stir from her movie-watching trance. I looked at my watch, which revealed the time to be four. Ruth noticed this too, and looked at me with a sort of smirk that I could never tell was either mischievous or just happy. Yet we both knew we had two hours to kill before her parents returned. We almost ran upstairs with the same thing on our minds.

We checked Katie’s room to see if we were in any danger of being discovered. The thought of potentially fucking Ruth had seemed to override all hopes of doing the same to Katie, which was probably a positive. Katie seemed to be sleeping on her bed, so it allowed us time to… ‘do something’. We charged giddily into Ruth’s room like a couple of kids up to no good. Although, I guess at that time we were kids up to no good.

We went into Ruth’s room and stared at each other for a long time. It was a similar situation of who goes first, so I made the first move by wrapping my arms around her lower waist, just above her butt. She rested her arms on my shoulders, and we began making out. Thank God she was in the mood for this again, and not sulking like she was earlier. After a couple of minutes of making out, my dick made it prominently clear that I was ready for more. She bit her lip in the cutest way possible and lightly pushed me onto the bed.

How far she was going to go was unknown to me, but I was eager to find out. She too looked slightly confused, but something seemed to click in her expression, and she set her mind to something. She sat on my knee and wrapped her smooth, tiny legs around my waist, and began almost eating my face. By this point I was rock hard. Once she knew she had got me to the point where I was virtually desperate, she jumped off my lap and began moving down. Oh boy. Ooooh boy.

I had to awkwardly stand up for a few moments while she unbuttoned and removed my khaki shorts, and my boxers. She looked at my dick for a few moments, probably taking in the sight of one for the first time. After pondering for a while, she grabbed it with both hands (an unusual approach, but it was still good) and started rubbing it gently. After she wasn’t getting much of a response, she grabbed it slightly harder and it felt just dandy. I wanted to cum right there but I could sense there was more planned, and I didn’t want to ruin it. Just as I predicted, she let go of my dick and drew her face close to it.

At first she just licked around the top, which is subsequently the most sensitive part, and it was amazing. First time I’d had a blowy, so I was pretty damn happy. She then took it in her mouth and began moving her head back and forth, with each movement edging me ever closer to cumming. I wasn’t sure whether I should warn her or not, but I knew it would be much hotter if I just came in her mouth. After bobbing up and down for a while, I couldn’t restrain myself any further. Without warning I came load after load into her mouth, which caused her to open her eyes in shock at first. Then she realised what had happened, and just allowed the hot load to fill her mouth and drip out slightly.

She then did the cutest thing, and let out a light squeal in the realisation of the fact that she had mouth full of cum and had to run to the bathroom to empty it, and that would mean potentially alerting her sister. After accepting her predicament, she adhered to her fate and swallowed the entire load, which was almost enough to make me cum again. She smiled awkwardly then wiped her mouth with her arm. My eyes averted around the room briefly. I looked at the door, and through the gap of the hinges, I could have sworn I saw little eyes peering through. But gone almost instantly, I could never have been sure if Katie had been watching. Or at least, not then…

She stood up and looked at me for a second. I returned the look and smiled faintly.

‘That was… wow. Just–’

She giggled happily, her goal achieved. I hugged her tightly in gratitude, and she returned the hug. The rest of the evening was spent happily chatting on her bed, cuddled up close to each other. A boundary had been broken, and there was more to come.

When her parents returned, her dad cooked up something great (can’t remember what it was now, but her dad was a brilliant cook) and we engaged in some small talk, then her parents started asking me about my life. They were generally nice people, and it was nice getting to know them better. Katie didn’t speak a word for whatever reason, which was unusual for her typical behaviour. I considered asking her about it then realised it may open a can of worms. Especially if she had witnessed what me and Ruth were doing.

I went home a happy boy with a very happy penis. Her parents dropped me off at my home, which was very kind of them, and I spent the rest of the night in my room. I enjoyed a nice fap, but no matter how much I attempted to remember the blowjob, all I could think about was Katie. Why? What had happened? I couldn’t think of anything else, no matter how much I tried. So eventually, I gave in and pretended that it was Katie who gave me the blowjob, but imagining was never as good the real thing. It still felt pretty good though. But why was I thinking of Katie? It was weird! Fucked up, illegal even! Then again, me and Ruth were underage, so that was probably illegal too. But still, least it was sorta normal… Egh…


So that was pretty much where my obsession started, but the story didn’t end there, oh no. I had been desperate to go back to Ruth’s again, but I had to wait until the next Saturday to be able to go back again. Her retarded parents were still happy to let me go when they weren’t there. Ruth had asked if she could go to mine and that was a definite no no. If that happened, then I wouldn’t be able to see Katie. The bullshit excuse I made up to basically tell her no was probably the best thing I had done so far in my life.

Fast forward to the next Saturday, and it was a similar routine of getting up, arriving at eleven, saying hi to the parents and then being left alone with the girls to do whatever I pleased. Unlike last time, however, we didn’t immediately go into Ruth’s room. We cuddled on the sofa for a while and watched TV, just talking about what was going on in our lives. It was no blowjob, but it was nice. Then, Ruth seemed to remember something important because she stood up very suddenly.

‘Shit, I forgot something.’ See? Mind reader.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Umm…’ That smirk again. I could never know with that girl. ‘I’ve gotta go down to a friend’s. She, ummm, has something that I need.’ She shifted uncomfortably and didn’t look at me directly. She then abruptly blurted out ‘see ya’, then ran out the house.

A few moments later and she came charging back in. ‘Oh, and look after Katie while I’m gone.’

She smiled again, then was off. Absolutely perfect. The girl that unknowingly gave me sick, creepy thoughts for an entire week was finally entering the spotlight. With Ruth gone, I had to devise a plan. I had no idea how long she was going to be, so I had to act quick.

Now, initially, I actually hadn’t thought this. I just sat there trying to figure out what it was she was going to get. However, as my thoughts entered a more lustful realm, I began to remember Katie was in the house. Speaking of which, I hadn’t seen her since I had arrived at their house. As if on cue, a very drowsy Katie stormed into the living room, clad in nothing but her panties. It felt as if God was on my side… Which then made me think that God was a creepy pedophile.

A feature that I hadn’t been able to appreciate much the first time I had seen her stripped down to her underwear was her body. It was cute and rounded, and her belly peered slightly over her crotch; not enough to consider her fat, or even chunky, but enough to make her look cute and cuddly. Like a teddy bear. She wandered in and rubbed her large blue eyes, checking out the environment like it was the first time she had ever been there. She then noticed me and stopped abruptly.

‘Hello.‘ She said, seemingly unsure of herself.

‘Hi Katie. Just woke up?‘ She nodded with the cute smile she had a tendency to flair.

She turned around and walked into the kitchen and I watched as she reached into a place in the fridge and took out the juice, which she then poured into a glass. It gave me lots of time to admire her cute backside. She then walked back into the living room, and sat on the sofa next to me. We sat in silence for a while, watching the TV. She seemed quite agitated, but then again, it was the lunchtime news. Again, as if on cue, she piped up.

‘Can you change the channel, please?‘ She asked ever so sweetly.

‘Sure, what do you want to watch?’

I offered her the remote, which she took off of me, instead of answering the question. She put on some children’s channel that I didn’t recognise. I was determined to create some conversation to distract myself from this torture, even if it was with a seven year old.

‘Have you just woken up?‘ I said with mock-horror.

‘No!‘ She shouted.

‘Well why are you still half asleep and not dressed yet?‘

She seemed lost for words, trying to find a way to escape my trap. She shifted uncomfortably and I smiled gloatingly.

‘I was taking a nap.’

‘So that would still mean you had just woken up.’ Gotcha. Something felt oddly satisfying about snookering a girl much younger than me in an argument.

She turned to me and smiled mischievously, much like her sister liked to do. Although, this mischievousness was probably a lot more genuine. She turned to me and slapped me lightly on the arm; enough to prove a point but nowhere near enough to cause any pain.

‘Hey, don’t do that!’

‘Well don’t be mean!’

‘I wasn’t being mean; I was just asking why you had just woken up.’

‘You were being mean.’ She said stubbornly. I struggled to understand her logic, but I joined in on the childish approach.




At that moment, she grabbed a cushion from behind her and brutally hit me with it. I did a sort of faked gasp, and she began giggling away. I also grabbed a pillow, and she ran off. I chased her into and around the kitchen, us both giggling, then up the stairs and into her room. I would have caught her a lot sooner but she seemed to be enjoying herself so I wanted to humour her. We then ended up in Ruth’s room where I ‘just missed’ her, and she ran around and over the bed, escaping out of that room too. Eventually, she went back inside of her own room, where I grabbed her around the waist and hefted her up.

‘Gotcha!’ I shouted between her bouts of laughter.

‘Put me down!’

‘Apologise for hitting me.’ I commanded.


“I’ll tickle you.’ She seemed to consider the threat but lead no response. I was always one to keep to my word. I threw her down onto the bed, and began tickling her on her sides. She was in fits of uncontrollable laughter, which was so cute and high pitched, and I was allowed a good feel of her naked body. I continued tickling her sides, and she kicked and thrashed at me to leave her alone, but I persisted; punishing her for her crimes.

Through hasted breath she said. ‘Stop it! Stop it!’


‘I’m sorry. Please, stop!’ I adhered to her word, and she just laid there, wiping happy tears from her eyes. She then looked at me and smiled. She was so cute and small and… perfect. That was all I could think. She then made a suggestion which increased my mood tenfold.

‘Umm, can I have a bath?’

‘You need to ask permission?’

‘No but…’ She clearly didn’t like feeling inferior. ‘I don’t know how to do it.’

I merely smiled at her and petted her on the head. She returned the smile, and then hopped up off the bed. She lead me to the bathroom (which was huge by the way) and she watched me expectantly. Being the bath master that I am, or was at least, I put the water at a sufficient temperature and then poured in plenty of bubbles for her to enjoy. She danced around the room giddily. Something definitely must have lifted her spirits. I then finished the bath and began heading out of the room, when she removed her panties.

Now here I’m going to let you in on something that served me as a life lesson. I’d realised this at that point, probably by accident, and boy is it useful. Young girls have mischievous minds. It is in their instinct to go against what you tell them, and the closer you are to them, the more they would do this. Well, close in a way where the girl feels like she can joke with and tease you. The closest comparison I can make I guess is something that of a sibling relationship. Furthermore, when you tell them not to do something, as long as it isn’t said too seriously, they are most likely gonna go against it. It is best said in a light-hearted way. It worked wonders for me.

Anyway, using this trick, I said, ‘Woah, what are you doing?’

She looked at me, confused.

‘I don’t want to see you naked!’

Something flicked and the smirk returned. ‘But you can see me right now!’

So I turned around. She then ran out in front of me, so I turned again. She then ran in front again, so I ‘gave up’.

‘Fine, looks like I’m going to have to see you naked!’

She giggled, standing victorious, completely naked. Her vagina was barely noticeable; tiny, only revealing a slight line between her smooth thighs. Her butt was also quite small, but as round and smooth as a peach. At that moment, I was uncontrollably erect, but I figured Katie wouldn’t notice anything. Oh, but she did.

‘Is that your willy?’

I looked at her, shocked for a few seconds. ‘Uh, yeah, it is. How do you know about them?’

‘I’ve seen daddy’s. Do all boys have them?’ As I keep saying, blunt.

‘Uh yeah they do.’

‘Oh okay.’ Her interest waned, then was quickly rekindled. ‘Why was Ruth touching it yesterday?’

My face flushed with embarrassment almost immediately. I needed an answer and I needed it quick. ‘Well, uhh–’

‘Ruth said it was because she likes you a lot. Can I touch it?’

Ehhhh??? Was this even happening? And Ruth had told her it had happened? Why hadn’t she told me?

‘Depends. Do you like me a lot?’ I said, somewhat hoping to deter her, but also hoping she would push further.

She stopped to consider for a moment. ‘I think so.’

She said it so sweet and innocently I almost said yes. But even I knew that would be wrong. ‘Well, no, I’m sorry but you can’t.’

‘Why not?’

‘Why do you want to touch it anyway?’

‘I dunno… I’m interested!’

Her mischievous smirk returned and she leapt forward and poked me right on the tip. I almost put up a resistance, but succumbed to the tinglies instead.

‘It’s hard!’

‘Well, yeah. Anyway, don’t do that!’

She giggled and poked it again harder. I grabbed her around her naked waist and placed her tiny bottom on the edge of the bath. She giggled and screamed in retort.

‘I told you not to do that.’

She replied with a series of giggles. Honestly, I would have been happy to get my dick out there and then. Though I’m sorry to disappoint, but I had neither the balls or the brains to figure out a way to do so without being pinned down as a creep and a pedophile (bearing in mind that back then I considered 13 being a lot older than it was). So although nothing happened in that respect, there was still some hope elsewhere.

And that hope came in some splashed water.

During our little scrap, Katie had splashed some water to try and retaliate in some way. I dismissed this as nothing but a little splashed water; nothing to worry about, right? So, as I was backing away to allow Katie to do her thing, I placed a foot on the now slippery, wet surface, and crashed straight to the ground, almost smashing my head on the radiator. After wincing in pain for a prolonged length of time, Katie rushed forward to my aid.

‘Are you okay?’

‘Yeah, I think.’ My arse bloody hurt.

She was towering (well not really towering, since she was fucking tiny) above me, wearing both a worried and a curious expression. It was rare to see a child show compassion, or at least in my experience, so it was a pleasant sight to see. Once she was assured that I was okay, the smirk returned. She jumped in a flash, so suddenly I had no time to retaliate. She slid over my legs and pushed my torso to the ground, planting her naked butt over my lower body. If only she had been slightly lower, and she would have been right on my dick.


She glared at me, victorious, and waited for me to react. I didn’t want the feeling to end, however. I just wanted to lay there forever, with her on top of me. God (the fucking pervert) seemed to shine yet again, when Katie decided to lay forward on top of me, still wearing the grin. Maybe it was a way to assert her dominance, but by God it was great. I felt I had to do something, no matter how good this was, so I picked her very close body up, pushing her legs around my waist and allowing me to have a nice feel of her butt and thighs. She grabbed her arms around my chest so as to make sure she wouldn’t fall off, then I dumped her in the bath. She pouted, so I tutted at her and waved a condescending finger. As I was about to leave her to her own devices, she shouted:


‘What is it?’

‘Can you help me? With the shampoo and stuff? I don’t know what to do cos mum usually does it.’ A look of puzzlement swept across her face

And so I complied, like the super nice, moral person I am. Downstairs, I heard the door slam shut. Ruth had returned.

Anonymous 13/12/29(Sun)21:19 No. 20548 ID: b5d4a9

awesome! please continue

Jory!qIKW3I8bLQ 13/12/30(Mon)02:25 No. 20549 ID: d8a2bc

Here you go.


So, I’m sorry to disappoint kiddos, but this part is kind of unrelated to the whole loli theme of the story. But, y’know, it was a great time for me, so I like to brag. And besides, 13’s still kind of young, right? Well, you’re getting it whether you like it or not so shut up. Also, it’s a bit of the erotic content you guys came here for, so at least it’s something.

‘Ed? Where are you?’ Sounded like something out of a horror movie.

‘I’m uhh…’ I was unsure as to how she react to me bathing her sister. ‘In the bathroom. Katie wanted a uhh…’

Ruth walked in incoherently, and glanced around the room. Katie was swimming happily in a swarm of bubbles, and I was positioned awkwardly near the bath tub, with hands also covered in bubbles.

Ruth giggled for some unknown reason. ‘Well, you two seem to be enjoying yourself.’

I just scratched my head almost ashamedly, and Katie was almost completely oblivious, now trapped in her own world of water and bubbly goodness.

Ruth’s expression shifted to one of bewilderment. I had noticed this, and as such questioned her duly so.

‘What’s up?’

‘Nothing, just… Well, Katie would only ever let mum bath her. It’s just… I dunno.’ She sighed impatiently.

I took her hand and lead her out of the room, leaving Katie by herself.

‘So, it was a bit of a kick in the balls when you see she let me bath her?’

She giggled slightly at my remark, then went back to her bewildered, and now upset expression. I pulled her in for a hug, which she returned to me, and we held in an embrace for quite a while. I looked down to see her holding a bag with a box or something inside.

‘What’s in the bag?’

‘Oh, uhh…’ The depressed expression disappeared almost instantly. ‘This is what I got. From my friend’s.’ She reached into her bag and pulled out the box, revealing a giant ‘Durex’ logo spread across it. I remember my first thought being; ‘A full box? How many times does she think we can do it in the space of a few hours?’ Turned out it wasn’t actually a full box, but one that had evidently been taken from several times before. I wanted to meet whichever friend it was who gave her this box.

‘Aah, so this is where you’ve been.’ I brushed my hand through the length of the back of her hair, then kissed her gently on the lips. ‘But, aren’t you worried that Katie will see us again?’

That was clearly a shock to Ruth. ‘She told you?’

‘Yup.’ I wasn’t eager on telling her how that topic came up.

‘Well, it’s not the end of the world. We’ll just have to be extra sneaky.’ She did her signature smirk, that was also Katie’s signature smirk, and giggled slightly. She looked genuinely happy, and also excited for the events to come, which I had indignantly believed were not feelings that girls my age then had for thing’s such as this. I was always under the impression that girls either didn’t like it, or acted like they did so their boyfriends would like them more. I was far too cynical for my age.

‘I like how you’re not worrying about this.’ What was I doing? I had a girl perfectly ready to bang my brains out yet I was questioning it? I took so much for granted back then.

‘Well, I don’t think Katie’s going to tell anyone if she does see, so it’s okay.’ The way she said it sounded so sinister I almost questioned further. It sounded like she threatened to lash her or something like that if she told anyone. Which would have been hot.

‘Hmm, okay.’ With that, she grabbed my hand and we charged into the bedroom again like a couple of kids up to no good. Just as we were beginning to make out and ‘set the mood’, a sound reverberated from the bathroom.

‘Ed? Ruth?’

‘Two seconds.’ Ruth had said. She stormed off into the bathroom, to sort out the sister she had almost completely forgotten about.

I contemplated getting undressed and doing some sexy pose, but realised that I’d look like a complete dickface, so I just sat, waiting. About five minutes later, and footsteps were heard both going downstairs and coming towards me. Ruth walked in with a look of malcontent.

‘Right, she’s dried, dressed and downstairs watching TV. Why did my parents decide to have another kid?’ I laughed at her and she gave me a snide look, then she remembered the situation at hand.

‘So, where were we?’

I stood up off the bed and began making out with her; a routine I was all too familiar with. I had my hands on her lower waist, which I slowly began sliding down as the kissing got more intense. She was wearing jeans today, but they were stretchy and easily maneuverable. I wrapped my hands at first around the outside of her butt, squeezing it lightly which caused a slight reaction from Ruth. Her butt was beautifully tiny; not flat, but rather scaled with her size. Like I said, I love small girls.

I then slid my hands down her jeans and into her panties, which actually wasn’t where I was aiming. I would have been fine with just feeling the lining of her panties, but her smooth cheeks were much better. I wriggled my hands around her butt, squeezing lightly occasionally, and sometimes going daringly into the crack of her butt. Whatever she may have truly felt, she definitely looked like she were enjoying it.

While I was working away at her butt, she got busy as well. She had moved from my lips and moved down to my neck, kissing and sucking it slightly. The way she did it in small movements made it seem so cute, and really really hot. She also had both her hands up my shirt, which she seemed to be considering taking off, but was taking a long time doing so. As soon as I moved my hands out of her jeans, she took the opportunity and almost ripped off my top. I also did the same to her.

We were both stood with our top halves naked. I wasn’t particularly muscular back then, but she definitely seemed to enjoy taking what was there in. I did the same and enjoyed the familiar breasts bouncing slightly in their petiteness. Her bra was purple today. I unhooked her bra and allowed her breasts to fall free, which jiggled happily at their freedom. Her nipples were rock solid, but then again, so were mine. But, my own stiff nipples weren’t all that arousing.

I picked her up and threw her down on the bed. I clambered on top of her and her expression was now longing. She wanted it. I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down to her knees, and deliberately left her panties where they were. I wanted to build up the tension. She did the same to me, and my dick was peering slightly out the top of my boxers. She noticed this and bit her lip. Now I wanted it.

In the heat of the moment, we seemed to have both forgotten one thing. ‘Eh, where’s the condoms?’

‘They’re hidden.’ She said with a wink. She wanted to do this without protection? Then she looked down to her panties and revealed her game. She was a sly one. I moved my hands gently up the side of her legs, then let a single finger drift lightly around the lining of her underwear. They were also purple, with some sort of weird pattern going around them. I pulled them down, and saw a single condom packet fall out. Behind the condom packet was a beautifully shaved, perfectly… perfect vagina. It was small, similar to Katie’s, and looked like it was as untouched and fresh as it would have been 10 years ago. I then pulled down my own boxers, and unwrapped the condom. Ruth snatched the condom off me, and took the liberty or wrapping the condom around my dick herself. Wow, she was good at this.

Steadily, but shaking, I lowered myself to meet Ruth’s best entrance. The moment of insertion was possibly enough to make me cum there and then, but I was stubborn. I had to be. So I pushed, slowly and steadily, into her tiny, tight vagina. The first few strokes were difficult, in that I hadn’t really found a decent rhythm, and she was still getting used to the new event. However, after a short while, we were gliding together, moving in a rhythm as one. She closed her eyes tightly, and her breathing became faster. Every now and again she let out the cutest little moans which made me want to… well I was pretty much doing all I could do… So I carried on.

I decided then to increase in pace, once we were both happily adjusted and clearly into it. All the while, her breath became shorter and the moans became increasingly frequent. I pushed faster and faster and faster, making each push more exaggerated and forceful. It got to the point where she was moaning a lot louder, and they became so frequent that they were almost permanent. I pushed again, and again, and again, until I could feel the approaching climax. She seemed to be pretty much there as well. So then, with one last push, I dumped my entire load into the tight packaging, and she released the loudest moan yet.

For a while, we panted away, with sweat dripping from every orifice. My dick had shriveled back to its usual size, and I flopped to her side, then turned to face her. She wasn’t looking at me at first, but instead the ceiling. She was beaming the widest smile I had ever seen. She then remembered I was there, and closed me in a tight embrace. We were both still naked, but neither of us could have cared less.

‘You know… That was my first time.’ Ruth said.

‘Yeah, it was mine too.’

‘No, I mean.’ She kind of gestured towards her special zone. ‘I’ve never, erm…’ She seemed uncomfortable saying it, but I knew what she meant. Masturbation, in case any of you didn’t quite catch that.

‘So was it good?’

She nodded the cutest nod ever. Her beaming smile didn’t seem to fade once. Clearly I had done a good job. Eventually we decided to get redressed and go downstairs, except Ruth more skipped than anything else.

I could go on explaining the course of the rest of the day, but there really was nothing else special. We were too tired to really do much else, and we had a lot of fun doing thing’s with Katie (such as watching films, playing catch and other shit). So yeah, not enough really to mention. I returned home with a huge smile on my face. It had been the best day ever so far in my life. And it allowed me lots of bragging to all my friends.


So that’s all she wrote. My obsession had started, and I had my first sexual experience, which probably wasn’t really relevant, but it was good. Unfortunately, my relationship with Ruth, and subsequently Katie, kind of faded in time. I think we had sex once or twice more afterwards, with one of those times finally being at my house (while my parents were not in, of course). Aside from that, however, we didn’t venture much sexually. Also, Katie seemed to reduce her interest in me slightly, for whatever reason. As such, she only seemed to really talk to me for pleasantries’ sake, and didn’t take her interest any further.

It was about two months later that we broke up. Three months was a fairly substantial amount of time for people our age, so it was seen as an achievement by some. We broke up on the grounds of ‘it wasn’t really working out anymore’. Which was true, to be fair, since we had slowly stopped talking as much, and we began placing our interests elsewhere over each other. Obviously, after we broke up, there was nothing else really to tell. No more Ruth, no more Katie. But that wasn’t the end of the story. No, it was only the beginning.

For my fourteenth birthday (which was on the 22nd of February, by the way) I got a brand new phone with a camera on it. I remember the quality of the camera being amazing back then, but I think back now and it was the biggest heap of shit about. Compared to now, anyway. So, how did this phone start coming in to use?

Well, at first I’d used it as innocently as everybody else did; calls, texts, and taking stupid pictures for no reason whatsoever. After taking a picture of a family friend’s daughter when she was playing in our back yard and revealed her panties, a revelation came to me. So subsequently, that was when I started taking these pictures.

I really expected my obsession with younger girls to fade after Katie, but when this aforementioned girl emerged, my desires were rekindled. I never saved the photos however, and to this day I still don’t, but instead took them home, had a fap, then deleted them quickly. At first, it was in fear that my parents or someone close to me would look at my phone and see them, but now it’s more for the fact that NSA agents are peering around every corner. I guess underwear isn’t really illegal, but it’s better to be safe, right?

Anyway, I have many events that I could talk about, that were to do with close family friend’s children, friend’s sisters and other relatives, cousins, nieces (I had an older sister) and some who were completely unrelated that I just stumbled upon, mostly during the odd babysitting job. However, most of these events were mainly insignificant, with maybe a slight peak at their underwear and maybe a quick crotch rub. There was the occasional one that was similar to Katie’s story, but nothing worth mentioning. I probably wouldn’t have mentioned Katie’s if it weren’t for the fact it was the first time anything like that had happened. So, moral of the story, nothing highly significant that came about from my creeping. Except for one. The most recent one.

To relate to the name I so justly gave myself, I did a lot of creeping. When I was in my lower teens, it would simply be at kid’s parties and stuff (that I was invited to of course), and sometimes at friend’s houses. I would sit around and take pictures, which I had learned to do very secretly, and then do the whole fap and delete. Most were very poor quality so it never hurt too much when I deleted them, but some I wished I’d had the balls to keep and store forever.

Anyway, about a year ago, I took my niece to the park for my sister because I’m such a kind brother. She was only five, so she needed lots of looking after. Unfortunately, she was dressed in jeans today, so no creeping for her. However, there was always plenty of girls in short skirts at the park. Which was exactly why I took her there. I had been learning to drive at that time but I didn’t dare risk taking Sally (my nieces name) with me. It would’ve also meant that I had to take a parent with me, which I didn’t want.

So I bravely took the course of the path and trudged there miserably. It was nice though; it was still summer and the weather was pretty welcoming for a walk and a day out in the park. And for taking creep shots. I walked there with some haste, as I was kind of getting impatient since my last fix had been over a couple of months ago. So I hurried down with Sally holding my right hand, and off we went.

When I got there, there was a multitude of children there, and many parents. More parents meant that it was increasingly difficult for subtlety, but it was still a simple enough task with enough dedication. I passively let Sally run free while I scoured the scene for a target. There was a group of girls bunched together, with most of them wearing skirts. Perfect. One in particular that I had my eye on had long, straight, red hair (I don’t like saying ginger, since ginger implies they’re some ugly shit with really pale skin and a fuckton of freckles) and bright green eyes. Her skin was fairly tanned, which made me wonder if she had been on holiday recently, which made me wonder what she looked like in a swimsuit…

She must have been about 9 or 10. Almost clinging on to her was another girl who was quite a bit shorter, and definitely younger; maybe 6 or 7. She had very dark - almost black - hair, which was medium length and slightly wavy. The pair both held similar traits facially, with cute little button noses and very rounded eyes. They were probably sisters. I found myself very good at judging families, and who was friends with who, and who disliked who; abilities gained from my long time creeping. They were almost certainly sisters.

They were both wearing very short skirts, which made them a prime target for a creep shot. With phone at the ready, I waited patiently for one of them to slip up. I took the time waiting to investigate the pair in more detail. The younger one had a red bow in her hair, and wore what was actually a short dress instead of a skirt and shirt, which merely met a seam at her waist which was quite misleading. It was bright red with little polka dots running throughout. The older one was wearing a white shirt with some sort of logo on it, and a denim skirt the flailed around nicely; it wasn’t one of those that fit rigidly around a girl’s legs. The older one wasn’t particularly tall, and was seemingly still a bit young to be developing any feminine parts. The younger one definitely wasn’t.

After a while, nothing was happening that allowed for a nice shot of their panties. As I began to grow impatient, I decided to switch my target, when I was interrupted by a a young woman with red hair. She also had green eyes, and was almost definitely the mother of the girl I was going to take a creep shot of. This was kind of an awkward situation…

‘Excuse me.’

I held the phone for a few more seconds, then put it down slowly, in the most relaxed way possible. It wasn’t the first time I had been interrupted during my creeping.


‘I’m sorry to bother you, but is that your daughter over there?’

She pointed towards my niece, who was happily sitting on the swing.

‘Ah, no, I don’t plan on having a kid til I’m a little bit older.’ I laughed lightly. ‘Nah, she’s my niece. Why?’

‘Well, it’s just rare to see teens these days looking after children.’

‘Oh…’ I didn’t really know what else to say, so I just smiled and waited for her to add more.

‘Okay, I know this might sound a bit weird but… I’m getting a bit desperate now.’ I shifted around to prepare for the encroaching story. ‘Since you’re here looking after your niece you don’t seem like you’re too bad with kids, and I kind of need a babysitter.’ She twiddled her thumbs nervously. ‘I mean, I’ve had babysitters and nannies in the past but they usually stop after they come once or twice. Not because I have bad kids but… they just stop.’ She trailed off, then realised I was here again and carried on. ‘Anyway, my job means that I have to work late, and I can’t afford a nanny anymore, and my family don’t give a shit and my husband’s pissed off God-knows-where and…’ She stopped abruptly in her torrent of stress and anger.

‘So you want me to look after your kids?’

‘J...Just for tonight. I need these hours. Please? If you wouldn’t mind?’

Babysitting was often fun, and it meant you could be alone with a girl and have no worries of anything else like parents and the like, like you would in public. Except for the fact that they simply had to go and tell their parents what sick things you did to them, and then you get locked up as a kiddy fiddler. So far, I’d had no success in babysitting so I generally stayed away from it. But I take opportunities as they come.

‘Sure, I don’t mind.’

‘I’ll pay you, and I’ll be back by eleven at the latest. Oh my God you’re a life saver!’ She nearly ran forward and hugged me then realised it would be overstepping a boundary. She instead offered her hand, which I shook. She was nice, if a little bit tipsy.

‘I’ll pay you, obviously. I can’t thank you enough.’

‘Sure, sure. It’s nice to do a good deed.’ Ah the joys of ulterior motives.

She smiled sweetly and then ran to her children, who I guessed correctly would be hers. She then brought them awkwardly towards me, and they stood there, watching me expectantly.

‘This is…’


‘Ah. This is Ed. He’s going to look after you tonight.’

The younger one looked away, disinterested. The older one, however, looked at me excitedly and gave me a cute smile.

‘Hi! I’m Ellie.’ She nudged her little sister. She groaned in retort.

‘I’m Sara.’ She said without any emotion.

‘Well, here’s my address.’ She handed me a sheet of paper. ‘If you come at half five, I can show you all the things and stuff just in case of emergency and all that. Anyway, I better get going. Thanks a lot, see you tonight!’ The daughters groaned in retort and trudged along behind their mother who seemed to be very happy all of a sudden. I never did catch her name.

So. The start of the story that I came here to tell. I went home that day with a smile on my face too. It was something to look forward to at the very least. An opportunity. The woman was nice, but very flighty, and I doubt that anyone else would have so readily accepted her proposal. But, y’know, ulterior motives ‘n all. I headed off home and waited for time to pass. I told my parents of the job I’d just picked up, which they were delighted to find out. The woman didn’t live too far away so it was easily in walking distance. I had planned on going to a friend’s house tonight, but it was in place of money, so he easily understood.

So at 5:15pm, I set off to their home.

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no no.. MOAR!!!!!

Jory!qIKW3I8bLQ 14/01/02(Thu)01:33 No. 20565 ID: 3583fb

Heh, I like your enthusiasm.


I stood patiently outside their house. It wasn’t particularly difficult to find, and wasn’t very far away so I got there a little early. 5:24pm. ‘Well, might as well knock’, I thought to myself. A quick rap on the door and hurried footsteps were heard almost immediately. A very stressed looking mother opened the door, whom I still hadn’t learned the name of. She was wearing some sort of business-like dressware, which was quite tight and perfectly reflected her curvy body. She really was quite beautiful, with small, rounded eyes and a swarm of freckles centred around her button nose. Unfortunately, she was a little too old, especially for my tastes.

‘Hello, ahh…’

‘Oh that’s right, I never told you my name.’ She laughed a little bit, but seemed overwrought with stress. ‘I’m Amelia. Or Amy. I don’t usually let anyone other than my parents call me Amelia.’

‘I know exactly what you mean!’ We shared a laugh, when Amy became distracted again.

‘Come in, come in. Make yourself at home. I know it isn’t much, but it keeps us from the rain.’ It wasn’t a particularly large place, but it was a terraced house in the middle of a council estate, so it wasn’t half bad for what it was. It was nothing special; the ground floor was comprised of a corridor that met a kitchen at it’s end, and a staircase going alongside it one way, and the living room the other. At least she had two sofas. Their TV wasn’t particularly large, but if her situation was as dire as it seemed, then it really wasn’t that bad.

After taking a quick glance of her home’s lower half, I stood patiently in the hallway, not particularly sure what to do. From my experience of previous babysitting jobs, this was usually the awkward part, since the kids didn’t yet know me and I was unsure what to do myself. Amy came almost charging downstairs with her handbag, and was abruptly followed by Ellie, who was wearing a towel.

‘Ell, I told you to get changed.’

‘I wanted to say goodbye!’ She said, seeming to be quite upset.

‘Okay, I’m sorry sweetie.’ She kissed her on the head and hugged her close. ‘Right!’ Amy turned her attention to me. ‘The kids are washed and fed, although this one’s determined not to get dressed.’ Ellie wore a confident, and very happy grin. ‘Sara’s bedtime’s at eight, and Ellie’s is at half nine, but I don’t mind if she stays up a little later. Neither of them are allowed sweets past seven, and they know where the healthy food is if they need a snack.’ She checked her bag quickly and glanced around the room, almost as if she were looking for inspiration. ‘Well, I think that’s pretty much it. Money’s on the table, next to my number if there’s an emergency. Okay, see you kiddo.’ She hugged Ellie again. ‘See you Sara!’

A very quite ‘bye’ emerged from upstairs.

‘Thanks a lot for this.’ She muttered to me. She shook my hand, and almost ran out the house. Well, I was alone. With two girls. I didn’t really know what to do, and Ellie seemed to be sizing me up, as if trying to determine whether I was a suitable babysitter. I decided to attempt at conversation.

‘Are you going to get dressed?’ She was still wearing only a towel.

‘Do I have to?’

‘Well, I guess so, unless you really want to drip water everywhere.’

She considered that for a moment, then made up her mind. ‘Okay.’

She ran back upstairs, and her towel flicked wildly. While it was too long to reveal any desired areas, I still got a good look at her nice, young legs.

Still not really knowing what I should do, I made myself comfortable in the living room and turned on the TV. The TV box was the same as mine so I knew exactly how to use it, and which channel numbers were which. I turned on my favourite channel, and watched. And watched. And watched. Probably the easiest money I’d ever earned. After about 10 minutes, Ellie came running downstairs, dressed in her PJs. Or, at least, a white tank top and some stretchy, green shorts. They probably qualified as PJs, and definitely qualified in my book.

Her hair was still slightly wet, and strewn messily across her back. Similarly to her mother, her freckles were centred around her nose, which looked much more endearing on her. Her green eyes were beautiful. She sat on the sofa adjacent to the one I was sitting on, and sat cross-legged.

‘Whatcha watching?’

‘Just some car show. Is there something you want to watch?’ She shook her head, and looked at me with the same judging look.

‘How old are you?’ Bit of a random question, but okay.

‘I’m seventeen, why?’

‘Nothing, just wondering.’ Silence. ‘I’m ten. Sara’s seven, but she acts like she’s older than me.’ Finally, something I could work with.

‘Oh? What do you mean?’

She looked at me with that same look again. ‘Because she’s all quiet and stuff. She was never like that when daddy was here.’ Oh, straight out with the big guns.

‘Yes, your mum mentioned, but it was very briefly.’

‘I dunno much about it though. I think he left when I was seven. He always preferred Sara to me.’ And now, ladies and gentlemen, we see a change in genre to daytime drama.

‘I’m sure he loved you both the same.’

‘Yeah… That’s what mummy says.’ She looked blankly into nothingness. ‘Are you a nice person?’

‘Err, I dunno, I guess.’ What was with this girl? ‘You sure are a curious one.’

She almost seemed to like that fact. ‘I know.’ She said with a smile.

‘I hope you’re a nice person. I like nice people.’ She said simply. With the way she said it, it made me worry for people she didn’t judge as “nice people”. Maybe it was the kids that meant that nobody stayed for the babysitting job after all.

‘Well, I can see that. Bad people aren’t generally fun to get along with.’ She looked at me curiously.

‘Do you think so?’ She asked questioningly. I couldn’t tell if she were being serious or not.

‘Of course. That’s why they are bad people, and not nice people.’ Her expression changed from curious to decisive, as if she’d figured out my blatantly obvious point.

‘Oh okay.’ She jumped down from the sofa she was sat on and joined the one that I was sat on. She didn’t sit close enough to be invasive of my personal space, but the whole act was weird and invasive enough in the first place.

‘Can you pass me the remote?’

I did as she asked, and she switched the channel to something of more her own personal preference. I tried to understand her actions. To me, it seemed that when she had first appeared, she wasn’t sure as to whether she knew me well enough to interrupt my TV time, and since decided that I were a good person, so she felt confident enough to change the channel. It was odd, but the innocence and shyness behind the whole thing was overwhelmingly cute.

‘So, where is your sister?’

‘Probably in her room. She doesn’t talk much to people she doesn’t know.’ What kind of young girls were these? Most that I had come across were either naturally talkative, or too immature to give a shit about how other people may be.

‘Will she come down at all?’

Ellie thought for a moment. ‘Maybe. If she likes you.’

‘Well, how can she know if she likes me if she hasn’t talked to me?’

She thought again, for slightly longer this time. ‘I think she just knows. She’s weird!’ She said with a giggle. I felt exhausted from this conversation.

‘Oh…’ I had no idea what else to say, so I said nothing more. I watched the awful kid’s programme for a short while, when footsteps were heard coming downstairs.

‘Sara!’ We both turned to her and she stopped suddenly, halfway down the staircase, like a deer caught in headlights. She was wearing a much more standard bedtime outfit, with a dark purple dressing gown over some black, polka dotted PJs. This girl seriously had an obsession with polka dots.

She didn’t move or say anything for what felt like an age, then she carried on walking and said ever so softly; ‘I… I came down for some juice.’

‘Want me to get that for you?’

She looked at me with horror in her eyes. ‘N–no thanks.’ She said nervously and skittered off into the kitchen.

‘Like I said, she isn’t good with new people.’

‘I see…’ I then found myself debilitating as to who was the weirdest of the pair.

I heard the familiar sound of liquid being poured into a cup, then the nervous little girl ran past the living room and back up the stairs, not even giving either of us a second glance. Ellie lolled her head back and stared at the ceiling. She looked as if she were distracted by something, but since I barely knew the girl, I didn’t really want to push her on the matter. I then decided that I was also thirsty, so I waltzed into the kitchen and got the juice out of the fridge. It took quite a while to find the cups, which were hidden in a very unassuming draw at the corner of the room.

I walked back in to find Ellie laid flat out across the sofa, still staring at the ceiling.

‘Excuse me.’


‘I was sitting there.’


Hmph. Just go and take my seat then. But I didn’t want to give off a bad impression, so I instead sat on the other sofa. She sat up and looked at me with a look of puzzlement.

‘I never said you couldn’t sit here.’

‘Well I can hardly sit there with you flat out across it!’

She laughed, and then gestured me to sit with her. I did as commanded, and sat at her feet, which she retracted slightly so I wouldn’t sit on them, and quite possibly crush them. They were so tiny.

I looked towards her again and her confused expression was still the same. This time, I chose to speak up.

‘What’s up?’

‘Well it’s just…’ She trailed off. ‘Can you sit here?’

‘Sit where?’

‘Where you were sat.’

Well, where I was sat was where her head was resting. ‘Are you sure?’

She nodded and smiled cutely, then lifted her upper body until she was sitting upright so as to allow me room to sit down. Once I was sat, she turned to me.

‘Can I lay on your knee?’

My mind was too fuzzy from the jumbled conversation to think of any reason why she shouldn’t, so I simply said, ‘Sure’, and she smiled again.

She laid back very peacefully, with the grace and elegance of a princess, not a ten year old. At first she held her eyes shut, as if enjoying the moment, then looked up at me sprightly.

‘The others never used to let me lay here.’ By others, I assumed she meant the other babysitters.

‘Is that so?’

‘Yup. I don’t know why. Daddy used to let me all the time.’ My heart sunk for this poor girl. Whatever had happened with her family, I had an overwhelming sense in my body to just care for and look after her. She was so sweet and innocent… It was a feeling towards a young girl that I had never felt before.

‘It’s because you never asked.’ A familiar voice, but amplified about ten times, resonated from the entrance to the living room. Standing there was Sara, who wasn’t looking at me but instead at the girl who was rested fondly on my lap.

‘I did ask!’ Ellie said in retort.

‘Once. And that was after you already tried to lay on her.’


‘Well, it’s weird.’ Why did the seven year old understand boundaries better than the ten year old?

‘Daddy never thought it was weird.’

‘But that’s cos he was our daddy.’

Ellie looked genuinely confused. ‘So?’

‘So, you can’t just go up to strangers and lay on their knee!’

‘Ed let me!’ She jaunted a thumb towards me.

Sara seemed to notice my presence for the first time. ‘But did you ask him?’


‘And did he say it was okay?’


‘Well then!’ Sara said with distress, then walked somewhere else, of which I could never be sure where “somewhere” was. I felt that it really should be Sara who was the older one of the two.

‘See? She likes you!’

‘What?’ My head hurt.

‘She’s back to her old self again.’ She said giddily.

‘That’s… good, I guess.’ I struggled to understand her logic, but at that point I no longer cared. I’d never thought that a child could mentally exhaust me as much as she had.

Sara returned from wherever she had gone and sat on the sofa across from where we were.

‘What’re you watching?’

‘Disney channel!’ Ellie almost sung. So that was the crap that I had been forced to watch for the past half hour.

Sara laid down on the sofa she was on, very casually and very monotonously. To me, she seemed like a very droll person, especially with her dark choice of clothing, and the maturity that she held for a girl that was merely seven. She was very cute, however, with a similar face to Ellie. However, where Ellie generally held her face in either delight or curiosity, Sara seemed to hold it in flippancy and passivity.

She flicked her dressing gown indifferently, and seemed to show some slight excitement whenever something slightly “funny” came on screen. Ellie, who was still resting her head on my lap, would let out occasional giggles, which became spurts of laughter, at almost every damn thing. To say they were sisters, they were very different.

I checked my watch. 6.30pm. I had four and a half more hours of this to endure. Of relentless and utterly confusing conversation, and horrible children’s channels. At least people who I babysat before were eager to play games or show me shit which, although I couldn’t have cared less about, was still more interesting than Disney channel. These seemed to only want TV.

After a while of Disney crap, I needed to get away. My bladder was the saving light from the torture I was enduring. I tapped Ellie on the shoulder, who was still laid across my lap with not a care in the world.

‘Where’s the bathroom?’

She looked hurt, and glared at me with puppy-dog eyes. She didn’t seem to want me to go. ‘Upstairs, next to our room… It’s not that hard to find.’ She said, then allowed me to get up. She laid back down, sulking.

The upper floor was comprised of four rooms. The most immediate room was what was most likely their mother’s room. The hallway stretched around the staircase, which turned to a wall at the end. Going down the hallway, there was a study, and then the bathroom, and then a single bedroom at the end. The girls probably shared a room. The bathroom was quite large, with a bathtub and a shower running through it, and a toilet at the end. I emptied my bowels and washed my hands, then exited the bathroom. My curiosity didn’t lead me back to the stairs, however.

I decided to check inside the girl’s bedroom. I had no ulterior motive, unlike those years before that I had checked Katie’s room; I was just interested. Their room was very large, and had beds at either side. It was easy to tell who’s side of the room was who’s; the side closest to the door was Ellie’s, with a colourful pattern on the bed, and a laptop and perfumes and other things typical to a girl approaching pubescence, or was perhaps already there. Sara’s side was much darker, with a dark purple duvet and some weird dolls that scared the shit out of me. I did not want to get on that girl’s bad side.

There were two sets of chest-of-drawers going between the beds, and a wardrobe running down Ellie’s side of the room. There was a fairly large TV sitting on the wall opposite the beds, and an Xbox sitting happily on a set of drawers underneath. On closer inspection of the drawers, there were many games that ranged from horse riding to horror. It wasn’t difficult to distinguish who’s was who’s. The most prevalent were shooters, which Ellie didn’t really seem the type for. This would probably explain why Sara spent so much time in her room. It was surprising that she had the girl-balls to play these games, and even more so that her parents allowed her to play them. No wonder the pair were so weird.

I went back downstairs and Ellie looked at me excitedly. She propped herself upright and watched as I sat down, then returned to her position on my knees. Feeling a bit daring, I petted her lightly on the head which seemed to obtain a positive reaction. Sara scowled, either at me or Ellie, or possibly both of us. I couldn’t make out whether she was jealous or simply didn’t approve of the situation.

‘You sure are a long pee’er.’ Ellie said, staring up at me with her beautiful green eyes.


‘She wants to know why you were in our room.’ Sara said flatly.

‘What? How did you know I–’

‘It’s a small house. I know when footsteps are in my room.’ Sara replied indignantly. Funny that she said ‘my’ room and not ‘our’ room.

‘Ah. I was just having a look.’ I got no further response from Sara.

‘Let’s play on the Xbox!’ Ellie exclaimed.

I glanced at Sara to see her reaction to this. She shrugged, then said, ‘okay’, as indifferent as ever.

‘Uh, sure.’ I said.

Ellie jumped up and pulled me by the hand along with her. She nearly yanked Sara up as well before she got waved off, and she stood up by herself. We tailed Ellie up the stairs, who was skipping by this point. We went into the room, and they both jumped on their respective beds.

‘My seat!’


‘Wait, but where’s Ed gonna sit?’

‘Maybe he can lay on you.’ Sara remarked snidely.

Ellie looked at me with genuine concern. ‘I can sit on the floor. I don’t mind.’

But my proposal was in vain, since Ellie had already had made up her mind. She directed me to her bed and told me to sit down, then handed me a controller. She then propped herself in my lap and wrapped my arms around her body. She adjusted herself so she was comfortable. It was weird, but it felt as if that in this short time I’d known the girl, I was already as close to her as another member of her family. Or, at the very least, she seemed to treat me that way.

She rested her body into mine, and I let my hands slack slightly onto her knees. It didn’t seem to bother her. Sara got up with her disinterested swagger and loaded the disc tray with some game of her choice. Oh God. I was surprised to find it was a simple racing game, but one that I’d never come across before. It was obviously one that the girls played together a lot, since they knew the way around the interface very well, and all of a sudden had their car and track chosen before I’d had time to even switch my controller on. After catching up to them, we sat and played our first race.

I had been absolutely annihilated. While the game itself wasn’t particularly difficult, the two girls had known their way around the track as if they’d driven around it in real life. Even Sara revealed a smile when she witnessed my horrific defeat. They both took the leisure of insulting and mocking me in any way they could. They certainly weren’t humble in victory.

We played for quite a while, with a change of game every now and then. We even ended up on Halo at one point, which Ellie absolutely hated and demanded we turned off immediately. By the time we were all worn out, it was coming up to eight.

‘Woah, Sara, I think it might be your bed time.’

She glared at me with venom in her eyes, but then revealed the most childish behaviour I had seen her use yet. ‘I don’t wanna.’

‘Come on. Your mum said your bed time’s at eight. Do I need to ring her and tell her you won’t go?’

I was unsure if my threats would have any affect on this girl. Thankfully, they worked, to an extent. ‘Fiiiiiiiine.’ She trudged very slowly towards the bathroom. I was about to follow her and ask what she was doing, before I realised that she was going to the toilet. When she shut the door, I could’ve sworn she gave me the finger.

‘Is she usually like this?’

‘Yeah. You get used to it.’ Ellie said chirpily.

Sara returned with her hands behind her back, looking down on the floor, which made her seem very cute and innocent.

‘Can you help me?’

‘What with?’

I followed her into the bathroom where she pointed to a high up shelf, which had some sort of step up stool on it. I noticed that she was much too small to function the sink. She also seemed a bit too small to climb onto the toilet, which made me wonder how she got on in the first place. I brought the stool down and placed it in front of the sink, which she stood and grabbed her toothbrush. I allowed her to brush her teeth, waiting patiently for her to finish to make sure she had brushed for long enough. After deeming her time acceptable, she jumped off the stool and walked back into her bedroom.

She climbed into bed, and I was about to turn the light off and leave when her quiet voice peered behind me.

‘Umm, can you…’ She clearly didn’t want to say it, but I knew what she wanted. To say she flaunted such an indifferent and almost arrogant attitude, it was beautiful to see her act with such childish innocence. I grabbed the covers and wrapped them tightly around her, then she reached out for a hug, which I gave her. I kissed her gently on the forehead, then said goodnight, leaving the room with Ellie, who said nothing the entire time. She seemed to drift off to sleep almost instantly, with what could be argued to be the faintest of smiles on her face.

‘Wow, she must really like you!’ Ellie said once we went back downstairs into the living room.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, she never let the other babysitters tuck her in.’

‘She doesn’t act like she really likes me.’

‘But that’s just how she is! Trust me, I know my little sister.’ I laughed slightly and she joined in.

We were both on the sofa again, but instead of laying on me, she instead sat very close to me. Gradually, she started to lean ever closer, until she had her head rested on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her and we sat like that kind of embrace for a long time. We had the TV on, but we barely watched it. Instead, we chatted away about our lives, and I learned a lot about her school, her friends, and her preferences. We both had the same favourite colour (green), and I even found out that she was kind of well read, for a ten year old girl. Nothing particularly outstanding, but she’d read a few series, such as Harry Potter and The Hobbit. I also found out a bit about Sara. It turned out that in their wardrobe there was a small keyboard, which Sara was very fond of. Apparently, she was really good at playing, and it was one of the times where Ellie felt she truly opened up. It was heart warming listening to her go on about her.

So, remember when I said about that little switch going off inside me with Katie, that started that preference with the younger generations? Well, this was similar to that, but different in a way. Ellie was a brilliant girl, but at the start of it all, I didn’t want to molest her private areas, but instead just wanted to spend time with her. She was so sweet and so nice to get along with that I was just happy to talk to her. It may have been the first time I’d felt for a young girl on an emotional level.

So after about an hour or so of just idly chatting, I noticed that Ellie was getting tired. At first she’d tried to hide it, covering up her extremely blatant yawns with moans of outrage at my accusations. However much she tried to hide it, we both knew damn well that she wanted to go to bed. It wasn’t yet half nine, so I let her stay up nonetheless. I left the living room (and broke my embrace with Ellie) to make myself a cup of coffee, because even I was beginning to feel a bit sleepy. When I returned, Ellie was flat out on the sofa. Wow, she was out quickly. I didn’t know what to do at first, so I set down my coffee and tried to wake her. When I found out she wouldn’t budge, I hefted her up and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, and held her body in each arm. She nuzzled her head into my shoulder, and seemed to almost start sucking on my shirt slightly. It was overwhelmingly cute.

I set her down in her bed, and wrapped her up tight in her bed covers, being careful not to wake Sara. As I pushed up the covers, her hand latched on to mine and squeezed it tight. I looked at her to see pleading eyes, begging me not to leave her, which I was forced to give in to. She moved up slightly in her bed, allowing me to sit in the corner. I didn’t lay down fully, but allowed my body to sink low enough so that I could hold Ellie in a hug with my arm wrapped around her. I kissed her lightly on the forehead, and she looked at me with a cute smile.

‘I think you’re a nice person.’ She said, then was out like a light. I sat there beaming, and my heart felt warm. It was the cutest thing, with the way she said it, and then drifted off peacefully to sleep. She was sucking slightly on her duvet, which seemed like it must’ve been a habit of hers. It was very endearing.

I didn’t want to leave her side. I would happily have stayed there forever, and before I knew it, I was out like a light. Some time later, I was awoken by Amy, who at first looked concerned, and then almost tearful. I crept off the bed as quietly as I could and followed Amy out of their room.

‘I see the girls have taken a shine to you.’

‘Oh, yeah, well…’ I stammered groggily. ‘She didn’t want me to leave.’

‘Yeah, she’s like that.’ Amy said distantly. ‘All she wants is to be loved, and I’d spend more time with her but–’

I stopped her before she got herself worked up again. ‘It’s okay, you don’t have to explain yourself to me. Your daughters love you a lot, and from what they’ve told me, your situation sounds difficult.’ I was starting to think that maybe I was understanding why her daughters were the way they were.

She didn’t reply, so I cleared my coffee cup in the sink, which had now gone cold. I took the money I’d almost forgot about from the table, and made my way to the door.


‘What’s up?’

‘I’ll give you a lift back. It’s the least I can do.’

It really wasn’t far but at this time of night, I was grateful for the ride. When we arrived at my house, I thanked her.

‘If you ever need me again, don’t be afraid to ask.’

‘Really? Are you sure?’

‘Of course. I had a great time looking after them, and it’s money for me anyway.’ She giggled.

‘Th-thanks. A lot.’ I gave her my number (never given my number to an older woman before) and waved her off. She waved back, then drove off.

I walked inside my house with a smile on my face and cash in my pocket.

Anonymous 14/01/02(Thu)06:55 No. 20569 ID: 0bc6c8

Where are you from, OP? I've never heard anyone say "half nine" before.

Anonymous 14/01/02(Thu)13:50 No. 20573 ID: 5d92d1

Amazing story OP! I must hear it finished

Jory!qIKW3I8bLQ 14/01/03(Fri)01:54 No. 20576 ID: 3583fb

Really? I thought it was quite common world-wide. Maybe that's because I'm just so used to hear it... I sometimes say half past nine and nine thirty. I never really thought much of it before. Oh, and England, by the way. Chips and crumpets and whatnot.
Oooh that may not be for a while yet I'm afraid. But I'm working towards it don't worry.


‘Well maybe you shouldn’t be such a lazy piece of shit!’

I guess by this point I haven’t really talked about my own life, or my own family. That was my mother, by the way, who had been very angry at the fact that I’d spent that entire week mostly in my room. I had my reasons…

My parents weren’t that bad as people. Dad works in some factory doing… factory stuff, and mum works in nursing homes and the like. We aren’t exactly poor as a family, but we don’t have the most money, so it generally requires that I do the odd job just to help out around the place. Since it’s just me at home now (with my older sisters moving out when I was eleven) I’ve been stuck with the burden of walking the dog, cleaning the dishes and other chores that bore the living hell out of me.

I remember that particular week well. It was a pretty shit one from the family side of things, with my grandma being put into hospital, my sister revealing she was pregnant with another child and DEMANDED that she must get special care because of it, and of course, me. I thought I’d done good, since I’d spent a lot of that week doing my homework and stuff, and I’d even gone and got myself a job, which I was going back to and would most likely become a recurring one. But God forbid I forget to walk the dog, because as soon as I did, I became public enemy number one with my parents. They had simple rules; never too strict, as long as you did what they asked. And I forgot.

Well, I was also a simple person. Since I was a little kid, if a game was released that I really wanted, my entire life would be dedicated to waiting for it, and then as soon as I obtained it, playing it and waiting to get back from school to play it. This event was similar, but instead with two young girls. Not that I’d tell my parents that; they just figured I was being, in my mother’s words, a lazy piece of shit. So with my entire week revolving around me waiting for the next Thursday when I had been asked to come back again for babysitting jobs. And that distracted me from doing other things.

At that time I’d often wondered why I was only asked to go on a Thursday evening, and not more often. If she was living alone and had no outside help, then she must only ever go to work on a Thursday evening, and spend the rest of her time looking after the kids. What kind of a job allows you to work one evening a week, and provides enough money to sustain even basic living costs? Well, my questions were answered when I arrived there at six the next week (she’d decided that 5.30 was a little too early).

I’d almost been chased out of the house by my angered mother, who was completely enraged by my apparent “laziness”. My father was slightly more laid back, but just as angry. Once I’d arrived at their home, and a safe distance from my own, I knocked on the door and waited patiently. No answer. I knocked again, and continued waiting. Still no answer. I checked my phone, and she’d definitely said six. I had the text to prove it. When I’d almost decided to give up, a car came whizzing around the corner, and a very panicked Amy was sat in the front seat. It was a Land Rover, and was covered in dirt which made it quite evident that it was in dire need of a good clean.

Amy leapt out of the car, and was followed by two terrified girls who looked like they had been forced into the depths of Hell. Ellie was wearing a colourful, but primarily white, shirt and very short denim shorts. Sara was wearing a black, pleated skirt and purple shirt underneath a leather jacket, and a scarf and beret combo that made her seem very fashionable. Fashion seemed to be something that Sara was quite keen on, whereas Ellie seemed quite simplistic, and very revealing, in her clothing.

‘I am sooooooo sorry!’ Amy said as she ran towards me.

‘It’s okay. Where have you been, if you don’t mind me asking?’ I’m such a polite person.

‘The girls were at this club thing that I dump them at when I’ve got to work. They wouldn’t have to go if they were still at school.’ Ahh that explains a lot. Ellie stuck her tongue out gloatingly. Sara still held her uncaring expression.

‘I didn’t get off work til late, and then the girls were busy dressing this poor lad in a tutu, and then I completely forgot that you were waiting and I had an evening shift to work.’

I laughed. ‘It’s fine, it’s fine. You worry too much.’

She nodded at that then tried to readjust her attitude to a much calmer one. ‘Well, here’s the girls. Unfortunately, they haven’t had a bath or anything but they don’t need one that much and Ellie can do it herself anyway. Everything’s pretty much the same as last week. Oh!’ She rummaged inside her bag. ‘Here’s your money.’ I pocketed it with a greedy smile. ‘Anyway, here you go, see you when I get back.’

She ran off into her car and started it up, and began driving off as quickly as she’d came. Ellie looked up at me with a beaming smile.

‘Are you going to always be looking after us now?’

‘I don’t know. We’ll have to see what your mother says.’

She frowned slightly, but seemed happy nonetheless. Sara drifted past me without a word.

We went inside the house and I made myself comfortable in the living room. I sat in my usual spot, and Ellie joined me on the sofa, but didn’t lay on me like she had done. She looked around impatiently while I switched on the TV. She then started to rummage around for something, and just as I was about to ask her what she was doing, she slid her tiny arm underneath my butt. I jumped up abruptly.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Looking for my DS. Ahah!’ She jumped up and revealed her pink DS which she had left underneath a cushion that I was sat on.

‘You could’ve just asked me to move.’

‘Yeah but,’ She looked at me with a devious smile, ‘where’d be the fun in that?’

I couldn’t help but laugh along with her with the way she said it. Sara, who I didn’t actually pay any attention as to where she’d gone, appeared in the living room.

‘Where’s my DS.’ Ellie looked away sheepishly.

‘Umm–’ Ellie pushed her hand to my lips to shut me up, and in doing so also revealed the DS she was attempting to hide.

‘Give me it back!’

‘No.’ Ellie said flatly.

I could sense something in the air. A foul mood. A fight was approaching.

Sara jumped at Ellie, who was holding the DS high in the air and using her superior height to her advantage. Sara attempted to climb up Ellie, who was determined to not allow her to have the DS. I stood and watched in awe, not really knowing what to do. I’d never had to resolve a sibling fight like this before. Without not really knowing where I was going, I physically separated the two and grabbed the DS from Ellie, and held it above my head. They looked up at it like dogs waiting for a treat.

‘Right! Who’s is the DS?’ Bad question.



‘No it’s mine!’

‘All right, all right! Is there any chance that it is shared between the pair of you?’

They looked at each other angrily, arms crossed. Ellie seemed like she were just about to answer “no”, when she stopped herself.

‘Well until you can share it without fighting, neither of you can have it.’

They both gave me a venomous look. I felt like I had just stepped into a black neighbourhood. I returned to my spot, and they both glared at me as I sat down.

‘Please Ed!’ Ellie pleaded.

Sara just huffed angrily.

‘If you apologise to each other, I’ll think about it.’

‘I’m sorry Sara!’ Ellie cried.

Sara stopped and looked at Ellie indignantly.

‘Fine. Sorry.’

‘Now hug and make up.’

They looked at me as if I’d just told them to run on lava. Ellie was the first to approach the hug, which Sara returned somewhat half-heartedly. Eh, it was good enough for me.

‘Okay, so how do we decide who gets it?’

They looked at each other, and I thought that another fight was going to start. Sara whispered something to Ellie, then Ellie did something unexpected.

‘It’s fine. Sara can have it.’

I looked at her, trying to understand her ulterior motive. What had Sara whispered to her? Sara virtually snatched the DS off me and sat happily in her seat on the sofa across from me. She sat with her knees up, feet on the seat, and her legs fairly open. She was wearing a skirt. Which meant a clear cut view of what I had been waiting for from these girls since I first laid my eyes upon them. I tried not to stare, but her legs were beautifully shaped, and her panties were blue with black stripes. I could also see her butt slightly between her raised thighs. I reached for my phone when I realised Ellie was still looking at me.

‘Can I sit here?’

She wanted to ask if she could sit on her own sofa? I gave her a skeptical look, and nodded anyway. She sat next to me and curled her feet up underneath her butt. I reached into my pocket for my phone again. I knew I had to be discreet since Ellie was sat right next to me but… Where was my phone? I searched both pockets and noticed it wasn’t there. I looked around me to see if I dropped it anywhere, to see Ellie staring at me gloatingly.

‘Looking for this?’ The sneaky little shit.

‘Hey, give me that back!’

‘Mmm, no.’ She said, then stuck a tongue out at me.

‘You know that’s stealing?’

‘So?’ That “So?” was gradually starting to piss be off a little.

‘So, you can’t take things from people that you don’t own.’

‘You took my DS.’

‘Yeah, but that’s because I was stopping you two from fighting.’

‘You still took it.’

‘But it was different.’

‘It’s still stealing.’

I rubbed my temples in distress. She watched me with a triumphant look on her face. She was a very tiring girl. Deciding that negotiations were not going to work, I made a grab for my phone. She leapt backwards, just out of my reach, and rolled onto her stomach. She was very nimble. I pounced on top of her, still trying to reach my phone, which she had then moved under her stomach. I rolled her so she was facing me, and she held the phone tightly to her chest, refusing to let go. Sara didn’t comment once. Ellie giggled throughout the entire thing, and continued to writhe and squirm and giggle as I tried to physically take the phone from her. I was being outplayed by a little fucking girl.

Still holding the phone tightly in front of her, she jumped off the sofa and began running off with my phone, forcing me to chase her. Just as she got to the doorway, I grabbed her around the waist and she broke out into a fit of laughter, as she continued squirming to try and escape my grasp. I held a firmer grip this time, however, so she realised her defeat. In a final desperate act, she slid my phone down her shorts.

I dropped her onto the floor and she stood with a swagger and cockiness that I’d never seen from a girl her age.

‘Come and get it.’

As much as I would have happily complied, there were still principles involved that meant you couldn’t just reach into a ten year old girl’s shorts, even if you were invited to.

‘Come on, give it back.’ I was begging. To a girl half my height.

‘I said come and get it.’

‘You know I can’t do that.’

She laughed again, but this time with much more malice. ‘So?’

I was ready to hit her. ‘Pleeeeeaaaaaase!’

‘It feels cold…’ She said teasingly, trying to change the subject.


‘Yeah?’ She was playing dumb.

‘Phone!’ I commanded.

‘I told you to come and get it.’

By that point I no longer cared. But as I was just about to pin her down and straddle around her private areas, Sara piped up.

‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you.’ Was I being threatened by a seven year old? What had my life come to?


‘That’s what she wants you to do.’ She didn’t explain her statement, but instead returned to her DS. She was very mysterious. She still hadn’t moved her position, which I was thankful for.

‘Please Ellie.’

‘Give me a kiss then I will!’

I think I saw Sara laugh genuinely for the first time. She hopped up (damn) and strutted towards Ellie.

‘You can’t get a boy by just forcing them to kiss you.’

Ellie stared at the ground ashamedly, and spun one foot behind her.

‘What’s this about?’ My heart felt like it was going to overload from the cuteness. I crouched down slightly so I was at eye level to Ellie. She didn’t move her eyes from the ground.

‘Ellie likes you.’ Sara said teasingly, and giggled. This was probably the most like a seven year old girl I’d seen her act. ‘Ell-ie likes you.’ She sung repeatedly.

‘Shut up!’ Ellie shouted, but it wasn’t with anger or dejection. It wasn’t even with embarrassment. Her cheeks were flushed with rosy red, and she still stared at the floor, but she had a cute little smile on her face. She brought her thumb to her mouth and started sucking. Wasn’t that something babies did?

‘Baby.’ Clearly me and Sara were on the same wavelength. Ellie ignored her, however. She seemed deep in thought.

‘Is this true?’ I asked Ellie. She straightened up suddenly, as if realising that I were there. She gulped, then looked both ways. She reached into her shorts and pulled out my phone, then handed it to me and ran upstairs without a word.

‘She’s had a crush on you ever since you came last week. You were all she talked about for the past week.’

I thought it was sweet. I laughed slightly and smiled. Sara deemed that an acceptable response and resumed her position on the sofa. Taking this as what may be my only opportunity, I went back to my seat and discreetly set up the phone. I had the phone set to make no sound when I took pictures, and I could hold it in such a way that it looked like I could have been doing a multitude of things. After taking a couple of good pictures, I sat back, satisfied, and enjoyed my work. I turned my head to see Sara hovering over me.

I almost dropped my phone in shock, and my heart hammered. I’d been caught. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuuuck. She held nothing more than her passive expression.

‘Why were you taking pictures of me?’

I stammered, with no idea what I should do. What she did next was completely unexpected. She pulled up her skirt, which wasn’t particularly long, and examined her underwear. She danced around and bent over slightly to get a better view, then looked up at me.

‘Do you like them? They’re one of my favourites.’ She had a smile on her face.

‘Uhh, yeah, they’re nice.’ I had no idea where this was going to go.

‘They’re really tight on my bum though.’ She turned around to show me this. Her butt was tiny but extremely cute, and very round and plump. ‘Look!’ She then lowered her skirt. Despite the weirdness of the whole event, it was the most passionate I’d seen her about anything.

I didn’t know how to react, so I just agreed with her. I then ran off to the bathroom. It gave me a chance to get away, and also to check up on how Ellie was doing.

After finishing up in the bathroom, I walked into their bedroom and saw Ellie curled up on her bed. She noticed my presence and sat up instantly.

‘Hi.’ It was the quietist I’d ever seen her.

‘Hey. Thanks for my phone.’ I didn’t know what else to say. It must have been awkward for her. I’d never really had a young girl have a crush on me before. I couldn’t just say ‘sorry, but you’re not right for me’; I’d feel too bad.

‘It’s okay.’ She gave me the same curious look she had given me on my first hours of babysitting them.

I sat on the bed alongside her, but not too close. ‘If you want to talk about it, I don’t mind.’ I was forgetting she was only ten.

She processed the invitation. ‘Do you like me?’

Well I’d happily bone you against a wall if that counts. ‘Well… You see, the problem is–’ I stopped for a moment to figure out how I could go about it delicately. ‘You’re seven years younger than me–’

‘Dad was ten years older than mum!’

‘But they were adults.’

‘So?’ I clenched my fist. Don’t hit a girl. Don’t hit a girl.

‘Well, it’s different with kids. Grown ups with a ten year difference still look and act similar, but kids that have a ten year gap are very different in many ways.’ I had no desire to go into detail why.

She begrudgingly accepted that. ‘So you don’t like me.’

I felt like begging her not to do that to me. It felt like I was stabbing a puppy. ‘Of course I like you, but not in that way.’

I saw Sara at the door, waiting patiently. She always seemed to turn up at times to help out and explain things. She was like the seven year old, female Morgan Freeman.

‘You aren’t going to get rid of her that easily.’


‘She’s a stubborn girl. Trust me.’

I expected Ellie to retort in some way, but instead she looked at me with a devious smile.

‘Shut up, Sara.’ Ellie said, but it wasn’t angrily, and it wasn’t shouted. She peered at me, sizing me up.

Sara sighed, then left us alone. I felt very awkward all of a sudden. I turned to Ellie to say something, when she jumped forwards, wrapped her arms around my neck and pecked me quickly on the lips. I was too shocked to react. She then jumped off and giggled.

‘I’m gonna get ready for a bath.’ She said while giggling. She began removing her shirt and I snapped back to reality. I couldn’t stay and watch, due to the aforementioned principles ‘n all. And I couldn’t let her have that much power. She was ten. She laughed away as I quickly exited the room.

‘Suit yourself!’ She remarked as I went downstairs.

‘That slut.’ I muttered to myself.

Speaking of sluts, I walked back downstairs to see Sara again inspecting her underwear.
She quickly replaced her skirt when she noticed me walking in.

‘Having fun there?’

She didn’t answer. She returned to her DS.

‘What are you playing?’ Always the conversationalist.


‘Oooh, which one?’

She looked at me with a raised eyebrow, not wanting to believe we may share something in common.

‘Plantium.’ She meant Platinum. It was cute that even she made mistakes. I didn’t feel like correcting her on the matter.

I walked over to where she was sat, and she immediately tried to hide the screen from me, then relaxed a little and let me look.

‘Who’ve you got?’

She indifferently opened the start menu. She didn’t have a bad team, to say she was a girl at the age of seven, albeit her starter (Piplup, which was now a Prinplup) which was quite a bit higher than the rest of her team.

She closed the start menu and continued playing, trying to fade out my existence. I returned to my seat, and watched TV. I put a channel I wanted to watch on, which didn’t seem to bother Sara since she was so immersed in her game. I heard the bath tap running, then stopping after a while. I couldn’t hear much else besides the TV. I watched TV for a while until I heard shouting from upstairs.

‘Ed! Come here a sec!’ I knew this scene all too well. I glanced at Sara, who probably didn’t even hear the shouting, and then made my way upstairs.

I knocked on the door, and I heard a faint ‘come in’. I walked in to see Ellie sat happily in the bath tub, with bubbles floating around her.

‘I forgot my towel.’ She said sheepishly. I noticed the box where the towels would usually be was empty.

‘Where are they?’

‘I think there’s one in my room.’

I walked into her room and picked up the closest towel. I walked back into the room and handed the towel to her. Before I had time to turn and walk away, she’d stood up and revealed her naked body in its entirety. It was beautiful. She had the slightest notion of breasts perking out from her chest, and her vagina had a small amount of light coloured hair above it. She had freckles around her shoulders, which I thought were extremely cute. She noticed me watching and raised an eyebrow. I turned away quickly.


‘I couldn’t help it; you stood up before I could turn away.’

I turned back around and she was now wearing a towel. Her attitude had changed immensely ever since she had revealed her feelings towards me. I left the room hurriedly and allowed her to finish up. She came down in similar PJs as she was wearing last week, except her shorts were purple.

‘Come on, Sara.’ Sara rolled her eyes and shut her DS half-heartedly.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Sara needs a bath. You should come too.’

‘Huh? Why?’

‘Well you are our babysitter.’ She had a point there. ‘And I might do it wrong. Mummy never lets me do it.’ I don’t blame her; I probably wouldn’t trust Ellie to bath anyone either.

I followed the pair upstairs and into the bathroom. Once we were there, Ellie took the DS off Sara (which she was still carrying) and skittered off back downstairs. Sara got undressed and revealed her small body, which was similar to Ellie’s but smaller, and completely hairless. She climbed into the bath, which still had the water Ellie had used inside, and looked at me with that monotonous glare.

‘Are you two boyfriend and girlfriend now?’ She was quite naive, even for someone who acted so mature.

‘Uh, no.’ I was going to explain further but figured it would be wasted on her. She didn’t question why, but instead laid back and let her body float in the water. She stayed like that for quite a while, and I was worried she was going to fall asleep at one point. But she didn’t, and instead just laid there, chilled out, with not a care in the world. It was almost angelic watching her rest so peacefully.

Once her hair was wet enough, I lathered it with shampoo and ran it through her comparatively (to Ellie) short hair. I then washed it out with the attached shower nozzle, then did the same with the conditioner. After about half an hour of silent floating, she was satisfied with her wash and clambered out of the bath. I helped her out and dried her with a towel, which she allowed me to do without a word otherwise. I asked if she wanted help getting changed, which she assured she could do herself, so I went back downstairs. A thought came across me.

‘Shit. Have you two eaten?’

Ellie looked at me, who was sat on the floor in almost a ball, playing some pet game or something on the DS. ‘Yeah, we had something at the kid’s club.’

‘Phew. Thank God.’ She laughed then returned to her game.

It remained like this for a while. Sara came down in her dressing gown and pure black PJs this time, except her leggings were instead shorts. Perfectly acceptable in my book. We talked occasionally, but otherwise just did our own thing. Sara seemed to be reading some magazine (children’s, of course) and Ellie was playing her game, and I was happily watching TV. Eight dawned and I warned Sara that it was bedtime, so we went with the same routine as last week. She brushed her teeth, I tucked her in and kissed her goodnight, then allowed her to fall asleep.

I went into the kitchen to get myself a drink. Ellie walked in with me.

‘Do you want a drink?’

‘No thanks. I can only drink at certain times in the day.’ I didn’t ask why to protect my sanity.

‘All right.’

She sat on a stool that was just in my line of sight.

‘I think Sara fancies you too.’

I stopped pouring for a second. That girl didn’t have feelings. ‘Oh really?’

‘Definitely! But she’s too young to get relationships.’

‘So are you.’

‘Nu uh.’ She said, ironically, childishly.

I merely laughed at her.

‘Do you like her more than me?’ She pouted.

‘I don’t think of either of you that way.’ I took a sip of my drink.

‘But if you had to pick between her or me, who would it be?’

‘Look, I can’t answer that.’





She sulked with me, which was forgotten almost immediately. ‘Okay, who do you prefer in a non boyfriend and girlfriend kind of way.’

‘I like both of you equally.’

She didn’t like that answer. It was cute to see some form of sibling rivalry. I’d never really got to experience that before since my sisters were so much older than me.

‘Why won’t you pick between us?’

‘Why do you want me to pick between you?’

‘Because I like you more!’ She blurted out, then her face flushed with red when she realised what she’d said. I put my drink down and turned to her. She was looking at the floor again and sucking her thumb. I crouched to her level, like I did before, and pulled her in for a hug. She didn’t do anything for a while, then returned the hug to me. When we looked at each other, she went to kiss me, and I stopped her instantly.

‘Woah, woah, woah. I’m hugging you to comfort you.’ She looked down to the floor, obviously hurt.

‘But…’ Nothing else followed. I stood up and walked back into the living room, and sat on the sofa. She stood where she was for a while, then followed me inside. I patted the space on the sofa next to me, and her mood was lifted instantly. She jumped onto the sofa and sat by my side, then rested her body into an embrace that we had both grown accustomed to by that point.

‘I’m hugging you as a friend.’

She looked at me and smiled. ‘I know.’

Anonymous 14/01/03(Fri)06:34 No. 20578 ID: 3756c5

Ellie and Sara are so cute. While I'm grateful for the brief glimpses at their bodies, I'm glad that you're taking it slow and building the relationship with them. I look forward to the next installments.

Anonymous 14/01/03(Fri)06:46 No. 20579 ID: cd59d4

Holy freaking fuck this is good.

Anonymous 14/01/03(Fri)07:55 No. 20580 ID: 0bc6c8

Nope, never heard anyone say it. Must be an English thing. Great story, by the way!

Jory!qIKW3I8bLQ 14/01/04(Sat)00:38 No. 20589 ID: 3583fb

Yeah, I intend to build the story fairly slowly. I aim to explore the idea of a genuine relationship between a loli and... older people... so I kind of need to build that up a little first.

Oh stop *blush blush*

Yeah, it must be. Thanks a lot.

This chapter's not really much, just more of a bridge to the next part of the story, I guess. It's a little shorter, so my apologies beforehand.


Let me make one thing clear. So far up to this point, my actions had been purely based around my sick fetish and that alone. I hadn’t even considered that being friends with a girl much younger than me was remotely possible, since they were always so immature, and annoying, and completely different to a seventeen year old boy. Yet that’s what I’d called her. My friend. I could’ve said “I’m hugging you because I’m a swell guy” but no, I stated to her blatantly that I was her friend. Maybe it was just a self pride thing. I mean, you call someone your friend, and it implies you are on the same level as them, right? You are equals. So, I was in effect calling myself an equal to a ten year old girl. While you may think this isn’t a big deal, or even retarded, it was something that I disliked. Even now, looking back, I find it completely cringe-worthy that I said such a thing. Maybe I was just so far up my own arse that I was just too arrogant to believe such a thing. Maybe, then, I mellowed out in time.

After effectively repeating the events of last week, of talking and cuddling and more talking, I decided that I wasn’t going to fall asleep next to Ellie again. Maybe I was just too stubborn, or maybe my worries lied elsewhere. We ended up watching the Lord of the Rings, which I demanded she watched if she had read The Hobbit, and she happily accepted. Unfortunately, my lack of knowledge for time got the better of me, and I failed to realise that I couldn’t watch a three hour film, starting at a little after eight, and finish it before it was time for Ellie to go to bed. Eh. C’est la vie.

Once Gandalf had erupted his speech of expert blockage, I noticed that Ellie had dozed off. I didn’t blame her; it was past her bedtime, and her mother would be getting back soon enough. I’d seen the film plenty of times, so I had no interest in watching it. I switched off the TV, and nudged Ellie. She didn’t budge. Oh no. Not that routine again. She probably wasn’t even asleep, the sneaky little Jew.

Refusing to adhere to her desires, I got up and made myself a coffee. This time, I was determined to actually drink it. As I waited for the kettle to boil, I thought I saw some sort of movement shift in the living room. Probably Ellie planning some ultimate scheme to try to surprise or entice me. I was hoping for the latter. I poured the boiling water into the mug and took a slow, deliberated sip. I set the mug down on the counter and walked slowly, and steadily, into the living room.

The girl was nowhere to be seen. She had definitely moved from her seat on the sofa, so I knew she was perfectly awake. I glanced around the room and I couldn’t see her anywhere. I checked all the possible hiding places, and I just couldn’t find her. I gave up on my quest, and returned to the kitchen to retrieve my coffee. Just as I lifted it up, a figure emerged from behind the counter as fast as lightning. I gasped with shock while Ellie giggled and grabbed me, and in doing so spilled my coffee everywhere. Searing hot liquid melted through my shirt and my jeans and onto my crotch. It hurt like a mother-fucking bitch.


Her eyes grew wide in horror. ‘Oh my God! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!’

Evidently she took after her mother. ‘It’s… okay–aah!’ Why of all places did it have to spill there?

Ellie ran around, panicked, trying to find something to help out. Clearly, she didn’t handle these types of situations very well. She ran, or fell, into the fridge and grabbed a load of ice cubes out of it. Clearly, the whole chaos of the event seemed to make her forget the pain of frozen water on skin. She handed them to me which I graciously held on my genital area; a very welcoming feeling.

‘Did it burn your privates?’ Is that what the kids are calling them these days?

‘Yeah, just a bit.’

She looked devastated. I didn’t get angry with her; of course I couldn’t. It was some fun that went a little bit wrong. She didn’t deliberately mean for it to happen. Obviously, she had no idea I felt that way, and continued apologising to her heart’s content.

‘Ellie! Calm down!’ She stopped immediately. ‘It’s only a little burn. It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean it, and I’m sure everything’s okay down there.’ She glanced curiously, investigating the scene of the crime. She seemed to suddenly forget the events.

‘We don’t have privates.’

‘Well done.’ I said sarcastically. A concept lost on her. ‘Well, you kinda do, but just not the same as ours.’

‘Sara says it’s her other bum.’ She said while giggling. Seems she had changed the topic towards her own genitalia.

‘I guess that’s kind of true.’ She didn’t seem to like that I was agreeing with her sister instead of ridiculing her.

‘How would you know?’ She said somewhat testily.

‘Well, I grew up with my sisters, and then there was other things–’

‘Have you had sex?’ She cut me off.

‘What? Wh-why are you asking?’

‘If you’d had sex then you’d know what a girl’s privates would look like.’ Couldn’t argue with that logic.

I wasn’t eager to have the whole ‘birds and bees’ chat with her, but my curiosity got the better of me. ‘What do you know about sex?’

‘I dunno.’ She thought for a moment. ‘When I was little, mum told me that it was what she was doing with daddy when I walked in once, but I can’t remember much now.’ She remembered something, and her face lit up like a light bulb. ‘Oh, and the boys at school were talking about it. Ethan says he’s had sex eight times!’

‘I doubt that’s true. Kids your age shouldn’t be having sex, anyway.’ Says the guy who took a babysitting job for more than just the money.

‘Why not?’

‘Well, because it’s weird. You’re not quite mature enough to be doing things like that yet.’ I didn’t understand why I was telling her this. If anything, shouldn’t I be saying the opposite to achieve my ultimate goal? Well, remember that cute little trick I taught you.

‘I am mature!’

‘Oh yeah?’


‘Well mature people know what sex is.’ Snookering young girls. What was so fun about it?

She let out an angry ‘hmph’ and stormed out of the room. I tenderly stroked my balls and dick to see if there was any true damage. Aside from some slight stinging on my dick tip, there wasn’t anything drastically irreparable.

I chugged down what was left of my coffee and left the kitchen to find the girl who I had angered. She was sat on the bottom step in the hallway. On a laptop. I knew where this was going.

‘What are you looking at?’

‘Nothing!’ She said quickly, then slammed the laptop shut. She then got up and tried to hold a nonchalant pose that was easy to see through.

‘Mhm. Come on, you need to go to bed. Your mum will be home soon.’ She moaned in retort.

I followed her up the stairs and into her room. She climbed into bed, then held her arms out. I thought she may be too old for this, but whatever. I couldn’t refuse her cute, pleading, bright green eyes. I reached in and gave her a hug, then kissed her on the forehead like I would do for Sara. She smiled acceptingly, and turned away from me, bed sheets wrapped around her. I watched her for a few moments before I realised just how creepy watching a girl sleep was.

I went back downstairs and flicked idly through my phone. It was coming up to eleven by that point, so Amy should have been returning soon. Sure enough, Amy came charging into the house with no concern for her two sleeping daughters. I greeted her and she did the same, and as I was getting ready to leave, she approached me.

‘The girls really like you, y’know.’

I turned to her and smiled. ‘Really? I was under the impression Sara hated my guts.’

She laughed. ‘Yeah, everyone thinks that about her. She’s more like her dad.’ A wave of pain flashed across her face, before disappearing almost instantly. ‘When I told them both you were coming back, even she smiled a little bit.’

‘Oh really?’ We laughed.

‘Yeah, you had a greater impact on them than you might think. Especially Ellie.’ She said with a mischievous smile.

I nodded. ‘She, ah, mentioned that.’

She giggled and nodded. ‘Yup, that’s Ellie for you. Blunt as ever.’

In an attempt to deter her from the topic, I said; ‘I can tell she’s your child.’

That seemed to get Amy’s full attention. ‘How so?’

Careful not to overstep any boundaries. ‘Well, she’s much livelier than Sara, and seems a bit… ahh.’ How do I word this? She interrupted.


‘Well, I was going to say ditzy.’

She laughed again. It was very similar to Ellie’s, but slightly deeper. ‘Yeah, I guess that’s true.’

‘But, I mean, she’s also pretty and has a great personality.’ Yep. There goes the boundary.

‘I think you’re a little too young to be flirting with me, dear.’

I stammered, trying to think of a way to dig myself out of the hole I just dug. She laughed at me maniacally and patted me on the shoulder. I didn’t intend on hitting on her, I just needed a way to compliment her after calling her an out-of-control nutcase.

‘I’m only joking kiddo. Come on, let’s get you home.’ She walked out the door and held it open for me, and I followed her obediently. We didn’t talk much on the journey home, but it was literally a two minute drive, if that. I waved goodbye, and she did the same, then flicked the Land Rover around and drove off.

I could see it now. “Seventeen year old boy has orgy with mother and daughters.’ True, she was attractive, but I didn’t think of her that way. Besides, the whole incest thing wasn’t a major turn on for me. But if it was just Ellie and Sara…

I snapped my thoughts back to something more sane. The lights were all out, implying that mum and dad were both asleep. I took extra care to be quiet, as I wasn’t sure how angry they may be, and slipped upstairs to my room. In my room was a very large pile of clothing. Not my clothing; everyone’s clothing. On top of it there was a little note that read “I want this done by the morning. Love, mum.” I had the urge to grab the pile and throw it on top of her, but I was too tired for another bollocking from my parents. The sly little bitch. I angrily hefted the pile into the washing basket, which was conveniently left outside of my room, and took the washing downstairs to the washing machine. I rescued a stray five pound note which had fallen out of somebody’s pocket and kept it for myself. Their loss.

As I was sorting my mother’s delicates and my father’s skivvies, I found something unexpected. Young underwear, decorated with colourful stars and a purple/pink background. I figured they were my niece’s which she had left here, but as I keep saying, I take opportunities as they come. Going against the whole incest malarkey (niece doesn’t count as incest), I held her panties close to my face and sniffed. My boner grew, and I knew what that meant.

I discreetly lowered my shorts and boxers, and started jacking myself off to the feel and smell of my sister’s daughter’s underwear. I was fucked up, but at that point, I didn’t care. I considered blowing my load into them, then realised that they would be going along with my parent’s clothing. It wasn’t an idea that I reveled in. I came, very disgustingly, into my own hands and washed the cum off into the sink. I then continued filling the washing machine, and trudged back up to bed. If she expected them to be dried and ironed then she had another thing coming.


My parent’s rage had calmed substantially once they’d seen I had actually done the washing. I even helped out with the ironing, which my mother assured that I’d done enough, and allowed me to do whatever I liked. And so I did. I made sure to listen to my parent’s commands throughout the week, just to stay on the safe side, and otherwise chilled on the computer, listened to music and the like. I had been invited to go to out with my friends one night, which I happily accepted, as I felt I was really lacking in human interaction except with young girls.

We went out around a few pubs and bars, which I wasn’t allowed to drink in. I’d made a lot of friends in the year above, and most of them were eighteen. There was only three of us that were seventeen, and they were people that were in my chemistry and physics class. They weren’t the most fun people. Thankfully, since most of our group was eighteen, I was allowed to have a drink freely at most pubs, and if not, somebody would get a round and give me a beer anyway. By about midnight, we were all pretty hammered.

We found some trashy night club and charged in rowdily. It looked like the kind of place where you’d see sweaty, fifty year old men feeling up girls who definitely couldn’t have been old enough to be there. I fit right in. We went to the bar to be met by a sleazy man who was meticulously cleaning glasses and dishes. We ordered a round and found a place to sit. John, one of my closer friends, got up and walked over to a woman at the other end of the club. My curiosity forced me to follow him.

‘Aunt Amy?’

‘John? Fancy seeing you here!’

Wat. That couldn’t be…


She looked at me and her face dropped. ‘Oh! Hi, Ed.‘ She was wearing a very short, black dress, and high heels to make her seem a lot taller. She was plastered in make up, and her hair was very heavily done up. She definitely seemed like she were here for more than a couple of drinks with her friends.

‘You two know each other?’

‘Yeah, remember that babysitting job I told you about?’

‘Oooh, so it’s her kids you’re looking after.’

Amy nodded and looked away sheepishly. Even in my drink-addled state, I knew that what she was doing was wrong. I was enjoying the holidays, so even if it were technically illegal, I still had reason to be here. If Amy was struggling as much as she made out, then she really shouldn’t have been there. And if she had no one that wanted to look after her kids, then…

‘Look, Ed, I know this looks bad, but it’s just one night. I just needed to get away. I mean, there’s a lot of stress at work and stuff and–’

‘You don’t have to explain yourself to me.’ I said, attempting to sound serious but coming out slightly slurred. I wanted to stop her from going off on another rant. I knew it was none of my business but I couldn’t help caring.

I walked back to the rest of the group, and watched as Amy skittered away several minutes later. Maybe the guilt trip had worked. I carried on downing the beers as they came, and even actually paid for a couple instead of sponging them off my friends. I don’t really remember how I got home, or what time it was when I did. I do distinctly remember vomiting on the pavement at some point, nearly hitting a stripper or someone to that extent. It was too blurred for me to remember anything specifically.

I woke about midday in the comfort of my own bed. It was Tuesday, and I’d had no text asking if I wanted to look after Amy’s daughters by this point. Maybe I had scared her off, which was a bit of a negative. I liked her girls. And I liked her money. I considered texting her when Wednesday came, but decided I’d leave it. If she wanted me to come, then she’d let me know herself. Sure enough, at about nine o’clock on the Wednesday evening, my phone beeped its little tune and a text showed up from Amy.

‘Still want that job tomorrow?’

At first I didn’t understand the tone of her message, when I realised that she was still a bit aware of the events on Monday. I texted back a brief ‘Sure’ and went back to my usual evening events.

I turned up on schedule to find the door slightly ajar. I inspected the scene to give me an answer as to why the door was like this. I pushed the door slightly, and in the hallway I saw Amy slumped against the wall, and two very worried daughters standing over her.

‘What’s happened?’ Serious face on.

‘Mummy fell!’ Sara shouted, exasperated.

‘She was getting ready to leave and then she just collapsed on the floor.’ Ellie said.

I walked towards Amy and inspected her closer. She seemed almost semi-conscious, barely registering my existence.

‘Hey, Sara, get her some water.’ She looked at me as if she was going to retort, then decided against it and ran off into the kitchen.

‘Is she okay?’

‘I think so. Amy? Amy?’

She groaned slightly. She looked exhausted.

‘I think she fainted.’ My sublime diagnostic skills.

Amy seemed to snap back to reality, and her skin regained colour, and her eyes gained focus.

‘Fuck. My head. Aah.’ She was rubbing her temples franticly.

‘You okay?’

‘Yeah, sort of.’ I offered a hand and she took it, and I yanked her upright. She was a small woman, maybe 5‘3 at best.

‘What happened?’

She walked into the living room and set herself down on the sofa. We followed. ‘I don’t know. I was getting ready to go and I just felt really weak all of a sudden.’

‘Have you been drinking or anything?’ She looked at me with a hurt look. I didn’t mean it to sound as judgmentally condescending as it did.

‘No! Of course not. I only have a drink when–’

‘No, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way.’ We sighed simultaneously. ‘Have you been sleeping much?’

She looked at me, puzzled. She probably didn’t want to reveal much about her personal life to a boy she had only seen a couple of times. ‘Yeah, I think. Well, I guess I have been kind of busy this week. It’s been a bit messed up to be honest, with–’ She stopped herself before she went off on yet another rant.

‘Maybe you just need rest then. If you don’t mind me asking, how much do you work.’ She raised an eyebrow.

‘I work Monday to Friday from eight til five, and I do an extra shift on Thursdays, which is why you’re here.’

‘What about the weekend?’ Don’t worry, I have a motive.

‘Well that’s usually spent looking after my daughters and finishing any unfinished work.’ She lowered her voice so that Ellie, who was talking to Sara, couldn’t hear her. ‘They usually have lots they want to do, and I can’t exactly say no to them, so I have to do all my extra work late at night. Sometimes that means going back to the office because I can’t even do most of it at home.’

I suggested an idea that I would hope would come up sooner or later. ‘How about I look after them sometimes?’

‘What? On a weekend?’

‘Sure, it’s the holidays so I’ve got nothing else to do, and it doesn’t have to be every weekend. You just seem like you could do with a bit of extra time.’

Her face lit up, but she still seemed unsure. ‘Well, there is a conference this weekend that I really could do with going to.’

‘Well that’s sorted then!’

‘But, I mean, how much do I pay you?’

‘I dunno, just what you’d usually pay me but for twice the amount days.’

‘Really? But, you’d be working for two full days, not two evenings.’

‘Eh, I don’t care. It’s fun looking after them.’

She still seemed unsure. ‘You would have to stay here though.’

‘Yeah I know. I can just sleep on the sofa.’

‘Oh no, no, no. You’d sleep in my bed, of course. But, I mean, would your parents be okay with it?’

‘Course they would! They’re always looking for me to get a job, so a little overtime would make them even happier.’

‘I’d still need to get in touch with them first.’

‘Sure, sure.’

She nodded. ‘All right, I’ll think on it. But for now, I’ve got work to get to.’

‘Are you sure you should be going to work? I mean–’

‘It’s fine, Ed, but thanks for your concern.’ She got up and left the house, handing my money discreetly to me before leaving.

Sara returned a little belatedly with Amy’s water. ‘Where’s mummy?’

‘She’s already gone. You took your sweet time with that.’

She looked slightly hurt. ‘Okay.’ Then she chugged the entire cup in one.

I shut the door that Amy had left open, and Ellie was stood, watching me expectantly.


Anonymous 14/01/04(Sat)02:06 No. 20590 ID: 3756c5

The plot thickens and more opportunities arise. I am intrigued. Thank you much for sharing your work.

Anonymous 14/01/04(Sat)14:58 No. 20592 ID: 1b8b10

Ed's getting in deep, I can't wait for the next chapter!

Anonymous 14/01/04(Sat)19:22 No. 20593 ID: 2fae06

Damn, i cannot tell you enough how much i enjoyed your writing. Im not really a big fan of loli, but your story is spectacular!

I dont really want to suggest things, because it can really unmotivate a writer if he does not like that suggestion!

Anyway, just wanted to tell you that in my country you say half nine, half ten etc... (in all the nordic countries you say it this way).

Jory!qIKW3I8bLQ 14/01/04(Sat)21:46 No. 20594 ID: 3583fb

More opportunities indeed...

You wait no longer my friend.

I appreciate your empathy towards the matter, since I for one have been discouraged by particularly negative comments in the past. But I do appreciate any suggestions, even if I do in fact dislike them, as they help me consider things during my writing and, more importantly, make my writing better.
And it's nice to see that I'm not a verbal outcast in some respect.

I learned today that things can have subconscious impacts on you without even realising. I was reading the latest chapter of Roommates (great story by the way) and I found myself remembering that the co-protagonist was called Sara, who I'd named one of the girls after. I didn't realise at first; it was just a name that came into my head. I don't particularly like the name much anyway, so I thought it was a bit odd that I chose it. Psychology for you, eh? Anyway, enough rambling, here's the next chapter. The weekend is coming up after this, so I'm looking forward to writing it.



‘Is it true?’

‘Is what true?’

‘Are you looking after us this weekend?’ She twisted one foot behind her and folded her arms behind her back, and tilted her head slightly. She smiled a small smile. It was the cutest thing I’d ever seen her do.

‘Yep. Although I don’t know how I’ll put up with you for two whole days.’

She hit me gently on the arm and pouted. Sara returned from… wherever the hell she constantly disappeared off to. She rubbed her eyes groggily, as if she’d just woken up from a long sleep. In her hand, she was holding a small bear that was quite bedraggled, and had a small red bow tie. It seemed a lot happier than the rest of the dolls I’d seen in her room.

‘Who’s that?’ Sara jumped back, alarmed. Obviously, she wasn’t expecting any confrontation.

Her gaze met her bear. ‘Oh! H-he’s Jim.’

‘Named after a boy in her class!’ Ellie shouted teasingly.

Sara’s cheeks flushed with red. It was adorable. ‘Oh? Does Sara have a crush?’ I joined in on the teasing.

‘N-no! He’s my best friend!’

‘More like boyfriend.’ Ellie said while giggling and making kissy faces.

‘Hey, leave her alone. I think it’s sweet.’ Sara looked up at me and smiled. ‘How long have you been friends for?’

She twiddled her thumbs nervously. She didn’t seem to want to embellish on her personal life. Speaking of which, I’d never heard much about her before; all I knew about her was from what I’d seen for myself, and the brief snippets that Ellie told me. Maybe there was an awful lot that I didn’t know about her. At that point in time.

‘F-for a while. A year, I think.’

‘Oh. How did you become friends?’

She relaxed a little bit. ‘He heard me playing piano one day. In the school hall. I never play for anyone else but he sneaked in. I went to beat him up but I… I couldn’t.’

‘Because you looooooove him.’ Ellie teased, again.

She didn’t say anything in retort. Instead, she stared at her feet.

‘See? It’s true! But Ed’s here now and you looooooove him too–’

‘Shut up!’ Sara screamed in a flash of anger. There were genuine tears in her eyes. After allowing a tear to escape and drift down her face, she ran off upstairs, sobbing her tiny little heart out.

‘Woah, woah, Ellie. That might’ve been a little too much.’

Ellie just sat in shock. Evidently, she didn’t expect she’d take it that badly either. Being the responsible patron, I went upstairs and followed her trail to their bedroom, which was closed tightly shut. What was it about my presence that caused arguments between these two? Maybe they just naturally argued a lot.

‘Sara? Sara?’

A very muffled, ‘Go away.’

‘Come on, talk to me.’


‘I won’t leave until you let me in.’ I could’ve just walked in but I didn’t want to just barge in on her. That would be mean.

Eventually, the door peered back slightly and half a head glared at me nervously. I raised an eyebrow. ‘Can I come in?’

She nodded from behind the door and pulled it back slightly, allowing me room to walk in. She sat on her bed and I followed her to it, and sat next to her. I didn’t really know how to go about the situation. I could just cuddle up to Ellie if she were upset, but aside from when I would tuck her in, Sara didn’t really seem like a “cuddly” kind of girl. So, I just sat awkwardly next to her and looked for inspiration. That inspiration came in the form of a small teddy bear, which she was hugging very closely to her chest.

‘I never imagined you to be the type to have a teddy.’

No response.

‘You must really like him, huh.’ I deliberately didn’t make it clear as to whether I was referring to the bear or the boy.

But it obtained a nod from her.

‘If you ever want to talk about it, you know I’m always here.’

Still no response, but she seemed happier, in her own way. She drew her knees up close to her chest. She was wearing a skirt again, but I knew that even for me it was a bad time.

‘I’m pretty sure Ellie didn’t mean what she said. I think she was just teasing you.’

‘She always teases me!’ Sara finally piped up. ‘She makes fun out of everything I do.’ Ah, so that was the problem. She was a sulky teenager.

‘But I’m sure it’s just a bit of fun between sisters. I doubt she means anything by it.’


‘But listen, okay.’ I instinctively put an arm around her shoulder, which she seemed to accept awkwardly. I nearly retracted my arm before she relaxed a little bit. ‘It’s natural for sisters to make fun of things you do, especially since you’re the younger one. Take it from me, who has two older sisters. They used to slaughter me when I was little.’ She giggled a little bit. ‘And sure I may have told on them a few times, but I always knew that it was in kind spirit, because they’re family.’ Secretly I didn’t really like my sisters, especially the oldest one. But I wasn’t going to tell Sara that.

‘Just think the next time she’s making fun of you, that it’s just what sisters do. And, in the meantime, plan how you can get your revenge.’ She smiled deviously.

‘Thanks, Ed.’ She wrapped her arms around my shoulders. I returned the hug. I thought she was about to run off back downstairs when she glanced at her bear, and wrapped a tiny hand around it.

‘What Ellie said. It was true, but,’ She took in a breath, ‘I have Jim. So I promised I’d do nothing.’ Her eyes were glued to her bear.

I didn’t understand the full depth of what she’d said until a little while later. What she was saying, in her own words, was that she’d given up her feelings for me in favour of her sister, because she already had a boy in her life that she liked. I never took their “feelings” for me seriously, since it was just a little girl crush, but for Sara to do something like that made me realise just how mature she was as a person. Not to mention much more kind hearted than she openly let out.

‘You’re a good kid, Sara.’ I’d said, then patted her on the shoulder and left. The entire time, she didn’t look up from her bear. From Jim.

I went back downstairs to see Ellie skulking about impatiently. She seemed conflicted; wanting to see if Sara was all right, but not wanting to get into trouble for upsetting her. She noticed me with a welcoming smile.

‘Is she okay?’

‘Yeah. Apparently she’s going through puberty before you.’ Ellie scratched her head and gave out a puzzled look, not really understanding what I’d said.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Nothing. She’s just a bit upset about you teasing her.’

‘What?! She teases me all the time! But as soon as I say something slightly–’

‘Hey, chill, chill.’ Ellie huffed and crossed her arms angrily. ‘She IS younger than you, you’ve got to understand, so her feelings might be affected slightly more than yours if you say something.’ Kids and empathy were two things that I knew didn’t mix well. Or at least in Ellie’s case, anyway.

‘I don’t cry when she’s mean to me.’ Ellie muttered to herself.

‘Well then be the bigger person.’ I was the peacemaker that day.

She didn’t like that answer, but then she said something I’d have never expected her to say. ‘Can I tell you something?’

‘Go ahead.’

‘You really are like dad.’

I hope that didn’t mean she was into incest. ‘What do you mean?’

‘I dunno. I don’t remember much about him now but…’ She stopped to think. ‘He was always really kind to us. Like, mummy would just shout if we annoyed her, but dad would always talk to us. I’m not saying mum’s a bad person, cos I mean she always had the job of raising us.’ I laughed. ‘But dad was always there to sort everything out. He’d make everything okay again.’ She had a far-out look in her eyes. I think I saw a mature side of both of them that day.

It was sad to see. For whatever reason their father had, he’d left two girls that loved and respected him very much. That, in my book, was unacceptable, no matter how good they made him out to be. My own feelings aside, they clearly missed this man, and all they wanted in their life was him back. I was glad that I was doing something to fill that role, even if it was just picking up the pieces of an argument, or sending them off to sleep. It was probably something that their mother, who was struggling as it was, couldn’t do quite the same. Maybe my involvement in their life was meant to be something more than just basic babysitter right from the start.

I pulled her in for a hug. Moments later, Sara came down and noticed the situation. I pulled her in too for a hug, and all of a sudden we were all sat on the sofa, in a three-way hug that neither of the girls seemed to want to let go of. I say it was a simple hug, but to them, it was probably much more than that.

After what felt like an eternity of hugging, I let go of the girls. Sara was perched half on my knee and half in the corner of the sofa, crushed against its arm. Ellie was at the the other side of me, resting gently on my side and legs flayed out across the entire sofa. I noticed Ellie was wearing a denim skirt (short, of course). It seemed similar to the one I’d seen her wear the day I’d first seen her. Maybe today I would acquire a prize.

Sara grew tired of where she was awkwardly positioned, so she tottered off to do whatever she did. I grew tired of trying to guess where she went off to. Ellie remained at my side for a while, then also got bored of where she was, so she snatched up the DS from the coffee table (seems she had it today) and sat at the other side of the sofa, positioned so she was facing towards me, but not looking directly at me. Her eyes were on her DS. She initially laid with her legs flat on the sofa, with her toes almost prodding me, then lifted her knees up so she was sat in the way Sara so commonly sat. And this skirt was much shorter than any of Sara’s.

I tried my best not to stare. Forgetting the events that had just happened, she was sat very, very close to me, and would almost definitely notice if I stared too much. But God, it was beautiful. I’d noticed it before, but never had much time to look, but her legs were beautifully round and shaped, and bits of her toned but protruded slightly from beneath her. Her panties were perfect; a very girly pink, with a picture on the front that I couldn’t make out from this distance, and some white frills going around the edges.

Ellie looked up. ‘You gonna take a picture?’

What what what what what what what? ‘What?’

‘I figured if you liked Sara’s…’

‘I, err, I mean, umm… How do you know about that?’ I stammered. Three years I’d kept up this act, and had never been caught once. Then, I was caught twice in the space of a week.

She giggled. Her expression screamed arrogance. ‘We was in our room the other night and Sara walked up to me in just her knickers,’ British slang for a female’s underwear, just to clarify, ‘and asked if I thought they were nice. Then she told me that you thought they were, so of course I had to ask.’ She had a cocky smile on her face. Damned girl.

‘Oh, right, err–’

‘You can look at mine if you like. I don’t mind.’ That slut. She returned back to her DS but kept the cocky expression. She knew she could have me wrapped around her little finger, and I was too stubborn to allow her to have that much power. But I wanted to look. I mean, if a girl gives you blatant permission to look at her underwear, which she was clearly presenting to you, then you have a look. Damn my pride.

‘I, umm, don’t think that’s appropriate.’ Even I didn’t believe those words as they came out of my own mouth.

She raised an eyebrow. ‘Really? But you liked Sara’s.’

‘Yes, but I, uhh, that’s because–’ Damn, this girl had me snookered.

‘Do you prefer Sara to me? Am I not pretty enough?’ She pouted, then looked at me with sad, adorable eyes. Fucking hell, it was like something out of a fucking Hentai film. Not that I watched that stuff. Ahem.

‘No, of course not, you’re both pretty but–’ I literally had no idea what to say. With Sara, I could easily manipulate her naivety, but with Ellie, she understood and was actually enforcing the situation, and to her own advantage.



‘You’re as red as a tomato.’ She said then broke out laughing. This girl, eh. Wrapped around her bloody finger all right.

‘You’re a rotten child.’

‘You’re a perv.’

‘You’re the one revealing yourself to me.’

You’re the one who’s looking.’

I felt like hitting my head against a brick wall. ‘You really are an annoying, evil little girl.’

She giggled in delight. ‘Are my panties pwetty Edward?’

‘Hey! I told you not to call me that.’ She broke out in a fit of laughter again. Where had she learned to say things like that, and in such a way? I threw a pillow at her. And so it begins.

She picked up another pillow and threw it right back at me, hitting me square in the chest. Thankfully, she couldn’t throw it hard enough to wind me. I grabbed the pillow she had just thrown and held it above my head, towering over her in a dominative manner. I then smashed down the pillow, dealing blow after blow on her tiny body, while she giggled and tried to wretch the weapon from my hands. I dropped the pillow and grabbed her tiny little arms so she couldn’t retaliate, so she started kicking at me with her feet. She had her backside flying in the air to try and kick a better shot at me, which forced the beautiful force of gravity to push down her skirt and reveal her entire lower body, protected only by her underwear. She kicked and thrashed and tried to escape but there was no way to escape me. I was too strong for her.

She stopped struggling and began panting heavily. She had a wicked smile across her face. ‘Are you done?’

She nodded between spurts of heavy breathing.

‘Good.’ I let go of her arms and she flopped down and allowed her body to lazily rest on the sofa. She never bothered to lower her skirt, which was probably deliberately done.

‘Are you going to be a good girl.’ I never intended it to sound sexual, but I realised the tone of it a little too late. I was under the assumption that Ellie was too young to ever take it that way anyway.

‘Yes.’ She said sweetly and quietly.

‘Good. And you might want to lower your skirt.’

She tried to feign embarrassment, but it was too easy to see through with the giant smirk spread across her face. She pulled it down and covered her underwear, then sat upright.

She returned to her DS, this time with her legs laid flat on the sofa, and I watched TV. We stayed like this for a while, as we usually would when I babysat them, and I relaxed slightly. I was glad that it was over, but I couldn’t help feeling a little worried. Despite her intentions, it could still be in Ellie’s mind to go and tell her mother. Even if it weren’t, she could easily let it slip out one day, or just say it in casual conversation to somebody she knew, and then what? She only knew I’d taken pictures of Sara’s underwear, and I’d deleted them pictures a long time ago, so there was no proof. But if her mother caught wind of it, then she would most likely stop the job, and maybe even tell my parents. I didn’t particularly want to think about how that conversation would go down.

Then there was of course Sara as well. She’d gone and casually told Ellie, which meant she could just as casually tell anyone else. I needed to make sure that neither of them said anything, but how could I go about it? If I were to simply ask them not to say anything, then chances were that they’d actually be more inclined to say something. The downside to my trick. Maybe if I didn’t make a big deal out of it, then nothing would happen anyway. But I’d still be worrying. There was still that chance that they would tell.

I wracked my brain trying to think of a way, but it was impossible. I’d read many loli stories, doujinshi and the like in my time, and they all had their ways. I knew two things that would make a girl not tell (from these completely unreliable works of fiction); either it’s embarrassing for them, and they ask YOU not to tell anyone, or they’re that into the whole sexual thing that they’d never tell anyone as it would ruin their day too. Although, the latter was always in the really unfeasible works that were focused entirely on the sexual side and barely on the story. But in this situation, it seemed that the latter was also the most true to the situation. Ellie definitely didn’t find things embarrassing.

But maybe I was just worrying too much. At that time (possible spoiler alert) I hadn’t done anything too out of the ordinary with them. It was only a few pictures that probably wouldn’t be spoken of anyway. It wasn’t as if I’d boned one of them in the local McDonald’s toilets. Alas, I was always the worrywart.

My stomach was rumbling. I’d had a small dinner that day; definitely not fit to feed a growing boy as myself. Although, I guess I’d really done all of my growing by that point, but still. Man needs meat. After asking Ellie if she wanted anything and being declined, I walked into the kitchen to see what was in stock. Sat on one of the stools was Sara, who didn’t really seem to be doing much except, well, sitting. Maybe she had a secret hiding place in here, which would explain where she constantly disappeared off to.

‘Whatcha doing?’

She noticed me and turned, with the typical indifferent swagger. ‘Dunno.’

‘You don’t know what you’re doing?’

‘Well,’ she hopped off the stool, ‘I was looking for Rupert and then I got distracted.’


‘I don’t know.’ She stared at me blankly.

I shook off the bewildering reaction. ‘And Rupert is?’

‘A murderer.’


‘Rupert’s the murderer who killed Miss Tinley, so me and Jim had to go find him. But I don’t know where he is.’

Ah, so it was some play that she’d devised. Well, at least it was slightly less abnormal than I initially thought. ‘He’ll be wherever you left him.’

‘Nu uh. Otherwise I would have got him already.’ She looked towards Jim, who was sat on the counter, then whispered to me. ‘I hid him in the knife drawer but Jim doesn’t know that.’

‘I see.’ It worried me more that there was a drawer dedicated to knives, and that Sara was freely allowed to go inside it.

‘Jim’s still looking so don’t ruin it.’ She whispered to me, then wandered off back to her doll. Was this normal for kids her age?

During my very abnormal conversation, I’d forgotten the reason I went in there. I was going to go back to get something to eat, then decided that it wasn’t worth the hassle to approach Sara and her fantasies again. In the living room, Ellie was nowhere to be seen. If she was planning another surprise attack, then she had another thing coming. I sat down very carefully on the sofa, and made sure I had eyes on the entire room. There was nowhere she could hide nearby, so she’d have to reveal herself before she’d be able to scare me. I sat and waited. And waited. And waited. Half an hour passed an no sign of her. Where had she gone?

I don’t know why it’d interested me so much, since I usually let Sara wander off wherever. I guess I didn’t see Ellie as the kind of girl to just randomly wander off without a mention as to where she was going. I went upstairs and used the bathroom as a means to hide my true motive. After having a very short pee, I went to knock on the closed door or the girl’s bedroom, to see if she were in there. Just as I went to knock I heard a slight sound. A moan? Nooo… She was ten. It couldn’t be…

I knocked anyway. After what sounded like some shuffling, a very quiet, and very rude ‘what?’ protruded from inside the room.

‘It’s Ed. I was just wondering where you were.’

A moment later and the door swung open, and a smiling Ellie appeared from within. ‘Aww, You worry about me.’ She said with a wink.

‘I kinda have to. It’s my job.’

She shrugged. ‘Whatever. Anything else or can I get back to what I was doing?’

You’re ten Ellie, you’re ten. The laptop was laid prominently on top of her bed, which she seemed to have attempted to cover slightly with her duvet. Maybe the sound came from there. Which would mean…

‘What WERE you doing?’

My eyes narrowed to her laptop, and so did hers. ‘Just talking to my friends.’

I didn’t believe that, but it really was none of my business. ‘Mhm. See ya, then.’ I left before I had the chance to become her over-protective father.

Back downstairs and I returned to the TV. I was getting kind of bored of watching TV. I wished they’d had an Xbox or something set up down there. Something to distract myself from the tedious monotony of programmes I’d seen countless times. I was that desperate that I almost considered finding Sara to see what weird and wonderful things she may have been up to. My saviour came in the form of a person at the door.

I heard knocking so I almost ran out of my seat. It was a small boy, maybe seven or eight years old, who was holding something in his hands. At first, I couldn’t quite make it what it was.


The boy looked at me nervously. ‘Hi. Where’s Sara’s mum?’

Was this Jim? ‘She isn’t here at the moment. I’m Sara’s babysitter. Do you want me to let Amy know you showed up?’

The boy clearly didn’t realise who “Amy” was at first. ‘Who? Oh! No, you don’t have to. Is Sara here?’

‘Sure. SARA!’ I shouted into the house.

A very startled Sara waddled to the door. ‘Yeah? Oh, hi Rupert.’

Rupert? You’ve got to be shitting me. Does this girl name all her dolls after kids she knows?

The boy’s eyes widened, like he were being threatened or something. ‘H-here’s your doll.’

The “doll” was actually a little Batman plush toy. ‘Oh thanks.’ She said, then ran off.

‘Thank you for returning it.’ He nodded at me then walked away.

Sara was still in the kitchen, and I had some intrigue as to why a boy had just turned up with her doll. I followed her in, but before I had chance to say anything, she said with a slight notion of giddiness; ‘I got Rupert back!’

‘That’s Rupert?’

She looked down at what was clearly Batman. ‘Yeah.’

‘Okay…’ Batman was apparently a murderer. Wasn’t that against his ideals and stuff? Gotta love irony.

An hour passed. In that time, I miserably watched TV, and Ellie came down to join me. Eventually, Sara grew bored too, and joined us both in the living room. Eight o’clock, the all too familiar routine approached of putting Sara to bed. By that point, I wasn’t really expecting anything more of notice to happen. My thoughts were mainly leading towards what was going to happen at the weekend. Half nine (I will keep saying that) and it was time for Ellie to go to bed too, and whaddya know, something happened.

Ellie decided she wanted a shower. Since Sara hadn’t bothered making up a fuss about one, I figured they were pretty much okay for cleanliness. But after following Ellie up to her bedroom, she stubbornly decided that she didn’t want to sleep.

‘No, Ellie, bed.’ I said commandingly.

‘But I haven’t showered! I feel dirty.’ I nearly found myself laughing at the innuendo.

‘You can shower tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if you miss a day.’

‘Yes it does!’

‘Well you should’ve thought about that earlier then. It’s time for bed now.’

‘But I need a shower.’

‘Ellie.’ I warned.

‘What?’ She said, playing dumb.

‘Do I have to ring your mother?’ Threats work like a charm.


‘Well then get to bed.’

‘Pleeeease.’ She begged.

‘I’m not arguing with you.’

‘Well you kind of are.’

Basically, long story short, she had a shower. I grew tired of arguing and I knew she was too stubborn to give in. I told her to be quick, which to be fair she was, and I waited patiently outside, playing on her DS (I needed something to do. Turns out ponies are quite fun).

She walked out of the bathroom and gave me a smile. She was wearing her towel.

‘Why aren’t you dressed?’

‘Cos my PJs are in my room.’

I sighed. ‘Fine, okay.’

She walked into her room and I remained where I was, enthralled by the fun of cleaning ponies with a hose. As she was walking through the door, she turned to me.

‘Aren’t you coming?’

‘I don’t fancy watching you get dressed.’ Well I did, but she’d give me hell if she knew that.


She dropped her towel.

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Also, It's a little jarring to me the comments directly to THIS audience ("I will keep saying that"). Breaks the immersion kind of thing.

Overall, enjoying myself and hooked on coming back, so good job OP.

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Anonymous 14/01/07(Tue)12:43 No. 20617 ID: f944c2

Just that it comes off as natural, like people would really talk like that

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Try to write a little bit once a week (even if you don't upload it here) so you don't forget about us! Cheers OP.

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He already said he's English. That's how most of the world besides America formats their quotes. Give him some slack.

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Your wait is over my wonderful children. My sincerest apologies for taking so long, and I plan on making updates a lot quicker from now on. I had a few exams and shit, so they took quite a lot of my time, but they're done now, or at least for a while.

Also, >>20601 , I would like to stress that it is entirely fictional. Just for my own safety.

Anyway, here you go. Whether it was worth the wait is debatable, since the first part is really nothing special, but at least you get something, so be happy. Oh, also, I decided to begin naming each chapter, and pointlessly gave names for chapters already written, which are listed below. I feel they deserve names.

1. Thirteen
2. A Different Kind of Lust
3. Katie
4. Ruth
5. The Babysitter
6. Newfound Friends
7. Invitation
8. Newfound Interests


9. The Weekend (Part 1)

The whole bath/shower thing was becoming a massive cliche for me at that point, and the towel thing was closely following. I guess that was probably the only way really for me to actually see either of them naked back then, but still. It felt a tad boring. Either way, as much as I wanted to indulge in my sick luxuries, there was the principles and pride crap that liked to nag at my mind whenever I did anything.

As such, I didn’t give a reaction, because I knew that was what she wanted. She watched me with the devilish smirk the entire time, and I didn’t heed it in the slightest. I passively handed her the towel which she had “accidentally” dropped, then went back to the DS. Her expression almost seemed hurt. Had I done a bad thing? No, the bad thing would be to do any action other than what I did. But it’d seemed like I had just told her she was going to Disney Land and then denied her access just as we were boarding the plane. Man, that’d be shit to go through…

With hurt puppy-dog look intact, she walked into her bedroom and virtually slammed the door shut. There it was. That awful pang of guilt. But it was all part of her plan, the little attention whore. Right? As much as my increasingly cynical self wanted to believe that, I couldn’t help feeling like I’d just kicked a Smurf. I wandered back downstairs and sighed. It was a little after ten, so Amy wouldn’t have been home for a while. I didn’t even know why I cared so much; it wasn’t as if I was the most caring, emotionally inclined person out there. In fact, it was probably the complete opposite. That was why my previous girlfriend had broken up with me, because I merely didn’t care enough. It was like, at some point during puberty, my emotions had been slaughtered to make room for testosterone, which apparently girls didn’t like.

Nope. I couldn’t do it. I charged upstairs and swung the bedroom door open and pushed the idea that this was her intention all along aside. Ellie stirred slightly at the sound of a creaking door, and Sara, thankfully, didn’t move an inch. Ellie sat up and rubbed her eyes, then smiled.

‘What do you want?’ She whispered.

‘I came here to apologise.’ I sat on her bed. She was still covered by her duvet.

‘For what?’

‘I dunno. You just looked a bit upset earlier.’

She nodded. ‘Nah, it’s okay. I wasn’t upset.’

She sat up and allowed the quilt to slide down her body. She was wearing nothing but her underwear. I blushed and instinctively turned my head, then turned it back in an attempt to not make a big deal out of it. She was difficult to see since there was only the slight bit of hallway light that was peering through the door to light up the room.

‘Well that’s good, I couldn’t bear to think I’d upset you.’ I said somewhat jokingly. She simply smiled.

She moved her legs out of the covers to reveal her entire body, and sat cross legged. She shook her hair, which was slightly messy to one side since she had been resting on it, and rested her arms on her bare legs.

‘Y’know this weekend?’


‘Can we do something?’

‘Like what?’

She considered that for a moment. ‘Can we go to the beach?’

British summer. One of the few times to actually catch some sun, so it wasn’t a particularly bad idea. The weather was meant to be good all that week anyway. ‘Maybe, but I can’t drive you there.’

‘Why not?’

‘Because I haven’t learned to drive yet.’

‘Then we can take the bus.’

I laughed and ruffled her hair. She closed her eyes and rubbed into it like a kitten. ‘It’s a bit too far away for a bus. We can take the train though.’

Her eyes filled with delight. ‘Yeah!’

I laughed again and brought her in for a hug. She edged her body forward and planted her butt on the edge of my knee. I was allowed a nice feel of her naked body, and decided to take in as much of it as I possibly could. I needed something to keep me going until the weekend. I kissed her on the top of her head and she looked up at me with adoring eyes.

I let go of her and she climbed off my knee reluctantly. She then dived forward and pressed her head face down on her pillow, so that she was laying on her stomach. She didn’t bother covering herself with the bedding, meaning that I had a clear shot of her backside. If the girl couldn’t see you watching, it wasn’t weird, right? Through the dim light, I noticed that her panties were lowered very slightly, showing the top of the crack of her butt. Mr Penis was tingling, and I knew I needed to leave. Right then. So I did, choosing to carefully shut the door, and slithered downstairs with perverted intentions.

Should I describe the rest of the night? I don’t feel the need, so my sincerest apologies, but I have greater things to attend to. Long story short, rub one out, say hi to Amy, leave. There. If I did all my story telling like that, I would’ve been done a very long time ago. But I guess a story is better than a quick flurry of events. Anyhew (that’s a word).

Friday came and went very quickly, and all of a sudden, Saturday had approached. Amy had, as promised, got in touch with my parents through my phone, and they decided it was okay. My dad thought it was a little weird that I was spending so much time with younger girls, then took the liberty of explaining a potential threesome if they were girls my own age. Fuck off dad, you sick little bastard. How little he knew of my own sick, little mind.

I turned up at ten - the time we’d decided - and awaited Amy’s arrival. Several moments after knocking, and she opened the door with an expression I’d never seen her wear before. Tranquility. She seemed as if she’d had the first decent night’s sleep in a long time. After hugging me (apparently we were at that stage in our relationship) and saying goodbye to me and her kids, she disappeared from the premises. She wouldn’t be back until seven o’clock tomorrow, and was staying in a hotel that night. The conference was all the way down in Kent (that’s pretty far south, and a long way from where we were situated), so she couldn’t return home. I had brought with me an overnight bag which was primarily just a change of clothes, but included a toothbrush and “a jacket just in case it get’s cold”. Fucking mothers eh? She failed to realise it was summer.

I set my bag down in Amy’s room, which I had never fully examined before. It was quite large, and her bed was a double with a fluffy, feathered duvet and had a memory foam mattress underneath it. I was going to enjoy sleeping here all right. Another thing in my bag was my all important DS. If the girls had one, then I wanted one too. And I refused to spend the entire weekend watching the same fucking droll that I spent the past babysitting jobs doing. I laid back on Amy’s bed and flipped open the DS. It was Pokemon, of course, although I can’t remember which one it was. It may have been White.

A short while later and the door open very slowly. Appearing behind it was a half-dead Ellie, clad in a pink, flowery dressing gown which I’d never known her to have before. I understood the purpose of the dressing gown when I realised that she was wearing nothing but underwear underneath. I found it odd that she didn’t wear a training bra at the very least; I had known girls younger than her and were similarly underdeveloped that wore them. Don’t ask how. She sauntered in and peered at my DS to see what I was doing.

‘You just woke up?’

She nodded drearily.

‘Lazy git.’ She thumped me on the arm.

‘Is Sara still asleep?’

She shook her head. ‘She was playing on the Xbox when I woke up.’

‘And that didn’t wake you?’

‘Nope.’ She said as a loud crashing sound reverberated from their bedroom, followed by wretched screams of the twisted, vile creatures in whatever disgusting game Sara was playing.

‘You must be a heavy sleeper.’

She giggled then climbed onto the bed and sat next to me. She allowed her dressing gown to flail about nicely, which gifted an occasional glimpse at her underwear. I returned to my DS and she watched, with her hair occasionally flicking into my face. She really did have beautiful hair for a ginger, and it was very soft. And very itchy when it went right up your nose.

After blowing away her hair for about the fiftieth time, I questioned her on the matter.

‘Can you please control your hair.’

‘Sorry.’ She said sheepishly. The trick coming back into play, but yet again, not in the way I intended. She steadily allowed more and more of her long, straight hair to drift on to my face, before retracting quickly when I threatened to make a deal out of it. It got to the point where her head was near enough on top of mine, and her hair was covering my entire face. All subtlety had gone by then.

‘I’ll cut it off if you keep doing that.’

She giggled.

‘I’m being serious.’

She giggled again. All right. Revenge time. Quick as a flash, I grabbed her around the waist and began tickling her between the cotton fabric of her dressing gown. She roared with laughter, and I continued pressing at her. I moved my hand along her sides to her stomach then back to her side, while she wriggled and writhed while laughing. Eventually, her dressing gown fell loose, and showed off her entire body. Her underwear was white with a scene of a beach at sunset on the crotch. Hmm. Interesting. I continued tickling and she continued kicking, then she rolled away quickly, out of my reach. I twisted around and fell onto my back to try and find her, and noticed she had gotten off the bed and was now standing up. Even I was panting by that point. I relaxed, and she dived.

She pinned me down with abnormal strength for a ten year old. She was still giggling, and had her legs around my lower half, and her face virtually pressed up against mine.

‘Gotcha.’ She gloated. What was this feeling? She had pushed herself down so she was ever so close to me. I felt sort of warm and fuzzy, like I didn’t want to, or even couldn’t move. Did she sneak a tranquilizer? Her arms were pushed down on mine, and her crotch was rested on… wait. Her expression shifted from victorious to calm, quiet, or even peaceful. She had her eyes closed and she moved ever so slightly forward. Then back. Then forward. Then back. I was so relaxed myself that I didn’t even realise what she was doing at first; I was just enjoying the tranquility. She was sliding her crotch gently against mine, which was steadily growing to accommodate the situation. No, bad, no, stop. My mind went back to full attention and I hefted her up by her tiny waist and laid her down next to me. I was determined not to point out what she had just been doing; it was an accident, right? No biggy. Please don’t hurt me Mr Policeman. I didn’t do nothing, it was her.

See, as much as I’d let on that I wanted to do a little bit more to them than just see them naked, I wasn’t ever actually planning on doing so. In fact, I’d never intended for that with any of the girls. Surprisingly, I was actually a very law-abiding citizen, aside from the occasional underage drink and that one time when I lost my virginity and… well okay, maybe I wasn’t that law-abiding. But still, at the very least, I never intended to do anything actually sexual with a young girl; just a quick peak at their private areas, no harm done. Yet this was a boundary that I didn’t even break.

I just smiled at her between heavy breathing, and she did the same. Don’t talk about it, and maybe she won’t. It’ll be okay. My boner steadily collapsed in the whole panic of the event. I got up quickly and made a grab for my DS. I resumed my battle and tried to fade the girl that was still watching me out of my mind.

She studied me for a very long time, in fact so much so that it was starting to get a little weird. I didn’t give her a second glance. While I was uncaringly slaughtering the fifth gym, I tried to rationalise the turn of events. I tickled her a lot. She dived on me and laid on top of me. She, the ten year old girl, started dry humping me. Where had she even learned to do that? Ten year old girls didn’t know that. Even if she had been watching what I thought she had been watching, she was still too young and naive to pick up anything on it. No, it was an accident. Obviously. Nope, even I didn’t believe that.

But still, ten year olds didn’t do that. In the creepy, japanese depiction of ten year old girls, then maybe, but in reality? No. I even tried to scan back to when I was ten. Sure I knew about sex, and I think that was around the time when I started experimenting sexually. By myself, of course. But I was a boy, and I never had the balls to just go up to someone I knew and start dry humping them. Well, to be fair Ellie hadn’t done that either. She was a girl though. Girls didn’t think like that, even the slutty ones. Not at that age. In fact, even as I was growing up during my mid teens, there were still girls that didn’t think like that. Sure, I’d fucked a girl at thirteen, but the difference between ten and thirteen is huge mentally, and physically, so it was okay. I sighed.

This is what I mean about me being a worrywart. It wasn’t even that huge an event, relatively speaking, but I still panicked about it nonetheless. I didn’t worry when I was fucking Ruth, although that was legal...ish. Well, more legal than what had happened. I guess my biggest concerns weren’t around myself, but more around her. It made no sense that she’d thought that way, or at least not in my head. But it had been seven years since I was ten, so I guess I couldn’t really judge.

Interrupting my thoughts was a very chilled out Sara. ‘Good morning, Ed.’

‘Uhh, hi. You seem quite happy today.’ Happy for her, anyway.

She shrugged. ‘Sure, I guess. What are you doing?’

‘I’m playing on my DS and Ellie’s…’ I wasn’t actually sure what she was doing.

‘Just watching.’

Sara took that as her cue to climb on to the bed as well. Any other time and I would’ve considered making a snide remark about being in a bed with two girls, but I was still worrying.

‘I like mummy’s bed.’ Sara said while starfishing her tiny body across one side of the bed. She was actually dressed, and was wearing tight blue skinny jeans, and a black shirt with “Dance” plastered across the front. Not something I would have considered to be her style.

‘Aye. It’s very comfy.’

Sara hummed. She was clearly enjoying herself. Ellie copied Sara’s actions, but unfortunately she was quite a bit larger than her little sister, so I ended up being stuck in a very small space in the middle of the bed, with the pair of them taking up as much of the bed as possible. I sat up.

‘Do you mind.’

‘No.’ They both said in unison.

Damn kids. I took the liberty of climbing off the bed myself, and left the two of them to do whatever. I shouted behind me; ‘Can I go on your Xbox.’

‘Okay.’ Sara replied.

Sorted. I went into their room and picked Ellie’s bed as a good bed to sit on. Sara’s side of the room scared me. I scoured through the lists of games and found the original Mass Effect. Huh. I figured that maybe some of these games had belonged to their dad and had been left here when he left, and were untouched by the kids. That being said, I retrieved a copy of Clive Barker’s Jericho out of the disc tray, which Sara had evidently just been playing. Jesus Christ on a crutch.

I popped in Mass Effect and waited for it to load. It maybe wasn’t a great time to start a fresh run of an RPG like that, but I didn’t care. There was already a save file titled ‘Arsehole Shepard’, evidently meaning to be a joke. I figured it was probably their father’s, since Sara’s young age meant that she probably didn’t have the attention span to play the 33 hours he had played. Although with that girl, I never knew.

I decided to load up that save, for curiosities sake. It seemed like the main story was effectively finished, but there was quite a few things in his journal that were still not finished. I flew the Normandy over to one of the planets and started up a shoot-fest.

Some time later and Sara came in, closely followed by Ellie, who was holding my DS. Oh fuck off.

‘That’s daddy’s game!’ Sara shouted angrily. She ran in front of me and gave me a very stern look, with her arms crossed firmly. It looked more cute than anything.

‘I’m sorry. I didn’t know–’ But before I had time to argue my case, she was opening the disc tray and removing the disc. ‘Woah, you could at least ask.’ About half an hour’s worth of work gone to waste.

‘You shouldn’t take daddy’s stuff!’

‘If you’d told me that it was your dad’s then I wouldn’t have touched it.’ Arguing. With a seven year old. Wonderful.

She yanked me up by the arm and dragged me along to the game cabinet. ‘Anything on the bottom shelf to the left is daddy’s!’ The Jericho game case was there.

‘You’ve been playing his games though.’ I was so childish.

‘But that’s cos I’m allowed.’

‘So why aren’t I?’

She huffed angrily and slammed the cabinet door shut. ‘Because you’re not!’

This was going to be a long weekend. I sighed and watched as Sara reloaded the disc tray with something of her choice. I looked at Ellie, who was still in her dressing gown.

‘Shouldn’t you be getting dressed?’

She shrugged, then grinned. The grin I didn’t notice at first. ‘Okay.’

She dropped her dressing gown and slid off her panties. When I told her to get dressed, I figured that her underwear was fresh. She seemed to have no qualms with getting undressed with her sister present, but I guess when you live as closely as they do, you don’t care about things like that. I, too, tried not to make a fuss out of it and just waited patiently while the game Sara selected loaded up. Damn, Xbox’s were slow. She went into her underwear draw, bending over in the process and pushing her butt out behind her. It was so curvy and small and round, I couldn’t help staring. She stood up with a selected pair of underwear and returned her butt to its original, not stretched state. She slid up her underwear, and allowed it to slowly cover her butt, which was a major turn on for me. Did she know I was looking?

She then threw on some shorts and a thin, blue/white shirt, and a cute little straw hat that had a red ribbon wrapped around it. She nestled it neatly on her head at a somewhat askew angle, and smiled brilliantly. She reminded me of a much younger, female version of someone. She indeed looked very summery in the get-up, especially with the way her golden, pale red (not ginger) hair flicked wildly, as if free and uncaring of the world. It was unkempt, but in a warming, humbling way. I noticed that she had gained a bit of a tan since I had last seen her, and as such made her freckles more prominent. I even noticed a mass of freckles on her shoulders that I was certain hadn’t been there before. As much as I may complain about the freckly gingers, it was something that was very cute on her.

She flicked her light hair with the back of her hand and looked at me questioningly. Turned out I had been staring the entire time, and probably wasn’t necessarily something that was well received while a girl was getting dressed. Probably. I returned a smile and she changed her expression accordingly, then took position on my lap, with her butt nestled against my crotch and my arms wrapped firmly around her torso. She relaxed.

Meandering through tight city streets and carefully woven race tracks, we were enjoying the same racing game that I had been thrashed on previously. I wasn’t losing quite so bad, and even beat Ellie a few times, but Sara was impossible. After thirty seconds of the race starting she’d be miles ahead of us, leaving me and Ellie to compete with somewhat disastrous results, especially since we were sat so closely. It generally resulted in eye blocking and pinching and prodding and the stealing of controllers and just general distractions to try to gain an advantage for one over the other. One time, Ellie got her eye blocking and prodding mixed up, and ended up stabbing me in the eye with her tiny fingers, whereby she intermittently apologised and no longer harassed me during the races.

It was afternoon and we were still playing, and my stomach started moaning at me. It was well past two o’clock, and none of us had had any lunch. I soon realised just what an effect that had on my generally diligent eating routine. I put down the controller after yet another thrashing by Sara.

‘Want some lunch?’

‘What are we having?’ Ellie to answer, of course.

‘I figured sandwiches would be a safe bet…’

‘Oh okay.’ Ellie’s ignorance to my dry sarcasm hurt a little bit.

I turned to Sara. ‘You want some?’

She shook her head. ‘Not hungry.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘I’m sure.’

Hmm. Come to think of it, I’d never seen her eat anything my entire time there. Then again, she was only little, and probably didn’t need much fuel to power her body that rarely seemed to do anything anyway. I nodded and took Ellie downstairs who was brooding for food. She obviously had a very different appetite to her sister.

I rummaged through the kitchen for sandwich-making ingredients and discovered cheese and processed ham, which seemed suitable for my lunch. Ellie accepted this too, and so I got to making the sandwiches, with Ellie attempting to help but generally just standing in my way and dropping cutlery. She was impossible. With lunch made, and three packets of crisps in hand, I took the meal back upstairs to their bedroom. I swung open the curtains to allow some light inside and Sara recoiled as if she were a vampire. I threw her a packet of crisps which she accepted begrudgingly. I was determined that she would eat something. After we were all done (even Sara had decided to eat), Ellie piped up.

‘What’s for tea?’

‘We’ve just had lunch.’

‘Yeah, but…’ She trailed off.

‘Well, I think I might cook you guys something.’

Ellie and Sara recoiled in horror. Ellie asked daringly; ‘You can cook?’

‘Of course I can.’ Don’t mean to brag, but I have proven to be quite the substantial cook in the past.

‘So what are you poisoning us with then?’ Sara said mockingly. Ellie laughed. Her sarcasm she understood.

I shrugged off her remark. ‘Well I noticed some pasta and bacon and cream in your fridge, so I figured I’d give a carbonara a try.’

They looked at me with confusion. ‘What’s that?’ Ellie asked.

‘You’ve never had a carbonara before.’

They shook their heads.

‘Hmph. Such uncivilized children.’ They pouted. ‘It’s pasta in a creamy sauce with bacon and stuff in.’

‘Sounds weird.’ Fuck off Sara.

‘It’s good. I promise.’

‘Can we order pizza just in case?’ Now Ellie was at it.

‘What? No! Just have faith. Jeez.’ I sighed. They looked at each other then back at me, with a very doubtful look spread across both of their faces.

‘But what if I don’t like it?’ Said Ellie.

‘Then you go hungry.’ I replied and patted her on the shoulder.

She huffed angrily. Sara’s interest had waned in the time of our conversation, and she returned to playing a lap by herself. Ellie demanded that she rejoined, but I couldn’t be bothered for another game, so I left the pair to it.

Evening dawned quickly and my expertly conditioned stomach started ringing on schedule. It was about seven, and I hadn’t seen the girls for a while, albeit the occasional running down to retrieve a glass of Fanta (I hate that drink). I decided it would be a good time to start cooking dinner, so I jumped off my fat arse and waltzed into the kitchen. Rummaging through the cupboards to find the needed pots and pans turned out to be quite a challenge, and ended up taking me longer than the actual cooking itself. After finally cooking my beautifully made Spaghetti Carbonara ala Me, I called the girls down.

A few minutes of food fondling led to unexpected results.

‘It’s weird.’ Fuck. You. Sara.

‘You don’t like it?’

She put down her fork and examined the meal intricately. ‘Nope.’

I turned to Ellie, my last hope. She, too, had put her fork down. ‘Can we have fish fingers?’

I slapped my palm across my forehead. Probably lived off of chips and burgers their entire lives.

‘Can’t take a good meal for what it is. Fine, I’ll order in a pizza. But I hope you know my feelings have been hurt.’ I said in the most upset tone possible.

Ellie became delighted at the thought, and so did Sara, in her own moody way. Well, for people with more refined taste, it was a very nice meal, and I stubbornly ate as much of the carbonara as I could. My food was good. Hmph. I ordered a couple of margarita pizzas, since I didn’t know just how fussy they were, so I thought I’d go simple and basic. They seemed happy with that at least. Pizza came about half an hour later and they devoured their highly unhealthy meal with the ease and efficiency of a pack of hyenas. They had the same vicious grin, too.

I rolled my eyes at them. Stupid kids, not appreciating my cooking. Mummy liked my cooking, so it must be good. Ellie soon belatedly realised my resentment towards them at that moment. She gulped down an under-chewed piece of pizza, nearly choked herself in the process, then started with apologetic eyes.

‘I’m sorry Ed.’

‘Pfft.’ I’m such a child.

‘I’ll pay you back for the pizzas!’

‘It’s okay, it’s your mum’s money anyway. And besides, where do you get money from?’

‘I have a little bit of pocket money saved up.’

‘How much?’


I laughed and petted her on the head. ‘Don’t worry about it.’

She accepted that as a sign of forgiveness and brightened up. ‘But I still feel bad!’

‘Well you can make it up to me some other way.’

She considered that. ‘Like what?’

‘I don’t know. You’re a girl. Think of something.’ Honest to God I did not mean that in the way it came across.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I… It doesn’t matter.’ I wasn’t going to go down the path of flirting with a ten year old.

‘Hmm. Okay.’ She seemed to be working her comparatively small brain.

Sara walked in with half a pizza strewn across her face. She evidently wasn’t the cleanest of eaters. I walked towards her and wiped some tomato sauce from her cheek with my thumb, and she merely stood and let me do so. I could’ve thrown a pie at her face and she still probably wouldn’t have been bothered. I washed my hands in the kitchen sink and began washing the dishes and generally tidying things. Might as well be clean, since it is somebody else’s house.

I walked into the living room to see the two sisters huddled up very closely, and Ellie seemed to have been whispering something before realising I had walked in. Sara glared at me indifferently.

‘What are you girls up to?’

‘Nothing!’ Ellie shouted, telling me they were definitely up to something.

‘Mhm. Are you lying?’


‘Are you sure?’


‘You know what they do to liars?’

Ellie shook her head and looked at me alarmingly. My question also seemed to have piqued Sara’s interests.

‘Well I don’t have to tell you because you aren’t liars.’

‘Huh? Tell me!’

‘Yeah!’ Sara agreed.

‘All right then.’ I walked into the kitchen and retrieved a bar of soap, then looked at them maliciously. ‘If you lie, and someone finds out,’ I stepped closer and closer to Ellie, who was wriggling to the back of the sofa, ‘they have to wash your mouth out with a bar of soap.’ I lunged forward with the soap in my hand and she jumped away to escape the wrath of the soap. She had cornered herself in the sofa, with the only escape being to climb over the arm, but I was too fast for her. I had the bar of soap close to her mouth and the only thing stopping me was her tiny little arms. Bear in mind she was giggling throughout all this. It wasn’t some weird pseudo-rape with a bar of soap and an utterly terrified ten year old girl.

‘Now!’ Ellie commanded to Sara. Sara jumped forward with a willingness that I’d never seen her to have before. She jumped on my back so I was effectively piggybacking her. Preoccupied with the girl on my back, Ellie doubled forward and charged at my waist in a very weak rugby tackle and pushed with all her might. With Sara pulling me backwards and Ellie pushing me forwards, it was very difficult to put up much resistance. I fell backwards, nearly crushing Sara in the process, and she jumped out of the way to avoid my plummeting body. I fell on the floor with a thud and the girls grabbed an arm each and sat on my chest to try to stop me from moving. Normally, they would be like flies in weight, but I was so overwrought with laughter that I couldn’t muster the strength to push them off me.

Ellie snatched the bar of soap from the floor and looked at me victoriously. Sara simply sat and focused all her attention into keeping my arm pinned to the floor. Ellie dived and started trying to force the soap into my mouth in retaliation. In doing so, she left my arm to move freely which allowed me to put up some form of defense while the tiny girl tried to force upon me the same thing I had threatened to her. When Sara realised Ellie was having difficulties, she also joined in and tried to keep both of my arms down so that I couldn’t use them to defend against Ellie. Unfortunately, Sara was even smaller than her already small older sister, which meant that she wasn’t much to go against.

Eventually I broke free from their grasp and nimbly rolled away. They both dived on top of me until we were effectively a body pile, and I had no way of moving under them both in all their lightness. Ellie was across my upper half, and Sara my lower half. Ellie then sat up and turned to face Sara, and I merely laid in defeat. Sara also sat up.

‘What now?’ Sara asked conspiratorially.

‘Got any lipstick?’


‘Of course not.’

‘Oh. What about more soap?’

‘No! No more soap! I am the authority here and–’

Ellie shuffled backwards and shut me up. With her butt. Which she planted firmly across my face. I was completely taken aback at first, with no idea what to do or what to think or how to react. A girl was sitting on my face. Some people found that arousing, and honestly at that moment I was included as one of them. Her cheeks pressed firmly into my face. Her butt was so soft. It took all my effort to not get a boner, since I had no way of knowing how it looked from their perspective, because Ellie’s bottom was blocking out all light. To make matters worse, Sara was shuffling around doing whatever at my lower half, dangerously close to my crotch. It was erogenous torture. I tried putting up a resistance but so many sensations were occurring at once it was impossible to concentrate.

‘That shut him up.’ Ellie said.

‘Maybe we should put him in one of mummy’s dresses.’

‘And how do you think we can do that?’ For once, Ellie was the one making rational decisions.

I could recognise Sara’s indifferent shrug without even seeing it. ‘What do you think?’

‘I dunno. I’m pretty comfy here.’ She wriggled her butt as if to emphasise her point. If she only knew how arousing that was.

My thoughts collected as I became increasingly deprived of oxygen. I grabbed my arms around Ellie’s waist (which both of them had neglected to keep track of) and lifted her off. During the process, Sara fell off of my waist and rolled onto the floor. I took in a deep breath. They both screamed girlish screams as I chased after them both like a beast hunting its prey, and cupped them both in my arms. I then threw them down upon the sofa, and they giggled and kicked until the atmosphere died down, and they watched me with impertinence.

‘Well that just wasn’t nice.’

Ellie stuck out her tongue. Sara was still giggling slightly; a rare sight from her.

‘Ever heard of “respecting your elders”?’

‘You’re not really “our elder.”’ Ellie retorted.

‘I’m seven years older than you; that’s almost twice your entire life. Even more than that for Sara. So, I’m your elder, and I demand respect from you insolent children.’ I said as I childishly threw a pillow at the pair of them. Ellie slipped off the sofa and stood very close to me. She looked up at me with endearing eyes, with her head cocked to one side, her arms held behind her back and one foot being twisted slightly behind the other.

‘I’m sorry Ed.’

That tone. That wasn’t a tone that should come from a 10 year old girl. She wrapped her arms around me in a hug and nuzzled her head in my gut. What was said next was even more unexpected.

‘Slut.’ Said Sara. The eight year old. I was as flabbergasted as the victim to such abhorrent accusations. Ellie let go immediately.

We were deadlocked in an awkward silence. I was the first to speak. ‘That’s not really something an eight year old girl should say.’

She shrugged.

‘I don’t mean to be the boring adult but maybe you should think of your sister’s feelings.’

She shrugged again. Ellie still looked gobsmacked.

‘Could you maybe apologise?’

‘Sorry.’ She muttered. I wasn’t satisfied.

‘Like you mean it.’

She glared at me with venom in her eyes. ‘Sorry, Ellie.’ She stood up half heartedly and hugged her sister apologetically. There. Better. I found that the more I babysat the girls, the more responsible I was becoming.

‘Good, good. Maybe we all got a little carried away there.’ They both looked away sheepishly. It was interesting having this kind of power. The power of a responsible adult. Although technically I wasn’t actually an adult, but still.

After the hostilities and the excitement had died down, it was getting pretty late. I’d promised Sara she could stay up a bit longer since Amy wasn’t around, and since I’d be spending the weekend, she would probably not find out. The girls had been up and down the house, playing games, having baths (with me helping Sara with her’s), getting dressed, quarreling over petty things and generally enjoying their new found freedom. I remained quite passive through it all, only becoming involved if the arguments got a little but too out-of-control. Eventually, Sara collapsed in the opposite corner of the sofa I was sitting on, with her head lolled to one side and her feet and legs resting underneath her body. She looked so peaceful.

Ellie wandered in with a similarly peaceful essence about her.

‘Can you get something out of the shed for me?’

They had a shed? ‘Sure, sure.’

At that point, I’d never actually been into their back garden. It wasn’t really much; just a long, thin strip of grassland with a small patio and a shed at the far end. Turned out she’d left one of Sara’s dolls in there and wanted to get it back, so I was happy to oblige. Something about the shed niggled at something in the back of my mind. Nothing happened in the shed (unfortunately for you), although it did take a while to find the doll. It wasn’t much really, put typical of the dark dress and generally scary feeling about it.

When I stepped out of the shed, Ellie was staring up at the sky. She was smiling but I could see the faintest of tears welling up in her eyes. She seemed deep in thought.

‘Do you think daddy will come back?’

‘Huh?’ I was too busy observing the particularly starry, cloudless night. ‘Sure, I guess.’

She continued to stare, deep in thought. The smile never faded, but the tears grew, and all of a sudden they were streaming down her face. It was almost as if she’d accepted that he was gone, permanently from her life in some way or another. I put an arm around her shoulder and held her in while she let out whatever she needed to relieve from her body. She didn’t cry much; just enough to prove her point. I let go of her, but she didn’t want to let go just yet, and wrapped her tiny arms around my single arm, and we stood side by side for what felt like a lifetime, staring at the tranquil, starry night.

After a while, we returned to reality and I told her to get ready for bed, which she readily accepted with any retort. She went into her room, and I went into Amy’s, then I shut the door and got out my DS. Pokemon, in all of its addictiveness, had me going for a good hour or so before the door creaked slightly. Behind the door were two very sleepy and chilled out girls; both of which should have been fast asleep.

‘What are you girls doing up?’

They both looked at each other. ‘Can we sleep with you. Mummy says we’re too old so we don’t but me and Sara were up and we were talking and sometimes we feel like we want to and–’ Ellie cut herself off. Definitely took after her mother. I understood what she was getting at, at the very least. I was in my underwear at the time, since I didn’t wear pajamas, and it was a sight that they hadn’t seen before. It didn’t seem to phase them at the very least.

‘Of course you can. I was about to go to bed anyway.’ I said while shutting my DS.

They jumped onto the bed at either side of me and dived underneath the quilts. I nearly laughed at the fact that there were too girls climbing into bed with me. Ellie was wearing a really cute nightie, and Sara was wearing really expensive looking red, silk pajamas. I climbed in the bed between the two, and got Ellie to shut off the lamp next to me. I wasn’t really sure what to do, but before I knew it, both of them were holding me in a hug at both sides, so I held both of the in each arm. They drifted off almost instantly, and a bit later, so did I.

At some point in the night, Ellie had turned herself so she was facing me, and had her legs wrapped my leg. Her crotch began to rub ever so lightly on my lower hip. But I didn’t say anything. I was too relaxed to care.

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10. The Weekend (Part 2)

The bed, indeed, was very comfortable. The two girls that were cuddled up next to me also helped quite a lot. It was morning, and I’d just woken up, but the other two were sound asleep. I’d have hated to have woken them. Sara was laid slightly in a ball with her arms huddled up to her chest, facing towards me and letting out the occasional, very high-pitched grunt in her sleep. It was adorable. Ellie was at the other side with her legs around my right leg, and her arms cuddled around my torso. Her face was buried into my side, just below my armpit, and I could feel strands of her saliva dripping down. It was a little disgusting, but equally adorable all the same. It seemed they didn’t mind the fact that they were sleeping next to a half naked guy.

I looked down towards Ellie. She looked really cute in her nightie, and her hair was in a mess across the only visible part of her face that I could see. I had an unbelievable case of the morning wood at that point, and the way she was holding me so tightly with every part of her body was not helping matters. At all. My right leg had gone dead; most likely because she had cut off all circulation there. I wriggled and flexed my toes in an attempt to regain some feeling, and moved my leg slightly in the process. I thought I was going to wake her for a second, but she simply moved a little and nestled herself into my body further. Then I noticed something.

Near the top of my leg, around my thigh area, was where her crotch was placed. Her nightie was bunched up around that area, and as such my leg was actually in contact with her panties, although I couldn’t see them from where I was laying. From the panties came a slight wetness. Initially, I just waved it off as a bit of sweat, as it was pretty damn warm. But as I began moving my leg slightly, the wetness increased, and I definitely noticed something lubricating the movement. No, it wasn’t sweat. It was something a lot less innocent.

Now, I’m not particularly “knowing” of the human anatomy, so I wasn’t sure if vaginal fluids were emitted, or at least in such a way, at an age like that. Maybe they weren’t, or maybe she was just in the early stages of puberty. Either way, they were the exact same lubricating juices that came during my sexual encounters with girls in the past. Just to test if it was that and she hadn’t in fact pissed herself during the night, I slowly and carefully edged a finger down, grabbed a swath of the stuff from my thigh and sniffed it (ew, right?) It didn’t really have much of a scent, and it definitely didn’t stink of piss in the bed, so I’d made up my mind. The question was; why?

Was she aroused? Was it something similar to morning wood? Was it natural for a girl to randomly produce these juices at times? My questions were answered a few seconds later. She tightened her grip around my torso, her entire body clenched, and she rubbed her crotch against my leg while letting out a moan of satisfaction. She did this only once, before returning back to her relaxed state. She seemed to have a smile on her face, but it was difficult to see since she was rested beneath my arm. Did she know she was doing this? I assumed not, since she seemed pretty far down in her sleep, so that led me to believe she was having something along the lines of a “wet dream”. I guess girls take that to a much more literal sense, but I didn’t think girls even had them. Especially ones that were ten years old.

A few minutes later and a similar thing happened, and eventually the movements began to occur more frequently. My morning wood had become a morning log by that point. She was, in a very infrequent way, grinding against my leg. That would be arousing from all varieties of girls, but in this situation, with my own perverted mind, it was increased tenfold. I clasped her closer in my arm and felt her soft skin upon my body. She felt amazing. As the log became a tree, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I slipped a hand gingerly down there, and began rubbing gently. I was worried that I’d wake the girls if I moved too much, although I didn’t really seem to be that bothered about the whole weirdness of the act. After tenderly molesting my genitalia for a couple of minutes, Ellie woke up.

She stirred very gradually, with her eyes opening slightly at first, then her head slowly fidgeting under my arm while she became increasingly orientated. I moved to allow her a bit more room to wake up and realise where she was. She watched me curiously with her large green eyes for a few moments. Eyes that flared innocence and sincerity. Alarm spread across her face for a few moments, and then it was gone almost instantly. She then smiled and rolled onto her back, but kept her body close to mine.

‘Morning, Ell.’

‘Hi, Ed.’ She said drearily, getting accustomed to the first words of the day.

‘Sleep well?’

She nodded. ‘I had a really good dream.’

‘Oh yeah? What about?’

She seemingly examined me for a second, as if trying to judge or figure out something. ‘You.’

‘Me?’ I blushed. A genuine blush, too, given what I’d just witnessed.

She nodded again.

‘What were you dreaming about me?’

She then blushed and stopped herself immediately. She then returned back to her smile. ‘I don’t remember now. But I remember it being a good dream. Like I was meeting you again for the first time in a long time.’

I laughed and rubbed her on her shoulder. ‘Sounds like a nice dream. Especially since I was involved.’

She laughed at my mock-arrogance, then glared at me with her ever-endearing eyes. ‘Yeah…’

At that moment, Sara also seemed to stir, completely isolated in comparison to how me and Ellie were. She sat up and threw the duvet down the other side of the bed. She waited for one of us to greet her.

‘Morning, Sara.’ I said. She held her usual indifferent expression.

‘Morn–’ She yawned. She didn’t bother finishing her word.

‘Have a good sleep?’

She shrugged. ‘I guess.’

She laid backwards and stared up at the ceiling. ‘Isn’t this weird?’

Ever the rationalist, Sara always managed to surprise me with her logical way of thinking. ‘What do you mean?’

‘I dunno. Two girls sleeping in a bed with a boy. I don’t think that’s allowed.’

Well, it depends on the reasoning behind it. And, y’know, if the two girl’s weren’t underaged. ‘How so?’ I said, playing dumb.

‘It’s just weird. Like, you don’t get changed in the same changing room as boys. It’s like that, I think.’

‘I see. But, I’m your babysitter, not just another boy. Did you sleep in this bed with your dad before?’

She thought for a moment, then I realised she was probably too young to remember. Ellie noticed this too, and stepped in. ‘Yeah we did.’

‘Well, then it’s the same kind of thing.’

Sara seemed to accept that reasoning. ‘Okay.’

A while passed of complete silence, with Sara staring up at the ceiling and Ellie resting peacefully on my body. ‘So, what do you girls want to do today?’

Sara looked at me with a confused expression, and so did Ellie originally, but then she remembered my promise. ‘I wanna go to the beach!’ She shouted, far too loud for so early in the morning.

‘We’re going to the beach?’ Sara actually looked intrigued.

‘Well I told Ellie we could, if it’s fine with you.’

‘Yeah!’ She also shouted. What was with these girls? Did they not understand mornings?

‘Sorted then. I just need to check train times. Is Scarborough okay?’

They both exclaimed ‘yes’ in reply.

‘I think it’s supposed to be sunny today.’ I got out of bed, almost throwing Ellie in the process, and flung open the curtains. We winced simultaneously in pain from the new light, and I discovered that it was in fact sunny out. Perfect.

‘Right then. I’ll make us some breakfast, and you guys need to be dressed and ready for about eleven.’ It was seven at the time. ‘That includes having a shower.’ I directed that at Ellie and she looked at me sheepishly.

They both cheered ‘yeah’ like something out of a really cheesy kid’s programme. I cooked them a full English breakfast (the best kind of breakfast), which they devoured happily, and booked some train tickets online, since they were about 50% cheaper. The girls got dressed and ready quickly, and so did I, and before we knew it, eleven was approaching. The train wouldn’t be for a while, so we waited for a little bit before we went.

‘Have you both got a swimming costume? Just in case you want a dip in the sea.’

Ellie patted her bag. ‘They’re in here. Have you got one?’

‘Nah, but I probably won’t swim anyway.’

Ellie expressed a look of astonishment. ‘You can’t go and not swim!’

‘Eh, it’s okay, I’m fine with it.’

‘Nope. You’ve got to swim.’

‘It’s fine.’

‘No it’s not!’

‘Yeah it is!’


I rubbed my forehead. ‘Fine. I’ll pick up one from home.’

She smiled. ‘Yay!’

We set off to my house and I picked up some swimming shorts. The girls took the liberty of going around my kitchen and living room. My parents didn’t seem to be in, and they’d apparently forgotten to lock the house. I considered locking it then thought that they possibly hadn’t taken their keys with them, wherever they’d gone. I dragged the pair out of my house and we continued down the street to the train station, which really wasn’t very far away. Sara was clinging onto Ellie’s hand, and Ellie onto mine. I got some weird stares from some people, especially the elderly. Evidently, society claimed it weird for a seventeen year old to be doing something as selfless as looking after kids. Although I was still gaining out of it.

We got to the train station, and we waited for our train to arrive. Ellie started becoming restless, which annoyed Sara, so I bought them both some chocolate to shut them up. Kids were so easy. The train arrived and we began our half an hour long journey to Scarborough. Ellie sat next to me, and Sara was sat across from us. I’d booked a booth of four, even though we didn’t need a fourth seat, and we had a table in between us, and we were even served tea and coffee (and juice for the girls). The tickets were cheap, so I didn’t mind paying a little extra. As soon as we arrived, Ellie almost ran out of the train to get a whiff of the salty sea air, before realising there were two other people with her. She ran back and clasped my hand.

The station was a bit of a walk away from the shore, so it took us a little while to get there. Once we arrived, Ellie charged to the beach, completely uncaring for other things such as small, helpless toddlers. I’d noticed a change in Sara as we were walking down; she looked nervous. When Ellie had run off, she immediately clasped onto my hand and pushed herself so far into me that it was almost as if she were trying to hide her presence. To say she was so excited earlier, she didn’t seem that way now.

‘Are you okay?’

She looked at me, startled. ‘Y-yeah. There’re a lot of people.’ She said nervously as she scoured the scene. Of course there was a lot of people; it was rare for sun to appear in Britain, and Scarborough was one of the most popular seaside towns. It was jam-packed with kids, donkeys, buckets and spades, agitated parents, and anything else typical of a hot summer’s day at the beach. This seemed to be something quite unsettling for Sara.

‘Sure are. What do you expect though on a day like this?’

She continued to glance around, with her body held as timidly as possible. ‘It wasn’t like this last time.’


She nodded. ‘Yeah. It was cold and rainy, but it was nice. Ellie wouldn’t shut up cos of how cold it was, but I liked it. There wasn’t many people around, and we took Benji.’

‘Who’s Benji?’

‘Our dog. But he died, I think. I can’t remember.’ She seemed more worried about other things.

‘Ah. Well, don’t worry about it. I’m always here, and if you want I can be right here all day. But I should imagine that’d be quite boring for Ellie.’ I tried to spark some humour but Sara was too nervous. I’d never come across such a level of what was seemingly social anxiety before, especially so in a kid.

‘Thanks.’ She said passively, trying to return to her usual indifferent state.

Ellie was nagging to go swimming, so we walked around for a bit to find something along the lines of a changing room. I’d noticed many kids getting changed where they were, which would have been a beautiful target for my creeping. But that day, I was there as a responsible adult, not a pervert. After a while of searching, I found a row of changing booths slightly off the beach. There was a man stood outside taking 25p as a fee for using them, which I was annoyed with, but it was only 25p, so I begrudgingly accepted. Ellie was getting impatient, anyway.

Since I refused to pay for two booths, we were all, whaddya know, getting changed in the same booth. It was a little crowded, but there was enough room to put down our bags and get changed separately from each other. Now, I’d seen them both naked before, but they’d never seen me naked, or at least I didn’t think. Don’t make a deal about it, and neither will they, right? Heh. Heh heh heh heh heh.

As they were slipping off their clothes, I followed suit. I grabbed my trunks out of the backpack we’d taken, and slid down my trousers and my boxers. They both stopped immediately. This caused some alarm for me too, which caused me to blush slightly. They were staring. At my dick.

‘Is that his willy?’ Sara attempted to whisper to Ellie, which was very poorly done.

‘Yes it is.’ Ellie said, very matter-of-fact.

‘It’s weird.’

‘It’s big.’

Oh, well what can I say? The latter was Ellie, of course. I was suddenly becoming very aware that there was a man outside who was probably stood about 5 metres away and could hear every single thing coming from this room. I tried to shrug off their remarks and carried on with getting changed, but their comments and their persistent staring were very unsettling. They were also both completely naked, which did not help the “not making a deal out of it” thing.

‘Did you never see your dad’s before?’ I said, at the epitome of embarrassment.


‘I dunno.’ Sara said, who, of course, probably would have been too young to remember.

‘Oh, okay.’ Just put on the shorts. Shit. Where are my shorts? I rummaged around for them, not remembering where I’d put them.

‘Girl’s put them in there?’ Sara gestured towards her vagina. I stood upright instantly.

‘Yep.’ Ellie replied.

‘Woah.’ She took a step forward to examine it more closely. She then made a grab for it and I recoiled emphatically, nearly knocking down the wall of the booth.

‘Hey! You shouldn’t do that.’ I was quickly reminded of a situation many a year ago of a similarly seven year old girl.

‘Why?’ She said, as indifferently as ever.

‘Because Ed’s willy would go all funny.’ Ellie said deviously. While what she said seemed innocent enough, I knew damn well that she knew the full extent of what happened. She really did know a lot; too much for a ten year old.

‘Can you please stop corrupting your sister’s mind.’

‘What? Isn’t it better that she learns about this stuff early?’

‘Learn about what stuff?’

‘No! It’s not!’ I completely ignored Sara. ‘She’s too young, and so are you for that matter.’

She shrugged, and for once, Sara was the one with the more coloured expression. She genuinely looked curious.

‘Tell me!’ Sara demanded.

‘No, Sara. Forget about it; it’s stuff you’ll learn later in life.’

She crossed her arms sulkingly, then remembered that she still needed to get changed. Me and Ellie also did, and I managed to find my shorts hidden underneath my shirt, then put them on. Once we were all changed (I’d replaced my shirt so I wasn’t scarring the population of Scarborough) we left the booth with our clothes in the backpack. I got a very odd stare from the guy taking the money. Don’t blame him.

I took the time from the booths to the beach to admire Sara and Ellie’s choice of swimsuit. Ellie was wearing a blue bikini set that were frilled on their edges. I’d noticed that there were actually slight bumps on her breast area of the bikini. It was something I hadn’t noticed before, which the bikini apparently emphasised. Sara was also wearing a bikini, although the top went quite a ways down her chest, and it was red and black (a common theme for her). Their cute little bottoms stuck out from behind them, and it was nice to get a view of their tiny, curved bodies again.

We got to the beach and Ellie set off immediately to the ocean. Sara stayed with me for a while and helped me to find a space to set down our things and put down a towel to sit on. Once we’d found a suitable space, I ditched the bags and virtually dragged Sara to the sea. I was determined not to let her hide the entire day. We found Ellie in amongst a swarm of children who were also enjoying their sunny day out, and me and Sara joined the horde. Ellie was only daring to go knee deep into the sea. Since it’s the outer reaches of the North Sea, it is pretty damn cold even on a sunny day like that. I feared no pain, however, so I charged in alongside the other dipshits and went far enough to go shoulder deep. The girls watched me in awe.

‘Come on then, wusses.’

They looked at each other. ‘Sure, if Sara goes first.’

‘No, you go first.’

‘No you.’

‘No you.’

Egh. Sisters. ‘Why don’t you both come at the same time? Or do I have to drag you down here myself?’

They didn’t seem to like the latter, so Ellie splashed towards me, and Sara followed gingerly behind. They squealed in pain as the water slowly rose, at first above crotch level, and then above their waists. Eventually, they became accustomed to the icy sea, and joined my side in the water. I’d moved forward so as to allow them a place where they could actually touch the floor. Which meant that the water was then at waist height for me, and neck height for them.

‘Now, be careful of sharks.’

‘What?’ Ellie glared at me, terrified. Sara didn’t seem phased.

‘I’m just joking with you. Although they do have taste for naughty ten year old girls.’

She faked astonishment and splashed water at me. I was tempted to return the splash, but I was too cold to cope with a water fight. I swam around for a bit, along with Ellie and Sara who followed closely behind me. Ellie seemed to wander quite often, sometimes returning to show off a cool shell that she’d found, then returning out to the open sea. Sara, on the other hand, remained glued next to me. I tried to encourage her to pick up some shells, or do something kid-like, but she was having none of it. She was happy just to float on her back, allowing salty water to occasionally sift into her mouth, which came at a severe distress to her.

Ellie began swimming closer and closer to where me and Sara were gradually. She spent most of her time swimming underwater, seemingly with her eyes open. They must have been made of steel. She’d swim and abrasively knock into either me or Sara, kicking her legs wildly and head-butting anything that came in her path. Then she started focusing her direction.

At first, she drove into my thigh, and then into my butt, and then just past my crotch. It was clear that her direction was deliberate; her intentions were not. Then, she swam forward, with her hands outstretched, and pushed right along my dick. I recoiled instantly.

‘Woah, hey!’

She jumped out of the water. ‘What?’

‘Watch where you’re swimming.’

‘Sorry. Didn’t mean to.’ She said with a wink, then dived back underwater

She kept repeating this action for a couple of minutes, and she began testing my patience. She’d swim along, knock into my dick or somewhere thereabouts, then carry on kicking and splashing. Eventually, I snapped.

‘Seriously, are you aiming there or something?’ I said, scratching the back of my neck for some reason not apparently obvious to me.

Her head popped up out of the water. ‘Maybe.’ Then she dived back in.

I grabbed her on her shoulder and pulled her up forcibly. ‘Well, can you not?’

‘Does it bug you?’

‘As a matter of fact, it does.’

She giggled, swam back underwater and made a headline charge. I grabbed her before she could make contact and pulled her back up. Sara, who was floating right next to me, got another mouthful of seawater. She coughed and spluttered, then carried on floating as if nothing had happened. Ellie came out of the water in a fit of thrashing and giggling.

‘Let go!’

‘Not unless you stop swimming into me.’

‘I’m doing it by accident!’

‘You’re doing it on purpose.’

‘So?’ She winked again. ‘Don’t boys like it when girl’s touch their willy’s?’

I dropped her. We glared at each other in a stalemate for several moments, although she was still giggling. I was taking it a bit more seriously, as I was trying to figure her out as much as myself. I was the one to break the silence. ‘You know the other week, when I asked you how much you knew about… “certain things?”’

She thought for a moment, then decidedly remembered. ‘About sex?’

Sara flopped up from her sleeping position. It seemed she was very interested in things she didn’t know about. ‘Uh, yeah.’ I said, unsure of myself.

‘What about it?’

‘Well,’ I scratched the back of my neck again, ‘how much do you actually know? You made out like you didn’t know much but…’ This was by far one of the most awkward conversations I’d ever had.

She smiled. ‘I know enough.’

I went to press further but she’d already swam off. I was being played for like a little bitch.

I turned to Sara for support. ‘Has she said much to you?’

She shrugged. ‘About s-e-x?’ She clearly found the word taboo so said each letter separately. ‘Well she told me about it and I thought it was weird! I didn’t believe her but she was sure she was right, so she showed me a video. Oh, and boys have something called a penus.’ She enunciated each syllable of “penus” carefully and still pronounced it incorrectly.

‘I do know, since I am a boy. Also, those videos aren’t for little girls’ eyes.’

‘Why not?’ Sara asked in a slightly abnormal interested manner.

‘Because it’s adult stuff.’ I was careful not to include too much detail.

‘So is Ellie an adult?’

‘No, she’s just learned a little too much a little too young.’

Sara paused, attempting to stay in keeping with my train of thought. ‘So am I an adult?’

‘No, you’re in the same boat as Ellie.’

‘But I know what s-e-x is, and you say it’s adult stuff, so doesn’t that make me an adult?’

I laughed slightly. It was amusingly cute to watch her argue like that. ‘Unfortunately not, sweetheart.’ She gave me a sulking glare. ‘Because you may know what it is, but you’re too young to understand it.’

‘What do you mean?’ She was extraordinarily inquisitive that day. Maybe it was her way of distracting herself from the sheer velocity of people.

‘Well, I don’t want to go into it too much but,’ I took in a deep breath to prepare myself for the birds and the bees chat, ‘basically when a man and a woman love each other a lot, they have sex to show just how much they mean to each other. It feels very good for both sides, and it’s pretty much as close as two people can get so… yeah, that’s about it. I guess.’ Not too shabby, and good practice for when I should get a kid of my own.

‘Do you really love me, Ed?’ Ellie came sneaking up behind me with her typically sarcastic demeanor, and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, then climbed onto my back. She then rested her head on my shoulder and positioned herself so I could just see her in my field of vision, and so that we could make eye contact.

‘Did you hear what I said?’ I said in an attempt to alter topics.

‘Yeah. Sounds a bit gay.’ You know you’re doing well for yourself when all you get out of a deep conversation is implied homosexuality.

I shrugged off her retort. ‘Do you get that it’s something meaningful and not to be carelessly flaunted about?’ Says the guy who fucked at thirteen.

‘Sure. As long as I really love someone I can have sex with them, right?’

‘Well yeah, but you’re ten, so I think you’re a little too young to be having sex’ Hypocrisy was rife with this one.

‘Why? If I know what love is and I really, really love someone then why should I not be able to have sex?’

Honestly, what she said made perfect sense. As a society we come to the conclusion that children do not fully understand concepts such as sex, or even love, or at least in a mature way that is accepted by other people to create a lasting relationship. Even for the most mature of ten year olds, people generally immediately assume that kids are just far too immature to grasp these ideas, which is why the legal age is at 16, and not 10.

So, in my ignorant ways, I reiterated. ‘Because I don’t think you really get what proper love is.’

Unfortunately, my careless choice of words had an unintended effect. ‘Yeah I do!’ Ellie said with a bitter tone.

‘Yeah, but I mean–’

‘You think I’m just a dumb kid but I’m not! Just cos you’re a bit older than me doesn’t mean I don’t know anything! How do you know what I do and don’t know?’ She pushed away from my shoulders and swam towards shore.

It took me a little while to realise that I’d genuinely upset her. Of course, cynical old me was under the impression that puppy love was puppy love and she didn’t understand proper intimacy, no matter how much she told herself otherwise.

‘Ellie!’ I shouted. Sara was still processing the speech I’d told her. Her seven year old mind was still entertaining the idea of a boys willy going inside her private places. I went to swim after Ellie but Sara absentmindedly latched a tiny hand onto my lower bicep. She had returned to her position of floating on her back, but now she was looking at me.

‘Better if you leave her. She’ll come back eventually, she just needs to let everything out.’

‘But shouldn’t I go over there to–’

She interrupted with a simple shake of her head. ‘It never worked before. Not even with daddy.’ I considered asking how she would remember that, but I guess even a four year old mind could latch onto some memories. They were very wise words, and even though she was at the mere age of seven, I followed her orders. Sure enough, about five minutes later, Ellie came swimming back into the sea, not really looking at me but at the water beneath her. I deemed it acceptable to approach her. She had obviously been crying.

‘Look, Ellie, what I said–’

She shook her head. ‘No! It’s alright. Honest.’ She smiled in her usual way, but it seemed more forced than usual.

‘Ellie, if you’re upset, you know you can talk to me about it.’

She mulled that over for a while. ‘No, I’m fine. Seriously.’ The same smile again, followed by a little laughter.

‘If you say so.’ I opened my arms out for a hug, which she near enough dived into. We hugged for a short while, then I let go. Apology accepted, I guess. We splashed about in the water for a bit until all three of us realised we looked like a bunch of prunes. With that, I decided we’d been in the water long enough and we got out and left.

The girls didn’t seem particularly bothered about sandcastle building and the like, so we stayed at shore only for a short while. Besides, Sara was getting increasingly agitated as there were a lot more people on the beach than in the sea. So, after quickly drying off, we headed back up towards the changing booths, and I paid the man a flat 25p (thankfully it was a different man this time) and went inside.

I realised that the same routine would have to be followed as earlier that day, but something felt… different that time. I stripped off my trunks and dried my special areas as discreetly as I would in a men’s changing room, and the girls seemed to do the same. Ellie, who was effectively self sufficient, had no problems with the whole process, but Sara required help. This was in that she didn’t quite grasp that she needed to be fully dried before putting on her clothes, which was emphasised when she put on her (dark black with purple stars) underwear that got about halfway up her thighs before meeting some resistance.

‘What’s up?’ I had my boxers on by that point.

She looked at me alarmed, completely aware that I was looking at her while she was revealing her beautiful lower half. She didn’t seem as laid back as Ellie in that situation. ‘I… They… They won’t go up.’

‘Did you dry all of that area?’

She breathed a sigh as if to say “well that would have been a good idea”.

‘Here.’ I moved over and picked up her towel, and went to hand it to her. Sara, however, didn’t react when I tried to give the towel to her, and she simply stood still. For whatever unknown reason, I’d had the brilliant idea to instead dry it herself. She was seven, so I was pretty sure that she was self sufficient enough to be able to dry herself. Nonetheless, I rubbed and caressed her crotch with her towel, and Sara didn’t move; not one bit. Ellie watched with a raised eyebrow.

‘What are you doing to my little sister?’ Ellie’s tone wasn’t angry, but instead mocking. She was enjoying this.

I looked up to Ellie and stumbled for a reply. Sara’s cheeks went rosy red and she immediately snatched up the towel, covered her crotch and sat down on the bench. Ellie could barely contain her spurts of laughter.

‘Weirdo.’ She mocked, then stuck out her tongue. As much as I wanted to hit the girl, I instead chose to follow the path of peace and redressed myself. So did Sara, very awkwardly.

Once all awkward situations had passed and we were all dressed and ready, I took the girls to a fish and chips restaurant (as one can only do at a seaside town). Nothing of note really happened; we ordered fish and chips, we ate fish and chips, then we left with grease-filled stomachs. We let out a simultaneous burp as we left, which caused a stir amongst the three of us (I was such a child). Our train left at four, and it was half past three, so it was decided that we should head back to the train station. The girls looked perfectly satisfied with that, as they’d both gotten to enjoy the beach and a nice meal, even Sara who looked absolutely terrified at the start of the day. We headed back and waited patiently, and boarded the train at four o’clock.

We were in similar seating as last time, although the train was slightly fuller. Ellie made a grab for the chair next to mine, meaning that Sara had to sit by herself. I was about to make a comment about it before Sara put up her feet on the empty seat and fell almost straight to sleep. Although pertaining her typical personality, Ellie still seemed slightly out-of-character.



‘You okay?’

She looked at me, puzzled. ‘Yeah, why?’

‘I don’t know, you just seem a little off. Is it about what I said earlier?’

The train started to move. I remember that moment almost perfectly. Ellie sort of flicked her hair with the back of her hand, then casually swayed into the side of the seat, so that she could see me with only one eye, as she was positioned facing towards me. She let her hand rest on the back of her neck, and just as the forces of momentum began pushing her closer into her seat, a light shone from the peering sun, directly onto the back of her head. It lit her up like a diamond. She didn’t particularly do much, except smile and lean, but it is something that has stuck in my head even now.

‘Don’t worry, Ed. I’m fine.’ Yet her endearing green eyes were watching me cautiously.

‘Look, Ellie, if you’re ever upset about something, you should talk about it. Then we can talk and sort things out and move past it. Otherwise, you’re gonna be bugged about it forever.’

Honestly, I didn’t expect it to work, but it did. To some avail. ‘I don’t get why grown ups think they know everything.’

‘I’m sorry if I came off that way but I–’

‘No, not you. Everyone. It’s like, because I’m a kid, I’m told what to think. And if I don’t go with what I’m supposed to think, then it’s bad. Why can’t I just think what I think and do what I want to do without being looked at like it’s not normal?’

I couldn’t help smiling. ‘Come here.’ I pulled her in for a hug. ‘No one’s telling you what to think, or feel. It’s other girls your age you have to blame for these stereotypes; we just have to go along with it. Most girls your age are only interested in Barbies and tea parties.’ She hit me gently on the arm, but still stayed in the hug.

‘What I’m saying is,’ I continued, ‘you shouldn’t feel prejudiced for being a little older than other girls up here.’ I pointed towards my head. ‘It’s natural for you to have certain curiosities, as it’s a part of growing up. And as for love…’ I paused for a moment. ‘Well, honestly, I don’t understand it much myself. A lot of adults don’t, for that matter. I think that’s why people as young as yourself are generally seen not to understand it. I mean, think about it, if people twenty years older than you don’t get it, then why should you?’ We both laughed, but it was only for a short while.

There was a period of silence, and Ellie was the one to break it. ‘There’s a boy that I thought I really, really loved. When he first talked to me I think I fell in love with him. Then I found out a bunch of grown up things and I thought “I wanna do all that with him”. Cos if that’s what people in love do, then I wanted to try it.’ She breathed a shaky breath. ‘But then I realised that there was a lot more to love. Now I think I understand it a bit better. So maybe, I just really, really like him, cos it’s too soon to love him.’

Who she was in reference to was patently obvious, and she knew that I knew that. ‘You can be really cute sometimes, you know that?’ I meant that in a sort of parent to child way, rather than molester to victim.

‘What do you mean?’

I ignored her. She was evidently playing dumb. ‘But as I said, I’m a little too old for you.’

She giggled. ‘Who said I was talking about you.’

I leant back and let go of the hug. ‘I dunno. Just a whim.’

We both laughed for a while, and she curled around in my side. She looked as if she was daring herself to say something, but too nervous to say it. I gave her the time she needed. Eventually, she spoke up. ‘But I still want to try all the adult stuff with him.’

She moved forward and pressed her tiny lips onto mine. Her lips didn’t part; she probably didn’t know you had to. Then she moved steadily to my ear and whispered: ‘That was repayment for the meal yesterday.’

I didn’t say anything. I was in too much shock.


(Also, just a little side note, Sara's seven, not eight. I got kind of confused due to the heavy time lapse, so I said the wrong age. Surprised you plebeians didn't notice...)

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Very well done! Even more buildup :D
Hope we can expect a new update a bit quicker this time ;)

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This was a little quicker, I think.


The Weekend (Final)

Fighting my insurrection erection was at the back of my thoughts at that moment. So what if it had all been implied? So what if, in slightly altered words, it had all been said before? All those times, I just ignored it. Like when she jumped on my back in the sea, or her little speech a few moments before. Why I ignored it is unclear to me even now; her intentions had been clear from the start of the weekend, and the progression and build up to it all had been witnessed, by myself, so that it should never have been a shock. And yet, only when it was handed to me on a plate, did it come as news to me.

Ellie had a cute little girl crush on me. Her girl crush then grew into what she thought was in love, then she realised her crush had simply grown into something more, but still wasn’t quite love. Like it’d dawned on her that maybe she wanted a relationship, like the grown ups do. So she searched on the internet and saw for herself exactly what the grown ups do. All of this I knew. The main kicker, however, was that she had matured this girl crush into something more than I, or most other human beings, could ever have imagined.

No longer was it the molester to the victim. No. Now it was something else - a whole new take on Stockholm syndrome - where the victim wanted it more than the sick individual who lusted after her. The young, ten year old girl, the target of my creeping, had proposed the idea of all the profanities that had been spinning in my head since the moment I met her. Not only had I skipped all the stages of trying to convince her to do all this, like most guys in my situation would, but chances were that she’d never tell. If she had been the one to bring it up, why would she then want to go ruin it all? All the cards were in my hand.

And I declined. Yeah. That’s right. Boom, bitch. ‘I, ahh, don’t think that’s quite appropriate.’

Here Son, I will give you everything you’ve ever asked for.

Thank you God, but I’d rather piss all over it and throw it back in your face.

‘Why?’ She replied in a high pitched tone and glared at me, pouting.

‘Because it’s illegal,’ a little piss here, a little there, ‘and I don’t fancy getting locked up.’

‘Why would you get locked up?’ Her concern was genuine.

‘You’re a minor, as in you’re, by law, too young to engage in any “adult activities”. I, however, am not. Therefore, if anybody found out, then I’d be put in prison and you’d get away scot free with a mug of hot chocolate in tact.’

Her expression was quizzical, as if it hadn’t clicked that “stranger danger” qualified for everyone over 16, and not just strangers. Then her expression was calculating. ‘So we just don’t tell anyone.’

Her reply came at a victorious satisfaction to her, and a relief to me. Yet I still had some piss left. ‘But it’s not quite as simple as that. I mean, even if nobody said anything, people could still find out.’

Why was I the one that was having to be convinced? ‘Well then we be super duper extra careful!’ Ellie said in her overly-excited manner.

I remember one thing that was repeatedly blaring through my mind which was like (ironically enough) a police siren: “am I actually considering this?” The tantalizingly cute girl had given me permission to perform any sick deed I wanted unrequitedly (or for now, anyway) and I refused to accept it. Maybe I was just thinking “this is too good to be true”. Many times in my life I’d find myself finding myself in situations like that, and it all ended up being a flop, one way or another. That was probably why I was so intermittently refusing to believe it. I was just distancing myself from what could potentially happen, so as to prepare myself for when it didn’t.

‘Maybe, but… Egh.‘ I scowled. I think some part of it involved my pride. Almost like I wanted it to be so that I had convinced her, so that she was doing what I wanted, and not the other way around.

‘But what?’ She was just teasing me now.

‘I know we’ve already gone over this, but do you truly understand the depth of what you’re saying?’

She nodded. ‘I know all about it. We had sex education classes the other week before we left for summer, though it was mainly about puberty, but they told us about sex.’ She had a look of steely determination. ‘So I thought a lot about it, and I really, really like you.’ She blushed and looked down, and began twiddling her thumbs. ‘And I thought that, maybe…’ She trailed off.

I slackened my entire body into the chair and let out an almighty huff. I was flummoxed. Perplexed. Dumbfounded. I knew how to react to a girl who had expressed “such thoughts” towards me before, but they were always my own age. How the hell do you react to something like that from a ten year old? Half of me was saying “isn’t this what you always wanted?”, whilst the other half was saying “dude, are you seriously considering this?”

‘All right, Ellie, I think it’s really sweet that you feel that way about me. Seriously, I’m flattered.’ She giggled and I ruffled her hair. ‘But–’

‘Yeah, yeah, I’m ten and you’re seventeen and it’d be “weird”.’ She contorted her face as if she were repulsed by the word.

‘Well, there’s that. But also, things like this are a two way street.’ She apparently didn’t understand my point, so I continued. ‘You might be thinking that way about me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it goes both ways.’

She considered that. Then she came up with a very direct answer. ‘Well I’ll just have to convince you!’

Damn it, if she wasn’t so cute and if it weren’t for the fact that I was probably going to be sent down as a child molester in the years to come then I probably wouldn’t have crumbled as much as I did. I wanted to resist (pride, isn’t it great?) but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. So I went about it differently. Which was probably the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

‘Maybe you will.’ I deliberately didn’t look in her direction and wore the confident smile that I generally used in a situation to say “I was right”. This reaction came as a surprise to her too.

‘How do I convince you?’ Her voice faltered. I could tell that her mind, too, was a mesh of emotions and thoughts and moralities and the like. It would be interesting to have seen this from her perspective, although I guess I could say the same for the entire story.

‘Ah, ah, ah, I’m not doing that.’

‘Why not?’ She was back to being giddy again.

I searched for an answer and shoved all of that pride shit to the back of my mind. ‘Because that’d be cheating.’

She pouted and fidgeted uncomfortably. I put my arm around her, as I’ve done so many times as the comforting babysitter, and pulled her close. ‘I like you, Ell. You’re a good kid.’

The journey ended very quickly, and soon enough we were back in our hometown. It was ten to five by the time we’d reached their home, with Ellie impatiently rushing back and Sara begrudgingly following behind. Sara had slept the majority of the way back, and had been apparently oblivious to mine and Ellie’s conversation, which was probably a good thing. Me and Ellie had chatted about mindless things, much like most of our conversations, as all meaningful talk had gradually seeped out the window. However, I’d noticed a new spring in Ellie’s step, and in some ways, I’d noticed one in mine.

The door swung open, and as it did I received a text from Amy.

< Will b back at 10 - Amy x >

Putting kisses are we? I laughed briefly to myself, and realised I still had another five hours of babysitting to go. I was tired, but it wasn’t as if the work required much in the way effort. The girls were complaining about their hunger, although it hadn’t been that long since they’d had lunch, so I made a few sandwiches to settle their stomachs. Perfectly satisfied, we spent a while doing what we so typically did when I babysat; useless conversing and messing around, and generally acting like a bunch of kids (which, to be fair, two out of three of us were).

After wandering into the kitchen to get myself a glass of juice, I noticed a salty scent on my skin. Of course. I had been in the sea a few hours ago and never had a shower to wash off the persistent salty sea smell. I forced down the juice and walked upstairs, and walked into the bathroom. At this point I would like to stress that there is no lock on the bathroom door. Just as a heads up.

I twisted the shower knob and waited for the water to heat up. It was a lot like my own shower, as in that it took about four years for the hot water to begin trickling out. I removed my clothes and patiently waited for a little heat. The bathroom was freezing, which didn’t really help matters. Then, I saw - and heard - the door handle twist. I knew what was coming before I even saw it.

Ellie belligerently stormed in with a pink towel on her shoulder and most of her clothes except her panties alluding her body.

‘Woah!’ I immediately retaliated and searched for something to cover myself. I picked up my jeans and haphazardly covered my crotch. Ellie squealed and smiled, then turned her head shyly.

‘Sorry!’ She said. Without leaving.

‘Couldn’t you hear the shower running?’

‘I dunno. I just walked in.’ She turned her head so that she was looking towards me again. ‘I’ve already seen it before, you know?’ She giggled.

‘Yeah, but, it’s the principal of the thing and, well…’ I stammered, looking for an excuse. She still wasn’t leaving.

‘I don’t mind.’

‘Yeah, well, I do. So can you leave please? I need my shower.’ I placed a hand under the water to emphasise this. The water was tepid at best.

‘So do I.’ She said as she slipped off her underwear, revealing her entire body in all its glory. She smiled dubiously and cocked her hip to one side.

‘But I was here first.’ I tried to ignore her naked body but it was very difficult when she was a couple of metres away and looking at me with big, green eyes and an overly confident smile.

‘And this is my house.’

This fucking girl. ‘I am also your babysitter. Which means you are under my authority.’

‘What’s that mean?’

‘It means you have to do everything I say.’

She crossed her arms. Nope, definitely not moving now. ‘Nuh uh.’

‘Yes.’ I said, trying to exert my increasingly obsolete authority. ‘Now leave, girl.’

She giggled. Giddiness levels began rising. ‘Make me.’

Well, I could never resist a challenge. I charged forward, forgetting my jeans in the process and leaving them in a muddled lump on the floor. She didn’t retaliate, but instead twisted her body slightly and began giggling to herself like a mad idiot. She barely resisted when I lifted her up and physically forced her out of the bathroom and into the corridor. She kicked and pushed at the door, but it eventually subsided. I thought it was over, but boy was I wrong. Now it was a game. And she was just getting started.

At first there was silence. I heard her giggling from outside but she didn’t do anything other than that. Falsely believing I was safe, I reached into the shower and splashed my hand with now moderately hot water. Just as I was about to begin my first steps into the shower, I saw the door handle quickly turn. Ellie came crashing in with her typical arbitrary elegance.


She looked at me, spooked, but never withdrew her smile. She ran back into the corridor, slamming the door behind her. She wasn’t gone. I knew that for a fact. I waited for a few moments, and decided to continue my routine. Whatever she was doing, I still had the cover of the shower curtains. I started walking towards the shower, in the hopes to climb in before she came back in. One thing that I had overlooked, however, came creeping towards me with the realisation of it coming far too late.

Misty room. Warm room. Relaxing, tiring, succumbing. Self-nakedness. And physical activities with a naked girl. All things to set the perfect scene and the perfect mood for a bit of self-depravation. Unfortunately, I only noticed that renowned tingling feeling and euphoric blood rush far too late, and when Ellie came charging back in again she was met with a surprise that neither of us were expecting.

‘Ed’s got a stiffy!’ Not the term that I’d personally use for it, but she was a kid after all.

I turned my back towards her instantly and she began cackling like the little witch she was. She was stood at the doorway, except the door was now wide open and she had a visitor. Sara was peering in with slightly more acceptance of her surroundings than usual.

‘Are you having a shower?’ Sara asked. Well done Miss Obvious.

‘I’m trying to.’

I couldn’t actually see how she’d reacted, but anyone could tell that she had done her usual shrug. I heard footsteps trailing away, and I knew Sara hadn’t given the moral support that Ellie needed. This came in an angry, and all too cute ‘hmph’.

Disregarding all notion of insecurity, I thought ‘fuck it’ and walked into the shower, forcing the curtains closed behind me. The shower was a little basin at the corner of the room next to the bath tub, with only a curtain there to retain some privacy. A curtain that was easily pulled to and fro.

‘Edward.’ Ellie said slowly and teasingly. I knew damn well that she was up to no good.

‘Go away, Ellie.’

‘But why?’ She moaned.

‘Because I actually want to have this shower before tomorrow.’

Impatient shuffling. I noticed that my boner was refusing to go down, and it didn’t help that the ten year old stood several steps away was also prevalently naked. I saw her figure through the translucent curtains move steadily in my direction, but then altered course. I didn’t understand what she was doing until I heard the toilet chain get flushed and water starting to come crashing out. As soon as I caught on, boiling water came rushing from the shower nozzle and I let out one of the girliest screams I’ve ever let out in my life. I leapt out of the way of the water, and I heard Ellie’s laughter roaring through the room.

‘Stop taking so long!’ She shouted between bouts of laughter.

‘If you left me alone then I might go a bit faster.’

‘I’m only doing it cos you’re taking for-ev-er!’

I sighed. ‘Ellie…’

‘I’ll flush the chain again.’

‘Then I’ll just take even longer.’ She obviously didn’t care about the time it took for me to have a shower. She probably didn’t even care about having a shower herself.

‘Fine then.’

Footsteps. The end of it? Of course not.

The shower curtains flung open and the conniving miscreant was standing very closely behind them. Her face was pretty much at waist height, since the shower basin provided some elevation, and Ellie was quite evidently staring at one area. And this time, the area was standing a lot taller than last time she was this close.

Immediately, she didn’t do anything. Her smile and giggling expression had faded away into that typical curious look that any young child wears when discovering something new and interesting. I watched her eyes as they ran the length of my dick, then up my body slightly, then back to my dick. After about five seconds of this, she looked up at me, made eye contact and flinched, then her face flushed with red. She turned away, but left the curtain open.

‘Thanks for doing that.’ I said sarcastically. My eyes narrowed down to her smooth, round butt, that pushed neatly out behind her. Ellie was a thin girl, and her curved but small bottom complemented this perfectly.

‘Why is it like that?’ Her voice was quieter but consolidated.

‘That’s, ah, none of your business. Why are–’

‘Is it cos I’m naked?’ Her voice was now more direct. Accusing.

‘Well, no, it’s just–’

She snapped back around and glared at me. She closed her eyes and tilted her head upwards slightly, then placed her arms behind her back and pushed her chest forward. Small bones of an underdeveloped chest frame protruded outwards, and I noticed her nipples were very slightly upturned from the developing breasts underneath. She pushed her entire body forward and elevated onto the balls of her feet, then leant back and opened her eyes with a satisfied smile. She was stretching.

‘It’s okay, I don’t mind if it is.’ She licked her lips in the way of a woman much, much older than her, and rocked on her feet in the way of a girl much younger.

I didn’t know how to respond. It’s a double edged sword; damned if I do and damned if I don’t. If I said ‘no it isn’t’ then it’d come across to her that I don’t think she’s attractive and this, that and the other, but if I said ‘yes it is’, then she’s got that power and control that no little girl should have. I settled for a different course, one that was less definitive.

‘It can be whatever you want, dear.’ I indifferently fumbled for the shampoo, always keeping Ellie and her cute, round belly in my peripheral vision, but made sure not to give direct eye contact. I was going to play it suave.


‘It doesn’t matter.’ Now I turned to her. She watched me with hopeful eyes. Hopeful of what, I do not know. I’d managed to will my erection down quite substantially with the sided shampooing routine, but all the while I was watching her. Her scrawny frame and prevalent ribs that showed the signs of a petite, young girl. Hips that were beginning to curve out in accordance with puberty, and legs that followed suit. Her legs were long in comparison to the rest of her body, which gave her a figure that boys in the years to come would yearn for. That I yearned for now. The small cleft in between her legs smiled up at me happily, showing few signs of any peach fuzz that would be bound to follow some time soon. All in all, she was a very attractive girl, and she’d definitely break some hearts in the future, for boys her own age. But for now, The Creeper was on duty.

‘Aww, it’s gone down.’ She frowned.

‘That upsets you?’

She shrugged similarly to her younger counterpart. ‘I dunno.’

I carried on showering, washing off the shampoo that I had so tentatively lathered into my hair. She watched me through the entire process, as curious as a meerkat… For lack of a better metaphor. Or simile. Fuck literacy.

‘How long are you going to be?’ She was now questioning, rather than demanding.

‘How long’s a piece of string?’

She scowled at me. ‘Can I–’

She stopped herself, but her eyes trailed towards the shower. I raised an eyebrow in recognition of what she was wanting, but curiosity of whether I was correct in what I was thinking. She noticed the raised eyebrow, and she smirked. That didn’t stop her. She took a brazen step forward and pushed herself into the shower. She looked up at me and gave me her confident smirk. I stepped back to allow her some room.

‘What are you doing?’

‘You’re…’ She trailed off and lolled her head to one side, stalling and at the same time searching for encouragement. ‘You’re taking too long.’

‘So it’s okay to just walk in here with me, is it?’

She nodded. She turned around and yanked the shower curtain around behind her. Now we were enclosed in a tight space, completely naked with hot water and soap lathering our bodies. Yep. The insurrection erection was back.

Her beautifully large, green eyes wandered across my body, but she was forced so close to me that she had to go out of her way to move her neck and look at my dick. She let the water trickle onto the front of her head, and closed her eyes and giggled to herself. Think ‘:3’ face. I moved further backwards so that she could stand further under the shower nozzle, and she graciously accepted the increased space. Her arms were held in front of her, with her hands resting neatly in front of her crotch. Meaning I could no longer see her perfectly small labia.

She then let curiosity get the better of her and looked down to see the erection returning. She giggled.

‘If you keep looking at my penis like that I’ll kick you out. You’re here to shower.’ Yet I was checking out her body equally the same.

Red flushed to her cheeks again. The more she looked, the more curious she got. The more curious she got, the more embarrassed she got. She chewed at a fleck of wet hair that had drifted down her face, twiddling the end of it with her right hand. The left she had left slackened.

‘Why is it doing that?’

‘Huh?’ I was completely under the impression that if she knew what a “stiffy” was, then she’d know why they occurred. Evidently, I was wrong.

‘Why is it, errrm–’ She glanced up at me with a look of astonishment, as if she was shocked at what she was going to say. ‘Why’s it gone big?’

‘Do you know what the word “aroused” means?’

She looked to the side and thought for a moment. ‘No.’

‘Well, it’s like, when you’re in the mood to do things like have sex, you get this tingling feeling that makes boy’s penises go hard and girls get…’ I stopped when I realised how awkward this was explaining to a ten year old girl. ‘They get wet, kinda.’

‘So that’s why boy’s willy’s go big when they see a naked girl?’

Maybe I’d thought a little too much of what she knew. It seemed that in actuality, she had a random mesh of information from the internet and other sources that come with growing up, and apparently she’d not been able to connect the dots. She had the facts (or some of them anyway) but not the reasonings behind them.

‘Well, yeah.’


I scratched the back of my neck. The questions were getting more difficult. ‘Well, you get aroused because it makes it easier to have sex, because otherwise it’d be pretty difficult to make babies and stuff, if you want to look at the actual reason why we have sex.’

She studied my dick further. ‘So why do people have sex then if it’s not for babies?’

Wow. She actually knew nothing. ‘Because it feels good.’

‘It does? Hmm.’ Her mind was processing information.

I had a question. A very awkward one. And I asked it nonetheless. ‘Have you ever, ermm, masturbated before?’

Her entire face went red. ‘W-what do you… I mean–’

I laughed at her panic. It was my turn for revenge. ‘You don’t have to answer if you don’t want. It’s just that people like that feeling, which is why we do things like that.’

Her eyes were glued to the ground. ‘Is masturbating where you, like, touch “that”.’ She pointed towards her crotch.

‘Ah, so you do know what it is.’ I laughed again.

‘I put my finger down there once to try it, cos I wanted to know what it was like.’


She finally looked at me, but her face was still completely red. ‘It was weird.’

‘Good weird?’

She thought, then nodded diffidently.

‘So does that answer some of your questions?’

‘I guess.’ She gave me a hesitant smile. ‘Wait, so does that mean you want to have sex with me?’

Fuck. She’d managed to turn it all back onto me. My raging boner was as prominent as ever, and I had no way out. ‘Well, it’s more complicated than that.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Umm…’ I searched my mind for an explanation that didn’t overlap with what I’d already said. ‘You get aroused not just cos you want to have sex. You get that weird feeling when you see or do other things that aren’t quite sex but are involved in it.’

‘Like what?’

‘Like, well, seeing someone naked.’

‘Eww, so if you saw a fat, old guy naked your penis would go big?’ She burst out in laughter at the revelation.

I joined in momentarily. ‘All right, all right. So maybe it doesn’t work for everyone.’

That cocky grin. ‘Who does it work for?’

This much she’d figured out already. The sly little girl wanted me to say it. ‘Well, the person has to be somewhat attractive.’

‘So you think I’m attractive?’ One foot behind the other. Arms behind her back. Head tilted slightly to one side. Promising smile.

‘Don’t get ahead of yourself, sweetie. It can happen randomly, or I can have thoughts that might be enough to make me get aroused.’

She crossed her arms and pouted. I placed a hand on her shoulders. ‘Now come on. We’ll run out of water at this rate.’

So we continued to awkwardly shower. I could see her offering the odd glance towards my dick, unable to control her curiosity. It was almost as if she were entranced by it. I also took my chances to glance at her body as she lathered it in all sorts of shampoos and soaps that I hadn’t even noticed in my short time in the shower. All was going well, and my erection had even started to settle, until the applications of shower gel began to lower. Literally.

She had been working for sometime on her chest area which would have been a hell of a lot more arousing if she actually had breasts. Not that it wasn’t a pleasant sight to look at. She was faced sort of in my direction, but at an angle so we weren’t directly facing each other. She began to rub the bubbly soap (coconut, mmm) around her lower abdomen, then around her bony hips and then her crotch. I watched in complete awe as she worked the soap across her perky labia, and somewhat into the small crevice, and then into her inner thighs and then the outside. She then worked the soap down the rest of her legs and stood up, taking a glance first at my fully erect dick, then up at my face.


That was enough to snap me back to reality, but not enough to spark a reply. This sort of scene from a girl my own age would have been enough to blow my boner. Never mind a girl suited towards my own perverted tastes.

‘Can you do my back, please?’ She was now facing away from me, with her face twisted backwards so she could still look in my direction. She had a calm but submissive expression, like a girl in a porno asking her daddy to go gentle. Fuck, did this girl know she was doing this.

‘Uhh, sure.’ I said, very unsurely. She handed me the bottle of beautifully smelling coconut shower gel, and I poured a little into my hands. I rubbed it into my hands and then began working on her shoulders. I felt her neck muscles relax and the tense up again, as if she were both nervous yet subdued. I then began working around her collar bone and up her neck slightly, just about to reach her hair, then lowered my hands down again. I slowly made my way down her back, in quaint circles, and made sure to lather each area of her back carefully and tentatively. As I did, I noticed myself slowly creeping forwards, and the ever prominent erection was daring to poke her in her lower back. Just as I noticed this, I slipped forward very slightly and the tip of my dick applied the pressure needed to cause her whole body to tense up. She let out a shaky gasp of air and relaxed again. Was that a good or a bad thing?

I worked on and around her hips, then paused. She turned her head back towards me, in confusion, then realised my predicament.

‘You can do my bum, if you want.’

I’ll fucking do your tight little arse hole if you want me to. I retained what little restraint I had and crouched down. Have I ever said how the gluteus maximus was so much more amazing when your face was about five inches away from it? As I made the first stroke from her hips to the very top of her butt, she tensed up yet again, which was much more noticeable from this position. She then relaxed, and I trailed the soap around the edges of her perfectly squishy and refined buttocks. I then moved my hand carefully into the tiny cleft of her cheeks and parted them slightly. I trailed my hand and the preceding soap down her crack and I noticed her tiny hole looking up at me in all its cleanliness and innocence. I decided that going down there would be going too far, so I left the cleft of her butt and began working on her lower thighs. I worked down her leg muscles and to her feet, and stood upright again, my heart hammering in my chest. While writing this it seems like I did this for a long time, but you’ve gotta remember this was all done in about twenty seconds, if that.

She moved underneath the shower nozzle and rinsed out the soap that was filling her every orifice. Shower time was done in my opinion, and she seemed to have the same idea. We stepped out and I handed her a towel, and we dried off comparatively separately from each other. I replaced the clothes I’d been wearing since I only had these and what I wore yesterday, and Ellie wandered off into her bedroom to get changed there.

I let out a sigh. She’d barely looked at me after the entire thing, and she fled into her bedroom seemingly with her tail between her legs. No. Maybe it wasn’t that bad. Maybe I was just being paranoid. She definitely seemed a bit odd though. I wiped the towel across my face, washed my face in icy water from the sink faucet, then wiped my face again with the towel. I was beginning to wonder if what I’d done was a bad thing. Sure, my personal intentions may have been twisted, but in the eyes of anyone else it’s just a babysitter doing his job. My worries weren’t for bystanders, however. They were for her.

‘Hey, Ed!’ Ellie shouted, ridiculously loud.


She skittered into the bathroom, now clad in pajama shorts but no shirt. Her nipples were completely erect. Did that mean anything?

‘Are my pants in here?’ Pants as in underwear, for you guys less familiar with English lingo.

I scoured the floor and saw bright white underwear shining up at me. I scooped them up from the floor (regretting not spending longer fondling them) and handed them to her.

‘Thanks.’ She took them in her hand, and turned around momentarily. Then she turned back to me again and leant against the doorframe. ‘I was just thinking… You said girls get–’ She held herself from uttering the last word. Her expression was serious and for once I was the one that wanted to giggle.

‘Yeah. Why are you asking?’

‘No reason. It’s just weird, that’s all.’ She toyed with a strand of hair and watched me with a guarded eye.

She went to say something, then dropped her strand of hair. She sided against it and wandered back downstairs again, leaving me to guess her true purpose. My thoughts returned to earlier that morning when she had virtually grinded against my leg during her sleep. Maybe she was remembering that and was curious. At that point, nothing she came out with could have surprised me.

I walked back downstairs to see a very odd scene of Sara laid across the floor, in nothing but her black, starry underwear, starfishing to her heart’s content. It was like a scene out of The Exorcist.

‘Sara, what are you doing?’

‘The floor’s comfortable.’

‘Mhm.’ I tread over her body and took a seat on the sofa, then propped my feat over her tummy as if she were in accordance to the rest of the floor. I felt her body vibrate under my feet for what was seemingly a slight giggle.

‘Get off.’

‘Huh? Sorry, I didn’t see you there.’

‘Get off!’ She moaned again. She didn’t seem as if she were going to take any drastic action any time soon, but I complied anyway. I checked the time - 20:45 - and kicked Sara with my toe. She returned a bedraggled grunt.

‘Time for you to go to bed, Miss.’

‘Do I have to?’

‘You’re complaining?’

She shrugged. ‘I’m comfy.’

‘Come on.’ I put my hands under each armpit and lifted her up, and she wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my waist, and I placed my arms around her lower back. It was like carrying a toddler, although then again, she was so small she might well have been. She didn’t resist at all, although due to her typical flippant nature, I never expected her to in the first place. Along the way back upstairs, I met Ellie who gave me a distasteful look.

‘You gonna help her in the shower now?’ It wasn’t with malice, but instead with mockery. She grinned and hit me on the arm, stopped me to give Sara a kiss on the cheek, and carried on walking to wherever she was heading. Sara had buried her face into my shoulder, and to anyone who didn’t know her, she could easily have been fast asleep. Well, Ellie didn’t seem upset or hurt about the whole event, and even felt up to joking about it. Guess I hadn’t scared her off.

I laid Sara down on her bed, and she reached for her comforting duvet. Somehow, she’d managed to avoid the salty sea smell, and I really couldn’t be bothered with another bathing, so I allowed her to go to bed unperturbed (and who the fuck needed dental hygiene?). I sat down beside her on the bed and kissed her on her forehead.

‘You all set? Not wearing pajamas?’

She shook her head dismissively.

‘All right then. Well, good night.’

‘Night.’ Her voice squeaked from the encroaching grasp of sleep.

I headed toward the door and the voice squeaked out again. ‘Wait.’


‘Is Ellie gonna do all that adult stuff with you?’

‘Eh, I don’t know, I mean–’

‘It’s fine if you do. I won’t tell.’ She smiled; a rare sight to see from her. ‘Make sure she tells me what it’s like.’ With that, she rolled over and turned her back to me, officially ending all conversation. I let out a short laugh and headed out the door, crashing into Ellie on the way out.


‘Sorry, sorry. You okay?’

‘Y-yeah, I’m fine.’ She turned away sheepishly. She was now wearing a pajama top.

‘Were you listening?’

No reply.

‘Did you set your innocent little sister up to this?’

No reply again, but she was smirking slightly now.

‘Jesus, you’re terrible.’

She giggled in her mischievous manner. I turned around and saw Sara sat upright, eager to listen to our conversation.

‘I told you to stop corrupting the poor girl.’ I said compliantly.

‘So?’ She thrust her hips to the side arrogantly.

‘So, stop doing it. Do you have no respect at all?’

‘Says you. You felt up my bum!’

I felt my entire face pouring with red. I could see Sara express a look of awe, while Ellie broke out in laughter.

‘Y-you asked me to.’ I spluttered.

‘Ed-dy’s a per-vy. Ed-dy’s a per-vy.’ Ellie chanted while wiggling her hips from side to side.

My entire body felt like it was on fire, in a mixture of embarrassment and anger. Not genuine anger, but more for the painstaking fact of being humiliated by a little girl. Sara hopped out of the bed and stood by my side, then tugged at my sleeve cuff to get my attention. ‘Why did you feel Ellie’s bum?’

Ellie burst into another round of laughter. ‘N-no! It’s not like that. I mean…’ I tried to explain, but Ellie had returned to her accusing chorus.

I decided I’d had enough. I grabbed her around her waist and lifted her up over my shoulder. Ellie beat at my shoulder and flailed her legs wildly in the air, repeatedly screaming ‘Stop!’ and ‘Put me down!’. Ain’t no kid hurting my pride. Sara watched with the premise of almost-laughter, her jaw slackened in a mixture of awe and wonderment that only a kid could have.

I threw Ellie down onto her bed and stood over her, glowering. Sara was neatly bunched up at my side, peering over curiously at Ellie who was laid complacently. Sara seemed to shuffle around uncomfortably, then pulled at her panties which had managed to bunch up her bottom. She had no qualms with sorting out this problem with two people watching her. Ellie was panting heavily and wore her confident smile, with her knees bunched up slightly and her upper half relaxed submissively.

‘Perv.’ She said quietly, her final retort.

‘Shut up.’ I replied childishly.

She sat up and crossed her legs beneath her, then stretched her torso so far it was almost as if she were trying to touch the ceiling. ‘Make me.’

‘I’m not playing this game.’

‘Why not?’ She said playfully.

‘Because I’m not. Besides, Sara, shouldn’t you be in bed?’

Her face contorted in an expression of revelation, as if this came at a shock to her. ‘Oh, right.’

She showed no sign of returning back to bed. Not while her big sister was encouraging her to rebel against me. ‘Come on.’ I gestured to her bed.

‘Okay.’ She still didn’t move. Her eyes wandered towards her sister, as if asking her to bail her out.

‘You wanna go to bed too Ellie?’

‘Nope. Not my bed time.’

‘Mhm.’ Most of the time I’d tried to exert authority that they didn’t like, it didn’t go well.

‘Why don’t you stay up here with us? It’ll be like a sleepover!’ Ellie exclaimed. Sara’s face lit up.

‘Yeah!’ The loudest I’d ever hear Sara speak in my life.

‘Stop trying to delay your sister from going to bed.’

‘Why? It’s not as if there’s any school tomorrow.’

I wanted to argue, but at the same time, I didn’t. I couldn’t argue with her logic, and what’d be so bad about staying up with a couple of young girls?

‘Fine. Your mum will be back at ten, though. And she’ll expect you to both be in bed, fast asleep.’

‘Yeah, yeah, sure.’ She waved her hand irreverently.

‘Good.’ I sat down on the bed, and they both looked at me expectantly. What were they expecting? I knew nothing about sleepovers.

‘We need chocolate!’ Ellie shouted suddenly.

‘And crisps–’

‘And pop–’

‘And sweets!’

I laughed at the pair of them. It was nice to see them actually acting like young girls for a change. Namely Ellie.

‘All right, I’ll see what I can scrounge up.’

I left the girls who were giddily chatting away about the excitement of a sleepover. It wasn’t even that, since it’d only be a couple of hours at most, then I’d be going home. Well, either way, it kept them happy, and that was sufficient enough for me. Downstairs, I discovered a treasure trove of chocolate, sweets, fizzy pop and other high fat and high sugar foods in a shelf high enough to be out of the girl’s reach. Although I guess that wouldn’t stop a determined Ellie, but it was probably there as the principle of the thing. I got a couple of bags of crisps, a big bar of chocolate and some Coca Cola, then walked back upstairs to the girl’s room.

I opened the door to a newly made fortress of pillows and cushions, with the two girls snuggled up neatly inside. They were on the floor, but still leant against their respective beds, as if they weren’t allowed into each other’s territory. I set down the bundle of food and drink, and sat in the No Man’s Land of the fort.

‘Here you go.’

‘Yay!’ Ellie squealed. They both made a grab for the large chocolate bar, and I was forced to break some off for them both to stop the approaching war. They began munching happily and I leant back against the wall. The next hour or so consisted of talking, play fighting, tickling and eating. I’d initially asked if the girls wanted to watch TV, but instead got dragged into a conversation about clothes. I truly learned of the difference between Sara and Ellie’s fashion sense that day. They then proposed to take me shopping and dress me up in ‘cute clothes’, whereby I intermittently declined.

Around when the time approached ten o’clock, Ellie had ended up nestled in my lap, which she had plonked herself on without any notion of asking if it were okay on my behalf. Sara was curled in a ball on her side of the fort, with a quilt haphazardly strewn across her body and pillows laden left, right and centre around her head. Her panties were hanging crookedly to her butt, which I could see the top of, and I took the liberty of staring while Ellie told me about the wonders of bright socks and underwear as opposed to dark. Yeah, yeah, I understand.

Eventually, she realised my interested wasn’t focused on her, so she brought it back to her with an elbow to my abdomen.

‘Oi! What was that for.’

‘Nothing.’ She said, then giggled.

I checked my watch. It read twenty to ten. ‘Your mum’ll be back soon.’

She pouted. ‘Aww.’

‘That upset to see me go?’ I said snidely.

‘Shut up.’ She retorted, then rested her head into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her body. ‘A little.’

‘Really?’ I laughed. ‘That’s sweet.’

A few moments of silence. ‘I enjoyed this weekend.’

‘Good, good.’

‘Like sleeping with you. And the shower.’ I could feel my boner threatening to come back, and red flushing to my cheeks again.


‘Yup. Maybe I could touch you in places next week.’

I spurted out a laugh in shock. ‘Woah, woah, hold your horses there, Miss.’

She giggled. ‘I’m kidding! Unless you wanted to.’ She turned her head towards me and lowered her eyes in a very endearing fashion, then winked cheekily.

Fuck it. ‘Maybe. But before that, you need to go to bed.’ I stood up and lifted her up at the same time. She jumped onto her bed and made me sit next to her, then pulled me in for a hug and gave me an almighty kiss on the cheek.

‘Will you be here again next Thursday?’

‘It’s up to your mum, really. But probably.’

She smiled. ‘Yay!’ She pulled me in for a hug again in excitement.

‘Heh heh. Anyway, sleep.’ I commanded.

‘Fine.’ She laid back and pulled her duvet up from the floor. Sara was still there but I figured I’d leave her there. Better to let Ellie and herself explain that than me. I’d had enough responsibility for one weekend. I squeezed her hand in recognition of a final goodbye, but when I tried to let go she didn’t loosen her grip.

‘Hey, Ed.’


‘Thanks. For everything.’ The true extent of what she was thanking me for wasn’t immediately obvious to me.

‘Don’t mention it, kidda.’

I went to go, but she stopped me again. ‘Can you teach me more stuff?’

I scratched the back of my head. ‘About what?’

‘About… adult things.’ She smiled quirkily.

‘Sure, but we’ll talk about it next week.’

She huffed in a sulk. I got up and this time she didn’t stop me. I turned off the light; a definitive end to the weekend we’d enjoyed.

Twenty minutes later, Amy arrived hastily and drove me back home, paying me and thanking me for all the work I’d done. Don’t mention it. If anything, you’re doing me the favour.

Jory!qIKW3I8bLQ 14/03/16(Sun)00:33 No. 21367 ID: a73e96

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Anonymous 14/03/16(Sun)01:13 No. 21368 ID: 6fffdb

By final, you mean the final part of the chapter, right?
Because that would be the biggest cliffhanger ever.

Anonymous 14/03/16(Sun)07:49 No. 21372 ID: 188fcf

Tripcode, mate.

Anonymous 14/03/17(Mon)00:33 No. 21376 ID: 459fb3

Anybody got any suggestions to similar stories? I've read roommates up until OP stopped posting and people made it sort of ridiculous.

This story in particular is my favourite, such well written characters and the story telling perspective is great too. Wish there was moar.

Anonymous 14/03/17(Mon)20:37 No. 21377 ID: d3390e

>Surprised you plebeians didn't notice...

>I checked the time - 20:45...
>The next hour or so...
>I checked my watch. It read twenty to ten.

just keep unfolding this beautiful story and we'll ignore your confusion with numbers.

Anonymous 14/03/23(Sun)23:04 No. 21411 ID: 2fae06

Awesome. Looking forward to more.

Anonymous 14/03/28(Fri)09:08 No. 21446 ID: 8a0730

I am also looking forward to more!! Great story! Love the style!

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British... *sigh*

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so i went to amys relatively early, she had to go back to the office early, really she was just a corner street whore, no office job., I was so sick all this boner tease shit I went to the knife droor before the girls realized i was even in the house and STABBED MY COCK TO DEATH .


BLISTERDICK 14/07/12(Sat)11:00 No. 22062 ID: 24947a

iv been reading this for 3 hours now
and its not over ? i feel trolled, OP YOU OWE US A CONCLUSION, YOU THE JK ROWLIN OF BRITISH LOLI-LITERATURE, a fine genre, W

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"His heart rate is dropping! Get the screw driver!"

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Jory!qIKW3I8bLQ 14/07/22(Tue)02:18 No. 22102 ID: 637a9d

I promised myself I wouldn't do this yet but you guys are breaking my heart so here goes.

I didn't like my story. I didn't enjoy writing it, I found it a chore, and I realised that it was going in a fairly boring, and very substandard direction. Everyday I tried to write I managed to find another reason why I shouldn't write, and eventually I gave up.

I won't bore you with details too much, but basically I didn't like the babysitting routine i'd gotten the story into. It felt too repetitive and redundant. I also hadn't planned much, and had been winging it the whole time, and there's been times that i've looked back and thought 'I could've done that a lot better if I'd have thought about it.' Finally, and one that's quite important to me, is the sheer chapter length. 5k - 7k words per chapter is a lot of effort for a story that i don't want to continue, and it felt very slow paced when i wrote like that.

Anyway, since i decided to stop with The Creeper, I've tried to restart, with lots of different ideas going through my mind. I've forced myself to limit word length per post to 2k at most, and for longer parts i'll spread over several posts, but i'll generally try to stay in the 1k word mark. I've also come up with a story easier to write in that it has features that may differ, or allow me some personalisation on my behalf without falling into the typical category that everyone seems to write.

I think I've restarted 5 times now. Each of the ideas i liked, and i planned them out and wrote about 7 - 8 chapters of them, then bailed. This is why i didn't want to write this yet; i'm worried that by the time i'm ready to post i'll be bored of what i've written and decided to start again. Should i continue with what i'm writing at the moment, i'll explain to you guys in more detail the aims of my story, but until then i'll say nothing.

I'm on holiday at the moment and i don't want to post until i get back, but i've used this time to write a fair amount (about 10k words so far). If i still like it once I'm home (I'm in America by the way... Brooklyn, NYC if any of you live there) then i'll post it and hopefully the series will last. The shorter chapter length will hopefully give me a greater incentive to write.

Anyway, thanks for your patience and I'm sorry for those of you who are saddened to find the series' end. I still have it saved so i might continue with it one day. Otherwise, i'll just write more things that i enjoy - maybe short single chaptered stories. But anyway, gotta go now, adios muy amigos!

Anonymous 14/07/22(Tue)11:35 No. 22104 ID: 38dda6

That's alright, OP. We thought your story was pretty shit too. Goodbye very friends indeed.

Anonymous 14/07/22(Tue)11:38 No. 22105 ID: e50e74

Aww, this story was my favourite. I'd say don't worry about posting different chapter lengths occasionally, I think just about everyone in here would be delighted with any content at all. I really enjoyed your style of storytelling and I hope your future stories will be just as good as this one.

Impressed 14/07/22(Tue)17:20 No. 22108 ID: 6b9027


I read the whole thing in one shot last night, and it was sincerely captivating. I was upset to find little actual acts of sin, but I left this feeling a sense of sweetness. It was a story based on the darker side of lust for sure, but ultimately it was a well written, endearing story about affection.
Even if you don't continue writing this particular story, I hope you keep writing in general. -- 8.5/10

CARRYON 14/10/29(Wed)05:54 No. 22643 ID: 6d9d21

Hey, I love this story so much I have decided to write my own addition. I am an American, however.
I do not know if you guys would be interested in a continuation.
I will leave it to OP to grant me the honor or another. this story must have an end or at least a resolution. And I like to write and have free time.

Anonymous 14/10/29(Wed)21:49 No. 22652 ID: b2a6c1

What a great story this was. Guess I'll have to finish it in my "Own time". I really enjoy stories like this one, because all the build-up leads to much more satisfying erotic scenes.

1k words is.. pretty short. I don't mind the super-long chapters! Better reading when there's less of a break.

Too bad you don't like this story, 'cuz it's a gem. I'm happy to see more loli-related stories coming out. Sick and tired of the gay shit that's been frequenting this site. Not my bag. Stopped coming here altogether for a while because of it.

Was really looking forward to some epic sex with the two sisters! ...Maybe even with parental consent! (I love the parental consent theme...)

Anonymous 15/03/22(Sun)10:56 No. 23403 ID: 52c0ad

Where can I find more of your work OP?

Anonymous 16/06/15(Wed)17:41 No. 24357 ID: 670237


I read this when I had plenty of time, after I was made redundant. Since I got a new job, everything sort of went mad and I had too much going on in my life to keep track of all the stories I'd been reading. I came back to this to find, with real disappointment, that your enthusiasm for it has wained. I think it's clear that your perception of how good this story is doesn't match the reality of your writing that so many people on here have enjoyed.

I get it that sometimes people get writers block, so tell us what your Muse is. Is there anything we can say to encourage you to continue, even if the scope is not we would choose, to an extent you owe us a conclusion. I won't beg, but I will implore that you continue

Anonymous 16/09/16(Fri)04:27 No. 24678 ID: 94ccfa

Kudos to OP for what I suspect is the best story I've ever run across. It's been two years since the last extension to this masterpiece, and once I gave up hope that there would be more, I extended it a bit for my own entertainment. Clearly others were likewise not ready to see it end, and it occurred to me that perhaps it deserves some 'fan fiction' of its own. I understand OP's desire to avoid repetition, but I hit on a way to head in a slightly different direction. This may be regarded as a horrid breach of etiquette, on par with defacing a work of art, in which case -- please just ignore this pale contribution...

Chapter 12: Click Click Click

When I hauled out my phone before turning in, I almost had a heart attack. It contained new pictures. Of Ellie. Buck naked, naturally.

She had apparently taken these while I was showering. There was one arms-length shot from thighs to head with her grinning cheekily, but all the rest were closeups of her pussy: legs together, knees up, thighs spread... you name it, and Ellie had sampled it. Some of the shots were tilted or off-center, but I was never the art critic.

These SO needed to be deleted, but Mr. Stiffy was adamant that each one be contemplated at length before the photos were sacrificed to the bit bucket. After rubbing one out, I broke protocol and decided to leave them on my phone until morning, in anticipation of another lengthy and satisfying examination.

I woke up early and carried through with that plan, but still found it exceedingly hard to push the delete button. Ellie's arm in the full-length shot made it obvious that all the photos (well, that one, at least) were selfies, so perhaps I had the fig leaf of feigning ignorance if they were found on my phone. That lame excuse would not hold up for long, but it was good enough to talk myself into a few more intense 'study sessions' of Ellie's 'portfolio'.

This girl definitely needed another talking-to. And for once, I had a few days, rather than a few seconds, to think about what to say.

Thursday marked the start of what would become a rather typical routine: random interactions with Sara, and a lot of time with me and Ellie sitting on opposite ends of the same couch, facing each other and ostensibly engrossed in our respective DS adventures. Since she sat with her knees up and legs parted to varying degrees, my DS did not in truth get very much use. Ellie actually played, but seemed ever-mindful of her teasing peepshow. She frequently varied her position to ensure my attention would not wander, sometimes even planting one foot on the floor and opening up wide.

That particular Thursday, I was still procrastinating about having that picture-chat, when Ellie broached the subject herself:

She suddenly looked up from her DS and asked, "Can I borrow your phone?"

"Why? Who're you going to call?"

"I won't call anyone, I promise!" she replied earnestly.

"Then why do you need my phone?" I asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"It's a surprise," she grinned impishly. Though 'evilly' might be more accurate.

"I don't think I could survive another surprise," I muttered.

Her eyes widened. "You found my pictures!" she exclaimed in delight. Big grin.

"Yes, and I just about shit a brick," I said.

"Liked them that much, did ya?" she teased.

So here's where she got my prepared speech reminding her just how risky that sort of thing was, and what could happen to me if I got caught with pictures like that. The grin gradually vanished and morphed into a mask of misery. She closed her legs and self-consciously pulled her skirt down. "I thought you'd like them," she wailed morosely, on the verge of tears.

"I never said I didn't like them," I replied. Maybe I had laid it on too thick.

Her eyes had been downcast, but now she looked up, hope returning. Then a bit of a crooked smile. "Did you get a stiffy?"

"Yes," I admitted. "Several times." Ellie's big grin returned. But I steered the conversation back to the risks involved, and reminded her of our last little talk and her 'super-duper-extra careful' implied promise.

"That's why *I* took the pictures," she said reasonably, "so that I get in trouble, not you." I complemented her on trying to be considerate, but explained that the photographer was immaterial; mere possession was the kiss of death. "But you didn't even know the pictures were there," she retorted, using pretty much the same logic that I had employed to avoid deleting those pictures. "And you're supposed to buy encryption, you plonk," she continued. We seemed to have entered an alternate universe where suddenly I was the one being excoriated for being careless.

I'm not entirely sure why I had not seriously considered encryption as a means to save my creep shots; I guess I had decided it was just too risky, but the current circumstances were weighty enough to warrant reconsideration. In three years, I had never snapped even one that was in the same class as Ellie's, and I desperately wanted to avoid seeing her pictures go down the toilet.

It was clear from her phrasing that she had the sense that 'encryption' was supposed to solve the problem, but she didn't really understand the concept. Long story short, we wound up side by side on her bed, searching on her laptop for more details. In less than an hour, I had pretty much talked myself into going down this mine-laden path.

"So, can I borrow your phone?" Ellie asked, once I had finished our 'research'.

"I guess," I replied hesitantly. I took out my phone, but before I handed it over, I said, "But I don't want to find any more nude pictures on here, OK?"

"Fine," Ellie agreed. She was clearly annoyed at the restriction, but the excitement of being granted even limited permission won out.

"I mean it," I reiterated, as I handed her the phone.

She didn't respond, immediately concentrating on navigating through the phone's screens. Then she looked up at me with her characteristic "Gotcha" expression. "You've been going on and on about how much trouble you could be in, and then you hand me a phone containing naked pictures of what is surely an underage girl?" she asked pointedly. Welcome back to the alternate universe. "She seems pretty, though," she added cheekily.

She delighted in my discomfort as I searched for something to say. "You're blushing, Edward." She drew out my full name in a maddening way.

"She's indeed a very pretty girl," I said, wisely not letting her goad me any further, and then paused. "And those are extraordinarily excellent pictures."

She beamed at the compliment, and thankfully, it derailed her from busting my chops any further. She happily sat on her bed, back against the wall, knees drawn up in Sara-mode, and took various snaps of her form-fitting powder blue panties. After about a dozen, she made to hand the phone back to me, but then drew her arm back and said in her best school-marm voice, "Now make sure those get encrypted, young man."

I snatched the phone from her, then tickled her ribs. Ellie squealed, then ran happily back downstairs. We ended up back on the sofa, and she resumed her DS, but seemed quite pleased to find that my attention was instead devoted to my phone. In examining her new pictures, my growing cock needed some adjustment, and she picked up on that right away. "Are you going to do that, you know, masturbation thing?" she asked earnestly.

"Maybe later," I replied. I didn't want to say 'yes' outright, and 'no' was a patently absurd answer.

"Can I watch?" was her immediate response. I so knew that was coming.

"That would be weird," I said.

"I've already seen it go big before," she reminded me.

"Yeah, but this is personal, and it would be embarrassing if you watched."

She thought about this for a while, but was at a loss for an effective response. "I want to be here when you do it," she stated simply. "Maybe you could cover up, and it wouldn't be so embarrassing? Besides, that way you could look at me 'live' rather than just at the pictures." She seemed to take it for granted that she would be the focal point of my fantasy. Which was undoubtedly true. To emphasize her point, she spread her thighs wide and waggled her eyebrows.

"Maybe after Sara is asleep," I allowed, and she didn't try to push her luck any further. She did fidget more than usual and her rapidly shifting panty display had no trouble keeping me hard the entire time.

I gradually began to look forward to Sara's bedtime, and I got her bedded down without any undue drama. As I was about to leave, she said softly, "Remind Ellie that she promised to tell me about the stuff you do together."

"I don't expect we'll be doing any stuff together," I warned her. "At least, not the stuff you're referring to."

Sara looked at me curiously. "I heard you talking," she said flatly.

"Ah." Does this girl have super-hearing, ninja stealth, or does she merely walk through walls? I found myself wondering. "Well... there was no 'together' in the stuff we talked about," I pointed out.

"Just remind her that she has to tell me, will ya?" she said as she turned away from me. And that was the end of that.

I debated which child was the more mentally exhausting to deal with as I went back downstairs. "Your sister says you have to tell her stuff," I reported dutifully, if not completely accurately. I reclaimed my spot on the couch.

"Yeah," Ellie agreed. "She made me promise." A short pause. "And I'd just burst if I had to keep it all to myself." Seeing my aghast expression, she hurriedly added, "But not a word to anyone else." She held up two fingers, as if taking a pledge. "Sara's the only one I trust."

I could tell she was sincere. Even though I didn't understand her sister in the least, I guess I felt that Sara was actually more trustworthy than Ellie, when it came right down to it. There was a lull while Ellie studied my face, gravely concerned that I might not accept what she had said. Once she judged that the cusp of danger had passed, she was again a big box of questions.

"So, did you like my new pictures?" she asked shyly. I allowed that I did indeed. "So what's better, pictures or the real thing?" As she said this, she drew her legs up and then parted her knees slightly.

"Reality is always better," I affirmed. This earned a big grin and a slightly wider stance.

"Does this reality give you a stiffy?" she inquired. Her knees were now rhythmically shifting from about six to twelve inches apart.

"It will if you keep that up."

"Well, I've got to have something worthwhile to tell Sara," she pointed out. "You wouldn't be mean and disappoint her, would you?" Her knees went wider still, and she began rolling her hips, which caused her panty gusset to stretch and shift over her mound in exceedingly interesting ways.

In short order, I had to reorient my cock to a more comfortable angle, or risk having it break in two. Watching my hand make the shift, she beamed, "I did it, didn't I?"

I confirmed her guess, then self-consciously withdrew my hand. But she kept working her hips and putting on a spectacular show, and it became impossible to resist placing my hand atop my pants and shifting my cock side to side to generate at least some friction to ease the frustration. "I wish you'd let me see it," she said. She could quickly see that that suggestion was not going to fly, so before I could respond, she added, "Or at least let me see the stuff after you ejaculate." She pronounced all four syllables of 'ejaculate' separately.

"You know about that now?" I asked, somewhat surprised. She had been quite clueless a mere four days ago.

"I saw stuff on the internet," she said, blushing. "And then I read about how it works." Diligent researcher, this girl. Another pause. "So can I?"

I shook my head no, and before she could pursue the issue further, I warned, "It's probably not even going to stay hard if you keep asking questions." Given her talent at movement, that was severely stretching the truth. But it did effectively shelve the topic, at least for now.

I considered moving my hand inside my pants, but that somehow felt too unfair to Ellie. If my cock was going to stay hidden, she ought to at least be able to see my hand. It was going to take two or three times as long to spurt, but with 'live entertainment' right in front of me, this was not a bad thing.

The end result was a sticky mess in my pants. Turning down Ellie's request to 'help', I made my way to the bathroom for a big wad of toilet paper. Not wanting a repeat of Sunday's 'battle of the shower', I stood with my butt leaning against the door while I repaired the damage as best I could. The precaution turned out not to be necessary, though.

When I returned to the living room, Ellie was laid out on the couch. She propped herself up, wanting me to sit so that she could put her head in my lap, something she hadn't requested in a while. "If you behave yourself," I admonished, and sat down. She agreed, and although she laid facing me with her Prime Area Of Interest scant inches in front of her face, she was perfectly content to just snuggle, and curled her legs up somewhat. I ran my hand up and down the outer thigh of her upper leg as she drifted off to sleep.

I actually drifted off as well, but luckily woke with a start about half ten, and carried Ellie up to her bed and tucked her in. She never really woke up during the transition, though she had her arms around my neck as I carried her, and reacted with a lazy smile when I kissed her forehead before leaving.

I went back downstairs, and was semi-sleeping once more when Amy arrived. I was especially grateful for the lift home this time, as well as confirmation that the following Thursday would be Employment As Usual. No longer totally tired, I sat down at my laptop to develop my encryption skills, but a review of the Ellie portfolio resulted in another satisfying wank, and the technical details were put off until the morning. But the next morning, I got the pictures transferred and safely locked away, confirmed that I could revisit them in all their glory whenever I wished (barring a brain fart that blew away the password) and finally restored my phone to a law-abiding state. I even took a huge set of random pictures of my room, just to ensure that the entire phone memory was overwritten.

Anonymous 16/09/16(Fri)04:28 No. 24679 ID: 94ccfa

Another 'fan fiction' extension of OP's masterpiece, with apologies. At least, it bumps the topic to where some new readers may encounter the delights of the original story.

Chapter 13: The Patter of Little Feet

The following Thursday, I happily surrendered my phone to Ellie, and she happily accepted it. Together, we went over some basic techniques: no flash on extreme closeups. additional lighting sources. shutter timer when your hand would otherwise be in the way. How to do better than simple hit-or-miss focus. yada yada yada.

One suggestion, patterned panties rather than single color to better define her curves, prompted her to run upstairs and change. She was initially miffed to find that her previous pictures were 'gone', until I explained that my phone couldn't deal with encrypted snaps, but that they were safely transferred to my laptop.

Ellie spent more than an hour experimenting with her new hobby. As a result, I now had a buttload (so to speak) of pictures on my phone, almost all featuring a pair of white panties overlaid with red crosshatch pattern; a smattering of the squares contained pink rose blossoms.

About half of these involved the timer, with the phone lens pointing at the ceiling while she stood/knelt upright above it. Phone on the floor, standing with a wide stance above it. Kneeling above it. One knee on the floor, the other cocked upward onto the seat of the couch. Phone at the edge of the coffee table, standing above it. Squatting down. I was genuinely surprised at her inventiveness.

Many of the poses were done both with and without flash; she studied the results, learning as she went. Her skirt was thin, light-colored and short, which meant that the non-flash versions were often the superior ones. I dutifully reviewed her new portfolio, judiciously critiquing as I went. I told her that I especially liked the upright upskirt snaps, ensuring there would be plenty more of that style in the future. But really, except for a few that went wrong technically, they were all superb.

Ellie played her DS for a while, opposite me and knees up, of course, while I conducted further review of the new material on my phone. Eventually, it was Sara's bedtime, and once again there was no fuss. I think it helped that I had given her a fair amount of attention while Ellie was busy in 'studio mode'. She started looking at the photos with us when Ellie handed back the phone, but soon lost interest and went off into her own little world again.

As was becoming usual, Sara called me back as I was leaving. I think when she had awkward things to say, we had to reach the 'last chance' stage before she got the courage to speak up. "If you let her do stuff, she's not going to tell."

"Did Ellie put you up to this?" I asked with a smile, certain that she did.

"No, it's what I think," Sara replied simply, turning over. OK, not so certain. And in any case, I agreed with her assessment.

Downstairs, back on the couch. Ellie was on her DS, legs uncharacteristically straight out and skirt draped modestly over her thighs. She stayed that way for nigh on ten minutes. Maybe she was waiting for me to request some eye candy, or perhaps she was waiting to make sure Sara was asleep?

In the event, she abruptly stood up and then stood on the couch cushions, unsteadily making her way over the cushiony landscape to my side of the couch. My puzzlement disappeared when she put one foot on the couch arm behind me, opening up a very nice vista between her thighs.

"I've been told this is my best side," she giggled, drastically misquoting me.

"I can see why someone might say that," I confirmed, staring fixedly at her patterned panties.

"Better than sitting?" she inquired, looking for guidance.

"Possibly," I replied. "I've got no complaints either way."

She fiddled with the hem of her skirt, and tried shifting her hips around, but it was clear she had not quite mastered this, at least compared to her performance the previous week. Which is not to say that it wasn't arousing, and sprouting wood delighted her just as much as it did the last time. "I don't suppose you're going to let me see it," she stated flatly. I shook my head no, and surprisingly, she didn't pursue it further.

Probably a sophisticated move on her part; I was much more amenable to grasping the growing lump and shifting it back and forth. Seeing her enthusiastic smile in response was heartwarming. Presently, she tired of standing (or so I surmised at the time), and perched delicately on the top of the couch backrest, still maintaining an open stance by leaving her foot on the couch arm.

Presently, her other foot began making contact with my thigh, slowly working its way higher. When she neared my crotch, she looked at me enquiringly. I gave her a slight nod, and withdrew my hand. Ellie reacted with the cutest little expression of triumph, and tentatively inched forward with her toes. She progressed to make solid contact with the sole of her foot, with a look of intense concentration, but sparkling eyes. My first foot job was at the hands (foot, actually) of a ten-year-old girl.

I was a little smarter this time, and had already stashed a wad of toilet paper in my briefs, so the cleanup was a little easier this time. It still required a trip to the bathroom, as the evidence most definitely needed to be flushed.

Still giddy with excitement and not at all sleepy, Ellie wanted to review her pictures with me. I sat normally on the couch, and she snuggled up next to me, and we looked at them together.

"I think this one is my best," she said proudly, indicating her upskirt closeup shot in which she was squatting close to the corner of the coffee table. Her mound and a small expanse of inner thigh filled almost the entire frame.

"Hard to argue with that," I conceded. But mostly the conversation centered around how to make the shots better; she wanted to know how to pose, how to adjust the camera settings, and so on. Overall, I think she was learning more about how to be a photographer than how to be a model. Probably a good thing.

By the time she got sleepy, it was already past her official bedtime. She continued to hone her negotiating skills with me, promising to not give me any grief about going to bed, as long as I 'helped' her change into her pajamas. Past experience suggested that this could turn into a very long conversation, and since it was something the non-responsible side of my brain wanted to do anyway, I agreed.

Teeth brushed, we went to her bedroom. Not wanting to awaken Sara, the bedroom light remained off; her dresser was right by the door, and there was plenty of light from the hallway to pick out her pajamas. Ellie had the good sense not to try to turn it into a striptease; she simply shed her clothes and got ready for bed, pleased at the attention she was getting.

True to her word, she hopped into bed and accepted a kiss on the forehead as I tucked her in. "You'll let me do that again, won't you?" she asked, looking at me with big doe eyes, which momentarily darted down to my crotch, just in case there was any confusion about what 'that' referred to.

"Probably," I replied. 'Definitely' was surely more accurate, but I didn't want it to sound like a promise.

The rest of the evening was uneventful. Amy seemed more tired than usual, so I declined the ride home and walked instead. Encryption and phone cleansing was the first order of business, followed by a good wank to the new pictures, and then sleep. One Thursday was better than all the other six days combined.

Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)00:18 No. 24684 ID: 4f9dba

More 'fan fiction' for the excellent 'Creeper' story ...so don't blame the OP for this...

Chapter 14: Flashing is Apparently Contagious

It was becoming hard to wait a full week to see the girls. Before Amy left for work the next Thursday, I told her, "Walking home really made me appreciate getting a lift. The next time you feel you need to get away for the evening, I'll watch the kids for free." I quickly added, "To pay you back for all the rides," hoping it would sound less creepy that way.

Amy looked almost as embarrassed as she did when we crossed paths at the nightclub. I hadn't really intended to pick at that scab, but I did. She said something about it being a very kind offer, and left hurriedly after calling out 'goodbye' to the girls.

Both girls came trotting down the stairs soon after, somewhat bewildered by the hasty exit, but quickly distracted by the prospect of 'Ed time'. To the casual observer, Ellie seemed more interested in my phone than in me, as she requested it straight away. She had clearly been talking with her little sister, because Sara sat exactly where Ellie usually did, and went through the same poses the older girl favored, all the while blithely playing with their shared DS. Sara mostly ignored us, but did seem pleased when I sat so that I could look directly at her.

Ellie was all over the place, trying out new poses, some pretty crazy. She 'sat' upside down on the other couch, her head on the seat and butt high in the air against the couch back, spreading and doubling over her thin legs. She raised the phone as high as she could to take her crotch shots, but had to make several tries, since judging how to point the camera lens was tricky. But she still included a plethora of 'pose above the camera' ones, too, since I had said that I favored those.

When Ellie was finished, she insisted on reviewing them with me, possibly to ensure that my attention shifted away from her sister. I shifted to a more standard sitting position on the couch, and she promptly jumped into my lap, her back against my chest, and her thighs spread out over mine. "Wait, one more," she giggled, putting the phone just above my knees and snapping a picture, then showing me that one first.

My legs were in the bottom part of that picture; I wasn't sure I should keep that one, but I wasn't going to mention that to Ellie. But sitting with her legs spread in a short skirt with blue and white striped panties prominently displayed was an incredible turn on, so you guessed it, the image survived.

She showed me the rest, and we even deleted some of the upside down ones that were almost completely off the mark. Sara had meanwhile wandered off, perhaps from having lost my attention. Ellie was a hyper-wriggly version of her usual self, clearly calculated to induce a boner, which sprouted quickly.

She could easily feel the lump her cute butt was rubbing against, but it was angled off toward the crease in my thigh, uncomfortably situated. I asked her to "stand up a sec" while I rapidly readjusted, and she was initially surprised to find it 'gone' when she settled back in, but presently she located her 'toy' pressing straight up between her cheeks. I admit to having slumped down a bit during the readjustment, which helped shorten her search time considerably. Her butt was about as effective as her foot was the last time, but when we had run through all the pictures, she was up and rocketing off to a new adventure. Either she had done more internet homework, or she just naturally understood how to tease.

Later there was a bit of tickling, progressing to some rough-housing, culminating with me on my back on the rug and Ellie sort of laying over me trying to pin me to the floor. The ruckus had attracted Sara, who clearly wanted to join in, but most likely refrained out of consideration for her sister. I hadn't spent much time with her on this visit, so it seemed like a good time to say, "Help me, Sara!"

She brightened up right away and joined the dog pile, though it was unclear who she was helping. She jumped on top of both of us and laid out on her stomach, but with her head toward our feet. She spread her legs widely, which suddenly made me flash back to Katie, half a lifetime ago.

Apart from token resistance, I did not try to get out from under them, and things slowly wound down. Ellie laid a bit off-center, one of my legs between hers, very reminiscent of the night in her mother's bed. The analogy might have occurred to her as well, because she started rocking her hips against me.

Her gentle thrusts became almost the only motion, and Sara soon lost interest and went off to her own world once again. I raised my leg a bit to give the victor a better angle for her hunching. Her hip pressed up against the lump inside my pants. She knew it was there, and seemed supremely satisfied that I was hard.

Ellie was content to remain engaged that way until I had to get up and put her sister to bed. Sara reached up to give me a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. That was new. I reciprocated with a kiss on her forehead, and then it was lights out.

Downstairs, Ellie had moved to the other couch, DS under heavy scrutiny. This couch was a two-cushion affair, appreciably narrower than the three-cushion one, with barely enough room for a child to lay out fully. She was sitting sideways in her usual revealing position, so I sat opposite her. It was a tight fit what with us facing each other, but that was her intent.

The panty-shot she was offering contained a bigger surprise: there was a hint of a wet spot on the gusset. Before long, she stretched one leg out in front of her. Her bare foot just happened to run into the underside of one of my thighs. Her other foot made its way to the floor, creating a tantalizing wide-open vista, and she slumped down a little in the process.

This put her foot further up my thigh. It seemed only fair to meet her halfway, so I scooted down a couple of inches as well. Quite soon after that, there was a tiny foot exploring an unfamiliar part of the male anatomy. There followed not a few questions about the exact nature of testicles, all the while her foot experimented with how they moved and reacted to pressure.

"Ed?" she asked, in a questioning tone, once she had her fill of answers. "I want to see what it's like to do it when you don't have your pants on."

"That's not a very good idea," I responded, attempting to be responsible and all that. Not that what was already happening was a stellar idea, mind you.

"You can still be a prude and leave your underpants on, you big baby," she said.

Ellie panicked briefly when I stood up, wondering if she had truly offended me, but then relaxed when she saw that I had engaged the safety chain on the door. Her mother had never come home early, but this would definitely not be a welcome scene to walk in on. Amy could still open the door with her key, but only an inconsequential sliver of the house could be seen until the chain was unlatched. Ellie figured that part out, but was completely mystified when I placed a hefty dictionary on the bottom stair step before returning to her. This was my reminder to unlatch the door once the girls were asleep. Mental note: next time, find something that could more plausibly be left on the step, but still sufficiently incongruous and large to catch my attention.

By the time I returned and actually dropped my pants, she had placed all the throw pillows within reach behind her back, moving her closer to my end. I considered getting back on the couch with my pants still around my ankles, but then discarded that absurdity and took them off completely.

Ellie's foot was back, and indeed it brought along a friend this time, as soon as I sat back down and spread my knees apart. There we stayed, both with knees up and thighs spread, while she worked on my crotch. One foot continued rubbing my balls, and the other got reacquainted with what she had now formally christened Mr. Stiffy.

I had forgotten to come armed with a wad of toilet paper this time, Ellie seemed somewhat surprised at the size of the wet patch on my briefs, and wanted to know what "that stuff looked like," though I bet she had already come across jpegs. I allowed a brief peek before I went to clean up. So now I can add 'flasher' to my resume.

On the drive home, I reminded Amy about my offer. She said, "Maybe Saturday, then? Unless you've got other plans." I assured her that she had a higher opinion of my social life than was warranted, and that Saturday would be fine. Anyway, if I had other plans, I would have canceled them.

Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)00:22 No. 24685 ID: 4f9dba

More 'fan fiction'...so don't blame the OP for this...

Chapter 15: A Pair of Presents

Ringing the doorbell a little before 7 on Saturday night produced thunderous footsteps down the stairs accompanied by delighted squeals. The girls let me in and were hugging me before I even got through the door, Sara's arm wrapped around a thigh and Ellie hugging my waist. The girls were clearly over the moon about this 'extra' visit. I was early, and by the time Amy finished dressing and came down the stairs, she was greeted with me walking around the room with both girls aboard. Ellie had jumped up on my back, and was getting a piggy-back ride, legs locked around my waist and arms tightly around my neck, giggling madly. Sara was still hugging the same thigh, with her feet balanced atop my foot, allowing me to walk stiff-legged with her in tow, too.

If she had felt any guilt about having a night to herself, I think this scene banished all such thoughts. She promised to be back "by midnight," but I told her to ring my phone if she wanted to stay out later. Once she had gone, Ellie wanted my phone straight away. She pounded up the stairs with it, followed closely by Sara. Since I had not been invited to follow, I stayed downstairs and watched TV.

After a surprisingly long time, I was summoned to their room, though I put the safety chain on the door before I went upstairs. Ellie orchestrated a slide show of her new pictures, and almost as oddly, Sara watched with us. After a few selfies of Ellie, the biggest surprise: Ellie's next image was of Sara on her bed, sitting in her characteristic revealing pose, smiling for the camera. Both girls had big smiles, waiting for my reaction.

I tried to look disapprovingly at Ellie, but it's impossible to claim the moral high ground when I had already been caught doing the same, and surreptitiously at that. Both girls giggled demonically, and Sara turned her interests to her dolls as we continued. The next series featured the younger girl sitting at the edge of her bed, then laying back, then with legs open. A low-angle shot right up Sara's skirt, then a more prim one from above, followed by a series where the hem crept higher, until it was up around her waist, white panties fully revealed. They were plain white with no pattern; either an oversight, or Ellie wanted to ensure that her own images were better than her sister's.

Indeed, the next batch featured Ellie sporting panties with a plaid pattern, going through the same sequence. Evidently Sara was the photographer for these.

There followed more of Sara, laying on her stomach on her bed, skirt creeping progressively higher up past her bum. Then another surprise: Sara's panties at half-mast, showing off half her cute butt cheeks.

Next up was Ellie playing the same role. Her panties were already rather low cut, but there was a whole series culminating in her entire bum exposed. "We had to delete one where you could see too much," Ellie commented, hoping I would be impressed with the way she followed 'the rules'. My arm was already around her, and I gave a little approving squeeze... though I found myself wishing I had seen the 'mistake'.

As we were reviewing a few more upskirt selfies that Ellie had taken, she motioned her sister back over. They were both watching when the last photo came up: both girls were on Ellie's bed, back to the wall, knees up and thighs spread, holding a little sign between them that read: "We love you, Ed!" They had colored this themselves, and the words were inside a big red heart. Hugs all around followed, and that card went home with me.

This last shot explained the oddly-positioned chair in their room; that must have been the platform to prop up the phone when they used the self-timer. I took one more picture myself, of them standing primly and holding the card. The version they had taken was not exactly suitable for posting on a bulletin board. Sara then wandered out and headed downstairs. It was officially past her bedtime, but it was Saturday, and she was getting a free pass in any case.

"Ed?" Ellie inquired, almost as soon as Sara was out the door. "I like wrestling with you, but how about letting me win this time?"

I pointed out that, even with Sara's help, she had 'won' last time. Sort of.

"Just let me win, OK?" Her tone was very matter-of-fact, not pleading. "There's something I want to try."

"Maybe," I replied. Of course I was going to let her, but it's not as much fun if you admit to it. A little tickle attack met with retaliation, a bit of rolling around, ultimately with me on my back, and Ellie sitting triumphantly on my stomach. I was pinned diagonally on the bed, my knees over the side, but the battle wasn't quite over.

Ellie had grasped both my wrists, and I kept raising them up as she fought to pin them to the mattress. She wanted them up above my head, so as she countered each insurgence, she inched her way up my torso. She reached the point where her shins were pinning my upper arms, she was leaning forward to pin my wrists down high above my head, and her crotch was planted on my throat. She looked down into my face and grinned, "I've really got you, don't I?"

Barring some actually violent movement on my part, she effectively did. I gave another surge and lifted my wrists briefly off the mattress. But it was surprisingly hard from that position, trying to rotate from the elbows, and I replied, "I guess you do."

"Do you give up?" she asked.

I shook my head 'no', partly to draw out the game, but also because I wanted to feel my chin rub across the front of her panties. Ellie clearly liked the sensation as well, prompting several more rounds of question and answer. She pressed herself solidly against my jaw, and began hunching a little on my neck. "Well then, I'll just keep you here till you do."

Sensing that she was ready to move on, I tried one last surge with my wrists, and then said, "OK, I give up."

"Do you give up completely?" she asked.


"Because!" was her non-answer.

"OK, I give up completely."

"When you give up completely, you can't move until I let you go," Ellie said. As answers go, better late than never, I guess. She was still massaging my neck with her pussy, so I had a pretty good idea where she was going with this. I nodded consent.

She took a little while to work up her courage, but then, biting her lower lip, she raised up and moved forward, coming down on my face. My mouth, actually. Ellie resumed her rocking motion, which gradually accelerated.

I hadn't done anything with my lips during her first tentative explorations, and now she was hunching on my mouth and nose with such abandon that it didn't make any sense to even try. Panties, thighs, and skirt were all I could see as I allowed the horny ten-year-old to ride my face. Eventually, she brought herself to a massive climax and, after a few shuddering aftershocks, rolled off to the side and collapsed.

Freed from the tent of her skirt, I saw Sara standing in the doorway out of the corner of my eye. One hand was under her skirt, clearly rubbing between her legs. I didn't let on that I saw her, and in fact turned a bit away, more toward Ellie. When I snuck a glance a little later, she had disappeared again.

Turning back to Ellie, I asked, "Do you know what happened there?"

"I think so," she nodded, still somewhat out of breath. But she still had questions, and snuggled against me as we lay on her bed as she got the best answers I could provide.

"I should check on Sara," I said, after an extended cuddle. Ellie headed for the bathroom, and I went downstairs to find Sara curled up on the couch, just about asleep. I carried her back to her room, helped her into her pajamas, and tucked her in bed.

"I watched what you were doing," Sara confessed. "Was that OK?"

I took that to mean 'OK to watch', and replied, "Ask your sister." That seemed to satisfy her, so I gave her a kiss, thanked her again for the card, and darkened the room as I left.

Downstairs, Ellie was sitting on the smaller couch, already drastically slumped down, just waiting for me -- no DS in sight. I took up my place, with a similar slump. Though perhaps half an hour had passed since she rolled off my face, my boner was still on high alert, and the panty show directly in front of me would have been an effective call to arms in any event.

Ellie's socked foot almost immediately made contact with my thigh. She was wearing knee high socks which vaguely matched the pattern on her panties. It wasn't long before that foot progressed to massaging my balls. "You're not going to be a big baby again, are you?" she asked cheekily.

"That depends," I replied, "on what 'giving up completely' entails."

"Oh, yeah," she beamed, pointing a finger at me. "You can't move!" Hesitating for a moment to see if I was going to object, she then rocketed forward and attacked belt buckle, button, and zipper with wild abandon. I let her struggle on her own to get my pants out from under my butt; no point in making it too easy for her. The briefs put up less of a struggle, though I did make sure the wad of tissue stayed behind despite the 'immobilization directive'. I was pretty sure it would come in handy very soon.

So. I'm naked from the waist down, on a couch, with a very enthusiastic ten-year-old girl hovering nearby. I had one foot still up on the cushions, the other on the floor, and Ellie kneeling between my legs. She slowly reached out, and let her fingertips tentatively graze my rod. Ellie progressed to rubbing it, and then rhythmically fisting it, her gaze bouncing between my face and her new toy all the while. At the critical juncture, I held the tissues in a position where it would catch everything while still letting my young student see the trajectory.

There were inevitably more questions once I had popped my cork, and she seemed overly impressed with the whole affair. When I gathered my clothes and headed to the bathroom, she followed me upstairs. She wanted me to stay naked, but I reminded her that (unlike on a work night) we didn't really know when her mother would be back. In the end, there was a compromise: pants back on, but briefs stuffed in my pocket.

It was by now after ten, and when I went to unchain the front door, Ellie begged me not to. Unchained meant "fun's over," and she kept saying, "I want to do that again." I was already semi-hard, so this was technically feasible. Her earnest begging was enough to get me away from the door, despite the fact that I really didn't want Amy to come back and encounter that chain. But with no TV or other noise, we'd probably hear the car pull up.

Ellie bounced around the living room, a dynamic little ball of energy. When I expressed surprise that she wasn't sleepy yet, she confided that, "I went to bed early last night, and we both tried to sleep late this morning, so that we could stay awake longer."

I had meanwhile laid on my side on the larger couch, and Ellie alighted on the coffee table right in front of me, then aimed her spread legs right at me. "Now, isn't this better than just looking at pictures?" she giggled, hiking up her skirt just in case there might be confusion about the subject. It was hard to argue with that logic.

Then she was up again, twirling around, and plopping back down, this time sitting sideways on my chest. I was 'forced' onto my back in the process. "Anyway, you can't move," she reasoned, "so you don't really have a say." One hand started working on my belt buckle, but most of her attention was on my face, searching for approval.

I cocked an eyebrow at her. "If you could force me to do something," I asked, "you wouldn't really make me do it if I didn't want to, would you?" This seemed to be an important point to get across to her, so I used my 'serious' voice.

"Well, no," she conceded, equally seriously. Then back to bubbly, "But I can make you want to." Another quick shift, and she was straddling my chest, facing my feet, and pulling her skirt up to her waist. She wiggled her cute bum at me from close range.

By this point, she already had my pants fully opened, and was watching for a reaction. "It jumped! That's a 'yes' vote, isn't it?" she asked triumphantly.

"I suppose it is," I replied. I'm not sure why I was feigning reluctance; perhaps it was my way of allowing her to 'win' another contest.

"Goodie!" she exclaimed delightedly, and wrapped her tiny hand around my cock. Markedly more confident with the earlier experience under her belt, she began smoothly jacking me off. Her skirt had fallen back down, so I lifted the curtain once more, then massaged her pert little ass.

At my urging, I guided her back and sat her delectable pussy on my face. I began nuzzling the soft flesh, and gradually her hips started reacting. As her attention was drawn to her own needs, her hand stopped moving, though she maintained an iron grip on my cock -- and especially so when she orgasmed right there on my face.

During her brief recovery it admittedly got a little hard to breathe, but I was reluctant to disturb her afterglow. I did lift her up a little as she began to stir, and she resumed her heavenly wanking once she got back up on her knees. I explored some little-girl butt and admired the view until she made me spurt.

Ellie went for some nearby tissue and handled most of the cleanup. Once my pants were back in order, the chain came off the door. Ellie followed me upstairs, and decided to visit in the bathroom while I reordered my clothes and got my briefs back on. I had put one of her stuffed animals on the steps at the bottom of the stairs, as an extra reminder about the chain, and that went back up the stairs with us.

She was finally getting tired -- it was after 11, after all -- and we did the same change-into-pajamas by hall light in her room. But with a little twist. Examining the state of the undies she just shed, she had a few more questions, and was worried what her mom might think when she saw them. "Maybe you could take these home with you and wash them, then sneak them back next week?" Capital idea, I thought, though they weren't going to get washed until the very last moment. Long story short, I went home with their card and some well-used panties in my pocket.

Amy returned about half 11, and drove me home. "I really should pay you for tonight," she remarked, apparently feeling guilty again.

I showed her the card the girls had made for me, though now that I think back on it, there were SO many ways for that to go wrong in the long run. But it seemed like a good idea at the time. "This qualifies as my best payday yet," I told her. "So in my book, I still owe you a freebie. Just let me know the next time you want to go out."

My budding encrypted catalog was becoming increasingly precious to me, especially with this latest addition. I emptied a little USB drive, copied all of Ellie's encrypted offerings onto it, sealed it in a plastic zip bag, put that in a small tin, and shoved the whole thing between two cinder blocks in the wall behind our house. It was more than just a hard drive failure I was protecting against; these would survive even if the whole house burned down. Nothing short of a tactical nuke was going to deprive me of my stash now. And in that scenario, I wouldn't be around to care anyway.

Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)00:25 No. 24686 ID: 4f9dba

More 'fan fiction'...so don't blame the OP for this...

Chapter 16: A Blast From the Past

On to the following Thursday, things went off with only minor variations. Ellie took off upstairs with my phone, but this time Sara remained with me, showing me more of her dolls and being uncharacteristically chatty. When Ellie returned, Sara even hung around for a while during the 'slide show' on my phone, but eventually drifted away.

Ellie sat as she had done last time, on my lap with her legs spread around mine, but now she wanted my legs apart as well. Once posed the way she wanted, she took a snap up her skirt. I only got a quick glance at the freeze-frame, and it looked a little odd, but Ellie wanted to start from the beginning, so it took a few photos before I figured it out. The little minx was sporting too-small panties in these shots, most likely belonging to Sara. Her mostly-white knickers were covered with a pattern of Spongebob images in various poses, alternating with Patrick. They were exceedingly tight, and the gusset left about half her pussy uncovered when viewed from below.

Given my tastes, these were hugely erotic images she had created. "Is that what you're wearing now?" I asked, slightly in awe.

"You'll just have to wait and see," Ellie replied, relishing my reaction. I didn't think I could wait, and my subconscious in fact did not. As we went through the photos, I discovered that my hand had run up her inner thigh, caressing her as it went. Ellie seemed to welcome this, so I consciously continued onward, until my fingers reached the apex. A few strokes confirmed that there was an awful lot of exposed flesh there, so the betting was heavy that she was currently wearing those same undies.

Reaching the last picture, of the two of us here on the couch, confirmed this. The sequence just before that image were all taken with her standing, holding her skirt up with one hand, with her other hand holding the phone in front of her and aiming at her hips. The images differed in the state of her panties, which started barely above half-mast and crept progressively lower. Although out of frame, her feet were clearly planted well apart, leaving plenty of room for the panty gusset to dangle freely between her spread thighs. All that covered her genitals from this angle was the tautly stretched material that would normally be covering her belly.

And in the last of the sequence, with her panties lowered completely off her hips, her thighs were a bit closer together, since the waist band was stretched to the limit. This one was most definitely a nude shot. "I wanted to show you this one before we deleted it," she explained. It did not escape her notice that I moved on without deleting. (Hey, it was going to be encrypted in just a few hours anyway. Waste not, want not. And I REALLY wanted that erotic shot.)

By this point, my fingers were concentrating on the thin strip of cotton in the middle, and Ellie was starting to breathe more heavily. I abandoned the fully upright position and leaned back, pulling Ellie along with me, one arm around her waist, the other hand busily working under her skirt between her legs.

Some of my attention was diverted to listening for any returning cars; I had not yet chained the door. But it turned out that nothing interrupted the young girl's slow building to a satisfying crescendo. As she laid atop me in the aftermath, her back still against my chest, my hand remained where it was, but my fingers paid more attention to the bare flesh on either side of her gusset.

Chaining the door was the first order of business once she was ready to get up. When I turned around, Ellie had already unzipped her skirt; she was just waiting to get my full attention. She dropped her skirt, then pranced around to show off her panties. Since they were intended for a much smaller child, they functioned as very tight low-riders, with a substantial amount of bum spilling out over the top in the back. They looked sexy from either side: in the front, the narrow gusset curving down between her legs left a lot of bare flesh exposed at the margins.

Ellie alighted on the couch, straddling the couch back and then bending forward to lay on her stomach there, one leg dangling down behind it, her other foot on the couch cushion. She patted the cushion with her hand, and said, "Come on back, Ed!"

I sat and leaned back against the arm rest, on the end with the delightful view of her butt, of course. It was such an erotic sight that, despite my misgivings about setting a precedent, I took out my phone and captured the image: rounded hump of the padded top of the couch pushing up between her dangling thighs, very short and delicate downy blond hairs populating the bare pussy flesh to either side of the narrow gusset, and a damp patch where my finger had been pressing the material between her peach halves.

Ellie wanted to see the result. I held up the phone, and she beamed, "Cool, huh?" I had to agree.

Now she was tugging at my pant leg, "Scoot down, Ed," she requested. I really didn't want to give up my vantage point, but I humored her, propping my head up on the couch arm as I laid out more fully. She laid a hand on the lump in my pants and gave a little squeeze. "I can tell you liked that," she teased.

Ellie dismounted the couch back and knelt between my legs, opening my pants and tugging them downward. I told her not to take them all the way off. She scowled, but settled for having my pants and briefs around my ankles. If a mad scramble to return to normalcy ever became necessary, pulling up my pants was far easier than finding them and putting them on. I had discussed 'emergency procedures' with Ellie before, and she knew her role was to collect her things (such as her skirt here) and race to her bedroom. I'd have enough trouble being nonchalant if Amy returned unexpectedly, and it would be nigh impossible for a ten-year-old caught with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar. Being upstairs gave her more time to compose herself and return to a normal demeanor. In fact, unless it was extremely early, the plan called for her to pretend to already be tucked in bed.

Such thoughts were always on my mind, even now with a ten-year-old girl using her hand to investigate my nuts for the first time. "I guess you like that, too," she giggled as my cock jumped in response. After some more exploration, she moved toward me to straddle my hips and set up a nice rocking motion, expertly dry-humping me.

My hands gravitated to Ellie's thighs, and I felt the smooth skin as she continued to grind away on my cock. Suddenly Sara appeared over the top of my head, leaning in with great interest to watch the crotch action. I just about jumped out of my skin at the unexpected company, but neither girl seemed to even notice my reaction!

The young pussy rocking atop my boner had a remarkably soothing effect, and apart from an elevated heartbeat, I quickly got back in the groove. Sara moved from the side of the couch around to the front, for a closer look. From here, I could see that she was rubbing her own pussy as she watched. I had told her that she should ask Ellie if it was OK to watch: apparently, they had had that conversation, and it was.

Despite being induced to almost have a heart attack or stroke or both, I came before Ellie, squirting up onto my belly and chest. Strangely, it was Sara who fetched some tissues and blotted up the evidence. Ellie seemed on the verge of saying something to her sister, apparently feeling that her territory was being encroached upon, but she didn't.

Sara wandered off, and I heard the toilet flush, disposing of the evidence. Or so I fervently hoped. Ellie doubled down, and hunched her way to orgasm. She collapsed on my chest, still in a crouch, wanting to be held.

When the time came, I got my clothing into a more respectable state, and helped Sara get ready for bed. She asked me to help her into her pajamas again; like her older sister, she seemed to want to show me her body. "Did you lend Ellie your Spongebob panties?" I asked her.

"No, those are hers, from when she was little," Sara replied. "She hadn't worn them in ages, though. She won't let mum throw them out; they were her favorites." No doubt they were my favorites, too.

Downstairs, Ellie had put her skirt back on (as I had suggested), and was engrossed in her DS on the smaller couch. I sat at the opposite end, DS in hand as well. But I spent a lot of time studying the way her panties hugged her young pussy, and Ellie spent a lot of time making sure I got a good look.

After about an hour of gaming, Ellie came over to me on all fours. "Ed?" she began tentatively. "Do you think I could 'win' again?"

"I don't know," I teased. "You won last time, but I'm feeling particularly strong tonight." I flexed my biceps to emphasize this, and was rewarded with a delighted giggle.

But of course I was a pushover. After a bit of quiet wrestling on the carpet so as not to wake her sister, I was on my back and she was sitting on my chest. She struck her own body-builder pose to mock me, but this left my hands free, which earned her some rib-tickling in retaliation.

Ellie soon had my wrists back under control, and she worked her way forward, pinning my wrists high. It ended as she had intended, sitting on my face, only this time, there was a fair amount of bare pussy massaging my mouth. Ellie let my lips and tongue explore for quite a while before descending into the out of control grinding phase.

I was surprised at how late it was when she finally dismounted: 10:40. Chain disengaged, plush toy back upstairs, teeth brushed. Ellie engaged in a delightful little stripping performance, then slipped into a short nightie. I helped her step into the hand-washed plaid undies I had with me, in exchange for her current micro-panties, which went in my pocket. Tucked in, quick kiss, back downstairs. All done in time.

Hello to Amy, quick lift home, encrypt the photos, wipe the phone straight away. Then, finally, time for a good whiff of those scanty panties, and a more thorough examination of the new pictures.

styxarcher 16/09/26(Mon)23:59 No. 24693 ID: cbffb7

I have been binge reading this for the past 3 hours only to learn that OP abandoned it 2 years ago. What a boner killer.

Anonymous 16/10/16(Sun)01:41 No. 24736 ID: b549fc

More 'fan fiction'...so don't blame the OP for this...

Chapter 17: Bath Time

The following week, I was given a new directive. "Make sure this one gets a shower before her bedtime," Amy directed, indicating Ellie, who was standing nearby with a big grin. "She likes to put it off, then what do you know, it's bed time, and no time for a shower. Don't let her get away with that."

That was the last thing their mother said before rushing out the door. I looked at Ellie. "You're not going to pull that trick with me, are you?"

"Oh, no," she said dramatically, eyes wide, as though it were unthinkable. "If you tell me to, I'll take one right now." She let the surprise wash over my face, before adding, "...if you take it with me."

I made her stop and think about what would happen if her mother returned to find me all wet, and Ellie conceded that it was not a good idea. "But you can still come supervise," she persisted, "and make sure that I do it right." She actually clapped when I agreed to that. "And you have to dry me off," she decreed as she bounded up the stairs.

I followed her upstairs, after chaining the door. Ellie was already in the bathroom, running the water. "Bath, not shower?" I inquired, noting which taps she was running.

"What if I need help washing my back?" she replied. "You'd get wet helping if I was in the shower. Bath is safer." She was standing by the tub and fiddling with the tails of her blouse. With a twinkle in her eye, she said, "I think I forgot how to do this. Maybe I need help already."

OK, too cute. But effective. I knelt down and unbuttoned her blouse for her. Before taking it off, I got up to close the bathroom door, but she said, "That's OK. You can leave it open."

Hmm. That probably involved some agreement with her sister. So the door stayed open, and I went back to 'helping' her with her blouse. No surprise, my help was needed for everything else as well, right down to her undies. Ellie made several adjustments to the bath water, each time bending at the waist with her cute butt and pussy pointed directly at me.

When she finally settled down into the tub, I sat on the lid of the toilet, more or less facing her. She made a point of keeping her legs apart as she washed. Raise one leg to soap it up, cock the other thigh out to the side. Slide down into the tub to rinse the shampoo out of her hair, spread WIDE in front of me. Finally, she crouched, presented her back to me, and asked me to wash it. Another dip under to rinse, then standing up, now requesting a good soaping for her butt. One more rinse, then up, legs spread and bent at the waist: a wordless request. One squeaky-clean pussy, coming up.

Ellie reluctantly squatted to rinse when I withdrew my hand. Before she could think about a new request, I took a towel and started drying her hair. I then wrapped her long hair in the towel, forming a turban, and had her stand. With a second towel, I dried her face, arms and torso, then had her put one foot up on the edge of the tub to dry that leg. She delighted in showing off her naked pussy, and leaned back as far as she dared to expose as much as she could.

Now her dry foot was on the bathroom floor, the wet one was propped up on the tub edge, and that leg got the same treatment. With Ellie standing directly in front of me, I draped the towel over my upturned palm and put it between her legs. While my right hand ran the towel back and forth along her pussy, my left took a corner of the towel and dried her butt cheeks. My left hand also gently pulled her toward me, forcing her into a bit of a bow-legged stance as she straddled me and the toilet bowl, which elicited a nervous giggle.

The towel departed, but my busy hands did not. One cupped her bum while the other massaged her freshly-dried pussy. It did not stay dry for long; my middle finger was soon slick with her juices. Ellie put her arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder, squatting onto my lap gradually as her leg muscles turned to jelly.

I parted my legs to ensure she was as spread open as possible. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sara standing in the doorway, doing to herself what I was doing to her sister. Or a reasonable approximation. But I now shifted gears, inserting the tip of my finger into her virgin hole in addition to directly massaging her blossoming clit, which made Ellie an order of magnitude more animated. By the time she arrived at a shattering climax, she was bucking so violently that I truly needed both hands to stay with her.

Her high-pitched keening gradually gave way to heavy panting, and then to a more relaxed posture on my lap. When she was ready to let go of me, I dipped a wash cloth in the bathwater, and wiped away her juices. Another brief toweling, and she was as fresh as when she first stepped out of the bath.

Ellie's amnesia apparently extended to dressing as well as undressing, so I followed her to her room and helped her into her nightgown. It was really a football jersey, kid-sized, and apparently an old one that she had outgrown, because it was somewhat threadbare, hardly covered any thigh at all, and probably would have been unwearable had it not been stretchy cotton knit. It clung to her butt like it had been painted on, looking more like a sexy micro-dress than a nightgown. It had to be flipped up to her waist (quite a sight, that) to have any chance of getting her panties on under it. While we were there, her precious Spongebob undies were returned to the special corner of the drawer where she kept them.

Ellie wanted my phone next; no surprise there. Meanwhile, responsible lad that I am, I busied myself draining the bath, cleaning it, gathering up her discarded clothes, and otherwise straightening up. When I finally went back downstairs, both girls raced past me in the other direction. Sara was carrying my phone, so her sister had apparently recruited her again. I settled in to watch TV.

I was on the verge of going up to check on them when they pounded down the stairs and swarmed over to me. Ellie picked up the remote and turned off the TV, supremely confident that her 'show' trumped whatever I had been watching. Smart girl. With her back to me, she sat on my lap, straddling one thigh. Sara occupied my other thigh in the same manner, and I put an arm around each waist when they leaned back against me. Ellie held up the phone and began her slide show.

The first was of Sara, riding the back of the couch like a horse. The next was from behind, with her leaning forward. Her tiny skirt was short enough to let a hint of light green panties peek out between the couch back and hem. Her skirt was flipped up in the next one, showing a large expanse of green. Not as much green in the next: her panties were at half-mast.

"Must you corrupt your sister?" I asked Ellie (quite ineffectively; my tone conveyed more approval than disapproval, and was met with giggles from both sides). The next few were upskirts of Sara standing, from varying distances. Ellie struck the same pose; her panties were dark blue, with a pattern of very small orange dots, apparently snapped by Sara.

Her next pose was somewhat strange: bent over the couch arm, tummy on the arm, head and shoulders on the cushion, legs apart and trailing off to the floor. Sara took pictures from behind, showing Ellie gradually peeling her nightgown up over her jutting butt, then more as she lowered her panties. These culminated in an extreme spread with those panties dangling around one knee.

The surface of each end table was mostly glass, held in oak frames. Ellie sat on that in a wide straddle; a low-angle shot captured her nightgown curled back to her hips, panties fully exposed. Even lower angles were shot up through the glass, featuring her entire panty gusset pressed against the glass. Sara tried the same, but her knees couldn't quite straddle the full width, so she sat caddy-corner nearer to an edge. First Sara and then Ellie repeated the sequence, but without panties the second time around.

I knew I was going to keep all of these. I would be going home with dynamite material on my phone. In more ways than one: such photos should not exist even briefly in an unencrypted state. I resolved that in the future, I should bring my laptop over here with me.

The girls found an imaginative use for just about every piece of furniture in sight. About a third of them featured a partially or completely bare pussy. The ratio tipped more toward nudity when they went upstairs. The bedroom pictures were exclusively of Ellie, with Sara serving as photographer.

The first was beautifully done, with Ellie 'asleep' on her bed, hair radiating outward from her pillow, legs apart with one dangling off the edge of the bed. This one did not show panties (hard to do with such a short, tight nightshirt, but they managed it by choosing the camera angle carefully). Then the nightgown crept up, the panties inched progressively lower, and the last shot showed them around one ankle.

The next crazy series had Ellie doubled over, butt high in the air, thighs spread wide, grinning wickedly. Her panties went down and down, until they were finally draped around just one knee.

There were many more, mostly nude, all delightful. She tried, for example, a cheerleader split pose, which showed off her bare pussy remarkably well. The most memorable, though, was a series of simple upskirt shots. Running through the progressive closeups, it was hard not to imagine Ellie sinking her bare pussy down onto my face.

Sara was on the verge of falling asleep by the time we finished. I imagine she lost interest once there were no more snaps of her, but at any rate it was past her bedtime. I carried her upstairs and tucked her in, then went back downstairs to attend to the other budding nudist.

Ellie had her feet up on the couch, legs stretched straight ahead, sitting very primly (no mean feat with that tiny nightshirt). I sat on the floor next to her, my head near her knee. She gave me an odd look, since this was very nonstandard behavior, then asked, "Were our pictures OK?"

I assured her they were, and she was visibly relieved. Officially, the 'no nude snaps' directive was still in place, but she had sensed that it was 'no longer operative,' and was glad to have her hunch confirmed. "Are you wearing panties now?" I asked.

"What do you think?" she responded, evading the question.

"I'm going to guess 'no'," I said, pretending to give it weighty consideration. I lifted her closest knee and moved it to the other side of my head, revealing her bare crotch in all it's glory.

"What happened to your undies, young lady?" I inquired, feigning shock.

"Umm, they fell off," she deadpanned.

"That's dangerous," I informed her with mock seriousness. "What if you were attacked?" I planted a kiss on the inside of her knee.

"Who would attack me?" she asked, not sure where this was going.

"Strangers. Maybe pirates!" I responded. A few more kisses, higher up.

"Ooh, scary," she said. She saw that my neck was pressed right up against the edge of the couch, and realized she would have to move if my kisses were going to reach any more of her thigh. She slid forward slightly.

"Maybe even... (dramatic pause) cannibals!" I 'warned'. I began kissing the newly-accessible patch of skin.

"You mean," she giggled, clearly getting the reference, "I could be in danger of getting eaten?" She turned slightly more toward me and slumped down a tiny bit as well.

I wondered if she had run across the euphemism on informational sites, or if she had simply been reading porn on the internet. "Oh yes," I answered, between kisses that traveled further up her thigh, "Statistics show that losing your undies dramatically increases your chance of being eaten."

"Oh dear," she said. Her breathing was becoming erratic, and the dire warnings somehow did not dissuade her from moving even closer to the edge of the couch. Her bald pussy was only about an inch away from my face now, and my lips could just about reach the hollow at the top of her thigh. I remained stationary; she was going to have to cover the remaining distance on her own, which she promptly did.

Feeling my lips on her bare slit caused an unnaturally loud intake of breath. She surged forward even more, mashing her mound against my face. Her hips began vibrating, and within a minute her hands were clasping my head, pulling me in. Ellie orgasmed in a surprisingly short amount of time.

It was by no means a quiet one, so I refrained from stimulating her further, though I did keep my face buried in her crotch as she descended from the peak. For whatever reason, her next topic of conversation revolved around the mechanics of intercourse. She wanted to know if we could do that. Rather than a flat 'no', I reminded her of how tight the tip of my finger felt inside her, and had her imagine how much damage something much bigger would do, not to mention the pain. I was careful to keep this in terms of her 'size' rather than her 'age', so that in her mind it wouldn't be an issue of maturity or lack thereof. We discussed the fragility of her hymen, and I cautioned her that she would find all sorts of misinformation on the internet, and that she should not try anything risky. Though visibly dejected, she understood the logic.

"But we can do something almost as good," I told her, "without harming you." She brightened at the prospect, and her mood changed in an instant, despite not having the slightest inkling as to what I was going on about. All I had in mind was a glorified dry-hump, but that was not a profitable way to present it to her. I instead emphasized the similarities, and then showed her.

With enthusiastic cooperation from Ellie, I knelt in front of her, peeling down my pants and briefs, then raised her legs high in the air. Moving right up against the couch positioned my cock between her thighs, and then squeezing her legs together made a very tight pocket for my rod. Her pussy was angled so that thrusting caused the underside of my cock to slide along her slit; the result was a very nice mock-fuck with this perfect ten-year-old girl.

Ellie actually came before I did, thank goodness -- it was important that she regard this an acceptable substitute for the real thing. And she clearly liked watching me shoot off soon after; I had tissues handy, so we avoiding having to deal with a sticky nightgown. I had figured out a while back that the rational strategy would be to stuff toilet paper into my pocket while I was still at home, but tonight was the first time I actually remembered to come prepared.

Post-cleanup, Ellie had a few more questions. We were coming up on her bedtime, and she was obviously tired, so upstairs we went. Well, slight backtrack to unlatch the chain, then upstairs. I found her 'lost' panties on her bed, and I helped her step into them. I observed that there was no need for my special laundry service this week, and she giggled out loud at that.

"Ed?" came a query, which startled us both. Sara was apparently awake. "I don't want mum to see my dirty undies; could you take them with you to clean?" I glanced at Ellie to make sure she was OK with the idea; she might interpret the request as encroaching on her prerogatives. She was OK. Mostly. I guess.

I peeled back Sara's covers, she raised her butt and I stripped off her panties, then fetched fresh ones from her drawer and helped her into them. I tucked her back in, and then it was Ellie's turn. She wanted me to stay with her for a while, so I sat on her bed next to her while she tried to sleep. She lay on her side, back to me, and pulled my arm around her. With my hand by her shoulder, she hugged my forearm to her chest, and drifted off to sleep relatively quickly. I was able to extricate myself and get back downstairs well before Amy returned.

Anonymous 16/10/16(Sun)01:42 No. 24737 ID: b549fc

More 'fan fiction'...so don't blame the OP for this...

Chapter 18: Double-teamed

My backpack, containing laptop and cables, came with me this time. Sara and Ellie seemed especially excited about my arrival, and dragged me up to their room literally the second their mom was out the door. Just about the first thing the girls wanted to do, both of them, was play-wrestle. I discovered this as they launched their surprise attack, knocking me back onto Sara's bed, but in the ensuing chaos we somehow wound up on the floor. My role was to make the contest entertaining, but ultimately lose. Soon I was on my back with both girls on top of me. Ellie was seated on my stomach, and Sara had just done a belly-flop onto my chest. Four small hands got control of my right hand, and Sara pinned my wrist down just in front of her, pressing with all her might.

Ellie now went for my left wrist, and once captured, she pulled it straight up, which jammed my upper arm well up between Sara's spread thighs; Sara promptly scissored my arm. I was being held in a cross-body pin by a seven-year-old. A bit of tugging by Ellie got my left bicep pressed right up against her sister's pussy.

This left the older girl free to slide down almost to my knees and work on getting my pants and briefs pulled down to my thighs, which she did with practiced efficiency. "You let Sara give you a stiffy," Ellie said. "Perv!"

Guilty as charged. Young as she may be, the little minx had been humping my arm the whole while. Ellie recaptured my wrist and yanked on my left arm, wedging it more firmly into her sister's crotch. Sara rubbed her pussy against my bicep at an increasing rate.

To reach my arm, Ellie had to move forward onto my hips, and having her panties pressed against my bare boner was not going to make it go away. Not that anyone wanted that to happen, of course.

The girls then concentrated on my right arm, trapping it at my side, under Ellie's thigh. Ellie proceeded to go after my left arm, and secured it under her other thigh, though Sara was noticeably reluctant to give up the saddle she was riding. The older girl leaned back slightly to pin both my wrists, then began dry humping me slowly and deliberately.

"Go on, do it," Ellie exhorted her little sister, almost in a whisper. Apparently they had planned something out beforehand, and after a bit more encouragement, I found out what was up. Sara straddled my head, and after only a slight pause, dropped her panty-clad pussy onto my face. They were Toy Story themed, with Jessie twirling a rope occupying the front panel, and from my vantage it looked for all the world that a tiny cowgirl was riding my face. Which was, in the event, remarkably accurate.

Unlike her sister, who seemed to unerringly land on my mouth, Sara was more centrally located. This was apparently not a misjudgment, since she continued to favor my nose and only occasionally glided back onto my mouth. Ellie worked up a head of steam on my boner while Sara slid back and forth in an attempt to have my nose plow her furrow. Her labia were unexpectedly unyielding; my nose did not seem to separate them very far, despite her pressing down with just about all her weight.

Ellie rubbed herself on my cock to a nice climax, then continued to work me over until I spurted, making a mess of my stomach and shirt. She got up to get some tissue, which her sister apparently interpreted as 'Game Over,' since she stood up as well. Sara watched while Ellie wiped up the mess, then the younger girl took the evidence and drowned it in the toilet.

Standing up, Ellie put a socked foot on my chest and adopted a much wider stance than was necessary, revealing a pale blue and white checkerboard pattern on her panties. "We got you pretty good, didn't we?" she asked. I returned her grin and nodded silently. If you're going to lose in combat, that's a good way to go. "Surrender your camera, and we'll let you go."

After negotiating my 'release', I went downstairs and got out my laptop. A bonus of my new cautionary strategy was that I was no longer limited to TV or DS; I could play real video games when neither girl required my services.

In the event, I saw neither hide nor hair of them until I went upstairs to remind Sara that she was supposed to take a bath before bedtime. The two of them were still messing with my phone; Sara was the photographer and Ellie was 'modeling' when I arrived. Ellie snatched the phone from Sara and the two of them grinned at each other and then at me, clearly sharing a secret.

Ellie headed downstairs while I helped Sara with her bath. She wanted help with everything this time, not just her hair. I debated using a wash cloth, but ultimately went with bare hands to soap her up. Hair first, then upper body, all while sitting up. She laid back to wash off, then lifted one leg at a time, and for a while I had two soapy hands encircling a spindly leg before she lowered it again. Finally, she knelt up with her knees apart, and I attended to her upper thighs. When I soaped between her legs, she giggled and clamped her thighs around my hand. "That tickles!"

"Sorry," I said, noting that she wasn't letting go of my hand. I gave her a doubtful look, and Sara somewhat sheepishly opened her stance. But the moment I resumed washing her again, she clamped down with more giggling. We went through this sequence three times, something she clearly engineered to keep my fingers pressed against her pussy for as long as possible.

She was about to close the trap for a fourth time when I pulled my hand out. "Now my bum!" she exclaimed, turning her back to me and bending over. Her cute little cheeks got a very thorough scrubbing, which she patiently accepted until I told her it was time to rinse.

Sara turned around again and sat down, this time with her knees up and parted, and splashed her butt up and down in the water. This was an effective rinsing, but seemed mostly designed to show off her little slit.

Standing up, she allowed me to towel her off, working from her head downward. Presently she put one leg on the rim of the tub, and I got her foot and shin mostly dried. Sara put that foot out on the bath mat, straddling the tub rim as I worked up her thigh.

Another giggle when I reached her pussy, and she clamped her legs together in knock-kneed fashion. "I really liked wrestling with you," she confided, with an uncharacteristic blush. She was moving her hips back and forth on my towel-covered hand, so this was not exactly a non sequitur.

"I had fun, too," I replied, using both hands to work on her other thigh. Sara braced her hands on my shoulders for stability as she brought her other leg out of the tub, and I finished toweling with both hands on her butt, making the towel into a rather long skirt.

While I hung up the towel, Sara picked up her discarded panties from the floor. "Maybe you could take these with you, so mummy doesn't see?" she asked shyly. I had her pair from last week still in my pocket, so we basically made an exchange, and I helped her into the undies I had previously rinsed for her. She gathered up the rest of her clothes, and we went back to her bedroom, where I helped her into her bed clothes and tucked her in.

Downstairs, Ellie was in her characteristic hot pose on the couch, but reviewing the material on my phone rather than playing with her DS. Just as characteristically, I sat opposite her and enjoyed the panty display. But this ended almost immediately, as she bounded over and sat between my legs, leaning back against my chest. She showed me a series of still shots that Sara had taken of her, and then surprised me with a video!

"She pressed the wrong stuff, and we got a movie of the camera pointing every which way between shots," Ellie explained. "So we deleted that, and then set it up to actually film stuff." She looked back over her shoulder at me. "Do you like it?"

The 'it' she was referring to was video of her on hands and knees on the bed, apparently trying to twerk. "We tried putting a pillow under me, but when I pressed down into it, you couldn't see my panties very well," she said. "And I know you like seeing panties."

It turned out they were making a video simulation of her grinding against me. I had figured she had picked up twerking from the internet, but she was not familiar with the term -- she basically invented it on her own, smart girl. Since Ellie was near the edge of the bed, Sara had a wide choice of angles. The scenes with the camera pointed upward from below bed level were very hot indeed.

And to round out the scenario, the next video was of Sara, shot from below, of her standing with spread thighs, slowly moving to a closeup of her panty crotch. Ellie continued her running commentary. "We tried it first with her skirt on, but the lighting wasn't good. It was too dark between her legs. So we did it this way, which worked fine until she got too close. So just ignore the end of this one." Ellie stopped it prematurely once the screen got very dark. They intended to create a reminder of Sara sinking down onto my face, and they succeeded admirably.

Ellie could feel how hard I was, so there was a brief 'intermission' while she sat me more normally on the couch, and worked my pants and briefs down around my ankles. Then she sat on my lap once more, with her back against my chest. My knees were only slightly parted, but hers were spread wide, and my cock was directly below her. The top of my boner was pressing up against her panty gusset, but once she started her next video, one of her hands snaked under my cock and ensured there was solid contact. My hands caressed her inner thighs as we watched, and she began rocking back and forth against my thighs and cock.

The video was a cute strip-tease. Ellie unbuttoned her blouse while standing, then laid back on her bed with her shirt fully opened. With her feet planted on the bed, her knees up and spread, she began rocking her hips and then thrusting them upward as her skirt fell back. After a while, she peeled her panties down and left them entangled around one ankle, then resumed the upward thrusts. Her hands went to her inner thighs as she worked it, much like where my hands were currently. The video ended with Sara moving ever closer, until nothing but ten-year-old bare pussy filled the frame.

"You like?" she said, grinning back over her shoulder. I assured her I did (rather superfluously, since her hand had a firm grasp on my reactions). She bit her lip. "I'm gonna try something," she said tentatively. Not sensing any objection, she hooked a finger in the leg band of her panties, pulled the material outward, and stuffed my boner underneath her panty gusset.

I found out later that the panty job idea was indeed sparked by her internet wanderings. Her hand went back to pressing my boner against her crotch, now with a layer of material between hand and rod, but my cock and her pussy were rubbing skin to skin.

And rub she did, with a vengeance. Her hips vibrated rapidly, and I came in an embarrassingly short time, spewing all over the inside of the front panel of her panties. I did have tissues in my pocket, but my pockets were down around my ankles, impossibly far away. And nothing would have derailed Ellie in any case: she kept grinding away until she reached her own climax.

My hands remained high up on her inner thighs, caressing her. After she had recovered sufficiently, she pulled out the waist band of her panties and surveyed the damage. "You made quite a mess," she mock-scolded. I moved her to the side, then relieved her of her panties. I cleaned them, and myself, with the tissues, shoving them back in my pocket, along with her incriminating panties.

Ellie was sitting on the couch with her feet propped up on the coffee table, and she was rhythmically lifting her hips off the cushion. "Remember how the video ended?" she asked with a sly grin.

I understood the reference, and knelt between table and couch, lifting one of her legs like a drawbridge and kissing my way up her thigh. Ellie lay back contentedly as I thoroughly ate her out until she exploded.

It was getting late, so I helped her get dressed for bed, but then she came back downstairs and watched as I transferred and encrypted the precious new files, tested that they could be unlocked, and then wiped the phone. Door unlatched, I tucked her in and, with two pair of well-used panties in my pocket, waited for Amy to return.

Anonymous 16/10/16(Sun)01:43 No. 24738 ID: b549fc

More 'fan fiction'...so don't blame the OP for this...

Chapter 19: The Interrogation

Once we were alone the following Thursday, the girls seemed just as excited and impatient as the last time. Seeing as how they dragged me upstairs last time before we put the chain on the door (the discovery of which challenged my bowel control when I came back downstairs after that 'wrestling match'), I first explained the new protocol to them: all three of us had our own checklist to go through at the start of each night. The one and only item on each was: Chain The Door!

With a stuffed rabbit plush toy standing sentinel at the bottom of the stairs (the 'unchain' reminder for later), I let them lead me upstairs. The girls took turns explaining that we were going to 'play pretend', and once in their bedroom, Sara produced a plastic toy gun and announced, "Hands above your head!"

Even in her tiny hands, the gun was ridiculously small, but I felt it best to comply. The order was countermanded by Ellie, who wanted my hands held out in front of me. She had come prepared with a decorative belt with interlocking silver links, which she looped around my wrists, then drew the remainder between my wrists and looped that around the bonds. She had a little paper clip which she threaded through two strategic links, and then I was led away in chains. She was wearing a denim skirt, which I suspected actually belonged to Sara, since it was so ridiculously short for her.

So I watched as Ellie led the way, towing me along with her 'leash', and Sara followed behind and tended to her guard duties. The secret Dungeon Room was artfully disguised as an ordinary bathroom; after closing the door behind us, I was made to stand with my back to the door. Ellie dragged the little one-foot-high stool in front of me, and stood on it so that she could loop that belt over the clothes hook jutting out from the back of the door. There was, it seemed, no way to leave the dreaded dungeon without their consent.

Ellie turned to Sara and asked, "Where's the pillow case?" and was met by a little 'oops' from her sister. Sara started for the hall linen closet, then stopped when she realized that their captive was blocking the exit. "Never mind," giggled Ellie, who turned and started rooting around in the dirty clothes hamper. "I think these will be perfect," she said triumphantly, withdrawing a used pair of knickers that I immediately recognized as hers.

Standing on the stool again, she hooked the waistband under my chin and drew it up over the top of my head, covering my face. With a little adjustment, she arranged for one leg opening to allow my mouth and chin to peek out, and the other leg hole was pulled back onto my forehead. This, of course, put her gusset right across my eyes, and she managed to get the elastic leg band hooked right under my nostrils. "He looks at our undies all the time, but now he can watch from the inside," she said to her sister.

"Mine too, mine too!" clamored Sara, having fished her own out of the hamper. Ellie pulled these down over the crown of my head, until Sara's waistband was past the bridge of my nose. Two layers of fabric from the elder girl and a third from Sara made an impenetrable blindfold.

I heard the stool scrape back, and then two sets of hands went to work on my belt and zip. In short order, my shoes and trousers were gone. Next, I was urged to step forward a bit, and the hamper was inserted between my butt and the door, forcing me into a rather permanent pelvic thrust, since my hands were still 'chained' high up on the door. Then the stool was back, between my legs this time, forcing me into a wide stance.

"There's some knickers that have gone missing," Ellie intoned. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, now would you?"

"It wasn't me, officer," I protested earnestly.

"Mmm hmm," Ellie replied. "We'll see about that." She cupped my balls, stroking them gently. "It will go badly for you if you withhold information, you know."

"You've got the wrong bloke," I maintained with as much stoicism as I could muster.

"Here I am, merely asking you about panties, and you go all hard on me. Pretty incriminating, if you ask me. Don't deny it!"

Well, her hand was doing more than asking questions, but it would be impolitic to bring that up. "Yeah, I like them a lot. That's just natural. Nothing wrong with that."

"It is if you steal them," she said sharply.

"You've got the wrong bloke," I repeated.

"We don't think so. You see, when we were 'helping' you get more comfortable, a pair of undies fell out of your pocket."

"Obviously, those are mine," I deadpanned.

"Oh, they fit you then?" Ellie asked sharply.

"Just as good as the two pair you've got me wearing now," I replied with a sudden flash of inspiration. Touche!

"Then surely you can identify them," she rejoined reasonably.

"Fine," I replied, in as sullen a tone as I could manage. "Just take off the blindfold."

"We have a better method of identification," Ellie said confidently. She stripped off my briefs, and I helped, as any good prisoner should, by lifting a foot. After a small pause, fabric encased my jutting cock, and her small hand held it tightly around me and began wanking. "Surely you would know your own possessions," Ellie said sarcastically, "so it should be easy to tell if these are yours."

"Oh yes, they're definitely mine."

"Then you should be able to describe them in detail," Ellie replied immediately, springing her trap. "We might be trying to fool you with our own panties," she warned, trying to sow the seeds of doubt.

"Definitely mine," I asserted. "Toy Story panties, with a big picture of Jessie on the front."

She was a bit stunned when I perfectly described them, but recovered well. Ellie whipped them off of my cock and seemingly walked away. "And what about these?" she queried as another wank began. The interesting thing was that it clearly was Sara's hand doing the stroking this time.

"Same ones," I said, almost immediately, and added, "Jessie's face down with her head pointed to the window," surprising her once again. Thinking she smelled a rat, she wrapped a thick towel around my head to ensure I could not see, and repeated the experiment.

"Well now, Jessie is underneath me now, and pointed the other way." They really shouldn't have been so surprised; each time the distinctive silkscreened main figure on the front had a very plastic-like texture and was easily discernible.

There was a prolonged silence while Ellie removed the towel and seemingly thought about how to proceed. Sara silently continued her new experience. "We have security video of you stripping them off a very cute but defenseless little girl, and then pocketing them," Ellie finally replied, dropping the hammer. I shuddered to think what that would be like if it were true in reality!

"Well, then," I hemmed and hawed. "You should have said that right off. That's entrapment, that is!"

"Busted!" Ellie crowed. "You better come clean, or you might get busted much more vigorously." As she said this, she cupped my nuts and stroked a bit more forcefully than before. After a few seconds, she added, "You see, these are not the ones in the security video. Now where are they?"

"Uh, I don't have them any more."

"Suit yourself," she said dismissively. My cock and balls were released, and Sara seemed to wander away, though she clearly had to still be in the room. I heard a zip and some fabric fall to the floor; it turned out to be Ellie's skirt. She stood on the low little stool and by going up on tiptoes, she got my cock between her legs and closed her thighs tightly. I had a little play in the 'dungeon chains', so I bent my knees enough for her to stand flat-footed on the stool.

"You'll confess eventually," she stated. "We have ways..." I silently resolved to experience every one of those ways. The first of those ways involved her moving her hips so that the top of my cock got a thorough panty polishing.

I was disappointed when she dismounted a few minutes later, but soon enough it was Sara's turn. There was no way I could sink low enough for her little legs, so Ellie helped boost her up and she held me tightly around my neck. This knicker polishing didn't last as long, since Sara's arms tired quickly.

In the next changing of the guard, there were two variations. It was Ellie's butt that pressed against me, and it was clear that her panties had joined her skirt on the floor. Now there was smooth but slippery bare quim gliding along the top of my cock. Each time she thrust her butt back against me, her fingers caressed the head as it poked out between her legs.

Then she stopped dead (except for repeatedly squeezing her thighs together, which perhaps she was not even aware of). "You get only one more chance, so think carefully before you answer. Confess to your crimes, or I'm going to STOP this interrogation!"

I did not think carefully at all. I readily confessed to being a panty thief, to stripping little girls of their panties (robbery, not just burglary!), being a loli-lover, and every other thing of which I was accused. What's more, I confessed to mass murdering all the TeleTubbies, just for good measure.

"Write all this down, Sargent," she intoned, apparently to her sister, as she resumed her back and forth stroking of the cock encased between her legs. Augmenting the pussy and thigh friction, her hand slipped underneath to rub the underside, though pushing up to get even more friction against her pussy seemed to be her main goal. I was inspired to add to my list of crimes, until finally a record-distance stream of cum shot most of the way across the bathroom.

That ended my interrogation, and I was summarily 'freed'. Ellie ran off with the camera, but Sara helped me clean up and straighten up, and was ready for her bath right away, even though it was relatively early. In fact, she wanted me to bathe with her, which is probably why both girls were adamant that I not get dressed until I had cleaned up the 'Interrogation Room'.

I indulged her, sitting in the tub with her and cleaning her much as before, but when we were close to finished, she wanted to sit in my lap with her legs wrapped around my waist. Perhaps her motivation was to not let her adventurous older sister get too far ahead of her; with her arms around my neck, she pressed her spread pussy against me and had a nice little hunching ride against my appreciative cock, and then she was ready to be dried off.

I helped her into pajamas, and she followed me downstairs, where Ellie had (apparently) finished up her work in front of the camera, and was engrossed in reviewing the results from her usual place on the couch. Even sitting primly, her super-short skirt would be revealing, but as usual, she was posed quite provocatively, with her knees up and apart.

Sara seemed especially eager to watch the video, and it wasn't long before I discovered why. But first, Ellie wanted me to transfer the three videos to my laptop, so we weren't confined to watching on a tiny phone screen.

They each took up residence on a thigh, and we started the playback. It seems that Sara had switched from gunman to videographer once my pants were stripped away, just as soon as she could get my phone turned on. Technically, you couldn't tell it was me in the video, not with my head encased in panties, but if the bathroom is recognizable, who else could it be? I patiently explained that I can't be in videos with them because the consequences were way too dangerous. Ellie seemed to be instantly ready with her refutation. "And all the other videos we took, they would get you in deep trouble if they were found?"

"Of course," I said, exasperated.

"And you're desperately worried about those others, then?" she said immediately.

"Well, I encrypt them," I responded, but I could see where this was going.

"And this is different how?" she asked, leadingly. Someday, I may win an argument with her. I guess this was not one I really wanted to win, anyway. Without waiting for an answer, she resumed playing the video, which was actually pretty good. The only technical issues were when they were changing roles, as the camera tended to wander during the handoffs. Ellie managed to prop it up so that it showed her helping her sister saddle up, and then she took some excellent shots from down low as Sara thrust her little butt back and forth. Sara went back to handling the video once Ellie set about bringing me off, and she followed her sister's lead and maintained a vantage point from below.

In the middle, Ellie paused the video and asked in awe, "How did you know which panties those were?"

A magician should never reveal his tricks, so I said diffidently, "Clearly, I am a panty expert. A panty ninja, in fact." With a giggle, she dropped it.

After that 'show', Sara announced she was ready for bed, even though she had almost 20 minutes before it was mandatory. I tucked her in, she kissed my cheek and I kissed her forehead, and she turned on her side contentedly.

Downstairs, Ellie was ready to share her other opus; no pictures this time, just two more (related) videos. Before we did that, I hastily encrypted the one we had watched, verified it, and wiped that one off the phone.

The next video was less alarming, but only just. Like the end tables, the coffee table had inlaid glass surfaces, including some decorative strips that were perhaps two feet long and three inches wide, unbeveled but smoothed and polished on all the edges. She had extracted one, put it on an end table and let it jut out about 8 inches. The camera was facing up, capturing the scene from about 8 inches below, shooting through the transparent makeshift 'diving board'.

Ellie, in panties adorned with thin black and white stripes, straddled the strip and was pressing her pussy down on it, causing the fabric to shift this way and that as it clung to the glass. I pointed out that that was extremely dangerous; if the glass snapped, she could be cut badly on the shards, perhaps fatally. She pointed out that the book she had used as a cantilever was relatively light, so if she even pressed down moderately, the glass would dip rather than break.

I opined that she didn't know that for sure, and she countered that she had tested it with her hand first, and sure enough, the book slipped easily. I retreated to the admonition that she had to check with me before she did similar dangerous things, even if it spoiled part of her surprise. She grudgingly agreed. In truth, I don't think I could have engineered the test she thought up all by herself, much less concocted her inventive arrangement. But it seemed like I should be asserting authority, and she played along.

With that out of the way, now it was video time. She had apparently used two ground-level light sources, and had left her skirt off for the best effects. The video was clearly intended as a simulation of a pussy lowering down from above and grinding. From the camera angle, a face was clearly the intended target. The striped panties vividly showed how her flesh and the fabric moved about as she wriggled. She rose up and sank down repeatedly, and then turned around and repeated the show from the opposite direction.

Ellie had taken her usual place in my lap for the unveiling of her work of art, with her thin legs spread around mine, leaning back against my chest. Accepting the invitation, I ran my hand up her inner thigh, to the apex. My fingers applied pressure in sync with what we were watching on the screen, retreating back to her thigh whenever she rose up off the glass. I know, for the sake of verisimilitude, contact should have been withdrawn entirely. And yet my fingers were somehow not persuaded by this line of reasoning. Linking the video scene with the tactile sensations were much more stimulating than either alone would have been for me, and it appeared that Ellie was getting a similar boost.

The last video was much the same, though she started off facing toward the end table rather than away from it. The primary difference, though, was that her panties were gone; it was nothing but delectable little-girl flesh squirming against the transparent surface. It ended with a similar face-dance, with her butt toward the end table. Once again she raised up and settled back down multiple times, rubbing on the surface for prolonged periods in between.

Naturally, my fingers wormed their way inside the leg band during this video, and I did break contact by pushing outward against her panties when she rose up. This was initially because getting in there in the first place was a bit tricky, but the effect of feeling her pussy only when she was grinding on the glass definitely heightened the illusion. When we were just a few seconds from the end, she jabbed the replay button; it seems she wasn't quite ready for the illusion to end. About midway through the second showing, she climaxed on my hand.

Ellie dissolved into a boneless puddle in my lap, and I took the opportunity to encrypt, verify, and then wipe the phone clean. By then, she had turned sideways and clasped her hands behind my neck. "Umm," she began, managing to bite her lip and talk at the same time, "I kinda wanted to try all the stuff in the videos. You'll let me, right?"

I allowed that I probably would, not being totally certain what she had in mind. What she wanted was for me to lie atop the couch back while she did her 'stuff'. I chose the smaller white one, a modern affair with right angles everywhere, which meant the top was flat rather than rounded. Since it was only about eight inches wide, I moved it further away from the wall so that there was room to better balance when lying along the narrow surface.

Ellie's task was to turn Sara's plush toy on the stairs upside down, which she did, seemingly suspecting I was misdirecting her for some nefarious purpose, but she played along. But this was my reminder that in addition to unchaining the door, there was furniture placement to be restored as well. Overly cautious perhaps, but even one oddity noticed by Amy could snowball to needless and potentially disastrous complications.

Ellie made minor adjustments to my position as I laid out along the top of the couch back, and then straddled it herself, sitting just above my head. She leaned forward to brace her hands on my chest and looked down at me. "I had to be gentle with that piece of glass," she observed conversationally, "but I don't think there's much chance of breaking you, even if I put all my weight on you." I had the fleeting thought that the integrity of my nose might be at risk if she became as animated as she sometimes did, but out loud I merely agreed that it 'seemed unlikely.'

"Good!" she grinned, levering herself up on her arms, and with a little push from her foot on the couch cushion, she hopped forward and blindfolded me with her crotch. A slight readjustment claimed my nose, and she soon surged onto my mouth, her ultimate goal for the moment.

Experimenting with her 'full weight' scenario, she let both legs dangle down, using only her fingertips on my chest to maintain her balance. I brought my hands to her hips, and started rocking her gently back and forth on my mouth, gradually picking up speed. As she warmed to the task, Ellie took to twisting her hips and hunching. As I felt her pussy grind on my face, my hands gravitated more and more to her butt cheeks, contributing to the sensory overload. I replayed her last video in my head while she shimmied wildly on my mouth and nose. I was on the verge of shooting a load in my pants when she pitched forward onto my chest, utterly spent.

I admired the black and white gusset of her panties, displayed just inches from my face, for close to five minutes as she recovered. In retrospect, perhaps I should have snapped a few photos of the erotic oval of moisture that darkened the pattern. Then, going from totally relaxed to highly energetic in what seemed like an instant, Ellie bounced up and onto the floor, prying up the couch seat cushion and tossing it aside. "That's one video down, but we've go two more to go!" she explained, standing beside me where the cushion had been. I watched as she raised her skirt and slowly dropped her panties, leaving little doubt as to which video I was about to experience next. I found out later that previously, only the leg behind the couch was dangling free; the cushion had impeded her other leg, but this would no longer be a factor.

She swung a leg over me and pressed her crotch against my throat, facing away from my feet this time around, balancing there with both legs dangling. Ellie interlaced her fingers with mine, and placed my hands near my head. "Now Mr. Man," she said in an affected tone, "there's nothing you can do to stop me from moving forward."

"Why would I want to?" I grinned.

"You're supposed to try," she replied in her normal voice. "No one wants to be sat on bare. That's rude!" Apparently, she had not explored the internet as thoroughly as I had assumed.

"Oh no," I exclaimed, displaying the prescribed shock and horror. "I won't let you do anything like that."

"Is that so?" she retorted in her affected tone, getting back into character. She pushed on my hands and I pushed upward (as best I could at the awkward angle), effectively imitating a circus act. She supported herself on just her arms, dangling in the air, and I only had to move my hands a few inches in order to set her down on my mouth, just as she had intended.

"You couldn't stop me," she taunted in a sing-song voice repeatedly, accompanying each word with a side to side shifting of her hips. Feeling her hot flesh rub against my face definitely brought her last video to mind!

She kept our fingers interlaced, but only used my hands for balance, letting her pussy transmit almost all her weight to my face. As my arms tired, she leaned forward and pinned my hands just behind my head. With more leverage to work with, her hips moved faster and faster, culminating in another orgasm on my face.

Ellie didn't rest for very long this time, which was just as well, as she remained on my face, making it a bit hard to breathe. Then she announced, "Your turn!" and stood on the couch to work my pants and shorts down past my hips. She saddled up once more, facing my feet again, but this time centered herself over my hips, and let her hot cuntlet glide forward and back along the underside of my cock. Her tiny skirt had crawled up almost to her waist, affording a marvelous view of her delightfully bare cheeks as they clenched and thrust. Needless to say, I did not hold up for long under this new 'interrogation', and 'spilled the beans' (quite messily) in record time. Undeterred, the horny little girl kept pursuing her goal until she was totally exhausted.

With her still on top of me, I managed to sit up and carry her to the other couch, where she curled up while I reassembled and readjusted the sofa, and unchained the door. With her soggy panties in my pocket, I carried her upstairs and got her into her proper bed clothes (with very little help from her; she seemed totally drained).

"Are you going to watch my videos again?" she asked as I tucked her in.

"Over and over," I assured her with a smile. She probably didn't mean 'right now', but I in fact did momentarily decrypt her last one and watched it a few times while waiting for her mother to return.

Anonymous 16/11/07(Mon)07:06 No. 24805 ID: 498abd

Loving the fan fiction... Moar!

Anonymous 17/05/31(Wed)23:23 No. 25048 ID: b549fc

More 'fan fiction'...so don't blame the OP for this...

Chapter 20: Jumprope, Reimagined

The girls were clearly ready for some 'Ed time' the following week, and Sara seemed to like pushing bathtime as early as she could. She requested 'help' again, so I went with her while Ellie went to work with my phone.

Sara campaigned for company in the bath tub, but as I told her sister, it would not go well if her mother returned early and found us both wet. But the girls had apparently already cooked up a strategy for handling that eventuality: Ellie would manage the door chain, distract her mother for a bit, and I would only be wet from the waist down, so I could quickly get dry and get dressed. Long story short: I was talked into it.

I was well aware that her request was most likely just an excuse to study me in all my naked glory, but I played along. I sat at the back of the tub, and Sara sat in the middle, facing me. I had to remind her not to splash, or even move too suddenly; I was determined to stay as dry as possible, just in case. All knowledge of how to bathe herself seemed to have mysteriously drained out of her brain, so the task fell to me. I soaped up the thin flannel washcloth and washed her face, arms and torso while she sat. She rinsed, and then turned round to a kneeling position, jutting her cute little butt back ever so slightly toward me.

More soap on the flannel, and then one thigh got a thorough scrubbing, especially the inner portion. Sara dipped down into the water, then demanded "Again!" Three passes later, she was ready for the other leg. After a similar treatment, she waggled her butt, which got soaped next, and then my hand dipped between her legs. Her favorite spot demanded attention for several minutes, by which time Mr. Stiffy was standing at attention, too.

Sara finally turned around toward me, and announced, "Now I'll wash you." There was no doubt as to what her target was. Without bothering with soap, she wrapped the washcloth around my cock and slid her hand up and down it. Her other hand gave it a go as well, without bothering with the washcloth, and her next experiment laced her fingers together and applied a two-handed stroke up and down.

"Ed?" Sara questioned, after a few minutes of exploration. "I wanna do what we did to you last week." I gave a little questioning grunt; after all, there was a LOT that they did last week. "You know, in-terror-gate you," she clarified boldly, if somewhat badly. Without really waiting for permission, she turned around again and sat in my lap, maneuvering my cock between her legs and then clamping her thighs tightly around it. She tensed her muscles to generate a little friction, but even when I slipped my hand between her thighs and pressed my cock more solidly against her pussy, it was awkward at best.

After these fumbling experiments, I had her stand up in the tub, and then I knelt up behind her. She got the idea right away, and reached back between her legs to grasp my cock and pushed her little butt back against me. Now we could each move more easily, and she thrust back and forth, all the while using her hand to keep me solidly in contact with her pussy. I put an arm around her waist to help her balance, and the index finger on my free hand sought out the very top of her cleft and gave it some special attention as well. She was immensely proud when she made me spurt, the same way her sister had done the previous week.

Mission accomplished, Sara was ready to finish up. We dried off, and she stayed naked until we went back to the bedroom to choose her night clothes. Ellie seemed to be finishing up her photo session; there were floor-level lights illuminating the area between their beds, and a jump rope tied and stretched taut between her bedpost and Sara's bedpost, about two feet off the ground.

Ellie waited patiently while I tended to her sister, but then she had her own requests. She wanted me sitting on the floor, leaning back a bit so that my shoulders were supported by the rope. It was clear that Sara knew what this was all about, even if I had no clue; I readily humored the girls. They had me stretch my arms out along the rope; their room was smallish, and I could almost reach the two bedposts that anchored the rope.

Ellie tossed a kneesock to Sara, and they each busied themselves by looping the kneesock around my wrist and the rope, then tying a square knot (a granny knot in Sara's case). In response to the obvious question, Sara said, "We're making you our prisoner, of course." I could easily pull my hands out of the stretchy sock material, but that would not be proper etiquette for a prisoner.

Ellie added, "We're going to make you confess." It was unclear if she was aware of the 'interrogation' her sister had engineered. Ellie had been wearing shorts with a white blouse when I arrived, but the shorts were gone now. The blouse had a square-cut bottom, and hung about an inch above her crotch. She was standing a mere foot in front of my face, straddling me, her light pink panties peeking out from below the blouse, punctuated by small red flowers.

Ellie swung her left leg over the rope, taking a diagonal stance and bringing her even closer. Her right leg followed, and I could no longer see her panties at all; her spindly thighs were squeezing my neck, and the bottom of her blouse grazed my chin. Right about then, Sara appeared off to the side, holding my phone and obviously recording the entire scene. My gut instinct was to object, but I remembered how many times I had already enjoyed the video they had made last week, and silently let her continue.

Not too surprisingly, Ellie advanced again, and her pelvic bone scraped up along the underside of my jaw, over my chin, and then her pussy claimed my mouth. The view, with her blouse and panties playing peek-a-boo as she thrust her hips forward, became interesting again as I stared cross-eyed down my nose. Sara was mostly concentrating on closeups, so I knew a far better perspective was being preserved for my viewing pleasure later.

The jump rope was at the base of my neck, providing little support, so I gradually sat further away until the rope crept up to the base of my head. This had the side effect of nudging Ellie onto my nose, which had primarily been Sara's domain in the past. But the older girl seemingly approved, widening her stance and lacing her fingers behind my head as she hunched her way to orgasm.

Once Ellie dismounted, she took the phone from Sara and, mindful of the proper lighting, took some footage up between her legs from below, documenting the moist state of affairs down there. Sara had begun working on my trousers, and that project soon became the focus of the camera. With my pants and briefs around my knees, Sara knelt over my hips and sat down for a little dry-humping of her own.

Ellie made a full circuit around us, recording from every perspective, then gave the phone back to her sister. Sara tracked Ellie's moves while still maintaining her pussy massage of my cock. Ellie straddled me again, but faced her sister and bent forward slightly, putting her hands on Sara's shoulders for support. She began snapping her hips from side to side, momentarily giving me a much more erotic 'live' view than what Sara could frame with the camera. But that didn't last, as she steadily came closer until those hip snaps were polishing my mouth and nose. I could see little beyond the taut panties clinging to her butt, but Sara was (presumably) capturing all the details of Ellie's little dance number on my face.

After a minute or two of that, Ellie apparently wanted a more upright stance, because she threaded her left leg between my left shoulder and the rope. But she kept her right leg in front of my right arm, which put her at a bit of an angle as she settled back down. I cocked my head toward my right shoulder to meet her panty gusset head on, as any well-meaning captive should.

The rope behind my head gave plenty of support, allowing my face to take most of her weight easily. She bounced a little, and even swung back and forth gently as she shimmied about. Ellie concentrated on my mouth this time, which meant that my nose spent most of the time wedged between her clenching cheeks. I wasn't released until her ride culminated in yet another explosion on my face.

Sara got up when Ellie did, officially ending the interrogation (and the video), but instead of wandering off, she picked at the knot in one of the kneesocks that was 'binding' me, while Ellie untied the other. Then Sara and I were shooed away; the extras on the film crew were no longer needed, but the director was still in creative mode, it seemed.

Downstairs, Sara did a fair imitation of Ellie, sitting on the couch with the DS, legs up and apart. She occasionally called me over, wanting to show me various things about her game, but mostly I just sat and enjoyed the scenery. That, and setting up my laptop for the sure-to-come encryption session.

And then Ellie was upon us, ready to put her offerings on the laptop. Once they were transferred, both girls shared my lap, and Ellie commandeered the laptop controls. First up was the 'interrogation', at Sara's request. Watching it was every bit as erotic as I expected it to be, and Ellie studiously gauged my interest by feeling my boner throughout the playback.

For my part, I explored the inside of her thigh with my hand. Sara's attention returned to her DS after the video ended, but she stayed on my lap and played from there. Ellie was eager to show me her other videos; these showed the original purpose of the rope she had strung. With the phone camera lens pointing upward from the floor, the focus was on Ellie's crotch, with the jumprope digging into her crease as she moved around above it.

The scene suddenly shifted, apparently after pausing and positioning the phone higher off the ground, because the next footage was a closeup. Another shift, and a significant amount of material had disappeared up her crack, leaving much more bare skin exposed at the margins. She looked back at me for approval, and was gratified with my reaction.

Throughout the showing, Ellie had her hand on my crotch. Her last video was similar, but without panties. The jumprope fairly disappeared between her peach halves in the more extreme shots, but she also had footage of the rope running diagonally across her crotch, and another with it off to one side, showing an unimpeded view of her slit. Most of these were shot from the close up height, with excellent lighting and resolution.

I got the encryption going, and used the break to take Sara up to bed. It seems I now get a hug and a kiss from her every week.

Back downstairs with Ellie, it was time to verify that the new treasures could be successfully unencrypted before wiping the originals off the phone. So naturally, an encore viewing was called for. She had just about settled herself back on my lap when she suddenly turned sideways and asked, "Ed? There's a camera in your laptop, right?" I nodded, and she continued, "So we could make a new video of us right now, while we watch my videos, right?"

I opened the application for her, and she set about carefully tilting the laptop, then climbed into my lap to check the framing. Then she was off to collect some books and precariously perch the laptop on top of the stack, and checked again. But ultimately, she opted for the original, lower angle.

Satisfied, she took up her usual position in my lap, leaning back against my chest with her thighs spread around mine. Since her blouse was so short, I already knew that she was wearing panties underneath, but the camera display revealed that I would find little but bare skin as I ran my hand up her leg: most of her panty gusset was wedged deeply in her slit. Not wanting to degrade the quality of the new video, my hand mostly rested on her stomach with only my fingers dipping down to excite her little button. Like last week, I tried to stay in sync with what we were watching on the screen as I massaged her pussy.

Ellie spasmed on my fingers twice before we finished verifying the videos. She had recovered by the time I finished tidying up my phone memory, and knelt on the floor between my legs before going to work on my trousers. I gave an assist by lifting my butt and sliding further toward her as she worked the impediments down around my ankles.

"Ed?" she said tentatively, looking up at me from her spot on the floor. "Do you want me to, you know, kiss it for you?" She nodded her head toward my cock, just in case there was any doubt as to what the question meant.

"Do *you* want to?" I asked, a bit puzzled.

"I guess," she responded, though the way she said it certainly left some doubt. "I mean, we make you do stuff for us, so it only seems fair."

Aha. "You can't really 'make' me do anything, unless I agree," I pointed out. "Besides, you're already doing lots of 'stuff' that is pretty damn cool." I let that sink in for a moment. "So, yes, you're allowed to try it now, but only if you're curious. Otherwise, I think you should wait."

She thought about that only briefly, then climbed into my lap, wrapped her arms around my neck, and silently hugged me very tightly for quite some time. Clearly, she was hugely relieved, and not at all curious.

I stroked her back soothingly, and then, me being me, one hand ran down to an ass cheek and stroked up and down her thigh. By the time both my hands were under her thighs, fingertips flirting with the edges of her pussy, Ellie had loosened her death grip and was sitting more upright, her hands resting lightly on my shoulders.

She began moving her hips, rubbing her gash up and down the length of my cock. "By 'stuff', I guess you mean this," she giggled.

"Definitely," I agreed. "But I like the videos, photos, and other cool stuff, too."

"More than this?" she queried impishly, grinding harder and faster.

"Hard to beat that," I responded breathlessly, almost involuntarily pushing my hips upward to maximize the delicious sensations. Ellie didn't slack off until she saw me spurt, then proceeded more leisurely, eventually speeding up once more as she approached her own climax.

She then collapsed against me, arms loosely around my neck again, and just snuggled in for a good ten minutes. She seemed more than ready to sleep, but when she stirred, I gently moved her to the side, pulled up my pants and blotted up most of the stickiness, then unchained the door.

I started a new encryption right away, figuring that any necessary editing could easily be done in the future. I gathered Ellie back up and began carrying her up to her bedroom, her head on my shoulder and arms around my neck. Suddenly, she murmured, "Am I your girlfriend?"

I drew my head back and looked at her. It didn't sound like a question that demanded a long litany of caveats, not at the moment, at any rate. "What do you think?" I responded sincerely, turning the question around. I was genuinely curious about her thoughts.

"I think I am," she concluded, and laid her head back on my shoulder. She didn't pursue it any further.

I laid her on her bed, next to the panties she had abandoned during her photo shoot. The panties went into my pocket, not because they were particularly incriminating, but it had become a tradition of sorts, a way to connect with the girls during the rest of the week.

Ellie cooperated as necessary, lifting her hips as I slid new panties up her legs; but she mostly left it to me to get her blouse off and a nightgown in place. A little more lifting got her tucked under the covers, and when I kissed her forehead, she grabbed my sleeve and murmured, "Maybe stay here for a while?"

"Sure," I assented, and sat on the floor at the side of her bed. Ellie turned onto her side to face me, still holding my sleeve. With a little smile, she pulled my hand under the covers and placed it between her thighs, then closed her eyes for good.

I happily massaged the warm flesh, just making small circles. After a bit, she continued tugging until my fingers were solidly up against her panties. Shortly afterward, her hand dropped away, and she was asleep.

Despite the invitation, groping a sleeping girl was pretty creepy, especially one so young. But I indulged myself until it was time to pack up the laptop and await my ride home.

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More 'fan fiction'...so don't blame the OP for this...

Chapter 21: Fashion Designer

On my next visit, both girls were excited to show me their new secret treasures. The past weekend, their mother had done some pruning of all the clothes closets and drawers, creating a donation pile, adding some pieces to their rag collection, and disposing of the rest. The girls had retrieved most of what had gone into the bin, some things from the rag bag, and even some select items that were slated for donation. But this evening, they just wanted help with a pair of denim cutoffs.

These had started life as Ellie's jeans, and turned into shorts when her growth spurt made the legs obviously too short. They were well-loved and well-worn, so much so that they didn't even qualify as hand-me-downs and had been tossed. Ellie had attempted to prune them into a style she had seen on the internet, but was stymied as soon as her scissors came to one of the heavy 4-ply seams, which were more than a match for her tiny hands. So now it was up to me to sculpt them, as per her vision.

The shorts and even the scraps would have to go home with me, since what she had in mind was entirely inappropriate for a girl her age. Ellie wanted them high-cut on the sides, leaving about half the front pockets exposed, and barely half of her ass cheeks covered. She wanted the gusset to be little more than the center seam itself, but I talked her into leaving about an inch and a half, promising that I would unravel the threads at the margins, turning it into white fringe. She was familiar with that style, and liked the idea, though she was disappointed that the transformation would necessarily take time. But in short order she had some seriously immodest booty shorts that I was certain would be featured in her upcoming video production.

Soon after Ellie thundered up the stairs with my phone, Sara came down for a visit. I was stretched out almost prone on the big sofa, but rather than taking her normal place at the opposite end, she sat nearby on the coffee table. She was wearing a shiny satin-y red skirt, which if I am any judge was probably part of a Supergirl Halloween costume. The tiny skirt covered very little, but just to be sure, Sara cocked one knee up and planted her foot on the couch cushion, simultaneously letting her other thigh drift wide.

What she had on underneath was eye-catching, to say the least. The gauzy white fabric didn't cover much in the first place, and her stance improved the lighting so that the details along the valley between her bulging peach halves were very much on display. I found out later that this was one of their mother's discards: a thong that had been so low-cut that it looked natural on Sara's small frame. The thin but oversized waist had been modified by the simple expedient of tripling the fabric at the sides, and stapling the folds in place. Ellie had created this for her sister, who was now giving it a test drive to see if it would have the intended effect. If there had been a cotton liner in the gusset, the girls had removed it, and the resulting sheerness left literally nothing to the imagination.

"Um," Sara tentatively began, swaying her raised knee back and forth, "Ellie said that maybe you'd show me how to make videos with your laptop?"

"Sure," I replied, only briefly looking into her eyes before resuming my intense study of the way her chubby pussy was moving under that tiny strip of fabric. "What kind of video are you going to make?"

It was rare to see Sara blush, but now there was a hint of redness. "Ellie says we should make one like she did last week."

"Ellie says, huh?" I smiled. "Then I guess I better start getting set up." Besides configuring the laptop, I also placed a couple of lamps to either side on the coffee table, to better catch any up-skirt action. Meanwhile, Sara dragged a chair over to the door and engaged the chain, which I like to think I would have remembered soon enough, but in reality my brain mostly switched off as soon as Sara unleashed the nuclear option by flashing me in this unexpectedly spectacular fashion.

I was just about done setting up when she returned the chair to where it belonged, and then she crawled into my lap. She looked back to see what the camera view covered, then got up again to adjust the angle. Turning back to me, she asked, "Should those be on?" referring to my pants.

Sara helped get them down around my ankles, then had me slump down and move closer to the camera. She straddled me again, making solid contact with my briefs, looking over her shoulder to check the framing. Up again for a slight adjustment, then once again checking the view in stages, starting at my knees and all the way up to lap-dance position. Sara then turned her back to me and sat facing the camera, checked that she was getting the views she wanted when she spread her legs, and finally stood up.

She had me part my legs just enough for her to stand on the floor between them, and started recording. Her performance began with her sitting down on my lap, her butt cheeks pressed solidly against my underwear, and shimmied around. Her thighs gradually opened up, until she was spread to the same extreme as when she did the camera check. Her hands went to her knees, bracing herself so that she could grind more effectively, and I grabbed her hips and pulled back to increase the pressure even more.

Sara's thighs closed slightly on each hip twist, and eventually she stood up between my legs, facing me. She bent over and wiggled her butt for the camera, backing up for some closeups, most of which remained in frame. She crawled up on my lap for her next scene, a proper lap dance. Sara wiggled around at first to get 'in the groove', and then settled on a prolonged forward-and-back motion. She seemed to purposely raise up on each back stroke, showing off as much as possible for the camera. I helped things along occasionally by flipping the back of her skirt up.

After about five minutes of dry-humping, she had me slump down further, and then went back to riding me. A few minutes later, she moved me again. Ultimately I was almost prone, my thighs at maximum extension so my shins could avoid the coffee table. The camera got a perfect close up of her grinding on my stiffy.

When Sara saw the sudden surge of wetness leak through my briefs, she seemed inordinately proud of herself. "I did that, didn't I?" she grinned. This was apparently a major goal of hers, but was by no means the culmination of her video. She turned around and straddled me from the opposite direction, kneeling with the front of her tiny skirt lifted, while she gyrated and vamped for the camera.

She eventually went to all fours and backed up, plastering her barely-there panty gusset on my face, all without breaking stride in her gyrations. The couch back was comprised of a cascading series of cushions; I flipped the closest one upward and rested my head on the one below it, allowing me to assume an even more prone posture. This meant that Sara could sit more upright, so that when she lifted her skirt the camera caught all the details of exactly how her pussy was scrubbing my face.

Sara danced on my face for quite some time, then abruptly decided her movie was complete, standing up and checking with me about how to stop the recording. It seemed like she often followed this pattern, suddenly becoming bored with whatever she was doing, and quickly moving on to some new form of play. Or perhaps she just had a sense that her sister would soon be on her way down.

If so, she was quite accurate. Ellie arrived a few minutes later, ready for her offerings to be transferred to the laptop. We chatted while I went through the necessary transformations; mostly she told me more about repurposing the old clothing she had rescued. I complemented her on the excellent job she had done on Sara's panties, which had her beaming. With all the arrangements made, we settled in to watch her new offerings, temporarily decrypting the newly-encrypted files one by one.

I sat with my back against the left couch arm, leaving the laptop in easy reach on the coffee table, and Ellie laid alongside me on her left side between me and the couch back, snuggling in with her head high on my chest. The new cutoffs she was wearing were skimpier than her white panties, so when I laid my right hand on her butt, it encompassed bare skin, panties, and denim all at once.

This was exactly what she was wearing in her first video. The phone was propped up for a static view toward her bed, and as the scene began, Ellie appeared with her back to the camera, bending over to show off her newly-modified shorts. In a relative closeup, she pulled them this way and that, letting them sag, wedging them into her crease, whatever she could think of.

Ellie turned toward the camera, and tried some head-on adjustments. Possibly the shorts would fit Sara, but the only way Ellie could wear them was to leave the fly completely open -- which did nothing but improve the look. She turned her back again, and went over to the bed, where she had placed an odd cushion (it was long with squared ends about 6 inches to a side, and the fabric encased a rather stiff block of foam). The end stuck out over the edge of the bed a bit, and she straddled this, grinding down as she alternately bent forward and straightened up. My hand almost unconsciously began caressing her pert butt, in response to the peekaboo nature of the crotch shots as she changed position. As the video ended, Ellie's right hand drifted down my stomach and under my pants (which I had pulled back up earlier), encountering the rather soggy state of my briefs.

"She did good, didn't she?" Ellie observed with an impish grin. I nodded, and inquired as to whether perhaps an older sister had done some coaching in that regard. Ellie conceded that she had, with more than a little pride. Her hand moved further inward, to better gauge my current state of arousal.

Her next video followed the same pattern as the first, with the significant difference that her panties had seemed to have evaporated. The cutoffs covered a lot less than her panties did, and the difference was especially noticeable between her legs. Even more could be revealed next week, once fringes replaced the currently-intact strip.

By the time this one ended, she was gently wanking me, and my fingers had found their way into the (very wide!) leg opening of her cutoffs, where they were busily heating up her pussy. The third video was a replay of the others, but now the cutoffs were gone, too. It ended with her backing away from the bed, bent over, her bare crotch filling more and more of the frame as she went. She continued to close the gap until the screen went dark.

"I thought that last bit might give you some ideas," she said, far more saucily than a ten-year-old should be able to manage. I sat up and slid toward the edge of the couch while at the same time keeping a firm grasp on her pussy. With my right arm under her back, I dragged her into the spot I just vacated.

Ellie laid on her back with her knees up and spread slightly, and I knelt on the couch in front of her, bending over to plant some kisses on her inner thigh just above the knee. "Wait, turn the camera on," she suggested.

I reasoned that I was totally screwed if any of the videos was ever found in an unencrypted state, so it really didn't matter whether I appeared in them or not -- it was just as insane and risky either way. Yet it was a timely reminder to wipe the phone right then and there, now that we had verified that Ellie's new files could be reliably unencrypted. I then fired up the camera, which needed only a slight adjustment of the laptop angle.

Then it was back to the business at hand. My lips progressed up her delicate thigh to work on the even more delicate areas on either side of that central strip of old denim. I settled in, laying on my stomach in preparation for some extensive catering to the needs of her sensitive flesh.

After a while, Ellie drew her thighs close to her chest and peeled the cutoffs away. I expected her to kick them completely off, but instead she unfolded herself with a leg on either side of my head, then attempted to pull them back up in place. The maneuver boxed in my head: cutoffs at the back, panties dead ahead, and warm thighs on either side. With a giggle she tried to spread her legs, which made the cutoffs press my face all the more firmly against her pussy. It was apparently another scenario that she had planned for the camera, and she was content to keep me in that same state until she finally dissolved into an orgasmic puddle.

The weight of her limp legs flopping apart kept pressure on the back of my head, and I started a slight nodding motion to work my nose up and down her overheated little slit. It wasn't long before this got her hips going again, and she worked herself up to a second climax.

This did test the limits of her endurance, though, and now she shed her cutoffs completely. I backed off to let her recover. Once she had some energy back, she wanted to see the video that Sara had made. To my consternation, I realized that I had neglected to encrypt that one, so there was a brief delay while I took care of these security issues. At least I had the presence of mind to also handle the video we had just made.

For the Sara-viewing, Ellie sat normally on the sofa and wanted me to lie across her lap, on my side with my back to her. And, no surprise, she wanted my pants and briefs down past my hips. Ellie casually wanked me as we watched and commented on the scenes. In no small part due to the quality of Sara's erotic production, I spurted soon after we got to the part where the little minx backed up onto my face. (Preceded by a frantic scramble to fish a paper towel out of my pocket and position it in the line of fire.)

It wasn't until the playback finished that I realized that it was significantly past Sara's bedtime. I found her playing in her room, but she seemed very much primed for bed. I helped her change into her night clothes, pocketing the wisp of panties that Ellie had crafted for her. The material was old and fragile, and would definitely need delicate hand washing. I collected my hug and kiss, and tucked her in for the night.

Back downstairs, Ellie shyly requested that we "do that thing we did the other time." With a menagerie of possibilities that vast, it took a few rounds of questioning to pin down exactly what she had in mind. Since she wanted to review our latest video, the laptop was set up on one end of the couch and she knelt in frame, so that she'd be filmed from the side, so that she'd be filmed from the side, sideways on the couch. I half-knelt and half-stood behind her, pants at half-mast once more.

What she wanted was Mr. Stiffy between her thighs, and I happily obliged. While it was unlikely that I would spurt again -- her bedtime was not that far off -- a new paper towel was laid out in front of her, just in case. With my cock divinely cocooned in thighs and panties, she began thrusting her hips, occasionally slipping her hand between her legs to ensure I had solid contact with her sweet spot.

I found that raising up a bit higher than was natural meant that her hand was no longer necessary, and she found that bending forward at the appropriate angle resulted in maximum contact along the entire length of her gusset. She maintained the stance by putting one hand on the couch back to brace herself, and then her hips really went to town. My hands were preoccupied with reaching around her and playing with her just-barely-there nipples.

After about ten minutes of high-speed, high-friction cock-riding, she vibrated to a climax. I didn't think her legs could possibly squeeze any harder than they had been, but she somehow managed it. Shortly thereafter she resumed her back and forth motion, now more slowly and without as much of a death-grip on my cock.

As nice as this felt, I soon pointed out that her bedtime loomed. Ellie stood up, looked at my erection and then up at me, and said, "What about you?"

"So, what about me?" I replied. "I had a marvelous evening with two wonderful girls. I've got no complaints!"

Ellie frowned, seemingly deep in thought. She put a palm under my shaft and curled her fingers up around it, her tiny hand not quite able to encircle it. Most unexpectedly, she bent forward and filled the gap with her opened mouth. With her chin resting on the heel of her palm and three fingers touching her nose, her head and hand moved up and down my overstimulated erection. I could feel her tongue going back and forth, occasionally halting for a brief sucking at various locations along the side of my shaft.

It was so erotic and the sensations so intense that I doubt that I lasted 30 seconds before shooting my load. I was rooted to the spot, incapable of retrieving the paper towel, but at least I managed to catch my spunk in my cupped hand.

It was late enough that we were under a bit of time pressure now, but I made sure Ellie knew how grateful I was. "That's what girlfriends do, right?" was her simple response.

"You sure do," I confirmed, which left her positively glowing.

Soggy mess cleaned up, pants up, video re-encrypted again, discarded cutoffs stuffed in my backpack (less risky than having something that bulky and obvious peeking out of my pants pocket). Door unchained, then finally time to carry Ellie up the stairs. I exchanged her damp panties for fresh ones, got her into her bed clothes, and tucked her in. I had about ten minutes to fully compose myself before their mother arrived.

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