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4 Days on the Road -- by Frequent Traveler 15/09/04(Fri)07:45 No. 23827 ID: e90ee8

This is something that took a bit. Of the 4 days, I will load the first 2 now and the next 2 at a later date. This is story is wishful thinking for me, but for some it may be true, therefore I must preface this story with the disclaimer that any similarities between this story, the people, the location, and the actions with actual real-world events are purely coincidental. (M/f consensual).

Four Days On The Road
Home: As my luck would have it, my job decided to move me across the country. We’ve known about it for a little while and had been planning on our travels across from California to The Heartland. My wife and I spent many days going through the kids’ clothes, toys, and of course… the garage. If there’s anything I have learned about garages, it’s that your cars don’t fit. Especially when you have four kids and they are all spoiled rotten brats. So we had to go through ALL of the boxes to throw away, donate, or sell some items. My wife, my oldest son and I all packed boxes for each room of the house. When it was finally time, I grabbed the rental truck, brought it home and we spent the entire day packing it. That evening, I took our RV to an RV park and got everything set up for the family. I would be making the cross-country trip alone to the storage unit. We hadn’t been able to secure housing for ourselves prior, so a storage unit for a month or so wouldn’t be too bad. Besides, we had an RV, we could live in that for a couple of months until we could buy a house. That evening, after a shower, I was happy to be in a bed. I slept hard.

Road Day 1: We got up, had breakfast, then I grabbed my little duffel bag. We went out to the van to drive to our old house so that I could pick up the rental truck. I hugged and kissed my wife and kids good-bye, got in the truck, and drove off – waving at my family as I left. The first day on the road was going to be rough. I-80 from California to the east becomes a huge expanse of nothing once you pass Reno. I knew this heading out because I had taken that road before while on an RV excursion. Nevada was going to prove to be very hot, very brown, very ugly and very boring. My hope is that both the a/c and the radio would be working. I made it through the winding Interstate highway of Tahoe National Forest and into Reno, NV. The sights and sounds of Reno don’t appeal to me and I kept trucking on. The a/c was working nicely, but the view sucked ass. A couple hours later, I was approaching Winnemucca and noticed I that I was at a quarter tank. Winnemucca would be the last main town until Wendover and I wasn’t looking forward to walking in the desert to a gas station, so I decided to pull in and get some gas. I grabbed some food and filled the tank and got back on the road. Well, it didn’t take but twenty minutes and all of a sudden, I had to use the bathroom. The small town of Valmy was up ahead and there were signs for rest areas on the highway. I was definitely pulling in!

I took the exit and at the stop sign, I could see the rest area ahead on the right. I turned into the rest area and found a spot with the trucks and RVs. I got out and headed to the building. As I was getting near, there was a girl off to the left at a picnic bench. She looked to be somewhere between 14 and 19, it’s tough to tell with some girls these days. She had on a pair of red/brown shorts and a white shirt with some flower design. She had her dark brown hair pulled into a pony tail and had part of it on the front of her right shoulder. She was looking down at her phone. I’d always had an affinity for younger women. Yes, I said younger women. The way I look at it, eleven and twelve year old girls were getting married and having kids in the 1800s and early 1900s. It was perfectly alright then, expected even. Now, you look at a 12 year old girl and anyone nearby will call you a pedophile. My question is this: Who the hell is society to say what is acceptable when science provided the answer thousands of years ago? Nurses and midwives would tell you that any female giving birth is a woman, perhaps a young woman. Even Mary, mother of Christ, was 13 when she gave birth. So yeah, I’m looking at this young girl and she’s a very good looking one at that!
I came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, stopped and looked at the map of Nevada and mumbled to myself how much fucking fun the rest of the state was going to be. I turned around to head toward my rental. As I stepped onto the asphalt, I saw the girl over with one of the truckers. She was holding her hand out and he was waving her off and shaking his head. She started walking away from him at the moment. As I was getting into my truck, she approached me. She was looking at me but had a version of puppy-dog eyes going on. This girl was definitely cute. She looked like a younger Adelaide Kane. No matter, she certainly had my attention.

“Excuse me sir.” She said.
I looked down at her, “Yes, what have you got?”
She continued with her puppy eyes, “I’m wondering if I can get a ride with you. I got left here and now I only want to go home.”
“Well, first off, puppy-dog eyes don’t work with me, so you can lose those. Secondly, who left you? Lastly, where is home?” I asked her.
“My boyfriend left me here. We were supposed to go to Burning Man together and we stopped here. When I came out of the bathroom, he and his friends were gone”, she replied.
Burning Man is an annual even that takes place in the northern Nevada desert. In fact, I had passed the road to Burning Man outside of Reno and another about 30 minutes ago in Winnemucca. “Well, that answers part of my question. Where is home?”
“Columbia, Missouri”, she answered, wiping her puppy dog face away.
“And that trucker wouldn’t take you with him?”
“No, he said he was going to San Francisco, then up to Seattle.”
I told her, “Well, I am headed to Louisville, Kentucky. I will be passing through Columbia in a couple of days. If you don’t mind me driving slower than truckers and sharing hotel rooms, then I guess I don’t have a problem taking you home. How old are you anyway?” I really wasn’t planning on staying at any hotels along the way. I purposely left the cab free except for my cooler and my duffel so that I could sleep on the bench seat at rest areas. Hotels charge far too much for a bed, and then there’s the 13-17% tax on top of that. But with a travelling companion, I can’t exactly expect her to be okay with sleeping in the truck with me. But, hotel rooms have advantages, as well. Close quarters, only so far you can go, and at some point she’d be asleep.
“THANK YOU SO MUCH”, she was almost yelling, “I can’t ever thank you enough”, and she started crying a bit. I don’t know if it was out of her sad situation, her happiness at a ride back home, or a mixture of both. What I did know, is that she was really cute with tears coming down her face. She walked around the front to the other door. I leaned over and moved my cooler from her seat to the hump and grabbed my bag and stuffed it behind my seat. She pulled herself up into the cab, threw her backpack on the floor, turned to me and smiled big. I started the engine and let it idle for a minute. I turned to her again.
“Now, you didn’t tell me how old you are, or your name. My name is Evan.”
“I’m sorry, I was so excited, I’m Alexis, Lexi for short. I’m seventeen, but I’ll be eighteen at the end of October”.
“Well, it’s nice to meet you Lexi,” I said, extending my hand to her. She took it and said while shaking,
“Nice to meet you too, Evan.”
“Now, so I am clear, you aren’t a runaway? No one is looking for you?” I asked.
“Oh no! Nothing like that at all!! I had permission from my mom to go with Steve and his friends to Burning Man. She figures since I graduated high school early and start college in the spring, I can pretty much make my own decisions,” she answered back. I put the rental into gear, took my foot off the brake, and we were rolling. That was a good enough answer for me.
“That’s good,” I said, “I wouldn’t have wanted to explain to a cop about this or anything if I were to get pulled over.”
“Nah, you’re good.”
“I’ve got some fruit and sandwiches in the cooler if you’re hungry, and some bottled water if you’re thirsty. Just help yourself, no need to ask,” I offered her.
“Thanks!” She reached into the cooler and pulled out a Smuckers PB&J, an apple, and a bottle of water. She ate like she was hungry and drank like she was thirsty. When she was done, she crunched into the apple. It didn’t take her long to finish it to the core. We sat there in silence for a while listening to the radio and watching the never-changing desert around us.

About a half hour later our conversation picked back up. We talked about my family, Burning Man, her trip with her boyfriend, and her younger life.
“Tell me about Steve,” I said to her.
“Ugh. Well, we WERE dating up until he ditched me this morning,” she replied.
“I figured that. Tell me what got you going to Burning Man with him.”
“His college friends had been talking about it for a while and he decided he wanted to go. He talked to me about it and I thought it sounded cool, so I was onboard. I saved up some money for food and stuff for the road and he went out and bought a big tent for all of us to stay in. Of course, had I known that he would have left me at a rest area in the middle of nowhere after stealing all of my money, I wouldn’t have come. A life lesson, I suppose,” She lamented.
“Well don’t worry about the money bit. I’m driving through Columbia anyway and I have to stop at hotels, so I’m already budgeted for that. I can cover your food as well. I don’t think it’s going to break me,” I said with a smile and half-wink.
“I really do appreciate this Evan. I don’t know how long I could have stayed at that rest area before anything else would happen.”
“It’s quite alright,” I said. The truck got silent again as we continued on through this shit-brown wasteland of Nevada. Lexi dozed off, resting hear head on her jacket in the window. I looked over at her. Her hair was over her right shoulder and down around her curve. She had a nice looking pair of small breasts, perky, but at seventeen I wouldn’t expect anything else. She was cute with her head cocked over, her fair skin appeared flawless in complexion in her face, neck and arms. She had her legs out in front of her. I don’t know how often women shave their legs, but these looked like hair wasn’t growing at all. She was quite the specimen, and I was taking in her sight and adding it to my cranial rolodex, something to revert back to later when I jack-off. Oh yes, I would definitely be thinking of her next time!
We entered Utah and soon after the ground turned white. Lexi had woken and mentioned the need for a restroom. We pulled into a rest area at the Salt Flats. As I walked over to the building, Lexi was half-jogging, half-running to it. I guess she had to go. I came out of the wash-building and saw Lexi standing in front of the Salt Flat sign, reading. I went over to her and pretending to read it. Remember I had come this way before on an RV excursion? Well, this was one of the stops, so I had already read this sign once.
“What do you think?” I asked her.
“It’s neat. We stopped on the other side of the highway on the way to Burning Man. We were here yesterday, but Steve isn’t much for sights, so it was strictly a bathroom break and back in the road. I didn’t get to read or take pictures,” she replied.
“Do you want a picture now?”
“Sure. You don’t mind, do you?”
“Not at all, let me see your phone.” She handed over her cell phone and hit the camera app. I got some photos of her at the sign. Then we walked over to the large salt flat area and got some of her there as well. When I was done, she turned around to look at the flats some more, so I took my time walking up to her. It allowed me to check her phone and apps. Of course she had the usual Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter apps. I noticed Tumblr and Tinder as well. When I was close to her, I hit the button to make the screen go dark and handed her the phone.
“Thanks,” she said.
“No problem. I do the same thing for my kids all the time.” She looked at me and smiled, then turned to her phone. She brought up her screen and I noticed she didn’t have it password protected. She was moving quickly between Facebook and Instagram before putting the phone in her pocket again. I turned to her.
“We need to get going if we are going to make it to Park City tonight,” I told her.
“Yeah, you’re right.” She turned and we walked back to the truck. As we got near the parking lot, she grabbed me from the side and gave me a quick hug. “You’re my hero right now. I don’t know many nice people, but you are definitely one of them.” I looked down, smiled, put my arm around her shoulder for a gentle squeeze, then dropped it. I didn’t want to, not in the least. But I also didn’t want to be creepy. I guess the other people at the rest area would have thought she was my daughter, but I really didn’t want her to be creeped out by me.
We got back in the truck and got back on 80 heading east, again. It would be dinnertime in a couple of hours, and my hope is that we would be in Salt Lake City or near there where we can grab some food. We spent the time listening to the radio, talking and laughing and trying to find anything to pass the time, including road sign games. Lexi had a very sweet smile and a cute laugh, and she looked real good happy. A lot better than when I picked her up. We were approaching Salt Lake City and we were hungry.
“You alright with some fast food or do you want to sit down and eat?” I asked her.
“I’m okay with something quick,” she said, “Besides, I don’t want to spend all your money”.
“Don’t worry about that. Buying you food to eat isn’t going to break my bank,” I replied.
“I know, I just feel bad”.
“Well don’t,” I said with a smile. I pulled off at the next exit for a McDonalds. I parked the truck in the trucks and RV parking area and we went in. There was just something about watching her perky little ass move in those shorts as we walked across the parking lot. We went in, ordered our meal and sat down at a table. While we were eating, she looked up at and asked,
“How much longer do you plan on driving today?”
“I was hoping to make it to Park City, another hour or so. I think I may go ahead and find a place here in the city. Besides, it’s a beautiful sight when you wake up,” I answered.
“That sounds good, I could certainly use a shower and a bed right now,” she said. I smiled at her and finished my burger. When we were done, we got back in the truck and I started looking for hotels along the highway.
When I travel with my wife, I am always looking for a Courtyard Marriott or something similar, but when I travel by myself, I’m okay with a Motel 6 or Super 8. I just don’t care. A bed is a bed and a shower is always good when you’ve been driving for more than twelve hours. I saw a sign for a Super 8 and decided that was going to be stop for the night. Once again we pulled off the highway and into the Super 8 parking lot. I found an empty spot in the trucker’s parking lot and parked the rental.
“Make sure to bring everything in. I don’t want to give anyone a reason to break into the cab tonight,” I told her.
“Oh yeah, no problem,“ she replied. She grabbed her backpack while I got the cooler and my duffel. I locked the truck and started walking across the gravel lot.
“I don’t want to come across as a miser or even creepy, but if I rent two rooms, then my wife will wonder what I was doing. If you like, you can have the bed and I will take the floor,” I mentioned on our way in.
“That’s fine. You’re giving me a ride back home, I can’t complain. Since you’re doing the driving, how about you take the bed and I take the floor,” she said.
“Well, let’s just see what they give us and press from there,” I said back. She just smiled at me. We walked into the lobby and were immediately at the desk. Before I could do or say anything, Lexi rang the service bell on the counter. The clerk came around the corner.
“Good evening, welcome to Super 8. Just a room for you and your daughter?” the man asked. I caught a smiling glance from Lexi.
“Yes. Do you have a room with two beds?” I asked. He looked at his computer and pressed some keys on the keyboard.
“Yes, I have one more. He grabbed two cards from a box on the desk and ran them each into the mag-machine. He handed them over and gave me the price for the room. I pulled my credit card out and he swiped. I signed the receipt after it printed and then Lexi and I were on our way to the second floor. I put the card in the door, opened it was sort of delighted to see two beds. I wasn’t looking forward to sleeping on the floor, but I was kind of hoping I could try and at least figure something out. Oh well. I let Lexi walk ahead of me and pick out her bed. She took the near the window and left me with the one near the bathroom. I put the cooler on the floor by the sink and threw my duffel on the bed. Lexi had grabbed a small bag and clothing from her backpack and headed to the bathroom.
“See you in a few minutes,” she said with a smile.
“Alright, while you’re doing that, I’ll be on the phone,” I replied. She just flashed me a smile and slipped into the bathroom.
I turned my attention to my phone. I called my wife and spoke with her for a few minutes. She put the kids on the phone and I told each of them goodnight. My wife got back on the phone and we said our goodnights and I put the phone down. The shower water was still running. Being married, I know women love their long showers and figured Lexi was the same, especially after a long day on the road. I went to the nightstand to grab a remote and saw her phone sitting there. I grabbed it. Thought better of it and put it back down. No, I wanted to check it out. I picked it up and swiped. Photos, photos, show me photos. There we go. I started scrolling through her photos. There were the usual selfies with the kiss faces, the smiles, the bathroom clothes changing photos, but nothing in the arena I was hoping for. I got out of photos and made sure to close the app. Her text message app was showing that she had 3 waiting texts, but I wasn’t going to open that up, I didn’t want to answer for that later. I did, however, go into her email app. There were several emails regarding Burning Man… I could tell simply from the subject. There was one email titled ‘Come home’ from yesterday and another the day before ‘Where are you’. I went to go open that one but I heard the shower turn off. I closed the app and put the phone down, then turned on the news. A couple of minutes later she came out of the bathroom wearing light blue pajama bottoms and a pink t-shirt with the towel wrapped up on her head.
“Shower’s yours, though I might have used up all the hot water,” she said from the sink.
“That’s fine, thank you,” I answered. I grabbed my duffel and passed her in the sink area. She was brushing her teeth. She smiled at me in the mirror as I moved on. I got into the bathroom was surprised to see just how neat she really was. At home, every time my wife takes a shower, she doesn’t dry off in the tub or even step onto a floor towel. She just gets out, all soaking wet, and walked across the tiled floor, leaving water everywhere. It gets into the grout and it also makes the floor slippery. I get yelled at if I leave the seat up, but I’m wrong if I think she should dry off before creating a hazard in the bathroom. More and more as the years of marriage count up, I find myself frustrated with her, especially over the things that shouldn’t be hard to correct. Lexi, however, barely had any water on the floor towel and took her clothes out of the bathroom, so no mess at all. I turned the water on, got undressed, and stepped into the shower. As I was running soap over myself I began to think about Lexi. She was such a beautiful girl, err, woman. She’s seventeen, I told myself. She’s legal in most states. I let my thoughts drift and began to imagine what she would look like naked. I remembered some of the photos from the phone, specifically the ones of her in a bikini. Oh yes. That was doing the trick. My prick was standing at attention, ready for orders. I slowly started to jerk myself off thinking of her. I am not a well-endowed fellow, but I’m no short-dick man either. I stroked my six inches until I was at the point where I needed to be rubbing fast and hard. Hey, I’m in the shower. It needs cleaning, too! I came with an awesome release and could my muscles slowly relaxing. I cleaned up everything, turned the shower off and dried myself. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt, through my old clothes into a large plastic bag back in the duffel. I stepped into the sink area to brush my teeth, but the sink was full of water with… a bra? She put her bra in the water.
“Lexi, did you forget your bra in the sink?” I asked. There was no answer. I peeked around the corner and saw her on the bed. She was lying on top of the covers. I appeared that she had fallen asleep while watching t.v. I took her bra out of the sink, wrung it out and went to go hang it up in the shower. It was a cute little thing. It was white with teal and purple spots all over it. Of course I went to look at the tag. What grown man wouldn’t take the opportunity? 34B. Not a bad size at all. I like them small anyway. The bra was padded, too. Probably to give the appearance that her breasts were bigger than they really are. I brushed my teeth and went back into the room. The t.v. was still on and she was definitely asleep. I tried to wake her by touching her hand or shaking her arm. I got nothing. I decided to let her lie for a while. Her phone caught my eye, though, sitting on the bed. I thought if she’s asleep, then she won’t know. I picked it up and went through it again. I saw that the text app no longer had a red circle and decided to open it up. There were some texts from Steve apologizing for ditching her. She responded with some name-calling and ending the relationship. The last text from him was ‘whatever bitch’. There was a recent contact she texted named Sam. I opened that one. Apparently, Sam is short for Samantha. Hmm, a female text: You know those are fun to read. Most of it was Sam asking about the road trip to Burning Man. There were several back-and-forths about Steve. Then there were some about me. Lexi was telling Sam that she’d met a nice guy at the rest area Steve left her and that he had agreed to take her Columbia. There were other texts asking about Lexi’s mother. Had Lexi spoken to her? Was her mother mad? How long was she planning to be away? “Be away,” I thought? She was on her way home. I was taking her home to Columbia, there was no ‘away’. Sam asked more questions about how old I was; Older brother old? Dad old? Old man old? Lexi told her I was a married man with kids. Then there were others; well is he at least cute? Is he bald? Is he fat? Lexi’s answer… “Oh yeah, he’s cute… for an older guy.” Then Sam again; what does he think of you? Has he made a pass at you? Is he creepy? What about staying in hotels with him? Lexi had answers for all those, too; I don’t know, he’s just been cool with everything. He leaves me alone about my situation and doesn’t bring it up. No, he hasn’t made a pass at me. I gave him a hug and he hugged me back, that’s it. He’s not creepy at all. I don’t know what we’ll do about hotel rooms. Maybe they’ll have two beds and we’ll be alright, but who knows… if it has only one bed, I am sure we can work something out. Sam responded to that with; Oh I bet you could ‘work’ something out, lol. Lexi’s retort; Not like that Sam!! You’re always about sex. He’s a nice guy. I think it would be great to lay down and talk to him, without any sex stuff. Sam again; whatever Lex. Ever since that make-out session with Steve, you’ve been wanting him to have sex with you. I’m not the only one thinking of sex here. Lexi came back; Well Steve is out of the picture now. I was stupid to want him so bad. I’ll find someone else who will care for me better than he did. I know there are good people out there. Evan didn’t know me at all and he’s still helping me get to Columbia. Sam; Yeah, he’s thinking about the pretty girl who’s riding with him. He might seem nice now, but all men are dogs. Just wait, he’ll make a pass at you.
Lexi; It’s not like that Sam. I’m tired and need to get some sleep. Sam; Lexi, please be smart. You’re out there on the roads, everyone is worried about you. Your mother keeps asking me if I’ve heard from you. Of course I tell her you’re ignoring me. Let me know how you are tomorrow. Goodnight. Lexi; I’m fine Sam, goodnight. That was the end of the texts. I looked over at Lexi. She was still fast asleep. I decided to check those emails. Both were from her mother. She was upset that Lexi was gone. In the first one, she talks about sending bunches of texts with no replies so she resorting to email. She wanted to know if Lexi was staying overnight with friends. The other email was her mother asking her to just please come home. She misses her and she’s worried about her little girl. She went on to say that a 14-year old girl shouldn’t just take off for the night, or for two days without telling someone. She had contacted her friends and spoke with their parents. No one knows where you are, please come home. I love you. I closed the app on the phone, wiped the screen and put the phone back on the bed next to Lexi. Then I stood there, looking down at her sleeping form. This girl was a smooth talker. She had me believe that she was a 17-year old prodigy waiting for college and just needed to get home so she could go to University of Missouri. So, if she’s 14, how old was Steve? I know he’s real, I read the texts. I shook my head and muttered out loud,
“You got me good. I’m disappointed, but I’ll still get you home.” Then I had a thought. I grabbed a pen and paper from the desk drawer, grabbed her phone again and opened the phone app. I got her phone number and wrote it down, then I scrolled down looking for ‘Mom’ or ‘ICE 1’, anything to denote who her mother might be. I couldn’t see anything anywhere. Then it dawned on me, I opened her email from her mother and looked at the sender’s information. Her mother’s name was Katherine. So I looked for a Katherine in her phone. Yep, there it is. I jotted down her number taking note of the prefix. The code was 206. I did a quick search and found that to be the Seattle, Washington area. Then I did a search for Columbia, Missouri and saw that theirs was 573. So, if home is Columbia, why does Mom have a 206 number? I wanted to brush it off as the fact that everyone has a smartphone and no one pays long distance charges anymore. I wanted to brush it off that way, but I just couldn’t. I looked back down at Lexi. Every part of me wanted to wake her up, ask a million questions, be disappointed and call her mother. Instead, I decided that we both needed our sleep. I put her phone on the nightstand, leaned over her putting my arm under her back to lift her enough to pull the sheet down, the same with her legs. I got the sheet pulled up to her chest and then lay down in my bed.
When I am mad, I stir. My mind works in overtime. It won’t shutdown. I kept telling myself,
“You’ve got to let it go Evan. You need to sleep.” While I was thinking about it, I decided to grab my phone and wallet and put them under the other pillow on my bed. After a while, I finally drifted off to sleep.

Road Day 2: The hotel room phone rang at 7:30 in the morning. I was fumbling for it when Lexi spoke up,
“What’s going on?” She was still half asleep, much like me, in her bed trying to make the noise stop.
“Hello?” I said as I picked up the phone. I immediately put it back down and slowly swung my legs off the bed and sat up. I looked over at her.
“It was the wake-up call. It’s seven thirty. Did you sleep alright?” I asked.
“Yeah. I didn’t mean to crash out before you came back, but I was too tired. Oh shit!!” She jumped up out of bed and ran to the sink. I was confused at first then remembered what she was doing.
“I needed to brush my teeth after my shower last night. You were asleep and wouldn’t wake up, so I hung it up in the shower. It should be dry by now,” I told her.
“Oh I am so embarrassed! I’m so sorry Evan!”
“It’s no big deal Alexis. I have women in my life that do the same thing. It’s just a fact of life at this point. You don’t need to be embarrassed,” I reassured her. She started brushing her teeth so I took the moment to grab my clothes and change for the day. When she was done, I brushed my teeth. And then it was turns for the pisser. While I was handling my morning duty, she changed into a yellow t-shirt from some hip store and a pair of blue jean shorts. I imagine she was wearing the same bra from yesterday. That was about the only thing that made me smile this morning. We grabbed our things and made our way to the lobby. I stopped at an ice machine to fill the cooler on the way to the desk. I turned in our keys to the lady behind the counter, thanked her for a wonderful stay and we headed out the door. We loaded our things into the cab and I took a moment to shoot a text out to my wife. I got in, started the engine and we were back on the highway. I waited until we were on the east side of Salt Lake City before pulling over for breakfast. We were at a truck stop and Lexi wanted to eat at the diner, so we made our way over there. I decided after a bit that I could certainly use some waffles, a coffee, and bacon. Double bacon. Lexi ordered chocolate chip pancakes. Hey, whatever works! We ate with gusto, paid up got some gas and hit the road. The highway was winding in out of terrain in the Wasatch Mountains on our way toward Park City. Lexi was amazed at how beautiful everything was. I told her she should see it in the winter. It’s a far more spectacular sight then. We passed Park City and were making our way into Wyoming by this point. Evanston was ahead and it didn’t take long before it was gone. Now it was about 350 miles of highway until the next state line. The cool part about this leg, though, was that you cross the Continental Divide. We made our way up and down, and up and down, and up and down through the Continental Divide.
“Ugh, these hills are making me sick,” Lexi said.
“You sure it’s not the chocolate chip pancakes?” I asked. I looked over at her, smiling for the second time today, but I immediately wiped it off my face. She really was sick.
“Oh my. Let me get to a rest are for you. Do you need some pepto or tums? I have some in my bag,” I offered. She nodded her head. I pulled my bag from behind the seat and tossed it over to her.
“Small pocket on the side. Go through that, you should find something,”
“Thank you,” came her weak reply. She found the pepto and drank some. I still wanted to pull over to a rest area. Finally, we had signs for one ten miles down the road. She managed to not throw up in the cab the ten minutes it took to get to the rest area. I pulled off and parked. She nearly jumped out of the truck and ran to the building. I decided that I should probably use the bathroom, too. When I came out, she wasn’t at the truck or anywhere near the building, so I stayed in that area to wait for her. A couple of minutes later, she popped out into the world again.
“Do you feel better?” I asked.
“A little bit, yeah. The pepto helped, but sometimes it isn’t enough,” she said.
“We can stop at a Walmart and get some crackers and 7-Up if that will help you,” I offered.
“No thanks. I’ll just grab something light for lunch today instead.”
“Suit yourself,” I said. We got back into the truck and drove down the road a bit before stopping to grab lunch to-go in Rawlins. We were back on the road with our food and though I was still mad, I wanted her to eat. She needed something. I really couldn’t take that away from her. About fifteen minutes later, she was done. I had finished my food a couple minutes earlier.
“Evan,” she replied, half laughing.
“No, serious now,” I said.
“Oh, okay. What’s up?” she asked.
“What I am about to tell you will anger you, but I want you to know that I have the best intentions. I am going to be straight with you. I need you to be straight with me. Everything. Do you understand?” I provoked her curiosity with this statement.
“Anger me? What? You can’t take me Columbia?” she was slightly miffed at this point, thinking I would be dumping her.
“Oh no, I can still take you to Columbia. But do you know how hard it was this morning waking up, getting into this truck and not calling the police? Or your mother?” I responded.
“WHAT??? Why would you call the police? What did I do, Evan?” she was shocked and definitely on the defensive.
“You lied to me Alexis. You lied to me big. You approached me in Nevada and told me you were going home to Columbia. You pleaded with me to take you and I offered. But Columbia isn’t home, is it? Then you continued to lie to me about your age. You’re not seventeen, are you?” I demanded.
Oh she was not happy, but she was also mortified that I had caught her in her lie. “What? How?... How did you know? Are you spying on me? Who the fuck are you?”
“WATCH YOUR MOUTH LITTLE LADY! It’s not too late for me to call the cops. What are you? A druggie? Prostitute? Runaway? What is it?” I was yelling at her.
“Pull over,” she sobbed.
“No! You need to answer my questions. It’s not safe out there for you. The next guy might not take you where you want to go. You could end up dead in a ditch somewhere. I’ll be damned if I’m going to live with that the rest of my life,” I said.
“Evan, I’m sorry,” she was full on crying at this point. “I’m so sorry. I told you that so that you would be more willing to take me. Please Evan, don’t call the cops,” she was pleading with me.
“Lexi, you need to answer my questions. I am in a very bad spot here. If you aren’t seventeen, I could go to jail for picking you up and crossing the state line with you… And we crossed two state lines so far. But you told me you were seventeen and that is what I will tell the police,” I intimidated her. She still looked mortified and was really crying still.
“Evan, please don’t call the police. I’m not seventeen. I said that to make you feel better about giving me a lift. I’m only fourteen,” she said.
“FOURTEEN??!!” I yelled. “Do you know what happens to me if the police found out??” I asked.
“You aren’t going to call them, are you?” she asked.
“Oh hell no!! I’m not going to jail for some dipshit druggie!! I’ll stop in the next town and drop you off… CLOSE to the police station. But I am not hanging around. I am NOT going to jail for your bullshit!!” I continued.
“Please don’t, Evan. I don’t do drugs. I ran away from home,” she was trying to get her words out. There was an exit ahead to a country or ranch road of some sort. I pulled off the high way, turned left and crossed over interstate and pulled over into a dirt area.
“Look, we are in some serious shit right now, Alexis. What’s the hell is going on?” I demanded.
“I just finally got so sick and tired of my mom’s boyfriend’s crap. She wouldn’t listen to me, she never does. She just blew me off like always. She told me I don’t know what I’m talking about, that men aren’t like that and he’s never like that with her.”
“Like how?” I asked,” Did he hurt you?”
“No, not physically. But he threatens me,” she continued crying. “When she’s not home, he makes me wear clothes I don’t want to so he can take pictures.”
“What? Wait, what kind of pictures is he taking of you?” I asked.
“You know, short shorts or skirts, ripped shirts, bra and panties,” she said.
“Those aren’t too terrible,” I said. “Girls your age today are wearing clothes that barely cover anything.
“I know, and at first I thought it was okay. But then he started making me wear shirts without a bra. Sometimes he would make me change in front of him. It was gross. I hated it. Only my best friend Samantha has seen me naked. I didn’t want any guy to see me until I was ready.”
“That’s disgusting,” I told her. Of course my dick was proud of that man, though. “Did you tell your mother about it right away?”
“No. He kept telling me that since he’s a professional photographer, everything we were doing was fine. He kept saying ‘You know I’ve seen your mother naked before. And I’ve seen pictures of you in the bath as a little girl. This is alright,’ Then he would threaten me that if I told anyone, he would make sure that they knew I was lying and try and get me sent to my father’s place. He knows I wouldn’t want to go to my father’s.”
“Why? What’s wrong with your dad?” I asked.
“He’s the druggie. You accuse me of drugs, but he’s the one shooting up and snorting most nights. He’s got a crappy apartment in the ghetto of Tampa with a new girl every week. I don’t want to be anywhere near him.”
“Well I’m sorry I accused you of drugs and prostitution. I didn’t know and needed to get answers. So with your mom’s boyfriend, have you ever talked to your friends about him, the school counselor, the police? Anyone else besides your mother?”
“Yes, I talked to Sam about it. But she’s all about that kind of stuff. She loves to flirt, loves to make older guys want her. She’d come over all the time while he was home. She loves sex and loves to tease guys. She was doing that to him one night while over for a sleepover. He was on the couch and she walked out wearing her panties and a button-down shirt to go to the kitchen. It was taking her too long to get a soda, so I went down the hall and walked in on her sitting on his lap, facing the t.v. and grinding him. She loves that kind of stuff, but I don’t, and I’ve tried really hard to not be like her.”
“It’s okay,” I told her. “You’re not there right now. So if you are running away, then what’s in Columbia? I’m assuming that’s not really home.”
“No, it’s not. My older brother, Casey, lives there. He goes to college in Columbia. I was hoping that I could just show up and he’ll take me in, let me live with him,” she said.
“You don’t think he will call your mother?” I asked her.
“Not if I tell him about the terrible things that Matt makes me do, first. If he hears it, he’ll let me stay for sure. He doesn’t like him either. Casey’s been at the house when Matt was taking pictures of Sam once. He seemed very surprised that Sam was okay taking pictures modelling a tiny bikini, or wearing really loose shirts that show her chest. I though he was going to say something to Matt about it, but all he did was tell Sam he was disappointed in her. That didn’t do anything. She still did the photo shoots. Matt even tried to have Sam talk me into double sessions with her, but I don’t like getting naked. They managed to talk me into showing my butt. It was awful,” she started crying more, “he had me get down on all fours with only my shirt on and Sam behind me smacking my butt. It got real bad when I learned that he would put half-doses of ecstasy in our sodas. Sometimes it would be in a half a beer. He’d get us drugged or drunk and take pictures of us. Sam was always willing to go with it anyway, but I never was. I guess that’s why he drugged me. He made me take off my clothes so he could take pictures of me naked. He would make me touch myself. Sam would talk me into playing with myself until I would go along. Sometimes she would grab a dildo and force it into me. I’ve never been with anybody. I was SAVING myself for the right person, but she made this thing take my virginity. No one’s going to want me now!” and she started crying again. God damn, I was pissed off. I wanted to go find this guy and beat the living shit out of him… after shaking his hand, of course. But it’s one thing to take photos of girls, it’s another to drug them and get them drunk just to get them naked for a photo shoot, or even to talk one girl into playing with the other. Granted, it’s the stuff of fantasies, but if Lexi didn’t want it, then her friend should have respected that.
“Lexi,” I said. “Matt is a bad person. The things he did are wrong. Very wrong. Add to that the fact that he got your best friend involved just proves how much of a devil he is. I’m sorry that happened to you. No one should ever go through any of that, ever in their life. If you want, we can go to the police and tell them your story, get Matt locked up in jail. Do you want to do that?”
“I do, but not here. I want Casey with me. He’ll understand. He’ll help me,” she was back to sobbing again at this point. “Evan I’m so sorry to put you in the middle of this. I just wanted to get away and go to my brother’s. I didn’t mean for you to know any of this. You’ve been so understanding. Thank you.” She was wiping the tears from her face and I couldn’t help but think that I should be the protector, the body guard, now. She had been through enough. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see teens masturbating, or playing around with one another, but to force it is a different level. It has to be consensual. If it’s not, then it’s wrong.
“Of course, you’re welcome Lex,” I extended my hand out to squeeze her arm to reassure her. She unbuckled and flung herself into my arms hugging me tightly, crying quietly. I just put my other arm around, rocked gently and ran my hand down her head.
“You’ll get through this,” I told her. “I’m going to help you get through this. We’ll get you the right people and the right help.” I kept rocking with her and running my hand down. It was like consoling my own daughter. I rock with her all the time and shush her, and run my hand down her head. And since she’s so tiny, I usually continue down her back or her side. But Alexis isn’t a little girl, I can’t do that. Or can I? I ran my hand down her head again, and then I let it fall to her shoulder and ran it down he side and back. I did that about four or five more times before she finally started letting go. She backed her head away a bit and I looked down at her. Her face was full of tears and hair. I brushed her hair out of her eyes.
“Do you feel better getting that off your chest?” I asked her.
“Yes, actually I do. I’m sorry Evan, I didn’t mean to drag you into this,” she said with a sheepish smile. She moved more hair out her face and looked at me. She smiled bigger and then leaned toward me. I don’t know how, but our lips met. I parted hers with my tongue and we sat there for a few seconds locked in an embrace massaging each other’s tongues. I won’t say that she’s skilled, but she was a good kisser. Then I remembered, I’m married and she’s only fourteen. I freaked out and gently moved her away from me.
“I’m sorry,” I said. “I don’t know what came over me. I shouldn’t- I took advantage of you. Oh my God, Lexi, I am so sorry.”
“What for? I kissed you. There’s nothing wrong with that,” she replied.
“Sure there is. I’m a married man and you’re only fourteen,” I told her.
“I wanted to kiss you. You make me feel better about myself.” Then she moved closer and we kissed again. Oh my God. This was awesome. Not once had I ever thought that I would actually get to kiss a young woman. I’m married, therefore I am only supposed to kiss my wife. This felt amazing, and she was into this. Hell, she started it and she seemed to enjoy it. For a second, I got spooked again. Here I am in a large yellow moving truck right off the road making out with a teenage girl. Then I remembered that we’re in the middle of fuckin’ Wyoming off a ranch road. Who the hell would be driving over here anyway? The kissing didn’t last too long. We parted lips and she backed away from my face. She was smiling, but shyly.
“Thank you,” I said.
“Please, Evan. I wanted to kiss you… I WANT to kiss you. Don’t thank me, but you’re welcome anyway,” she replied. She moved the cooler from the hump over to the floorboard in front of her seat then moved back to the middle and buckled up. Okay, I can handle this. I put the truck back in drive and turned back to the road. Lexi leaned into me ad put her head up on my shoulder. I put my arm around her shoulders and let my arm fall naturally to her side. We got back on the highway. She pulled her legs up off the floor and stretched them over to the right seat. We sat just like that for another couple of hours, listening to the radio and playing the road sign game again. We needed gas again, so I found an exit and pulled off. We got to the station and I pulled some cash out of my wallet.
“Here, take this. Go in and get some snacks for us, if you don’t mind,” I had my hand out with the cash. She went to take the cash and pulled herself to me and kissed me on the cheek. Then she moved across and got out of the truck. I stepped down and started pumping fuel. This thing has a 57 gallon tank so it takes a while to get gas down her gullet. Lexi was walking back across the parking area to me. She had a plastic bag in one hand and was smiling at me the whole way back. The toothy smile, not the lips-closed smile. I could tell she was genuinely happy. It probably felt good for her to get everything off her chest, kind of a release, if you will. I have situations like that before. You get everything out and all of a sudden it feels like your muscles just relax. She was at my door and opened it. She stepped up and leaned over my seat, probably to put the snacks away. I had to admire the view from where I was standing. Her young body, leaned over with her ass hanging out and one of her legs propped out, was too beautiful not to look at. The pump clicked and my attention was now turned back. I put the nozzle up, grabbed the receipt and moved to the door. Lexi was already in the cab, in the center seat, waiting for me. She looked over and smiled as I got in. I buckled and started the engine again. I put my hand on her leg and squeezed gently.
“You ready?” I asked.
“Yep,” she replied. I moved my hand to the gear shift and we were off. As we got back on the highway, Lexi started going through the cooler for drinks and the bag for snacks. She handed me a Gatorade and a bag of Cheetos then grabbed a Gatorade and Doritos for herself. We sat there crunching and drinking, watching the miles pass by. We had passed Cheyenne and I made the choice to turn south toward Denver. My original plan was to go through Nebraska and stay the night at a rest stop, but with Lexi here, I needed to find a motel and my chances would be better in Colorado. I did some quick calculations in my head. If we stay in Denver tonight, I could have Lexi in Columbia with her brother tomorrow night. It would be a long day of driving, but she’d be where she wanted to be. I didn’t want to let go of her yet. I was actually enjoying her company. You know, Kansas City is a decent drive tomorrow and that would mean only two or three hours the next day. Yes, that was going to be the plan: Stay in Denver tonight, Kansas City tomorrow night, and get Lexi to her brother on Tuesday. I could still make it to Louisville on Wednesday, unload the truck Thursday and fly back Friday. Yes.
“I think we’ll stay in Denver tonight. It’s not too far away so we’ll have time to relax and enjoy the evening. I’ll leave it up to you about tomorrow, though. We can either drive all day and reach your brother around ten o’clock tomorrow night or stay in Kansas City for the night and meet with him before lunch the day after,” I offered, hoping she’d go for the latter.
“I’d love to see him tomorrow, but after spending all day on the road, I’m going to want to sleep and he’s going to want to talk. Can we get there the next day? It would give me time to prepare myself for what will come,” she replied.
“Sure! Not a problem. Let’s stop in Fort Collins and grab a quick dinner, you alright with that?” I asked.
“Yeah, I could eat. What time will we be I Denver?”
“I’d say around seven,” I answered. She smiled and leaned into me to rest her head on my shoulder. Again, I put my arm around her and let it fall. This time I was at her waist. I don’t know why, but it felt good to have my hand oh her hip, with my palm near her ass and fingers toward the front. I sort of felt dirty, but then I thought that perhaps it’s alright, since this is a natural place where arms and hands fall.
As we neared Fort Collins, I found an exit with a Quizno’s. I figured I hadn’t eaten there in a while and it’s the closest thing to a real meal when you’re on the go. Alexis was snoozing so I gently shook her to wake her.
“Ohhh,” she groaned as she woke. “Are we there?”
“Close. Quizno’s sound good to you for dinner?”
“Warm food? Yes,” she said.
“It’s the next exit,” I told her. She leaned over to grab her shoes and put them on. It was nice seeing the back of her shirt ride up exposing her skin. Her panties were sticking out at the top in the back. They were blue but I couldn’t tell what type. They weren’t granny-panties, that’s for sure. I made my way to the stop sign and turned toward Quizno’s. We had to park in a shopping center parking lot because of our size and the fact that parking around the restaurant was limited to normal vehicles. Inside the store, I ordered a chicken carbonara and she had a meatball sub. I decided we should eat there instead of bringing the food into the truck. She chose to eat outside at one of the tables so I went out and sat across from her. We didn’t say much over dinner, just sat there and ate. I took time while eating to watch over her. She was such a lovely form. The sun was beating off of her dark brown hair, which was framing her face. It was great to watch her brush her hair out of her face, or even eating the sandwich. When she was done, she wiped her mouth and wrapped up her trash. I was finishing up as well. I stood up, took her stuff and threw everything away.
“I’ll be in the restroom,” she mentioned as she got up.
“Alright,” what else was I supposed to say? I myself stopped in the restroom then headed out to the truck. She wasn’t too far behind me so I stopped and waited for her. Once she caught up, I turned and we walked together, she to my left. A couple of steps in, she grabbed my hand. I didn’t know what to do, so I just walked with her, holding her hand. I will say that it felt great, though. We got to my side and I unlocked the door and opened it. She went in ahead of me. Man was it awesome to have her ass inches from my face and her legs were so lovely and smooth. The deviant inside me would love nothing more than to spread those legs and give her clit a serious tongue lashing, but that was wishful thinking. This was a girl who had been involved in some type of exploitation, was saving herself for the right guy, just got out of a relationship yesterday. What would my chances be? Nil, that’s what. What am I to her, besides a ride? Sure, she took pleasure in kissing me and resting on my shoulder, but that’s it. I was comfort for her. That’s all. I started the engine and let it idle. While idling, I pulled my phone out and brought up my Marriott app. I found a Courtyard near the International Airport and made a reservation. To save money, I would prefer to stay somewhere cheap, but it was still early in the evening and I thought it would be nice to be able to use some of the facilities available at the hotel. Plus, their beds were FAR more comfortable than Super 8 or Motel 6. I put my phone away, put the truck in gear and headed for the highway.
It was a short drive from this point. We were on the outskirts of Denver toward the east side. Not too long after, our exit came up and we were off the highway. I pulled into the hotel parking lot and found an area for large trucks. Lexi grabbed her backpack and I grabbed my duffel and the cooler. We walked into the lobby and were greeted by a friendly woman.
“Good Evening. Do you have a reservation?” she asked.
“Yes, the name is Evan Smith,” I told her. She pulled up a screen.
“Ah yes. I have you right here, Mr. Smith. On behalf of Marriott, I’d like to thank you for being a Rewards Member with us. I see you reserved a room with two queen beds. I am afraid our system was incorrect when you made the reservation as that room is not available. I took the liberty of setting you up in our business suite. It’s a living room with an attached bedroom. Would that be alright?” she informed me.
“How many beds are in that room?” I asked.
“The bedroom has a king bed and the couch in the living room folds out to a bed. Would that be fine for you and your daughter?”
I looked at Lexi and she just gave me a little shrug.
“Sure, that would be alright,” I answered. She plugged away at the computer, got our keycards and map. She explained where the pool was, the gym and the sauna and then pointed in the direction of our room. It wasn’t far, just around the corner from the lobby, actually.
“Thank you,” I said as we left the desk. We walked to the right and took the hall around the corner to our room. It was the first door on the left. I had the cooler in my hands so Lexi opened the door and we walked in. The light above the dinette table was lit as was the dressing room light. She fumbled for the light switch and finally found it. I placed the cooler on the floor of the closet in the dressing room.
“Hey, there’s a bag on the table with your name on it,” Lexi said from the main room.
“Really? I’ll be there in second,” I said. I turned the corner to see her holding the bag up. Sure enough, it has ‘Mr. Smith’ written on it. “Open it up”. As she tore into the bag, I was putting my duffel down on the floor and heading to the couch.
“There’s a couple of chocolates, a card, some soap and razors,” she said, handing the card to me. It was a thank you card with a survey on the back. Then she tossed one of the Ghirardelli chocolates my way. I threw my feet on the table and opened the wrapper. Lexi kicked her shoes off and jump-plopped down next to me, curling her legs behind her and putting her head on my chest. She nibbled at her treat while I had already devoured mine. Ghirardelli has a welcome place in my stomach, always.
“Evan,” she said.
“Please don’t freak out about today. I know I made you uncomfortable and I really don’t want to put you in an awkward position.”
“Well, I admit it was awkward, but you needed someone to talk to and I am glad I was there for you,” I told her.
“No, not that. I know you’re married, and I would never want to ruin that. I shared something with you that I have been hiding a long time and you made me feel comfortable talking with you. It’s… I really liked kissing you and I just don’t want that to be a problem for you and your wife.”
“Really?” I asked. “You needed to tell your story, and I’ve always been told I’m a good listener. As for kissing you, if I didn’t like it, I would have pushed you away. Don’t worry, my wife will never know about it. You aren’t ruining anything. In fact, you’re actually making me feel good about myself. That is something my wife doesn’t do. So thank you.”
“Good, I’m glad,” she said. She patted my leg a couple times and then got up off the couch. “So do we work the sleeping arrangements? I can take the couch,” she offered.
“It doesn’t matter to me, Lex. I’ll worry about it after a swim. Did you pack a swim suit? Are you up for a swim?”
“Uh, yes. You think I was planning on going to Burning Man without one?” Most people at Burning Man will move about with nothing on. That could be a good scene or a bad scene; it depends on your taste. It would make sense for a young girl to bring a swimsuit, but it wouldn’t make sense for a fourteen year old to be there. Of course she was telling me she was seventeen, so I am sure she would have lied her way through that, as well. She grabbed her backpack and headed for the bathroom while I took my duffel to the bedroom. It didn’t take me long to change. I hadn’t heard her, so I pulled out my phone and called my wife. I let her know that it was a rough day on the road today and that I was really tired and would be going to bed soon after we hung up. While talking. There was a knock on the door.
“Evan, are you ready?” Lexi asked.
I put my hand over the mouthpiece, “Just a minute, I am on the phone,” I wanted to make it sound to my wife that the hotel staff was at the door. We spoke for a couple of more minutes, said our ‘I love yous’ and hung up. I plugged my phone into the wall and then opened the door. Lexi was in the living room standing by the desk texting on her phone. Oh My God she was quite a sight! She had on a purple bikini with black dots and I could finally get a nice look at the actual size of her breasts. They were about a handful, about what I was expecting from her bra size. Her legs looked great from her ass to her flip flops.
“You ready?” I asked, smiling. She looked up.
“Why are you smiling?” she replied.
“Because you look good in a swim suit, that’s all. You ready?”
“Yes, and thanks,” she said. She closed out of her phone and grabbed a towel. I made sure to bring the keycard and we were off to the pool. It was easy to find. They had a hallway that was devoted solely to activities. The pool was the one with all the windows. We entered and found a place to leave our stuff. She walked around to the stairs and did that whole ‘tip-toe’ thing girls do before getting in the water. Me? I dove right in from the deep side. After a long day, it felt good be in the water. I swam underwater to the shallow end, near the stairs. I popped up to see that Lexi finally got in the pool. She hadn’t gone in more than her stomach, but she was in. I playfully splashed at her, getting water on her chest, face and hair.
“Hey!!” she exclaimed. She shied away from the water, then turned around and brought a wave with her waves to get me back. I laughed as I wiped my face. She finally dropped down in the pool to her neck, letting her hair get wet.
“Doesn’t this feel better?” I asked her.
“Yes. After the day I’ve had, I need this,” and with that she plunged herself under the water and sprung back up shortly after. We swam for a bit, about ten minutes, and then I decided I need to relax in the hot tub. I made my way over to the stairs and got out. The hot tub wasn’t too far and when I got in, I made sure I could still see Alexis. I sat there letting the heat work it’s magic on my muscles. I continued watching her, though. She would swim laps back and forth and finally saw me. She smiled and made her way to edge. I enjoyed watching her ascend the stairs and walk over to the hot tub. There were two very noticeable signs at the hot tub that mentioned that children under 18 shouldn’t be allowed in the hot tub. I smiled at her and pointed at the signs.
“Well, then I guess it’s a good thing I have my father to supervise me,” she smiled back. Once again, she was a lovely sight as she got into the hot tub. God I just love those legs. She sunk herself into the hot tub for a couple of seconds and then came up. She found a seat across from me, next to where I had my feet resting, and slumped down. She put her feet up next to me. Her foot brushed my hand and she moved it.
“Sorry,” she said.
“Didn’t bother me,” I told her. I moved my hand to her ankle and let it sit there.
“This heat feels good. I am going to sleep great tonight,” she mentioned to me. I started to rub her ankle.
“Tell me about it,” I said with a smile. She withdrew her legs and I looked over at her. She moved over toward me, put her arms around my neck and pulled herself into my lap, sitting sideways.
“Sorry, but I need more of this,” she said to me and leaned in to kiss. I let her tongue slide into my mouth and I reciprocated the action. I put my arms around her, my left going up toward the back or her left shoulder and my right hand right at the side of her left butt cheek. We kissed for a few good seconds and then she came back again for more. It was tough trying to think about something, anything except for what was happening. I could feel stirrings in my dick and she was sitting right on top of it. Come on! Baseball, car parts, work… anything, please. She started to make a moaning noise while kissing that just set me up for a promised position of attention. I could tell she felt it because she starting smiling while kissing and made the move to bite my lip. I enjoyed it, I really did, but again, here I was, a thirty-eight year old married man with kids making out with a fourteen year old girl at a public hot tub. It would be a matter of time before someone walked in, let alone the staff. I sat up and gently moved her away from me.
“Lexi, I can’t… not here. What if someone walks in?”
“Are you worried about your wife? I don’t want to ruin your feelings for her,” she responded.
“Oh dear girl, at this point, my feelings for her are not like they were when we got married. Time has done a number on our life together. You let me worry about her. I just don’t want someone to walk in and see a grown man taking advantage of a young girl.”
“We could always say I am your girlfriend,” she pleaded.
“But you’re fourteen. They would see through it, my dear,” I told her.
“Well, I don’t want to stop,” and with that she leaned in again for another kiss. I was afraid of getting caught, but this really was too good to pass up. She brought her hands to the front and began to rub my chest. I started moving mine across her back and along her stomach and back to her butt. She was kissing me hard now. She put both hands aside my mouth and continued kissing. Then she moved herself, getting up from her side seating and putting her leg over me to sit in my lap, facing me. She was on her knees, fully extended, looking downward kissing me hard in my mouth, her breasts just at my upper chest. I had my arms at the small of her back and started to move them around, caressing and feeling anything and everything. She let me put the on her ass and squeeze her cheeks. She let me run them up her back. She let me caress her sides and move up to her chest. Yes! Here I was, Evan Smith, with a handful of firm fourteen-year-old breasts with her tongue down my throat and her pelvis just inches above my raging hard cock. This was ecstasy for me! Of course, I was still scared as hell and made frequent looks toward the wall of windows. She stopped her kissing for a moment.
“Evan, I want to try something.”
“What’s that?” I asked her. She gave a quick smile and put her leg back over and spun around, then she sat down… on my lap… with her ass on my dick. She leaned back against me with her neck at my mouth. I took my left hand brushed her hair from her right to her left to expose her neck. She took the hair from me in her left hand and let me kiss her neck. She held her hair up in the left hand and moved her right arm to meet mine. While I was kissing the nape of her neck and down the sides, she was letting me put my hands all over her. I took turns rubbing them up her legs, across her stomach, grabbing and feeling her breasts. At times I would bring them between us and give her a back rub. She was thoroughly enjoying this. As was I. I kissed her back between the blades, the side of her neck again, and moved up to her ear and nibbled along there. She leaned back even further into me and moved her right hand to dick. Yes sir, while I was kissing her and caressing her, she grabbed me through the fabric and moved her hand around. She got some moans and groans from me and I knew she liked the way I was kissing and caressing her. By this point, I felt brazen enough to move hands to her front, under her stomach. She didn’t flinch. I ran my thumbs between her skin and her bikini bottom, from the front to the rear. She didn’t stop me. I kept on with my kissing and moved my right hand to her bellybutton. I gave her a couple of more nibbles and then slowly lowered my hand into her swim suit and made my way to my favorite part of the female body… the playground. She spread her legs a little further to allow me to rub her clit. I made work of rubbing her clit with my right hand, kissing her neck, and caressing her breast from behind with my left hand. She had stopped rubbing my dick by this point, but not because she wanted to stop. My bet was that this was an amazing feeling for her. I don’t know if she had done this before with anyone else, but it didn’t matter. She was doing it now, with me, and I was happy. I moved my hand down a bit and started playing with her pussy lips with my middle finger. I circled the playground several times and then slowly pressed my finger into her. I didn’t get far.
“No. Not yet,” she interjected. I moved my hand upward. She grabbed my hand and put it back. “I’m okay with everything, but I haven’t let anyone go there yet.”
“I understand, Lexi. I don’t want to force you into anything you don’t want,” I told her. I still had her breast in my left hand and made sure she was enjoying the kissing, but I left my right hand where it was and didn’t do anything. She let me play a little more and then I slowly moved my hand up out of her bikini bottom. I brought my left hand around and gave her another back rub. As I finished up, she got up from my lap and moved to the stairs. I got up and followed her out of the hot tub. We made it to where our towels were and dried off.
“Looks like you were enjoying it, too,” she said, looking at the tent I had going on with my trunks.
“A girl a good looking as you, can you blame me?” I joked back. I dried off my legs and feet, found my flip flops and got them on, then stop up to leave. I did a quick scan of the room before we left to make sure we weren’t leaving anything. As I turned, I saw a gentleman in the corner of pool on the far side. Oh shit! I hope it wasn’t obvious about her age. He just smiled and nodded at me. I nodded back, took Lexi by the arm and we walked out of the pool room. As we walked down the hall, she brought her hand up and interlocked her fingers with mine. I was reassured that she was alright. I had not done anything to her she didn’t like. I felt good about that. We got to the room and I opened the door. She immediately stopped at the sink to wash the chlorine off her face. I hung her towel on the bar and held onto mine.
“I need to take a shower. Will you be alright?” I asked her.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” she said. I hung my towel up in the bathroom, closed the door a crack, took off my flip flops and trunk and set them aside, then started the shower. What I really needed was the privacy to relieve myself of the tension that built up from that hell of a make-out session. The water was warm enough now and I got in. I started with the soap to clean the chlorine off my body and washed my hair. My mind, though, was racing with everything that had taken place. I was worried. Did I take it too far? The science of our bodies said I didn’t, but you know society. Society is a huge liberal bitch that gets offended by everything. I just hope the guy in the pool isn’t one of them. I heard a noise outside the curtain.
“Lexi?” I called out.
“It’s just me, no worries,” she said. Of course I was wondering what she was doing. Perhaps she needed to go to the bathroom and felt comfortable enough to do so with me in the sho…. nope, she pulled the shower curtain back and I watched as her beautiful legs stepped in. I was stunned. I just stood there, with the water running over me, gazing at her naked body… from her head to her feet. She was a true beauty. Her dark hair was slicked back from the pool, her light pink nipples staring at me from their perfect breasts, her inward body curve then back out to the hips. And it was such a delight to see what I had been playing with. I took pleasure in watching some of the water hit her body and run down to her vagina. I already knew that she kept it smooth, but it was nice to see for my own eyes.
“Wha… what are you doing?” I asked her. She took a step to me and threw her arms around my neck and looked up at me.
“Well, we’ve already felt each other all over. We might as well get the awkward part over,” and with that she went in for another kiss. My mouth muscles were a little sore from all the kissing in the hot tub, but I can’t tell my body ‘no’. We kissed some more and I moved my hands across her back again. I turned us around so that she was in the running water. I grabbed the soap and started rubbing her back with it, then moved to the front and soaped up her chest and stomach. I put the soap away and caressed her breasts for a little and went on for more kissing. She really seemed to enjoy it. While kissing her, I moved my hands to her again to wipe away the soap. Then I turned her around so her back was to me and started to wipe away the soap from her chest. Of course with her neck so close, I had to take advantage and kiss her there, too. All the while this is going on; understand I’m standing right behind her. My cock was raging stiff with everything I was doing and it was lingering in between her legs and dangerously close to her pussy lips. A couple times while I was cleaning off soap and reaching around her, it would slide just across her lips. Every time it did that, she moved in a way that told me she liked it. I grabbed the soap and started to soap the front of her legs from behind and moved up. When I got to her perfectly firm ass, I grabbed her left check with my hand and gave her a kiss on the other. Then I went back to bathing her. She let me run the soap across her waist. I used the bar to get hand really soapy and put it back, then I worked on her inner thigh from both the front and the back, taking care not get my fingers close to her cunny. Afterward, I went back cleared the soap away, again ensuring I would not infringe on her womanhood. As I had my hand up front, she took it with hers. She moved my hand back down to her pussy. I stopped.
“It’s okay, Evan. I want you to,” she said.
“You didn’t earlier, I didn’t think you liked it,” I replied.
“I liked it, but no one has gone there, either with their fingers or their pricks. But I want you to use your fingers now,” she pleaded. I kissed the back of her neck again, rubbing her breasts with my left hand. I stepped back and pulled her with me, then got her to follow me to the floor of the bathtub. I was lying against the slanted portion of the tub and had her lay on top me. This allowed me to continue kissing her neck and ears while still rubbing her breasts. I did this for about half a minute before I moved my right back around to her pussy lips. She spread her legs a little to make it easier for me to play. I circled her lips to keep her wet and moved between playing with her lips and flicking her clitoris. As she let me continue, I moved my left hand to her clit and then slowly pressed my middle finger into the depths of her sex. I slowly moved my finger in and out and she got wetter and wetter. I couldn’t tell if it was her juices or the shower, but it didn’t matter, she was wet and I found it easy to caress her labia and press inward. She was moaning with each insertion. At one point, I decided to try and add a second finger. It was a little difficult, but I was able to get in and made sure she could feel me move in and out. I curled my middle finger and found a fleshy area inside, meanwhile I kept my left hand working her clit. I kept kissing her neck and she kept moaning. I had been working that fleshy area for a little bit and Lexi started to squirm a little bit.
“Are you okay?” I asked her.
“Mm-hmm. I’m fine, keep going,” she insisted. It was tough for me, I was working everything I had to give this little girl the experience she never had, and I wanted to make it wonderful for her. I wanted her to remember me. I fervently worked my hands with her clit and her flesh until she started to gently buck.
“Ahh,” she moaned. I could see around her neck that she was biting her lower lip and her eyes were closed. I kept pressing with her G-spot. My rock hard dick was pressed up against her back, as it had been for a while, with pre-cum oozing out. As she started her bucking, she was spreading it all over my dick. I worked her harder and she started bucking harder. The more she bucked, the more she freely moved around my dick, the harder I seemed to get, the more I need to cum. Finally, I was moving about as quickly as I could. She was bucking hard and her soft moans were louder.
“Oww, mmmm, uhhhh,” they were breathy at first but the faster I moved, the more she sounded like it was soft talking, or singing. She was writhing with the pleasure I was giving her, which in turn was pleasuring me. I could not hold off any longer. I felt the rage within me ready to explode. I pressed my fingers into pussy hard against her flesh while I blasted her back with my sex.
“Oohhh, uhhh, Oh!! Oh!!” It felt amazing, my dick rubbing up and down the small of this girl’s back as she was letting me finger-fuck her from behind. It was the strongest ejaculation I ever had.
“Oh Lexi, that was amazing,” I told her as I kissed her neck. I pressed back into her and laid claim to her clit. I made to continue flicking it while working her flesh. It didn’t take too much longer. She had been bucking to the point that her muscles tensed and she was practically raised up off of me.
“Oh!” “U-u-oh!” “Ahh” “Hah” “Ahhhhhh” I love the sound of females having an orgasm, especially if there is a hint of squeal in it. It seems to be the only thing to get me real hard again after I cum.
“Oh my God, Evan. That was awesome. Is it supposed to feel like that?” She asked me, nearly out of breath.
“Sometimes, yes. I gave you a G-spot orgasm. There’s usually a lot of cum from you with those, and they are the hardest to achieve. Did you like it?” I asked her.
“Yes, yes I did. It felt amazing. How did you cum?”
“Well, first, it’s you and you’re beautiful. Second, you were rubbing my dick with your back, kind of like masturbation. It was great.” I told her. She had smiled when I told her she was beautiful. We lay for a couple of minutes, then we got up and cleaned ourselves off again. She shut off the water and grabbed the towels. I took a moment to dry her off and when she stepped out of the tub, I dried myself off. She was at the sink brushing her hair. She had the other towel wrapped around her body. I left my towel in the bathroom and walked out to head to the bedroom. I figured we have definitely seen each other, what difference does it make now? Seriously. She smiled sweetly at me in the mirror when she saw me move through. I stopped behind her, moved her hair and kissed the nape of her neck. I gave her a soft pat on the ass and moved on. I grabbed tomorrow’s boxers out of my duffel and put them on, then sat on the bed to check my phone. It was just after ten o’clock at night. Really? We had checked into the hotel about two and a half hours ago. Man, we were at this for a while.
“Evan?” I heard her from the door way. I looked up to see her toweled frame leaning in the doorway.
“Yeah, what’s up?” I asked her. I could see her smiling.
“Any objections to sharing the bed? It’s not like we’re worried about space and privacy anymore,” she stated her case, still smiling. I reached behind me and pulled the other side of the sheets down and turned back to her with a smile.
“None at all,” I almost laughed.
“Good,” she turned to walk into the living room. I could hear her grab her backpack and a few seconds later she was walking back into the room. She pulled out the pink shirt she wore last night and found a pair of fleece knit shorts and tossed them on the bed, then walked out of the room again. I shut my screen down and turn to lay back against the headboard of the bed. I could see her in the bathroom. She was finishing up her nightly routine with brushing her teeth, then turned off the light and came into the bedroom. I loved watching her take her towel off. She put the shorts on and then the shirt; her perfect tits angling into the shirt. When she was done she looked at me and saw that I was watching her.
“What?” she asked with a slight smile.
“Nothing. You’re just beautiful, and I love to watch you,” I gave her the truth. She was beautiful. It was easy to see how I believed her story about being seventeen or even how I thought she could have been nineteen back at the rest area.
“You’re sweet, thank you,” she said, moving her hair back on the left side of her face. She crawled into bed on all fours and moved to me. She was exhausted. So was I. She lay down perpendicular to me and turned over so the back of her head was resting on my lap, her legs extended out to the right side of the bed. I put my right arm out and grabbed her hand and we just lay there for a few moments.
“So what happens now?” she finally asked.
“What do you mean,” I replied.
“Well, you found out the truth about me. You didn’t turn me in. You listened to me, and you’re still helping me. What happens when you drop me off?” I had to think about that, long and hard (no pun intended).
“My hope is that you would understand that what happened today is wrong in the eyes of so many people. So we can’t talk about it, ever. Believe me, I’d LOVE to tell my friends about you, but sadly one of them would eventually turn me in,” I told her.
“Oh no, Evan! I don’t mean that. I love that it happened. You showed me there’s more out there than Steve. I only knew you for a day before we kissed, and then tonight was amazing. All I ever did with Steve is give him a blowjob a few times. You were more fun… more loving. I almost don’t want to say this, but I think I might be falling hard for you. I kind of don’t want you to drop me off… but I know it won’t work because you’ll be in Kentucky and they’ll either send me back to Seattle or down to Tampa,” she was telling me. “I just wish this day was longer, and I wish tomorrow weren’t such a long drive either. I want to spend as much with you as I possibly can,” she said looking up at me and smiling.
“I promise you, Lexi. I don’t want the day to end either,” I answered. She raised her torso up and turned to me and kissed me hard on the mouth. I sat there and let her. Of course, it was only a matter of time (seconds) before that prick of mine was ready for more battle. I knew she could feel it, it was pressing into her stomach. She kept kissing me but worked her shirt off in the process, then she straddled me and continued to kiss. I was ready for make-out session #4 today. I raised my arms up and cradled her in them again, taking turns between rubbing her back with one hand and her breasts with the other. She pulled her head away just a bit but stayed where she was, so I took that moment to start kissing her neck. I kissed hard around her neck and moved my way down to the buds on her breasts. It was so delightful to have her tits in my face. Even better that they were in my mouth. I continued my kissing, arousing her more and more. Finally, I put my hand on her ass with my thumb in the waistline of her short. I started to move them, expecting her to stop me, but the words never came. I brought my other hand around started to slowly bring her shorts down down, rubbing and grabbing her ass as I moved. Once they were stretched across my waist, she would either have to pull them back up, or move and take them off. She shifted to one side and removed her shorts. As she brought her hands back up my legs, she stopped at my boxers and tugged on them, smiling. I sat there with my hands behind my head and let her take them off. She got them off around my ankle and I just flung them at the floor. She crawled her way back toward me and then stopped at my dick. She took it in her right hand and moved her mouth to it. Ahhh Mai Gawd!!! The sight and the feeling combined were enough to make me want to cum immediately. I said want, I didn’t go. She slowly moved her head up and down, jacking when she could. She stopped at the head of my dick concentrated on a certain area there, ensuring I was enjoying it. Then she moved back to bobbing her head. If there is anything positive I could say about Steve, it’s that he taught her well in the art of fellatio. She alternated between bobbing, licking, true sucking, and back to jacking. This was extreme bliss and I felt no shame as I watched this little girl, with her hand around my dick, take my cock into her mouth at will. The more I thought about that, the more I felt the pressure build up. I could sense I was getting close, and the only times that my wife would do this, her rule was I tell her before I go. I felt I should do that here.
“Lex, Lexi…. I’m going to cum,” I told her, holding back. But she kept going, “Lexi, sweetie, I’m going to cum.” She reach up and patted my stomach. I didn’t quite know what that meant, but I couldn’t hold back any longer. AAAHHHHH, my strands of jizz blasted into her mouth. She tried to keep up, and I did give her ample warning, but I think with this being the first time a young girl had my dick in her mouth, my explosion was just going to be that strong. She coughed and gagged and tried to swallow and finally got it down. I sat up my hands on the sides of her head.
“Are you okay?” I asked. She finished coughing and finally looked at me.
“Yeah, I am. That was stronger than I expected,” she told me.
“Well, I couldn’t help but watch a beautiful young girl like you sucking me off. I think that’s what got me,” I said as I rubbed the sides of her torso. She leaned over to the nightstand and grabbed my water and took a few sips. She put the bottle back and was still straddling me. I sunk myself down so that my head was on the bed and her pussy was just above my face. I grabbed her ass with my hand and pulled her down to me. She was divine!! She let me work my tongue everywhere I wanted it. I didn’t bother with her clit just yet, I left that for my right hand. While stroking her clit, I plunged my tongue into her pussy, tasting her wetness. I licked all around, listening for her moans. I kept my licking slow for now. I wanted her to enjoy this. I don’t know if Steve did this to her, ever, but I was doing it now, and I was going to do it my way. As much as I like fucking, sometime love-making just feels better, and when you’ve got a fourteen year old girl’s pussy in your mouth, you treat her nice and gentle. I moved up to her clit and latched on with my lips and sucked until she moaned, then I went for tongue-lashings. I lapped her clit as quickly as my tongue muscles would let me. While I was concentrating on that, I moved my left hand over and got my middle finger inside her lips and starting doing the “come here” motion with it, ensuring I was hitting her fleshy area as I had before. I reached up with my right hand and grabbed her left breast and pulled a little hard, but not too much. It’s amazing what pain your body will ensure when you’re in the middle of fornication. I wanted her to cum hard, just as I had. This went on for a few more seconds and she started bucking slowly. I moved my fingers through her sex more quickly now trying to earn her orgasm. I plunged up on her clit and sucked as hard as I could grabbed her breast.
“Ahhh-huhh, ahhh-huhh, ow-huh…” her moaning was awesome and it got me hard again. She was still cumming as I was slowing down to let her catch her breath,” That was frickin’ amazing!! Oh my God!! Oh, my knees are weak,” she was saying. She moved down and collapsed on my stomach, with her face near mine. I reached over and grabbed the water so that I could get a few sips in. She was breathing heavily still, and I wanted to see how far I could take this. I put my left arm around her and with my right, turned us over together so she was on her back. Then started kissing her ears and down her neck. I was moving my hands all over her body. I didn’t want this feeling for her to end. I positioned myself outside the gates of the playground and the tip of my cock was pressing, waiting. She didn’t say anything, she just moved her legs a little. They shook a bit as she moved them. I pressed my cock into her folds and got the tip in.
“Ah! Oh! It hurts a bit,” she said.
“You’ve had toys before, right?” I asked.
“Yes, but they weren’t as big as you,” she answered. Well that answer was good enough to make any man swell with pride. Yeah, pun intended.
“You’re going to have to trust me, okay?” I said.
“Yeah,” she said, and with that I slowly inserted myself as far as she would let me. I had to move around in order to lube everything up, but once it was slippery, she was good to go. I pushed back inside of her, going slow. She had moved her legs up around my waist now, though they were still shaking. I pulled back, then plunged back in, taking it to the balls.
“Ah” she would say.
“It feels good Lexi. You’re doing good,” I told her. I brought it back out slowly again, then teased her with the tip before I put it back in. The motion seemed pleasing to her. She would moan with each thrust and at one point we found ourselves kissing hard while doing all this work. But at some point, even love-making turns into fucking, and I found myself thrusting quicker and harder into her. She was taking it, though, like I hoped she would. The faster I would go, the more she was getting off until she finally blasted her first real sex orgasm. She was moaning, groaning and grunting with squeels, and they were getting loud. The scared guy inside of me was afraid of what the neighboring room would think about this, but the older deviant bastard that was plowing his cock into this girls vagina and his tongue into her mouth didn’t care at all. As she was nearing the end of her ejaculations, mine were on final approach.
“Lexi, I’m going to cum. Where do you…” she stopped me.
“Just go,” she coaxed and with that, I spewed my pearls into her sex. I was holding her shoulders from underneath and with every pump, I pulled her body down to me. I didn’t let go until I thought every drop was out. I gave her one last kiss and then rolled over onto my back.
“Whew!” I exclaimed. “By far, the best, Lexi.” I looked over at her. She was looking at me smiling, looking happy, but also crying.
“What’s wrong, sweetie?” I asked. She continued smiling and blinked her eyes.
“That was perfect, Evan. Better than I thought it could be. Thank you.” She said. I pulled her close to me and held onto her. This little girl was awesome and she trusted me in taking her virginity. I felt good knowing I hadn’t let her down. We lay like that on into the night, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Anonymous 15/09/05(Sat)18:38 No. 23829 ID: 273c19

Quite excellent!

Anonymous 15/09/12(Sat)14:46 No. 23830 ID: 2d87ac

Very nice.

Bkil 15/09/14(Mon)09:15 No. 23836 ID: b0ffa4

Nice story, looking forward to days three and four.

Some line breaks between paragraphs and changes in who is speaking would really help the readability of the story.

Anonymous 15/09/29(Tue)08:14 No. 23874 ID: 2d87ac


Anonymous 15/10/01(Thu)01:39 No. 23876 ID: 84aa5c

more, brilliant work

Anonymous 15/10/01(Thu)23:01 No. 23881 ID: b039ba

Nice work so far

Anonymous 17/10/03(Tue)00:20 No. 25155 ID: 94f03e

Man, this was great. When are days 3 and 4 coming?

Anonymous 17/10/20(Fri)11:37 No. 25163 ID: 92463a

This was 2 years ago, dude

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