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Shapeshifter Girlfriend Izu 17/05/10(Wed)23:32 No. 25026 ID: b90e87

# Shapeshifter Girlfriend
### Chapter 1


Just a quick note, this is my first time writing this kind of stuff so I apologize if there are any redundancy or wrong gramming in the story.


I'm Michael, just your average guy who works as an IT for a company. Age 23, 6 foot height, average build, not too muscular, not too thin either. No experience with a woman.

After a finishing up all the remaining paperworks a few days before deadline I hit the nearest bar from work to celebrate. Inside the bar, I let out all my stress drinking shot after shot.

I finish up and walk out the bar, looking at my watch and noticed it's already 11:48PM, I felt the need to puke so I headed to the nearest alley not knowing there was someone following me.

“Damn, I drank too much.” I said to myself as I release the alcohol and lunch I took. I hear footsteps and look back, still dizzy, I recognize it's a woman from her voice “Woah there Michael, you're gonna trouble the bar staff with the mess you made. Here, let me help you up, I've got my car parked at the side. I'll bring you over at my place.” she said as she helped me up and carried me. Kinda pathetic to see a woman help a guy up after being messed up, haha.


As she drives I slowly start to regain my senses. Looking at my left, I recognize who had helped me. It was Aria from the IT Department of the company.

Aria is a pretty slender looking woman, at the age of 24, she looks very mature with long jet black hair, fair white skin tone, breasts sized around DD cup, and the perfect ass that is not too big nor too small. For me, I'd call her the “Perfect Woman”.

“Hello? Michael, you there?” Aria said as I ogle at her perfect body.

“Oh! Sorry! By the way where are we headed Miss Aria?” I was way too dizzy to focus on what she said at the alley.

“Jeez, I told you I'm dropping you off at my place, and there's no need for formality, we're practically the same age here.”

“Oh uh, I'm alright now, you could drop off the next stop light and I'll walk home, thanks for the ride though.” A boy staying over at a girl's place? Oh no, that would just be very awkward for me.

Aria grins and doesn't answer she just kept on driving until a red stop light forces her to halt. I grab the handle and and just as I was to open the door, a hand suddenly grabs my arm. Trailing it leads to Aria who's right arm is extended from the drivers seat to grab mine and her left hand on the wheel.

Shocked, I tried opening the door to escape but she was too fast, she uses her right arm to tie both of my arms and uses her free hand to drive. I had no idea of what was happening.

I had stopped struggling at this point thinking it was no use, I won't be able to break out of her. Aria spoke “You know Michael, I'd liked you for some time now. I found that we had a lot in common, nice, caring, funny, even in food we both like beef, chicken, and pork. There's a lot to explain, like what had happened a few minutes ago but for now, I just want you to know I've taken a liking to you.” she said with a warm smile.

We arrived at her house, she parked and let go of me. I had no other choice but to go in, who knows what she'll do to me if I try to escape.

Aria was a good friend of mine for some time now, having worked at the company for 2 years and her being sort of a "boss" of mine. I never really thought of her as a special person to my life up until now. The woman that every guy from the company love, likes a person like me, moreover she's weird in person.

“Don't be scared, take a seat. I mean I'm not gonna eat you or anything.” Aria chuckles as she spoke and walks to the kitchen.

It's still hard to believe what was happening, a girl that everybody loves invites me to stay over at her house, her arm suddenly stretches unhuman-like as I escape, and she confesses her love to me. What's gonna happen next?!

So as I sat there thinking about what had just happened. Aria calls out to me “Hey Michael, aren't you hungry from puking at the alley? Hahaha!”

Great, way to remind me of how pathetic I was back at the bar. I stand up and walk toward the kitchen. Aria offers me some food and water and I gladly accept it.

After eating Aria started a conversation with me.

“Say Michael, I guess I have explaining to do...” She says in a sad tone.

“Yup, you sure do.” I thought to myself.

“I guess I've already explained why I forced you here. But first, I want to hear your answer. C-Can I be your girlfriend?”

“W-Well, that just came out of the blue. You know, I'd never thought of you any more as a co-worker.”

“I guess so, but I really am serious about it! So I'd like an honest answer.”

“Well, if you're serious about it, then. Why not I guess? Sure.”



With that Aria blushes and thoughts came running through my head, I was thinking “The guy's at the office might kill me once they know about this”. But then, one particular question pops up.

“About what had happened before at the car...”

“Ah yes. It seems I gotta explain that too now that you've seen it...”

“You see, I wasn't born an ordinary human, my Dad was a normal human, but Mom wasn't, she was a shapeshifter...”

Aria continued explaining, but I had already known what shapeshifters were. Shapeshifters could change form at any moment they want. Be it another person, object, or animal. Who knew they were real all this time? I'd only seen/read about such in porn sites. But I gotta say they offer quite a lot of ways for having "fun".

“Michael, are you still listening to me?”

“Ah sorry, but I'm already aware of what shapeshifters are, I just couldn't believe they truly exist.”

“Jeez, you could've told me so I didn't have waste my saliva. Well, you're looking at one now.”

“So, uh. What do we do now?”

“Oh? Is there really any need to ask that to a woman who can make all your desires come true?”

I know where this going now. So many things I could have her do, she is now my girlfriend after all. “Where do I start?” I thought to myself.

“Whoa, hey!” Aria had already begun, he unzipped my pants and started giving me a normal blowjob. “So, what type of girls are you into? Any particular type of play or fetishes you want to come true? Just ask away.”

“Uh, but is it really okay?” I asked still unsure of my current situation.

“Come on, don't be such a pussy. Any guy would've messed me up by now. Well, if you can't decide, then I'll start off.”

Aria's tongue stretched, longer than my dick, it was soft and slimy with her saliva. She wrapped it around and started moving it up and down.

Her clothes started to dissolve, melting on to her skin leaving her naked, her DD cups hanging, being pulled down by gravity, and her dripping wet pussy.

She began fondling my balls with one hand and the other started playing with her cunt. She suddenly took in my entire dick in her mouth, forcing me to cum. She drinks it all down and opens her mouth to show me that not single one was wasted.

“So how'd you enjoy the demonstration? Ready for the real deal? I'm waiting on your orders.” Aria grinned, ready for any wild requests going through my mind.

“How about making your breasts bigger?”

“Oh, love breasts dont'cha?” Aria's breasts grew bigger, as if the DD's weren't big enough , they expanded to E, F, until they were a pair of unbelievably huge G cups. “Man, these are pretty hefty. Anything else? Surely this couldn't be the only thing in your mind.”

“Make yourself lactate.”

“That all? Come on, something more unusual. That's too plain!”

“Okay, make your breasts lactate, but not with just plain-old milk, chocolate-milk. And turn your clit into a dick.”

“Mmm... Now that's more like it. I haven't tried out dickgirl play before, so let's try it out shall we?” I prepared my asshole for the worst, I hope she's not gonna do what I think she's gonna do.

It was gonna be a sleepless night. So I removed all of my clothes, my dick had already recovered thanks to that breast expansion. Now her nipples are leaking dark brown liquid meaning she's already doing the changes I requested. She played with her clit, with each twist and flick it slowly grew longer and thicker until it had formed into a penis.

I grabbed her breasts and started sucking on her right nipple while groping her left breasts, my hands sinking into the huge mounds of flesh, nipples larger than my thumb gushing out sweet, chocolate-milk drink. Aria moans loudly, she plays with her newly grown 5 inch long cock and strokes it up and down with both hands.

Then I thought of something. “Turn both of your hands into onaholes and use them on our dicks.”

“Oh! That's a great idea!” The fingers of both her hands melded together, forming into a cylinder and turning into a shade of pink while the bottom turned into a replica of her own slit. Aria places her right hand-onahole on her own dick and the left on mine and she starts stroking.

I stopped sucking on her nipple and went in for a kiss, both of my hands on her breasts.

“I'm coming Aria!” I shouted, as I slowly reach climax Aria sped up her strokes a bit more. The inside of her hand-onahole is the real deal unlike the plastic ones, it was also wet with juices.

We both cum at the same time. She put up her hand-onaholes to her mouth and started sucking the cum out of them.

“Alright time for round three! Michael feel free to either suck my dick or lick my pussy. No need to worry, you'll still be straight, I'm still a woman after all.”

I turn around and face her shiny rod. Aria starts sucking my dick even while it's still limp, and I start licking both her slit and dick. In no time my dick was raging hard again, her cum didn't taste like that of a normal semen, it tastes like sweet, condensed milk.

I was so hooked to the taste I started to lick the tip and opening, her dick started twitching.

“Ah! Yes! Right there Michael!”

I continued to lick the tip and precum started coming out, it had the same condensed milk taste.

Aria starts sucking on my dick hard as if it were a straw and we both end up coming in each other's mouth, her nipples sprayed chocolate milk all over the kitchen like a fountain.

Aria fell asleep and I rest my head on her breasts as if they were huge pillow sacks. I'm one lucky guy to have a person like her as a girlfriend.

I slowly fell asleep, tired from the events of the night, there was still work tomorrow but I'd already finished up, so I don't know if I'll show up or go absent.


Thanks for reading my very first erolit work. I'm very new to writing these kind of things so I hope you can leave some constructive criticism to help me improve.

I have a lot planned for this and I hope you look forward for more. This story is heavily inspired by grotto's Two Become One story. Cause I thought “This world needs more shapeshifter stories, why not try making one myself?”.

Anonymous 17/10/21(Sat)03:50 No. 25164 ID: 28a7d4

>This world needs more shapeshifter stories

I agree. Thank you, I enjoyed this

Izu 17/10/22(Sun)15:52 No. 25169 ID: d0fcab

I'm glad that you enjoyed it even with my newbie and slightly cringy writing skills.

Although I'm not sure if I will be continuing this story as its plot was not properly planned out.

Though I will be working on a new story regarding a living skinsuit, which should hopefully turn out fine.

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