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21 Swap Street tg_wave 18/05/12(Sat)03:43 No. 25538 ID: e5922a

Hey all, presenting a single chapter from the first half of my magnum opus, a gender bender take on (what is essentially) 21 Jump street. Please read it and tell me if this is any good. I'll post more if there is interest. What I really need is an editor, but I'll settle for some feedback. [MF] M>F


Chapter 6
After the run in with surprise visitors, both agents agreed to a change in procedure. Every morning began at 5:30, where Dan dressed as Allison and wore whatever Jess had laid out the night before. Then Allison’s day consisted of whatever gauntlet of feminine youth Jess had devised. Slang lessons, fashion designer recognition, hair styling and dancing one day; Intro to snapchat use, what to keep in her purse, proper nail care the next, on and on it went.

Dan didn’t like being a girl. He felt like all the clothes were either too tight or too loose and fluttery. Managing in heels was a chore but selecting the correct accessories to augment an outfit was impossible. Jess had him constantly messing with Allison’s hair or face, which Dan judged pointless since Allison was already gorgeous. However, Jess refused to relent and so every morning was a slog of makeup and memorizing new styling options. Worse still, be it tits, or ass, something was constantly giggling after every quick motion. He also hated the music, but that was a product of Allison’s generation, not her gender.

It wasn’t all bad though. Dan enjoyed feeling Allison’s smooth, flawless skin. Seeing her beautiful face in the mirror each morning was an absolute delight. Also, the sheer variety of wardrobe options were intriguing, in a way men’s clothes never would be. She was her own private Barbie doll!

However, Allison felt about a particular day’s training, none of it measured favorably against how she’d been dreading today. Since the Johnsons had invited their neighbors to a block party and Jess had agreed, she had watched the date approach with trepidation. Now the party was underway.

Now, after a morning of training she was staring at the bikini Jess had laid out for her and shivered as she considered Gill and his intense eyes. “Why did it have to be a pool party?” Allison asked herself.
Throughout the week, she had almost convinced herself she had mistaken Gill’s friendliness for something more, but she still didn’t want to wear a miniscule two-piece in front of him. But Allison didn’t dare raise the concern to
Jess, who insisted on her wardrobe selections. Despite her appearance, she was a man (and a detective) on the inside and wouldn’t let a silly feeling stop her from completing an objective.

Nevertheless, Allison considered the blue and white-colored, floral print swimwear and puzzled over the bizarre impracticality of it. As a man, Dan had delighted in the sight of a slender figure in the scant attire, but Allison eyed it with warrines. Jess insisted on it, however.

Pushing the distrust aside, she slipped into the string bikini. It didn’t provide any support and barely covered her breasts. Knowing others would see her dressed like this, she felt more exposed than ever before. But, as she looked in the mirror she couldn’t help but admire how nice the swimwear looked on her willowy build.

“Dressed,” Allison put on the flower embroidered sandals Jess set aside with the outfit and descended the stairs to meet up with her partner who was also dressed in her own stunning bikini. Although Dan had been so preoccupied with the skinsuit’s body, he had never noticed how incredible Jess’ body was. Displayed in the negligible orange swimwear, it was impossible to ignore. Far bustier and toned than Allison, it was exactly Dan’s type! He missed his penis terribly in that moment.

“Is everything okay?” Jess asked, perhaps noticing Allison’s momentary frown of disappointment.

“Yeah… I um… Everything is fine, are we ready to go?”

“Sure, I just have to grab the pasta salad I made, and we’ll be all set?”

Allison looked perplexed, “When did you have time to make that?”

Jess smiled and said, “I love cooking, I have plenty of time for it while you’re studying. Where did you think your meals were coming from?”

In the week they had spent together, Allison realized she hadn’t gotten to know her partner particularly well. As a detective, not questioning such a basic truth such as, “Where is the food coming from?” was unforgivable. Slipping into the life of a teenage girl had been so distracting, he’d let himself stray from who he was. Silently, Dan vowed not to let it happen again.

To Jess, he finally said contritely, “I never thanked you for making all the food. I appreciate it.”

Jess strolled over and pinched Allison on the arm. “It’s not a very teenage girl thing to say.” Then she paused and planted a light kiss on Allison’s cheek. “But I appreciate the sentiment. Now what do you say we go endure your first social gathering?”

Allison nodded confidently and the two set off down the sidewalk to the home next door, where the sounds of a lively gathering could already be heard. Any confidence evaporated when they rang the doorbell and shirtless Gill greeted them with an exaggerated welcome, briefly hugging Jess and then Allison as he said, “Glad you could make it!”

As he disengaged the hug, which Allison swore lasted longer for her than for Jess, his hands slid across her torso. A seemingly unnecessary and subtle gesture, it left a tingling sensation which faded as he stepped back to allow their entry. Gill was wearing an outlandish Hawaiian looking pair of swim trunks and without his shirt, Allison noted he was of athletic build and surprisingly well-muscled.

For his part, Gill was studying her as thoroughly, his scrutiny lingering on chest. She feigned ignorance and followed her “mother” through the well-kept home towards the back-porch where dozens of people were gathered.

“Why me?” Allison wondered, “Jess is equally beautiful, and much more age appropriate for a family man to ogle.”

In accordance with their secret identities, the mother/daughter pair, wandered through the throng, commencing with introductions to the community. By in large, the block ranged from elderly to very elderly, this neighborhood being especially popular for retirement, they generally looked on the bikini clad pair with wistful remembrance and were exceptionally welcoming. As they wandered through the crowd, Allison became aware of a slim girl, roughly “her age” was eyeing her from across the yard. Rather than swimwear, she was wearing an eggshell colored sundress and a matching sun hat.
“You should go say hello,” Jess said, also noticing the girl for the first time. “She probably goes to Randolph as well.”

Obediently, Allison detached from her “mother’s” side and began working her way to her potential classmate. Her progress was interrupted by Gill, who stepped into her path. They collided, and Allison nearly fell over but was saved by the man’s quick reflexes. His hands still rested on her upper arms.

“I’m so sorry,” he said apologetically, before switching on a beaming smile, “But I was looking for you. It was terribly rude of me not to offer you a tour of our home.”
Gill’s hand was on her shoulder now, a fact which was so distracting, Allison could only reply, “I was, um, my mom...”

“Oh, she looks like she’s having a wonderful time already and I wouldn’t want to disturb her. Let me show you around, then you can come right back to the party.”

Gill took her hand and Allison allowed herself to be lead away from the party. She didn’t know how to respond as Allison and by the time she had puzzled out a suitable response, they were already inside.

“I should go back to the party,” Allison insisted as she pulled her hand from Gill’s loose grip. She was aware of how her hand was dwarfed by his and was suddenly fighting an ill-defined sense of dread. His six-inch height advantage felt like a dozen.

“Well,” Gill said pleasantly, “It would be rude of me not to show you around. Please allow me to fulfill my hostly duties. It’s the least I can do after I nearly knocked you out.”
The source of the unknown anxiety faded somewhat and, since Gill seemed genuinely upset about the matter, Allison didn’t see the harm in a quick tour to satisfy him. “Sure,” she chimed, trying to sound like the bubbly teen she purported to be.

As his hand slipped around her waist, Allison instantly regretted her decision. It was unsettling how often Gill found excuses to put his hands on her body. He compelled her along as the tour began
Gill quickly ushered her through the dining room, living room and kitchen, highlighting the quartz countertop and hand carved wooden dining table. “This chandelier was designed by some French guy… I’m told he’s very good,” Added the stay at home father.

Allison laughed but was internally appalled by the girlish giggle that came out. She looked up at Gill who was grinning down at her. Surprisingly, he was gazing directly into her eyes and she couldn’t help but look away from the intensity she saw there, it almost made her wish he was examining her breasts instead. Perhaps it was her imagination, but did he pull her closer as well?

“Lots more to see,” he finally said, leading her to the stairs and indicating she should climb them and he would follow.

Alarm bells were chiming in her head, but she brushed them aside. “I may look like, a teenage girl, but I’m smarter than that,” she thought. “He wouldn’t dare try anything here.” Then, more in a show of confidence than for any other reason, she climbed up the stairs alone with Gill close behind, doubtlessly watching her heart-shaped ass the whole way.

The Johnson home was neatly kept, and the downstairs space featured sparse, antique looking furniture with large, open rooms and ample windows creating the illusion of a cavernous interior. Upstairs however, the hallway was cramped, and they were forced to stand close to one another as they explored it.

“And this is Gavin’s room. Feel free to have a peek. Quietly. He’s napping now.”

Allison opened the door a crack and peered in. Riotous colors and toys lay strewn about in a chaos of childishness. The little boy lay soundly in his bed, his chest rising and falling as he slumbered. Although Dan had never held any fondness for children, he had to admit, the thing was cute.

“Given any more thought to my offer?” Gill whispered into Allison’s ear.

Gill was standing so close, she could feel his hot breath on her neck, it sent shivers down her spine. Somehow, she withdrew from the room and closed the door behind her without betraying how rattled his words made her feel.

She looked up into Gill’s eyes and managed a nonchalant, “What offer is that?”
Brushing his hands through his salt-and-pepper hair, Gill replied, “The babysitting gig, what offer were you considering?” He took a half step forward, bringing him a heartbeat away.

“He’s going to ask me to step into his bedroom,” Allison thought frantically, “I’ll have to turn him down, obviously, but what if he gets angry? I’m so weak as a woman...” Her heart pounded in her chest so loud it drowned everything else.
Suddenly, Gill looked away and turned his head towards something behind her. There she discovered the immaculately styled Janice climbing the stairs.
“Ah, that’s where you’ve gotten to,” she said, a calculating look on her face.

For her part, Allison felt a blush on her cheeks and was supremely embarrassed, though nothing justified such a feeling… right?

To his wife, Mr. Johnson said, “Hi honey! I was giving Allison a short tour. We were just heading back down”

“Mhmm,” confirmed Mrs. Johnson, her face an expressionless mask.

“We were popping by to the garage, then it’s back to the party.”


Allison watched as he began to put his arm around her shoulder to escort her away, but then thought better of it under the watchful eyes of his wife. Normally so deliberate with motion, it was mildly amusing to see Gill so uncertain. However, the hostile look directed at her from his wife killed any sense of fun immediately.

Without needing any encouragement, Allison slipped past Janice and moved down the stairs with Gill close behind.

“Sorry about that,” Gill said apologetically, taking the “teenager” by the arm and leading her through a door into a large and cavernous garage. “Don’t worry about Janice, she knows I’m not a fan of parties and will take any excuse to…” He trailed off as he noticed Allison was ignoring him completely.

“Eight Liter, 240 hp, 0-60 in 4.6 seconds and a top speed of 165 miles per hour.”

Gill stared agape at the young woman who was bent over embracing the red sports car. It wasn’t until Allison realized she was bearing her scantily clad behind when she snapped upright, her breasts bouncing in response. It wasn’t her chest Gill was staring at, however.

“You know cars?” Gill asked incredulously.

Without thinking, Allison replied, “I love cars, but the Viper has always been my favorite. My dad had one exactly like this, but he never got it running.” She neglected to mention it was Dan’s father who had owned the car, not Allison’s. She silently chastised herself for the mistake, but it was too late to take it back.

“Would you like to take it for a spin?”

“What?” Allison asked, her turn to be incredulous. Dan’s father had never allowed him to do so much as sit in the vehicle before. “Are you sure?”

“There’s an abandoned development a mile up the road. You can truly open it up without worrying about other cars or pedestrians.” Or cops, he left unsaid.

Allison knew Jess would be looking for her, but Dan would never forgive himself for missing the opportunity. So, sounding very much like the excitable schoolgirl he was pretending to be, Allison shouted “Let’s go!” excitedly as she thrust her fist into the air. This time, Gill did watch as her chest jiggled in response to the gesture. But nothing else mattered as Allison climbed into the passenger seat next to Gill and the garage door opened. The roar of the engine drowned out the rest of the world.

Over the rumble of the engine and the wind whipping by, they couldn’t hold a conversation. Allison noticed Gill make several attempts, but she could only make out every third word or so and he quickly gave up. Allison was glad for it. She was breathless from exhilaration and distracted by her longer hair which whipped viciously into her cheeks and neck. The seatbelt crossed between two her barely covered tits and she felt like they could come free any moment. Having to be a woman to experience this car was a small price to pay, she decided, bikini or no.

They pulled into a side street which a sign indicated was “Mountain View Terrace” although there was no mountain in sight. Visible from the main street was a mini-mansion, but as they moved deeper into the development, the homes were clearly unfinished, several were only framed out. Construction materials littered the area in the form of lumber or piping.

Hard acceleration pressed her into the seat as the engine thundered to life, the car tearing down a straightaway and into a corner. Adrenaline shot through her and she threw her slender arms into the air as a shrill “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” erupted from her lungs. From the corner of her vision, Allison could see a thin smile on the face of the driver.

They completed 3 breathless laps before the car slowed and Gill pulled into a driveway and turned the car off. His hair was wild and when he noticed her studying his head, he raised his eyebrow at her. Using her hands, she felt the area around her own head, confirming her locks were also a windswept disaster.

Both shared a long laugh before Allison smoothed her own long hair using her fingers as a comb. Although she only did it because it was something Dan felt Allison would do, having it lying neatly over her shoulder once again felt better. It also gave her an excuse to look at something besides the intense expression of the older man.

“How would you like to drive?” Gill asked surprisingly.

“For real?” Allison inquired sounding childish in her own ears.

Grinning widely, Gill nodded, removing the keys from the ignition and tossing them into the air in front of Allison. Surprised, she nevertheless snatched them from the air with a faint tinkling of keys colliding. She was still skeptical of his intent but when he opened the driver side door he gestured at the seat and said, “It’s all yours.”

Gill watched Allison climb over the center console and into the driver’s seat and then walked over to the passenger seat. Allison fiddled with the seat but couldn’t get it to move until gill reached between her knees and released the latch as she reddened, partly out of embarrassment and partly from the tingling sensation of his touch. Attempting not to appear self-conscious, she entered the keys and revved the engine. Then she turned the car off.

“What’s wrong,” Gill asked, concern weighing heavily in his words.

Without answering she reached down and slipped off her sandals, tossing them in the back. Smiling at Gill she turned the car on again and dropped the car into reverse, he smiled back. They pulled back into the street where Allison began gradually accelerating, trying to gain a better understanding of the clutch timing. When she felt comfortable with the pedals beneath her small feet and shifter in her petite hand, the car jumped to life.

“Whoa,” she heard from next seat over. The voice sounded impressed even over the rush of wind and combustion, and she felt a smirk take permanent residence on her face through her first corner.

Allison let all the maneuvering derived from police training flow thoughtlessly to hands, arms and legs. For an instant, it didn’t matter she, WAS a she, temporarily or not. Taking full use of the road, Allison went faster and cleaner through turns reaching faster speeds than Gill dared.

It wasn’t until her second lap when she saw the length of pipe sticking out over the curb. She was going so fast, it was over in an instant. One tire clipped the ragged piece of metal which somehow sent it tumbling under the car. From her bare feet, Allison could feel it rattle beneath the floor before it was left behind. At first, Allison was ready to breathe a sigh of relief, as the tires and axles escaped any damage she could feel, but when she tried to push the gas pedal, nothing happened. The car only slowed, eventually rolling to a stop.

Gill used the seat to look behind the car. Allison did the same and saw a trail of shiny liquid extending nearly a quarter mile back. Instinctively, she put her hand to her mouth and felt tears welling up in her eyes. “My dad is going to kill me,” screamed the voice in her mind.

Then, without the exhilarating speed of the sports car, the full situation came crashing down around her and Allison began to weep openly. As a man, Dan had been bound to a masculine code which discouraged such a display, but now, tears came unbidden in a blubbering, uncontrollable mess. They rolled down her cheeks in a torrent.

To Gill, she sobbed, “I’m, *snif* so, sorry.”

His reaction to her tears greatly surprised Allison who had never been on this side of a pretty, weeping woman. Placing one hand on her cheek, Gill wiped away a tear, saying, “It’s ok. There’s no need to cry. Really.”
Reactively, Allison pulled back from his hand, still sniffling. “I broke your car and now we’re away from the party. Your wife is gonna be mad, and my mom…” She couldn’t stop the tears.

“It’s fine,” Gill countered, pulling out his cell phone. “I’m going to call Triple-A and get a tow back to the house. I’m sure your mom will understand, but you don’t need to worry about my wife, I can handle her.”
While he placed the call to the tow company, his free hand stroked her hair. Despite her discomfort, it was somehow reassuring. Compassion resided on his face as he observed her, his eyes roaming her scantily clad form. She shivered as his hand moved to her upper arm, continuing its slow strokes of “comfort”.

“There,” he finally said, putting the phone back in his pocket. “They’ll be here in 20 minutes or so. Everything will be just fine.”

“Um… ok,” Allison sniffed.

“We have some time, why don’t we take the time to talk. I don’t know much about you, are you excited for school to start?”

Allison fought the urge to knock the hand away which gently stroked her shoulder while she worried about getting back home. Wiping away a tear, she said, “I guess. I mean, it’s a new school, I don’t know anyone.”
It was true, and the fact made it easier to play the part of Allison, Dan realized. She could withstand the humiliation of his hand on her body if the whole thing was one of Jess’ tests, so with a deep breath she resolved to ace the exam like she always had.

“A pretty girl like you won’t have any trouble making friends at a new school,” Gill said, “I bet you’ve broken a bunch of hearts already.”

“I’ve never had a boyfriend,” Allison said truthfully. Gill’s eyes widened in surprise and Allison quickly added, “We moved around a lot.”

“Well, it makes sense. I’m sure lots of boys were interested. But you’re going to be a senior this year, right?”

Allison nodded, not sure where the conversation was leading. Gill’s fingers were stroking the back of her elbow causing a quivering sensation to travel along arm and along her spine. She was growing warm despite the sparse clothing.

“The more mature boys are, the better they know how to treat a woman. You deserve only the best. Has anyone ever told you your eyes shine like emeralds?”

“N- no,” Allison stuttered, feeling a blush cover her face and chest in crimson embarrassment. She could feel Gill’s hand resting on her hip.

“You’re so amazing,” Gill said, leaning in. “You need a man who will treat you like a princess.”


Her heart pounded, and she found herself leaning in as well, but caught herself at the last moment, what on earth was she doing?!

Snapping back, Allison nearly shouted a reply, “You know, maybe I can fix the car!” She nearly fell out of the car as she fumbled for the latch and found it.

“You don’t need to do that,” Gill assured her, “We can just wait for the tow truck.” Nevertheless, he got out of the car as well.

“If a piece of the pipe knocked something loose, maybe if I put it back into place, the car will be fine.” Allison barely knew what she was saying, but she had to distract herself from the unusual warmth she felt from somewhere deep within, as she dropped to hands and knees to crawl under the car.

“That’s silly. If we wait here…”

But, Allison was already underneath the car wiggling her way under the hood. The weight on her chest made maneuvering difficult and she nearly caught the string connecting the cups on a jagged piece of metal which was lodged solidly in a valve connecting the gas line to the engine. This car was not moving on its own any time soon. What had she expected when she crawled under here? Hot cement stung her skin, yet still she hesitated, reluctant to see Gill again.

“Everything ok under there?” He asked.

“The gas line is severed,” Allison replied. “I can’t fix it.”

“It’s okay. Why don’t you come out from under there and we’ll wait for the truck?”

Allison couldn’t come up with a good reason not to comply and the heat prickling her backside was growing increasingly uncomfortable, but as she wiggled her way out, the treacherous piece of metal severed a shoulder strap of her bikini, unbeknownst to Allison. It was only once she rose from beneath the car and flashed one pert breast to the stay-at-home dad did she became aware of the defect.

She gasped and covered herself with her arms, but too slowly. Gill had seen it clearly and despite his attempts to politely turn away, it had caught them both by surprise. Blushing furiously, she tied the severed ends together and re-tied the top to balance the two weights.

“It’s fixed,” she finally said.

“I’m really sorry,” Gill said apologetically while blushing himself. He was walking awkwardly clearly trying to put the car between them. What was he…

When she realized, what was happening, she felt embarrassed all over again. Fortunately for Gill, she was sympathetic to his situation, more than he could have imagined. Rather than address it, she moved to a nearby covered porch and sat on a step, pretending to look at something more interesting.

Once he finished miming an attempt to wipe a smudge from the trunk of the car, he came over and sat next to her. They sat in silence for long moments.

Finally, Allison mentioned something which had been bothering her, “What did you mean when you said I was amazing? You hardly know me.”

The older man turned to look at Allison for the first time since sitting beside her, his face creased with sincerity. “I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve seen a look of pure joy on a woman. And do you know how rare it is to find a woman who loves cars?”

With a secret smile, Allison said, “Well, ‘I live my life a quarter mile at a time.’”

Gill starred in slack jawed amazement. “And a ‘Fast and Furious’ quote? You are something special.” He laughed and put his hand on her knee.

Almost instantly, the warmth she had felt earlier rose as if it had been hiding in wait, ready to pounce.

They locked eyes and Gill said quietly, “You deserve a man who will worship you.” His hand had moved to her mid-thigh.

“What is this feeling?” Allison wondered. It wasn’t like with Alexi, there was a necessity churning within. It felt strange and wonderful. Dan could never have imagined women experienced such a deep response. Her chest thumped with need.

This time when Gill leaned in, she was willing to see how far this feeling could take her, but at that exact moment, a tow truck rounded the corner.

During their ride back, Allison sat alone in the Viper. Gill sat in the cab with the driver, a scruffy-looking dour faced middle-aged man, who hadn’t disguised his interest in her bikini clad body. Allison was grateful, but she felt an inch between her legs yearning for release and it was difficult to ignore. But the cool breeze caressing her body in the open topped convertible cooled the fire. By the time they had arrived, she was left wondering what had overcome her.

Even before Gill had left the front cab, Allison had hopped out and was searching for Jess. She didn’t want to confront either Johnson and didn’t go back when she realized she’d left her sandals in the car. However, there was no sign of her “Mother” at the party and she finally turned up once Allison returned home. She was dressed in workout garb and looked worried.
“Where on earth were you?” She scolded, sounding very much like her undercover persona. “There was a cheerleader at the party excited to meet you. At least, once I told her you were looking to join the squad.
“I’m sorry,” Allison confided. “I was… pursuing a different lead.”

“Is that why Janice approached me and told me to keep my ‘whore of a daughter’ away from her husband?”

Allison’s eyes grew wide, “But I-,” she began.

“I know,” Jess interrupted. “That you were doing no such thing. However, you need to be more careful. Girls looking like you are going to raise concerns about things... Consider this a lesson, but we are no longer welcome at the Johnson household and you should stay away. It can only make our job harder.”

“I understand,” Allison said, her stony face concealing a seething rage which boiled inside. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been so- admittedly, unreasonably angry. She didn’t know who to be angry at, either! However, she resisted the urge to lash out at Jess who was only being honest.

“Why don’t you take Allison off and take the afternoon to Dan-it-up, we’ve been working fairly hard at this. We still have a few days left, you’ll be ready, I promise.” As Allison turned to leave, she added, “And I won’t ask what happened to your bikini or why your back looks scratched.”

Allison paused in her tracks, took a deep breath to calm the fury and stomped upstairs. She wanted to scream, but instead she reached underneath her skull and stripped the suit off, becoming Dan once again. Almost immediately, the anger abated.

True to her word, Jess prepared no evening training and Dan reveled in the exaltation of his masculinity, drinking beer and listening to classic rock far too loud. The next day, there were no signs of scratches on the suit and the training resumed in earnest. There were only 2 days left until the start of the school year and there was work to be done.

odiscipline!!xlAmp4BJLj 18/05/12(Sat)18:27 No. 25539 ID: 3093c9

It seems like an interesting premise, I think you need those other chapters to build it up properly, otherwise the skin suit is just too big and unique of a plot device to handwave ignore the way you have in this one chapter. But I enjoyed the read.

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