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Eeyore 14/09/05(Fri)17:14 No. 3737 ID: 591d42

File 140993008494.jpg - (56.63KB , 800x587 , theater-masks.jpg )

How do i hide with my facial expressions that i am sad or is in a state of anxiety?

Eeyore 14/09/05(Fri)17:40 No. 3740 ID: 545ebe

Why hide it? Let your grim shine.

Eeyore 14/09/06(Sat)13:56 No. 3743 ID: 591d42

because one of my greatest fears is to appear weak or be embarrassed irl and in most cases it is actually the fear of those things which triggers my facial expressions.

And whenever i am in a situation where i think that that the people around think that they i am sad they start to appear.

Eeyore 14/09/07(Sun)00:08 No. 3747 ID: 545ebe


I see. Well, the way I see it which is based on my personal experience, it is very hard to hide a state of anxiety and insecurity. The core problem being the brain has been conditioned and trained to apply various defensive mechanisms in the form of reflexes. In other words I see anxiety/insecurity/shyness/whatever as instinct, you can't reason with instincts or wish it away with just talking. The reaction to a situation to which your brain interprets as a threat to itself is instantaneous and faster than any thought. It is because of this why I recommend a pharmaceutical and therapeutical approach to deal with the heart of your problem that is quite simply brain chemicals gone wild. I am telling you this because I myself suffered from what I suspect is the same conundrum. Tried as I might, I could not find a solution outside of drugs or more specifically anti-depressants. It quieted the mind from self-deprecating and anxious thoughts leaving room for constructive and positive ones. The brain is the crux of it all, despite what some might tell you about how the mind and the body being separate it is in fact one whole organism. Your thoughts are as much of a biological result as the hairs growing from your skin, to which end a disease of the mind is in fact a disease of the body and should be viewed as such.

Eeyore 14/09/07(Sun)13:37 No. 3749 ID: 591d42

During the last months this phenomenon has intensified and it really sucks because when you have it like that it means that the persons who are the closest to you become your worst enemies.

Eeyore 14/09/08(Mon)00:41 No. 3753 ID: 545ebe


Indeed, emotional closeness can be very painful to a person suffering from anxiety. I wish I had a better solution to it other than get drugged up but I haven't found any. If however you do, let me know.

Eeyore 14/09/17(Wed)17:23 No. 3794 ID: 012931

You can't. Well you can for a while, but then you end up crying on a public bus.

Eeyore 14/10/14(Tue)23:20 No. 3891 ID: 066af4

Honestly I just go for complete neutrality all the time. Just think of it like lying or your playing poker for 500000000 dollars

Eeyore 14/11/13(Thu)21:40 No. 4010 ID: 545ebe


Yeah I'm like that as well. I try to be jolly because I like myself more when I'm happy but often I just don't have the energy and so I simply adopt a more passive and neutral personality, siphoning the good mood from others like an energy vampire. People sometimes ask me why I'm so serious and quiet, I don't mind, I simply tell them not to worry because I am content and comfortable like this. Not everyone likes this though, some people have flat out told me to my face that they don't enjoy spending time with me because I appear so serious on the outside. I don't take it to heart though, not anymore, I'm done trying to change who I am to please others. Some types of people just aren't meant to get along, the only thing we can do is be confident on who we are regardless how others feel about it and simply push on, it is only then we can find the people we can connect with on a deep primal level. Never doubt yourself, it's all over when you do. This turned into a weird pseudo-motivational speech, oh well.

Eeyore 14/11/15(Sat)13:13 No. 4014 ID: 7a576f

But how do i learn to mimic the face of absolute neutrality?

Eeyore 14/12/12(Fri)18:35 No. 4055 ID: 01ec8c

Don't. More people care about you than you'd think

Eeyore 14/12/15(Mon)02:32 No. 4061 ID: 9457b3

if only

Eeyore 14/12/15(Mon)08:19 No. 4062 ID: 1b02b6

I'm the opposite. I don't care if people care about me or not. I'm miserable because everyone else is bringing me down with them. Society is so different from me and they're forcing me to be like them. Fuck 'em! I wish people cared not about me, but about making this world a better place by caring about everyone. When that happens, the Venus Project will finally be considered.

Eeyore 15/01/05(Mon)20:32 No. 4111 ID: 8860da

OP here i agreed with you until you brought up the Venus Project.

Eeyore 15/12/05(Sat)22:23 No. 4663 ID: 4363ea

brute force.
try eating a lemon without changing your expression.
try lying to someone without changing your expression.
get to the mental state where your expression is not depending on what you feel.

Eeyore 16/09/16(Fri)14:07 No. 5063 ID: cbe71d

Spies such as Katia Zatuliveter learn to meet everything with a straight face isn't there a declassified CIA manual somewhere?

Eeyore 16/09/25(Sun)21:30 No. 5073 ID: 3e4a64

Eat only McDonalds for a week, then shit your pants in public. Proceed with the rest of your day acting as though it never happened. I propose to you a challenge, one that if completed, you shall have mastered the art of stillface.

Eeyore 17/08/05(Sat)08:27 No. 5517 ID: 925eb9

practice every day not showing emotion where you normally would. Being able to do this can actually be a skill when used right.

Eeyore 17/08/13(Sun)11:51 No. 5522 ID: 63b666

You... Get used to it.
The, soul crushing relentlessness of life.
Sure, some people may be happy, but, why should you be?
What did you do to deserve happiness in life?
Are you some Jesus figure? I'm not saying that you have to be as good as Jesus or some such person to be happy, but atleast they did something in life.
And what are you doing? Are you even trying?
Well, if you want to truly hide your facial expressions, quit trying, truly give up on life.

On the other hand, if you aren't the kind to give up hope, be sad, my friend.

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