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Eeyore 18/10/02(Tue)10:21 No. 5906 ID: b1f1f1

File 153846850241.jpg - (97.18KB , 500x332 , metro.jpg )

What is something that seems to be slipping away?

For me, it ought to be urgency. I'm lost between oversleeping and having tireless bloodshot eyes. When I go beyond 48 hours without rest, life is blown out of perspective. It's already so pointless to drag myself through all the same motions everyday.

Eeyore 18/10/07(Sun)23:58 No. 5911 ID: c8555b

for me, it's passion, and ambition. I go to Sullivan university in America, Majoring in the Culinary Arts, and i haven't been feeling like doing any cooking for months. I set a goal for myself to open up a seafood restaurant on a pier somewhere, and i still plan on following that goal, albeit reluctantly. Most people would probably be intimidated trying to do this, but it feels underwhelming to me. I'm not sure what I want to do anymore, or even if i want to do anything.

Eeyore 19/02/28(Thu)20:31 No. 6022 ID: 53a6d3

Interest in whatever. I used to love reading classic books, playing videogames, listening to new music, picking up girls. Now it's all gone. I broke up with my girlfriend one year ago and I haven't had any interest in finding a new one since then. During this period I tried to cope with this emptiness by writing poems. I thought I had found my way out of my sadness in writing, but I was wrong. I haven't opened my Word file containing all my poems in 3 months and I'm sure I won't ever do again. I'm stumbling through life and hoping it does get better but it won't.

Eeyore 19/03/06(Wed)15:01 No. 6037 ID: 9da2bb

File 155188087238.gif - (1.52MB , 899x598 , 56544-48244-subtle.gif )

>What is something that seems to be slipping away?

Eeyore 19/03/07(Thu)23:31 No. 6044 ID: 40d006

File 155199788183.jpg - (6.80KB , 236x197 , tired.jpg )

My will to keep trying... I am just so tired of trying to be happier, so tired of trying to connect with people, so tired of trying to keep things from going to shit again... I have so little energy and absolutely nothing feels worth doing anymore. I live every day putting in the bare minimum effort to stay employed, and the rest of my time is occupied with hollow distractions. I wonder how long my will to keep trying will last. It's grating.

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