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Anonymous 10/11/14(Sun)06:03 No. 46098 ID: 1b6e8e

File 128971100938.jpg - (216.86KB , 929x610 , b319e334a1433c90241cbff13f70c09943c0f2b5.jpg )

this...right here...is the FIRST hentai pic i have ever seen

post your first

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Anonymous 12/08/23(Thu)02:25 No. 54371 ID: 6406a1

File 134568150612.jpg - (87.38KB , 610x828 , d_dbz - Videl and 18 (Henati).jpg )

Bring back the memories of 1.2KBs... *DIAL TONE SOUNDS*.... YAY for fiber!

I still fap to this pic ;)

Anonymous 12/08/25(Sat)22:48 No. 54379 ID: 53e044

File 134592773938.jpg - (64.43KB , 462x658 , hentai--ass--blush--digimon--flat-chest--lolicon--.jpg )


Anonymous 12/10/21(Sun)04:44 No. 54562 ID: 615ab0

First image is from the Amy route of the visual novel titled "Casual Romance Club".

Anonymous 13/02/07(Thu)18:10 No. 54952 ID: 60c3c4


I remember this pic and many like it on a site called BriAnime or something similar to that. It had sections for hentai girls in lingere.

Fapped daily.

Anonymous 13/03/12(Tue)01:07 No. 54976 ID: cc76e9

File 13630468591.gif - (737.80KB , 640x776 , 183417 - breasts censored duplicate gif sex slime .gif )

This was my first, though I remember there being a different version of it as well, a girl with red hair maybe? I don't remember.

Anonymous 13/03/27(Wed)07:03 No. 54993 ID: ed3a32

File 136436419369.jpg - (17.48KB , 285x351 , sdjfla.jpg )

this is the first I can remember

Anonymous 13/03/31(Sun)12:18 No. 55003 ID: d568e2

i actually can remember my first, but i deleted it or otherwise lost it a while ago and i cant seem to find it anywhere. i was googling 'Bleach' to find bleach hentai and a few pages back i found it.

2 girls, slightly chubby, one lying down on her stomach, facing the other girl and fingering her, it was pretty much a profile shot and i really fucking wanna see it again. it had a green background and i remember printing that shit off, running it to my room to hide it and jerking off to it every night.

but that was when i couldnt handle a full orgasm and i ended up just getting close before i had to stop.

Anonymous 13/04/27(Sat)01:30 No. 55123 ID: 52566f

That was the first for me too.

Anonymous 13/05/09(Thu)17:50 No. 55147 ID: dd95ba

File 136811465588.gif - (307.56KB , 400x365 , 2255 - May Norman Porkyman animated.gif )

I still remember beating off to this complete game/swf of which have, even after all these years...

Here is a link to the game:

If you use fire fox you can save it.

People have been speaking of limewire and that got me thinking; did anyone ever play that Pokemon game where you could battle every gym leader and all the members of the elite four from all the regions (at the time only three) and also catch every Pokemon? I think that the final boss was mewtwo or something.

Anyone remember?

Anonymous 13/06/15(Sat)04:11 No. 55186 ID: ae45de

File 137126226512.jpg - (85.72KB , 469x907 , image.jpg )

Probably not the first hentai pic I saw, but certainly the first I used to aid in masturbation by viewing. (I found it on GUROchan, yes, there, which i had initially gone on just for lulz, but I found this pic hot. And that was how I became a faggot loser who whacks off to cartoons) Incidentally, when I fapped to this on GUROchan I neglected to save it, I found it much later on 314chan. Thanx *chanz.

Although this is futa, which is normally /d/ material, it is relevant to the topic at hand.

Anonymous 13/06/18(Tue)23:10 No. 55190 ID: 321457

File 137158981436.jpg - (391.51KB , 1600x1600 , first.jpg )

my first. i was lucky.

Assreaver 13/06/24(Mon)02:12 No. 55191 ID: 98725e

File 137203276524.jpg - (3.01MB , 2461x3141 , CG_Practice__Metal_Slug_Eri_by_HiroyValesti.jpg )

I didn't save mine, but it was of Fio Germi from Metal Slug masturbating. I was sixteen then, and was horribly ignorant, so I didn't understand what the big "18+" was supposed to mean when I was browsing the Metal Slug Database's fan art gallery.

I can distinctly recall asking my mother what was going on in the picture, to which she freaked out and told me to close it. Oops!

I can distinctly remember this being one of the first images I saved in the regular gallery though.

Anonymous 13/08/24(Sat)00:28 No. 55523 ID: 591639


That first GIF right there was either my first or very close. God, that was a LONG time ago...

Anonymous 13/08/24(Sat)14:31 No. 55529 ID: 15121f

You guys have really warmed my heart :)

Anonymous 13/09/13(Fri)21:45 No. 55640 ID: 5fa15d

First on my own: La blue girl, super taboo and fairy tail downloaded from kazaa.

First EVER: Dad purposely left out penthouse mags and then asked me if "they did anything to me" Rofl

Anonymous 13/10/14(Mon)08:01 No. 55780 ID: 00378a

File 13817304631.jpg - (179.30KB , 700x978 , YokoLittnerNude.jpg )

Can't remember the first I saw, but this is both the first I fapped to and the first I saved.

Anonymous 13/11/24(Sun)23:48 No. 55907 ID: aafe1a

File 13853333312.jpg - (189.81KB , 1024x768 , 668-bb braid breasts final_fantasy final_fantasy_x.jpg )

Dat Newgrounds Hentai

Anonymous 14/01/01(Wed)23:27 No. 55991 ID: 7fa8e0

This was mine aswell.

First Anom 14/01/07(Tue)19:57 No. 56000 ID: e54612

File 138912101982.jpg - (303.15KB , 979x1389 , MB_AliceInSexland02_00.jpg )

I dont really remember what was the first image I've seen; however, I remember the first H-manga I've read. Let's make this as the first Hentai I've seen.

Anonymous 14/04/15(Tue)12:21 No. 56118 ID: de1e75

File 139755726550.jpg - (138.12KB , 756x345 , Manga-le2.jpg )

stealthily downloaded onto a 1.44 MB floppy disk at a public library, using an extremely early version of netscape.

Anonymous 14/04/15(Tue)23:47 No. 56122 ID: 15121f

File 139759843582.jpg - (42.16KB , 400x400 , 331b.jpg )

This was such an eye-opening series, loved it.

This is an old h-manga that comes to mind, I can't find anything but the parody flash now.

Anonymous 14/04/24(Thu)06:58 No. 56140 ID: 790017

File 139831550491.jpg - (62.52KB , 400x562 , artbook-4471-bible-black-visual-artworks-.jpg )

my 1st hentai memory

Anonymous 14/05/06(Tue)10:28 No. 56145 ID: 20d8c4


I got caught with that onscreen in a computer lab when I was at a summer camp for high school students, learning about the Internet among other eye-opening things.

It was a NeXT machine with camper logins, and we only had 2MB of RAM available on our accounts, IIRC. Somehow between that and the other processes I was running, I got stuck and the lab manager had to come over and bail me out. Saw it there plain as day on the screen. Couldn't even quit the program.

Had to be '94, then.

As soon as I got to college, I was all over the Internet like white on privilege. Found Sailor Moon (it was just airing in the States) and dove in to anime. Sailor Moon porn? I was there.

Anonymous 14/09/18(Thu)12:23 No. 56489 ID: e8034a

File 141103580037.jpg - (38.70KB , 640x480 , EVA009[1].jpg )

This changed the way I looked at EVA...

Dvided 14/10/29(Wed)18:30 No. 56591 ID: ee31c4

File 141460382582.jpg - (42.71KB , 320x415 , wbnurse4.jpg )

This was the first I ever saw. Looked it up on the school library computer when the internet was still relatively new for the general public. The browser was netscape navigator and the site was The Art of Jimu, which is long gone... This pic took about 5 minutes to load.

Anonymous 15/09/02(Wed)21:02 No. 57107 ID: 9538be

oh yeah, this was definitely one of the first for me; I even printed it out. Many faps were had

Anonymous 15/10/07(Wed)01:39 No. 57172 ID: f4af1f

Heh, I remember that, also these Love Hina images, I remember paging through these on of the first colour phones that could browse the internet and jerking myself into a coma

Anonymous 15/10/31(Sat)17:31 No. 57240 ID: 14e592

File 14463090908.jpg - (23.11KB , 350x400 , 1442652385433.jpg )

Anonymous 15/11/20(Fri)06:44 No. 57288 ID: a7bdc1

File 144799827616.jpg - (269.17KB , 706x700 , 182794 - Mega_Man Roll Splash_Woman.jpg )

I always loved this one.

Anonymous 16/02/23(Tue)01:27 No. 57463 ID: fee69f

File 145618727187.jpg - (180.74KB , 808x941 , Palmon Mimi vined up.jpg )

Not the first I ever saw, but the first I came across that left a memory when I went looking for it.

Anonymous 16/04/08(Fri)21:06 No. 57534 ID: f1d70f

That digimon was my first as well

Anonymous 16/05/04(Wed)03:10 No. 57570 ID: f6c3ea

File 146232421116.jpg - (28.93KB , 250x371 , 25637e59a6e82567795fd21766af5cf5bdb9fb53-87112-500.jpg )

Anonymous 17/11/08(Wed)11:28 No. 58773 ID: 459e7a

SAme here. That pic goes back to the Kazaa days

Anonymous 18/01/22(Mon)20:18 No. 58818 ID: d8ce4c

File 15166486889.jpg - (134.54KB , 499x720 , 0004d01e-28c1-0b39-da05-a39644d6f3e3_720.jpg )

here's mine.

Anonymous 18/07/18(Wed)15:04 No. 58852 ID: ed9c8b

slut girl was the first ever dirty doujin/comic whatever that I actually READ as opposed to just looked at a few choice pages. good times.

Anonymous 18/07/24(Tue)14:05 No. 58855 ID: 601504

File 153243390651.jpg - (107.74KB , 600x820 , 267468D8-410A-42EB-8C61-7B0EF8C502DC.jpg )

Dragonmoonx back in 2000

Anonymous 18/10/03(Wed)15:24 No. 58886 ID: 7111b4


Renamon Anonymous 18/10/20(Sat)18:06 No. 58891 ID: ecd381


Anonymous 18/11/24(Sat)18:48 No. 58935 ID: a10833

Anonymous 18/11/25(Sun)17:13 No. 58940 ID: b7ce93


Anonymous 18/11/26(Mon)03:24 No. 58941 ID: c3029b

File 154319905652.jpg - (110.17KB , 1101x688 , 8d823d795828f0b0f8c171b7f5c7bcaf.jpg )


Anonymous 18/11/26(Mon)11:21 No. 58942 ID: 14602f


Anonymous 19/01/06(Sun)19:12 No. 59026 ID: 1e5fb7

File 154679837865.jpg - (71.03KB , 800x1136 , huge (5).jpg )

Anonymous 19/01/08(Tue)10:16 No. 59027 ID: a98cb9

damn man I forgot how much pokeporn I jerked to


Remember all the QUALITY doujins? Fucking waves of em

Anonymous 19/01/08(Tue)10:21 No. 59028 ID: a98cb9

that artist had SO much good stuff

Anonymous 19/01/08(Tue)10:22 No. 59029 ID: a98cb9

You guys are tempting me to break out my old CDs for the collection of hentai from 4fags I saved...

one day

Anonymous 19/03/25(Mon)02:11 No. 59081 ID: 892835

File 155347629933.jpg - (252.91KB , 594x893 , 20900a3c7ff9d09becc961de000c79aa.jpg )

Not sure if THE first, but definitely among them

Anonymous 19/04/25(Thu)00:44 No. 59086 ID: 9a4d38


Anonymous 19/06/10(Mon)06:04 No. 59121 ID: 4db8dc

File 156013945198.jpg - (70.22KB , 720x540 , 97589.jpg )

Anonymous 19/07/17(Wed)23:50 No. 59138 ID: 602775

File 15634002007.jpg - (84.24KB , 723x1024 , 992613201977298944.jpg )

This fucking post is almost ten years old.


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