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Homebrew (MYM) Anonymous 17/01/11(Wed)19:19 No. 22429 ID: 4318e8

File 148415879290.jpg - (39.46KB , 700x386 , blog_wiihomebrew012.jpg )

This is some OLD shit so most of you probably wont be able to help. I have recently modded my Nintendo Wii with Homebrew, and noticed some people have custom Wii Menus. I looked up some tutorials, and got the .csm file and the channel installed on homebrew. I did everything right, at least I think I did, but when I load MyMenu it gives me a blank screen. Wii mote freezes, so you have to power off the console via unplugging. I have re-done this 3 times, blank screen every time. I have the 4.3u menu version. Please help, my wii menu looks plain and naked compared to others.

Anonymous 17/01/14(Sat)01:10 No. 22434 ID: a870df

Try downloading someone else's file and see if it works. If it does, then copy the file and make changes to the original file to get it how you want. Through trial and error you should be able to get it working in the state you want. If their file doesn't work at all then you know something's wrong in your installation.

Anonymous 17/01/15(Sun)02:05 No. 22435 ID: 6548f7

I don't know anyone that would have this fil.

Anonymous 17/01/15(Sun)02:05 No. 22436 ID: 6548f7


Anonymous 17/01/18(Wed)00:26 No. 22437 ID: a870df

I'm not sure how active they still are, but GBATemp.net used to have a ton of information on Wii softmodding, including pretty much anything and everything you'd want to do with Homebrew. I'm showing a lot of posts in the past week, maybe search through their forums for a file someone else has posted or, if that turns up empty, ask a question. They know a hell of a lot more about what you want to do than I do. I just wanted my Wii to load games off USB...

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