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Anonymous 09/11/19(Thu)13:05 No. 12146 ID: 16eb7d

File 125863230542.jpg - (102.57KB , 1280x1280 , 1258490806611.jpg )

So. I've been looking for this manga for a while now. I'll post the description of what occurs within it, as well as a couple of generic diaper pics, since it's a diaper manga.

Guess this'll be the new diaper thread, too, since I'll post some pics to get it started.

Description begins in the next post.

Anonymous 09/11/19(Thu)13:07 No. 12147 ID: 16eb7d

So this thing was in moonrunes last time I checked. It was a classroom setting, and it's a yaoi comic. Some kid's apparently doing really well in class, which another kid doesn't appreciate him, so he pulls the kid into the bathroom to have a "talk".

He pulls a tube from the water tank above the old-fashioned toilet in the men's room, and slides it into the other guy's rear. He uses this to inflate him full of water; he gets a hefty belly out of it. The kid tries to go home after clothing himself without letting the water spill.

He makes it home, is completely relieved--and then is jumped by, like, five different toddlers, apparently his siblings. He can't hold it anymore, and lets it all go in his pants.

(keep in mind, there's no actual scat content to this; it appears to be nothing but water that comes out.)

Cont'd next post.

Anonymous 09/11/19(Thu)13:11 No. 12148 ID: 16eb7d

The kid sinks down into a crouching position, humiliated. The kids don't really seem to notice what's happened. One even has his head tilted, like he's asking, "What's wrong?" in moon.

This causes the little kid's diaper to peek out from under his shorts, and that gives our hero an idea.

Next day, the other kid (He wears glasses, so we'll call him glasses kid because I'm original like that) pulls our hero into the bathroom, inflates him again, but this time our hero's got a smirk on his face.

We cut to him in the cafeteria, wearing some overalls and eating a burger. He has an uneasy look on his face, and his swollen belly seems to go down a bit.

Then we cut to him in another bathroom, dropping a heavily-sodden diaper into a squat toilet. He looks relieved, but also shocked--it couldn't hold everything in his stomach. He's got a spare, too.

After that, it basically turns to a bunch of gay sex. While I'm into that, I'm quite okay with that bit not being posted 'cuz it's not saved or whatever.

I'll keep posting some pics for a while, in the hopes that this can be posted. TANSTAAFL.

Anonymous 09/11/19(Thu)13:12 No. 12149 ID: 16eb7d

S'more pics.

Anonymous 09/11/19(Thu)13:14 No. 12150 ID: 16eb7d

Wheeeee, more pics.

Anonymous 09/11/19(Thu)13:18 No. 12151 ID: 16eb7d

And there we go, a nice batch of diaper pics to kick off a new thread.

Hopefully we'll see the pages I've asked for. I'll check again tomorrow to see how we're doing; whether there's pics or not, I'll post more.

I may post stuff I'm fairly certain are /not/ reposts of reposts if someone's been gracious enough to post those pages, though.

Anyhow, enjoy!

Anonymous 09/11/21(Sat)05:53 No. 12186 ID: c54ba2

Hm. Not even other posts contributing simple diaper pics yet.

Obviously, I'll have to fix this.

C'mon, guys--I'm making a request, but this /is/ a diaper thread. Go ahead and post some random diaper pics if you want to.

* 09/11/22(Sun)05:46 No. 12200 ID: 5f78de

File 125886520498.jpg - (131.33KB , 691x587 , 1255256322527.jpg )

I have no idea why I'm contributing, given I haven't the faintest clue what he's talking about saucewise and this isn't even my fetish. Guess I just felt like posting a relevant pic.

Anonymous 09/11/23(Mon)00:59 No. 12232 ID: c54ba2

Anonymous 09/11/24(Tue)19:30 No. 12270 ID: 284b30

File 125908745476.jpg - (62.53KB , 461x650 , 320251146098961567.jpg )

Anonymous 09/11/27(Fri)18:05 No. 12421 ID: fc9f12

Didn't Po-ju draw this manga you're speaking of? I'm familiar with it, I just don't know the title.

Anonymous 09/11/28(Sat)03:35 No. 12426 ID: c54ba2

Not sure. It's not in the recent Works release, I know that. I also know it wasn't shaded like most of his works...it could have been an early thing.

Not sure, sadly. In any case, MORE DIAPER PICS!

Anonymous 09/11/29(Sun)19:34 No. 12454 ID: fc9f12

Anonymous 09/12/01(Tue)21:23 No. 12796 ID: 25d19e

Anonymous 09/12/02(Wed)06:03 No. 12808 ID: 901bf3

Don't have what the OP's asking for, but I guess I'll contribute.

Anonymous 09/12/03(Thu)05:14 No. 12833 ID: 120920

Also no idea what OP is asking for. I'll post however.

Anonymous 09/12/03(Thu)05:17 No. 12835 ID: 120920

Anonymous 09/12/03(Thu)08:17 No. 12848 ID: 16c895

Looking for a certain pic.
It's some diapered chick with her hands restrained (on a wall on think), and forced to watch a (presumably hypno) tv screen.

Anonymous 09/12/03(Thu)23:22 No. 12860 ID: 120920

Anonymous 09/12/06(Sun)09:00 No. 13132 ID: 120920

Anonymous 09/12/06(Sun)09:01 No. 13133 ID: 120920

Anonymous 09/12/08(Tue)07:01 No. 13218 ID: 120920

File 126025210485.jpg - (150.72KB , 1401x651 , 2_cute_4_words_by_Elven_Dreamer.jpg )

Anonymous 09/12/08(Tue)23:44 No. 13230 ID: a2ecdd

Anonymous 09/12/14(Mon)16:38 No. 13407 ID: fc9f12


Anonymous 09/12/16(Wed)19:23 No. 13513 ID: 54cfab

Anonymous 09/12/16(Wed)19:24 No. 13514 ID: 54cfab


Anonymous 09/12/16(Wed)19:33 No. 13515 ID: 54cfab

The Doujin is called [Takashiro Go-ya] - Oshikko de tsunagatte if your curious. These pages are the only ones that have diapers in them.

Anonymous 09/12/19(Sat)23:35 No. 13614 ID: 12b31a

File 126126210257.png - (328.98KB , 600x689 , zerosam.png )

Anonymous 09/12/23(Wed)21:22 No. 13999 ID: cbadd5

The first pic in here resembles a few of the other pictures in this thread. I'd love it if someone knew the artist of these, I'm loving the art style.

Anonymous 09/12/23(Wed)23:06 No. 14001 ID: f6ce5a

The artist is JayJay/Omutsu2. I think he still has a gallery at ABKingdom, but I'm not sure if it's up to date. The best unofficial collection is at www.tehthul.net. He did post his latest works at FTT but, as of now, he's stop either because he got fed with his work being reposted again, he's fed up with FTT's general fucktarded attitude, or
he's busy with real life. Take your pick or write your own.

Overall, best bet is with Tehthul.net

Anonymous 09/12/25(Fri)04:38 No. 14034 ID: f6ce5a

Okay, disregard the whole "Omutsu2 stopped posting" thing.

Anonymous 09/12/29(Tue)02:49 No. 14198 ID: 6aaf45

File 126205135191.jpg - (145.94KB , 717x1024 , e36f7491.jpg )

OP here.

So. Having searched Telthul.net, I found precisely /one/ image from the set I'm looking for.

However, it's better than simply describing the damn thing, since that doesn't help nearly as much.

Attached is the image. I'll also dump a few more images afterwards, since just /r/ing is dumb.

Anonymous 09/12/29(Tue)02:56 No. 14200 ID: 6aaf45

As promised. More coming, too.

Anonymous 09/12/29(Tue)03:08 No. 14201 ID: 6aaf45

Anonymous 09/12/29(Tue)03:42 No. 14202 ID: 6aaf45

Anonymous 09/12/31(Thu)20:18 No. 14660 ID: fc9f12


Anonymous 10/01/04(Mon)18:10 No. 14767 ID: 8d3c38

what the fuck is wrong with you people. Seriously. Go see a doctor. This is a problem.

Nigga, you dumb.

Anonymous 10/01/05(Tue)02:13 No. 14775 ID: ade88a

Who surfs in a Alternative Hentai picture board and says something is wrong?

Anonymous 10/01/06(Wed)20:04 No. 14909 ID: 29f1fe

File 126280466150.png - (264.73KB , 600x600 , 1262031356382.png )

Anonymous 10/01/07(Thu)03:25 No. 14917 ID: 9e5374

Anonymous 10/01/07(Thu)04:40 No. 14920 ID: 284b30

Anonymous 10/01/07(Thu)11:51 No. 14925 ID: 6aaf45

Ho-lee SHIT.

I thought I'd never figure out what the hell it was called. Thank you Anon, you are amazing.

Postin' pics in thanks.

Anonymous 10/01/07(Thu)11:53 No. 14926 ID: 6aaf45

Anonymous 10/01/07(Thu)11:56 No. 14927 ID: 6aaf45

Anonymous 10/01/07(Thu)11:59 No. 14928 ID: 6aaf45

I have plenty of RL pics too, but I don't think those're allowed. Ah well.

Anonymous 10/01/07(Thu)12:07 No. 14932 ID: 6aaf45

Anonymous 10/01/11(Mon)01:45 No. 15058 ID: c263da


Anonymous 10/01/13(Wed)22:33 No. 15154 ID: 190a0a

File 126341840684.jpg - (43.83KB , 459x660 , 1197887921987.jpg )


Anonymous 10/02/01(Mon)23:14 No. 15696 ID: df1d3b

Anonymous 10/02/01(Mon)23:17 No. 15697 ID: df1d3b

Anonymous 10/02/02(Tue)16:29 No. 15712 ID: c6084c

File 126512454650.jpg - (89.57KB , 596x640 , Random2.jpg )

Well, managed to get over a hundred posts in before the furfaggotry started, guess that's something.

Anonymous 10/03/09(Tue)23:08 No. 16480 ID: 268c93


Anonymous 10/03/13(Sat)00:08 No. 16557 ID: 2beb27

Anonymous 10/03/15(Mon)19:51 No. 16621 ID: e0e15b

Anonymous 10/03/16(Tue)06:05 No. 16634 ID: 268c93

(C77) [Reborn] Ijou Keiken +2 (Touhou Project)

Anonymous 10/03/19(Fri)13:53 No. 16741 ID: 9fb9e1

Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)10:40 No. 16783 ID: 2beb27

Anonymous 10/06/25(Fri)19:54 No. 16894 ID: 4a93fd

Anonymous 10/06/25(Fri)19:56 No. 16895 ID: 4a93fd

Anonymous 10/06/28(Mon)09:14 No. 16939 ID: a0e878

File 127770927375.jpg - (282.83KB , 500x800 , 1276711353880.jpg )

Anonymous 10/06/29(Tue)04:02 No. 16957 ID: aa4088

So I love diapers, but hate shit. 'Sup wit dat?

Anonymous 10/06/30(Wed)09:48 No. 16993 ID: 177736

File 127788410485.jpg - (82.56KB , 480x640 , 1273274414672.jpg )

Anonymous 10/07/08(Thu)06:47 No. 17198 ID: 395136

It's normal. It's true for most diaper lovers.

Anonymous 10/07/11(Sun)09:17 No. 17241 ID: a0e878

File 127883266990.jpg - (2.01MB , 2400x2717 , 1277712233589.jpg )

Anonymous 10/07/19(Mon)22:42 No. 17411 ID: 22ba5d

File 127957216973.jpg - (136.82KB , 750x980 , jackiebday.jpg )

Anonymous 10/07/24(Sat)09:30 No. 17522 ID: e47cb9

More guys in diapers!

Anonymous 10/08/02(Mon)23:00 No. 17716 ID: 4e124f

File 128078285877.jpg - (450.45KB , 800x1260 , 12089390.jpg )

Anybody translate?

Anonymous 10/08/04(Wed)16:59 No. 17743 ID: 59ea59

Its been translated on diaperedanime.com

That+Guy 10/08/04(Wed)17:41 No. 17744 ID: 84b53e

I didnt translate but found it on that website from 17743

The two girls are in pink and green, the teacher is in blue.

Pink: Sensei, let's play house

Sensei: Ok, what will I do?

Pink: Hmmm, Sensei can be the Baby!

Sensei: You want me to do that?

Green: Yeah, it's ok. We put medicine from the principle in your lunch.

Sensei: You do you mean?

Green: It's gonna make you a baby kind of Medicine! You're gonna be really good at being a baby right?

Sensei: Eh. oh...my head...getting fuzzy (boutto means various things, like "being stupefied, blanking/blankly, dreamily. Point is she's getting stupid)

Middle: 30 minutes later

Sensei: Ah...ahh...manma (I don't know, my dictionary says it's babytalk for cooked rice?)

Pink: Yesss, it's manma. drink lots of it (this is again, really questionable because gokkun means, um, well lets just go with, f*ck it, Semen Swallowing)

Green: Sensei looks just like a baby. Look! She's peeing

Pink: Really? Lets change her diaper

Green: She really likes drinking that milk we got from the principle

Pink: Yeah, but this milk has a weird smell

sensei: mewk...nummy (i take my liberties with this)

Green: Sensei says it tastes good so she's ok.

Pink: Yeah! Playing house today was fun.

Yeah, you can kind of guess what's in that bottle. Exactly what kind of Kindergarden Principle is running that school?

Anonymous 10/08/05(Thu)22:11 No. 17786 ID: dd5f08

File 128103911880.jpg - (160.60KB , 1026x912 , 12348222.jpg )

Thanks. I just saw that trans last night.

Heres a new pic by Cocco.

Anonymous 10/09/11(Sat)04:51 No. 18449 ID: 6b23bf

I have nothing to contribute; please rape my face!

Anonymous 10/10/30(Sat)03:59 No. 19030 ID: 9fd276

File 128840398951.jpg - (70.04KB , 534x741 , poo 2.jpg )

Anonymous 10/11/08(Mon)03:46 No. 19107 ID: 2dfba5

I cant find if in the site, please help

Anonymous 11/01/11(Tue)20:13 No. 21318 ID: 826adf

are there adult-diaper-fetish-hentai-movies out there?


Anonymous 11/03/21(Mon)01:36 No. 24685 ID: ad98f2


anonymous 11/04/13(Wed)02:49 No. 25033 ID: 88a550


Anonymous 11/05/01(Sun)03:47 No. 25277 ID: 1cb2c5


ajani 11/06/07(Tue)00:10 No. 26061 ID: 88a550


Leftism!LrcICN/F7E 11/06/11(Sat)18:51 No. 26212 ID: 694ec0

I think this deserves a sage.

Anonymous 11/06/11(Sat)18:54 No. 26213 ID: ea02f4

Leftism!LrcICN/F7E 11/06/11(Sat)18:58 No. 26214 ID: 694ec0

I love guys in diapers. There's absolutely nothing cuter. <3

Anonymous 11/06/11(Sat)19:04 No. 26215 ID: ea02f4

There really is not enough pics of boys in diapers

And btw, you're not a communist are you Leftism?

Leftism!LrcICN/F7E 11/06/11(Sat)19:11 No. 26216 ID: 694ec0

Socialist, actually. I'm a dirty pinko, not a filthy red. Why?

Leftism!LrcICN/F7E 11/06/16(Thu)03:30 No. 26257 ID: 694ec0

Anonymous 11/07/14(Thu)07:55 No. 28795 ID: 67eb4e

File 131062292125.jpg - (841.29KB , 1399x2100 , blush_by_pizzabagel-d36t73m.jpg )

Apparently Omutsu2, MifMaf, KK-Panda and a few others started up a paysite for Diaper Art. Thoughts?


Anonymous 11/07/15(Fri)07:26 No. 28805 ID: ae82d7

File 131070759522.jpg - (42.39KB , 513x508 , nyaa.jpg )

Ahhh fuck em.
They may have a nice niche market to corner and substantially profit from buuuut they will still be dicks.
Also I doubt any kind of regular contributions from all of the artists.

Anonymous 11/07/25(Mon)00:50 No. 28915 ID: c31faa

File 131154784124.jpg - (155.80KB , 1058x1024 , pc131125951592_petichan[1].jpg )

Anonymous 11/08/09(Tue)19:37 No. 28988 ID: 4ca02d

Anonymous 11/09/04(Sun)04:09 No. 29275 ID: 95a770

File 131510214237.png - (235.05KB , 768x1024 , commission__bloom_abdl_by_normaldeviant-d48l7xj.png )

Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)23:54 No. 30399 ID: 99e0bd

File 132096567585.jpg - (15.66KB , 400x300 , 1320915488613.jpg )

anyone have this in higher res? Or a source?

Anonymous 12/01/17(Tue)03:09 No. 32214 ID: 9c6bbe

bump with content

Anonymous 12/02/10(Fri)00:42 No. 32931 ID: 26e3ba

Anonymous 12/02/10(Fri)00:49 No. 32932 ID: 26e3ba

Anyone like the facesitting one or one with a similar cap to the captioned one?

Anonymous 12/02/10(Fri)00:53 No. 32933 ID: 26e3ba

Anonymous 12/02/10(Fri)00:56 No. 32934 ID: 26e3ba

Anonymous 12/02/10(Fri)01:02 No. 32935 ID: 26e3ba

Anonymous 12/02/15(Wed)09:01 No. 32958 ID: 3bdb46

File 132929286353.png - (207.86KB , 768x1024 , felenia.png )

Anonymous 12/02/21(Tue)16:29 No. 33012 ID: 619313

Anonymous 12/04/07(Sat)02:05 No. 37817 ID: 8fa1e2

File 133375711589.jpg - (171.11KB , 600x847 , babygirl1-324cd8c.jpg )

Found this on a site, sadly the download link was dead. I still thought the cover would be relevant to our interests.

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