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/d/ remorse Anonymous 11/11/01(Tue)03:26 No. 29994 ID: ee41c2

File 132011438858.jpg - (811.02KB , 1050x1400 , 719fb77e7954847903dfdd2d67caa0123a38f461.jpg )

You ever fap to something and then afterwards feel bad about it?

I often have thoughts about how if anyone found out what really got me off, they would look at me like I am a psycho. At least I know there are others like me here.

Anonymous 11/11/02(Wed)02:12 No. 30013 ID: 8bee05

any more of these man i love goru

Anonymous 11/11/03(Thu)00:59 No. 30016 ID: 897531

if I feel bad about it I usually do so before I cum and stop fapping to it... I can't fap to things that make me feel bad

Anonymous 11/11/03(Thu)16:13 No. 30023 ID: e1b696

Yeah, I have a bad binge-and-purge habit. I've lost a lot of good stuff by deleting right after a fap. I just worry "what if something happened to me and people found this" or something like that.

Anonymous 11/11/04(Fri)13:58 No. 30031 ID: b93af5

Two words.
Gay Porn.

Anonymous 11/11/04(Fri)22:36 No. 30033 ID: 9b2d4e

Ain't nothin wrong with that

Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:38 No. 30394 ID: ee41c2

Yeah, people don't judge gay guys. I think everyone would have a really hard time not judging me if they knew I got off to images of girls being humiliated and debased.

Anonymous 11/11/12(Sat)11:16 No. 30401 ID: 4518d8

sometimes i get a it weirded out when when i start fapping to a trap, most epsecially when i didn't know beforehand. when i started fapping to cp was when i lost remorse for any pr0n indulgence. i realized i could never explain all my desires and turn-ons to anyone. i noticed this most markedly when a hypnotist came to my college campus. it was pretty cool, seemed to work and all. the show was funny but i was especially happy i did not get hypnotized when he had the guys looking through their shoe/telescope and cheering on their horse in the race. the name of the horse, was their ultimate fantasy. i don't rememebr any other than the one which garnered the most laughs, 'sex in space.' innocent and fun enough, but again, i wondered what i would have said. what would've happened when i go 'ravaging a 14yo'

Anonymous 11/11/13(Sun)06:33 No. 30409 ID: ee3f0c

well, you could just stop feeling bad about it.
worked for me.

Anonymous 11/11/15(Tue)00:10 No. 30420 ID: e1b696


Oh, lots of different /d/ stuff. Plus just 2d in general.

Anonymous 11/11/15(Tue)01:53 No. 30422 ID: 2caffd

Yes, yes I have. I've fapped to various things that have given me a bit of that, but one picture in particular I felt extremely bad about. I'm not going to post it because it's furry but it was a herm tentacle rape orgy with extreme ovipostition, massive bellies where you could see the individual outline of each egg, being oviposited through every orifice, even into their tits. I fapped and then had a 'jesus christ what is wrong with me' reflection session for a few minutes. If anyone ever found that I'm pretty sure I'd never be able to feel comfortable around them again.

Anonymous 11/11/15(Tue)11:11 No. 30424 ID: 93e314

Nope, chan society have pretty much desensitized me to anything, I can fap to beastiality, guro, furry, gay shit, you name it!

Anonymous 11/11/16(Wed)05:54 No. 30438 ID: f058ff


I've gotten paranoid about things before, but the only time I felt embarrassed was years ago in my moms car in the parking lot outside the house.

Anonymous 11/11/16(Wed)08:18 No. 30439 ID: 2fd61d

every time I read an oyster/torwyn manga, I feel sick. especially if I actually fapped.

Anonymous 12/01/04(Wed)10:21 No. 32121 ID: 640a2a

my obsession with rimjobs and analingus always makes me feel awkward.
And shemales. But I suppose as far as chan society goes that's pretty vanilla.

Also, MGQ.

Anonymous 12/01/14(Sat)22:32 No. 32194 ID: 0956cd

I'm regretting the purges that I have done in the past ... so much S rank material lost and never found again...

Anonymous 12/01/16(Mon)06:18 No. 32206 ID: b3bd09

Saya no uta (visual novel), simple as that.
Find it on piratebay or something if you haven't played/read it.

Ok, so basically you got this guy who sees the world in reverse, white sheets become covered in pus, shit and filth, moving and oozing. One day he sees the first "person" (thing with what appears to be a human body) called Saya, for a few weeks. He falls in love with her and moves in with her, she's a shoggoth from another dimension, but he doesn't know that. She has sex with him (all seen from his perspective) to collect seed in order to make a virus that turns earth into a place where everyone is like Saya. Later his ex-half-girlfriend comes over and gets raped and dissolved/mutated by Saya, the main character's friend hears her over the phone, and you actually hear her crying and babbling insanely "I'm rotting and melting... My ear just came off". Later the main character comes home and finds the girl there, who from his point of view looks like a human. He then rapes her. Later that "girl" gets killed for the sake of mercy, after saying "kill me".

Only time I have felt remorse. Then again that's what autism does to you.

Anonymous 12/01/20(Fri)11:48 No. 32243 ID: ed0495

really, the only thing i ever feel guilty about is non-con/rape stuff
i fucking love it when i'm fapping

but in real life it's horrible/detestable/unforgivable, and the idea that i get off on it is the worst feeling ever, but then once i'm fapping, it's all good again.

Anonymous 12/02/11(Sat)11:03 No. 32941 ID: 311f04


i can agree i feel guilty in the exact same way but the best is when its blackmail you know it makes you feel good but its okay cause they let them do it ;\

feel better?

john 12/02/11(Sat)21:34 No. 32943 ID: a3f11c

transformation comics.

CP? Anonymous 12/02/13(Mon)01:36 No. 32950 ID: f62221

So am I the only one who feels guilty after fapping to CP?

Anonymous 12/02/13(Mon)10:44 No. 32953 ID: 2940d0

You gotta find it first before fapping. I know I'm too paranoid to attempt.

Anonymous 12/02/15(Wed)09:46 No. 32959 ID: ac1fd7

The first time I ever pornography I acktually got physically ill. Then every time for years after I discovered yaoi I felt bad.

Any more so long as it isn't real (drawn, ie hentai) I have no real regret for content, except for things that reflect an abrasive social/personal value for groups of individuals (women, men, children, ethnic groups, animals) because it strikes me as morally wrong. Incidental cases are fine enough, but pervasive plots about how all women/men are worthless creatures only good for sex piss me off; even if the idea of dominating a harem of gay men into sexually submitting to me as their mistress is maddeningly fulfilling and I indulge in the fantasy from time to time.

Anonymous 12/02/20(Mon)08:02 No. 33001 ID: 4cb63d

i cant seem to find any any where

Anonymous 12/02/21(Tue)07:05 No. 33005 ID: c15557

hmm...i know i faped than felt bad afterwards...but i can't remember what it was.
the first time i DLed CP (accidentally) and faped i felt a little bad (the "Jesus Christ what the fuck is wrong with me?!?" kind of bad) until i found out that the first time someone sees such things its natural to get a rageing boner because one isn't used to seeing these things and/or its more likely because of the "forbidden fruit" complex, but more paranoid that some one would find out about me having it, but i think it was the first time i saw really hard core rape porn (i think it was animated i can't remember i was like 11 at the time lol)

but now i can watch any kind of porn and not feel bad about it (/fur/, /be/, /cake/, CP, est.)...i guess its because i already seen and faped to almost every type of porn there is

Anonymous 12/02/25(Sat)06:03 No. 33032 ID: fd5e86

ive fapped to necro-porn(not bad), loli(OMG!<3), gay(ehh..), lesbian(ehh..), the only one i ever regret looking at it guro-loli*tear tear*.. such a sad porn subsection.

Anonymous 12/03/07(Wed)10:47 No. 33070 ID: 8f297d

What. Are. You?

Anonymous 12/03/08(Thu)19:59 No. 33073 ID: ae58d3

I felt bad after I was fapping to Shouta for the first time (that one time involved deleting Pico to Chico again) and I occasionally feel bad for the typical mind break on girls. When they're turned from actual persons to 'OMG EVERYTHING IS SEX YAY<3!!1!' fucktoys. Sometimes okay, but most of the time…
Also, body modification. Piercings are okay, but when they're done during sex… it mostly just disgusts me.
Oh well.

Anonymous 12/03/23(Fri)16:34 No. 37728 ID: c5bd28

I felt slightly off after fapping to the Human Centipede.

Anonymous 12/03/24(Sat)10:43 No. 37729 ID: 49e224

I almost wish people did know the kinda stuff I fap to. Maybe they'd finally leave me alone.

Anonymous 12/05/14(Mon)05:20 No. 37995 ID: fbb43d


these pretty much sum it up for me.
at least if everyone knew i wouldn't have to pretend to be normal...
probly wouldn't have this hot girlfriend though...

Anonymous 12/05/16(Wed)16:38 No. 38008 ID: 0f4795

File 13371791033.jpg - (46.77KB , 454x801 , stages of a btard.jpg )

you're not, but most are(understandably) too paranoid to admit to having even seen any in person, let alone having any saved, even on an ''anonymous'' image board where most readers are probably guilty of the same thing.

Candy Cane 12/07/25(Wed)14:45 No. 39115 ID: ff5db0

Girls getting hypnotized to the point where they become fixated and obsessed with one guy and need to fuck him constantly/tend to his every need. Also girls getting their body altered to be more appealing to whoever 'owns' them (such as breast enlargement).
It also seems like such a weird fascination, as I am a female and I am a very strong/individual one. While I'm horny, I go crazy over the idea of having someone that 'owns' me and fully controls me and uses me for his pleasure. Yet when I'm not horny, the idea alternates from disgusting/disturbing me. Sometimes it doesn't.
One time I found an image of a guy slapping a girl and forcing her to suck on his dick. At first I was so appalled I left the page immediately... Yet found myself wandering back to the page a few days later, trying to find the .gif. After though, I feel terrible that I'd get off to my own gender being humiliated and tortured like that though..

Anonymous 12/07/26(Thu)05:14 No. 39117 ID: d05cc2

That's not so unusual.
A lot of people who are independent or in positions of control/power really get off on the idea of surrendering themselves and letting someone else take control for a little while, or even their entire sex life.

Anonymous 12/07/27(Fri)00:08 No. 39136 ID: f18a3c

File 134334043374.gif - (1.30MB , 160x110 , bj10hitcombo.gif )


I can relate. I'm in a leadership position at my workplace. At home, the wife generally leaves the finances, decisions, etc. to me. Virtually all aspects of my life are controlled by and thrive/fail based on my judgment and decisions. I'm (perhaps overly) competitive and generally win or do well in contests of skill. Granted, I take great care and pains to maintain the whole "golden boy" image but I try not to show it. Most folks consider me strongly individualistic, powerful, all that jazz.

What actually goes on in my head? I want to be outdone, overthrown, outsmarted, overpowered, and generally dominated by someone better in spite of my honest effort to prevent it. Especially if they outwardly appear harmless. Perhaps this means I'm really just a Beta male? I put so much work into always being the ace in any situation and I only want to be made to be someone else's toy. Unlike you, this isn't just a "when I'm horny" sorta thing. I'm constantly sizing folks up to evaluate whether or not there's a chance of them taking ownership of me. Male, female, doesn't matter. I play out scenarios in my head where I'm slapped around, restrained, drugged, cut, passed around, pissed on, tattooed and so on.

These are things I wouldn't do to/with a partner myself. I might tease a bit but I'm a pretty nice and gentle sorta guy. I feel like I should regret betraying all my work and effort by wanting it taken but I totally don't. I'm very comfortable with the idea. Maybe it's because I doubt anyone I'm likely to run into could trump me easily. Maybe it's because I've convinced myself such things don't happen and people don't think this way in real life. Who knows? Anyhow, don't think you're the only one in this boat.

By the way, was this the pic?

Anonymous 12/07/27(Fri)01:59 No. 39141 ID: 8b7495

All the time. My gf is into some light D/s play, my ex-bf was a bit turned on by crossdressing and was willing to entertain the idea of rope.

But with both of them, the stuff that I find hot has... Legitimately scared them. My girlfriend wanted me to send her some "dirty talk" while at work, so I did, and apparently the things I sent her actually made her a bit afraid of being in a relationship with me. We had a conversation about it and I explained that I care about her, not just what I find hot, and would never push a line I knew she had, but... It still hurts me to know I scared her like that. It's terrible.

I wish there was a way I could know exactly what someone I'm with was into, so that I'd never have to worry about going too far.

Anonymous 12/07/27(Fri)16:51 No. 39143 ID: 4584f5


>know that feel. Sucks.

Anonymous 12/07/29(Sun)16:54 No. 39154 ID: 52bbea

If you don't, there's something deeply wrong with you

Anonymous 12/07/30(Mon)07:08 No. 39157 ID: 25a332

Fapping to weird porn used to do that to me, but I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that most people think of me as a freak anyway, so I don't really give a fuck anymore.

Anonymous 12/08/05(Sun)04:08 No. 39188 ID: 0de374

This has only ever come up once and it shames me to this day. I was fapping to inanimate transformation shit and my brother came in and
..basically I was fapping to a picture of a chair with eyes and text underneath. He laughed, I cried. Fuck everything

Anonymous 12/08/11(Sat)10:41 No. 39209 ID: 7528dd


Reading this was like reading my life from a year and a half ago. Then someone actually did come along and throw me off my pillar. Now I'm out of a job, on the other end of some jail time with a federal conviction on my record, all my (previously considerable) money stolen my identity dragged through the mud and I can't even tell anyone about it from the shame. My family thinks everything's fine, lol. Fucking eery though. Reconsider your shit man, the fantasy doesn't work out too well in real life.

As far as the topic goes, yeah, some things are a little too extreme even for an experienced /d/eviant like myself, but they are few and far between. As far as my fear of being caught, I'm browsing /d/ on a friend's computer on a 52" TV in the middle of his living room. He's asleep about ten feet away and if he sees what I'm wanking it to then I'm homeless again. LIVE DANGEROUS.

Anonymous 12/08/22(Wed)21:12 No. 39263 ID: 0514b5


Here, have some emotional support.

Based chan.

>If you don't, there's something /d/eeply wrong with you

Anonymous 12/08/24(Fri)14:40 No. 39271 ID: 280d6c

"Omg this fucking trap is so hot! I can't stop fapping it feels so good!"

Then you cum and your boner painfully recedes into the smallest flaccid penis your body can muster.

The only thing on your mind is, "why did I fap to this?"

Anonymous 12/08/26(Sun)09:37 No. 39274 ID: 7bd88c

Immediately after I come down from orgasm, the stuff that gets me off starts to seem really disgusting. I try to get it off the screen right away after I finish. I often worry about what it says about me that I like that kind of stuff, but I know I'm not that bad a person, and I'm certainly not alone in liking those sorts of things. We all have our fetishes.

Anonymous 12/08/27(Mon)00:00 No. 39277 ID: 30b68b

I feel a little awkward and a little bad when I fap to traps. Don't know why.

Anonymous 12/08/29(Wed)09:12 No. 39286 ID: 00ad23

File 134622435014.jpg - (120.95KB , 500x500 , noiamnothavingfunthanksforasking.jpg )

i'm a filthy bleeding heart staunchly anti-war, anti-torture liberal.
and some of my biggest kinks are military shit: soldiers, gunplay, interrogation, uniforms, nazis...
/d/, what's it like having a kink that doesn't conflict with your very moral fiber?

Anonymous 12/09/14(Fri)21:41 No. 39366 ID: 6a792d

used to feel bad fapping to futa but that has subsided by now, i feel no remorse fapping to stuff like dmitrys/shemales (while using an aneros).

For the rest i'm pretty tame i guess (no loli, guro,shota(except trap), transform, furry), i searched for some of the other anons' in this thread perversions(oyster/torwyn,redrusker) but that didn't do anything for me, oyster was pretty dark actually. But i'm not judging, it's drawn porn, the only limit is the author's fantasy so why not exploit it? and creating/viewing it has no negative effects on anyone. That's why i stay away from CP, even though it makes me cum buckets, i can't justify consuming it knowing that someone is traumatised for life. I haven't watched it for 4 years now.

Anonymous 12/09/19(Wed)17:00 No. 39385 ID: 2b430a

Whats moral fiber?

Anonymous 12/12/27(Thu)00:40 No. 40734 ID: 761c1a

Moral Fiber is the shit that makes your morality easier to shit out.
The bible is one example.

Peppercat 12/12/27(Thu)01:34 No. 40735 ID: 67474e

Hey. Femanon.

Well, not really. I began discovering that i was into girls my own age when i was 12. It felt completely natural at the time, always did. All my fetishes always have done, i think. I dont think i've felt bad about any of it... Most of my friends know of them aswell. Including femdom, loli, shota, bestiality, and alot of other things...

Embrace who you are, if you want it, why make yourself feel bad about it?

Anonymous 12/12/31(Mon)05:23 No. 40749 ID: 4af676

Well, I felt kind of bad after fapping to happy wheels... not really bad, just kind of. I'm really not a very moral person.

Anonymous 13/01/06(Sun)02:55 No. 40771 ID: 8b1486

I'm the same way, although my girlfriend uses my computer constantly so I'm in real danger. I think it's always a matter of time; whether it will be a few months to even years, I just don't want to be caught.

Fucking /b/ and then /d/ got me into some fucked up hentai. Nothing illegal, but if my g/f found out I think she'd break up with me. Not an asiaphile, but she's Asian and thinks they're weirdos. Haven't watched/been into anime since high school. Hell, I don't even play videogames anymore, but fucking hentai man. A habit that I can't break for the life of me.

Delete stuff I'd cum buckets to and sort of regret it. I DL like 10 gigs in one night jerking all night then delete all of it. I think I'm a slight sex addict.

Ahanu 13/01/08(Tue)05:21 No. 40776 ID: 877120

I don't feel guilty about it, its just... How in the hell do I explain why I like this to someone? I honestly don't get why it strikes a chord with me. I mean, at a psychological stand point, a lot of the cartoons I watched as a kid had some sort of vore in them, and I guess that stuck with me till I discovered vore on the web.

Anonymous 13/01/08(Tue)10:46 No. 40777 ID: 48230b

I only feel guilty when I fap to rape porn and the news starts talking about rape cases.

Then I switch to the consensual rough sex porn and feel slightly better about this withered thing that passes as my soul.

Anonymous 13/01/09(Wed)05:32 No. 40778 ID: a55465


+SizeNinja 13/01/14(Mon)17:50 No. 40791 ID: 51b6d3

File 135818221444.jpg - (69.28KB , 980x768 , IMG_0432.jpg )

i know that feel

Anonymous 13/03/09(Sat)19:16 No. 41081 ID: b30093

Well, for a start, I loaded the board up just as a program came on the radio talking about the objectification of women...

Anonymous 14/06/03(Tue)15:33 No. 43242 ID: e6bbed

File 14018024061.png - (66.93KB , 189x262 , 1374042885018.png )

Iktf. I feel moderately guilty about being so into loli, shota, guro, beast, etc, but I'm not really sure if my unease stems from it being morally wrong, or just because everyone I know would think I was disgusting and mentally ill if they knew. I'm really paranoid of someone using my computer and looking at the files I've saved. Not paranoid enough to delete any of my stash though.

To those who have viewed CP, are you ever scared that the FBI is just going to kick down your door and arrest you any minute? Lol I'd be jumpy as hell. I'm not asking where you find it or anything, but is it on what people call the "deep web"? My ex-gf asked me once if I've ever been there.

Anonymous 14/06/10(Tue)03:27 No. 43268 ID: f14cc5

You might bump into it if you browse around a few dead imageboards. Those are always plagued with shady spambots.

Anonymous 14/07/08(Tue)07:02 No. 43504 ID: 714a68

Yes... It all starts out so simple... But it just gets worse..

Anonymous 14/07/19(Sat)08:55 No. 43558 ID: 800849

I found The Club 2013 on eLit... I would fap, then throw myself against a brick wall. Then fap again...

I also began discovering girls when I was 12. Its legal as long as they aren't 5 years younger than you, right?

Anonymous 14/08/21(Thu)01:29 No. 43645 ID: 7125ff

Totally, absolutely normal. fetlife.com is probably something you ought to study.

BTW, I!m a total sadistic top... But the few times I've been cornered by an even more dominant guy, shiiiit, it's like my fucking brain shuts down and I got all gooey.

Anonymous 16/03/17(Thu)14:34 No. 45127 ID: 9e22a4

I fucked the artist who Created Conductor Cat.

Anonymous 16/03/17(Thu)14:37 No. 45128 ID: 9e22a4

For about 5 years. Don't really regret the sex, more reget about how I broke up with her.

Anonymous 16/09/03(Sat)00:30 No. 45327 ID: 2a2e98

ahhh, just to think 5 years ago it was just lesbian porn, and now if it aign't guro, it aign't fapped to


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