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It's just like a mini mall! by Teffen - 07/13/09 @ 04:45 AM CEST

We've fixed the video embeds, if they're are any bugs check with us on IRC. Due to security popups and the size of the video windows, they are now enclosed in a collapsible div tag. Additionally the FAQ and the rules have been restored except for their images (hopefully soon).
have fun
Update:We've reinstated the Flash board.
I've been also getting a lot of questions on how to dump a whole directory of images so I've put up a guide in the FAQ, you can find it here.

same ol' by Teffen - 07/11/09 @ 06:48 AM CEST

Expect a lot of changes as we get back 100%. Note that some things may be broken at the moment.
Update: A few video embeds are being tested, they may or may not work. (Hulu is borked atm)

Alrighty then by Sazpaimon - 07/11/09 @ 03:49 AM CEST

I've readded most of the old boards (all of the SFW, most of the NSFW). I'll start making backups once content starts filling up again.

whats a happen by Sazpaimon - 06/30/09 @ 01:51 AM CEST

It seems bad luck follows 7chan wherever it goes. I figure I at least owe you an explanation.

Ecatel, our old hosts, out of nowhere, deleted our account. No explanation at all. No idea why it happened, it just did.

"Alright", I says to myself, "I'll just get a new server and load up the backup on that." I had just moved, so I had to re-connect the external hard drive I use for the backup. I plug it all in, and, knowing our luck, the drive doesn't work. It's dead, most likely a mechanical error not worth the money to fix. So we have nothing. Again. Isn't that absolutely Grand?

At any rate, we have our new server, for how long I don't know, but if we lose this one, rest assured I've made a much more secure form of backups that will make sure we never lose our precious content ever again (knock on wood).

Stay tuned for boards being re-added.

UPDATE: Someone was kind enough to convert google's cache of 7chan to an sql file that I was able to restore. I *may* be able to restore some images as well. I'm keeping the boards locked for a couple days while I try to salvage what I can.

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