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Malware Alert Bullshit by N3X15 - 06/13/11 @ 08:37 PM CEST

UPDATE: There was a single line of code that we managed to overlook that allowed the exploit to reinstall itself. It's been removed, and hopefully this shouldn't resurface itself again.
This morning (Pacific time, fuck the other coast), Google blocked our site because of malicious javascript injected into our site front page. After a thorough investigation, Saz discovered that a previous exploit back in March left some backdoors in place. These backdoors, and the malicious javascript, have been removed and the rest of our site has been confirmed to be clean. Google has now verified this and, as you might notice, has unblocked our site.
To prevent this (and similar problems) from occurring again, we have implemented additional security measures at both our ad provider and our own systems.
No private information was released, as we don't keep private info, and our game servers (7chanistan and the Failtrain) were not affected.

Minecraft Shit Again by N3X15 - 02/06/11 @ 11:19 PM CET

Since Teffen had a massive temper-tantrum the other day and got removed from "office", we've been looking for a new Minecraft server.
We've since found a good, cheap service and I've ordered a 20-slot (1GB dedicated RAM) server with Bukkit support for 3 months (10% discount) from FragNet. We got a 10-slot Mumble VoIP server for free with the deal, and I've upgraded it to 20 slots.
Connection details are available in /minecraft/, and #minecraft in IRC has live updates and a chat relay.
FYI THIS IS NOT NIRVANA. This is a completely new map and the server has fewer, different plugins and settings (for performance). Nirvana is still being hosted by Teffen via nirrius.

PRRRROMOTION? WHAT FOR? by Lorf - 01/19/11 @ 03:09 AM CET

Applications are now closed.

Mod Rules Established by N3X15 - 01/18/11 @ 12:12 AM CET

We've made a huge overhaul to our moderator and administrator rules and regulations. Namely, we created some where none existed before.
The changes you'll notice immediately are:

  • 4chan style posts are allowed in /b/, but not elsewhere. This should make it easier for new users to adapt to 7chan without getting banned.
  • We now take a warn-then-ban approach, meaning the first offense receives a 1-day ban as a warning, and then bans afterwards become full-length. Again, this is to make assimilation of new users easier.
  • Modposts will be less frequent.
  • Many ban types and durations have also been standardized, and ban reasons should be a little more descriptive (so it's easier to process appeals, and so you know what you did wrong).

Many other internal regulations are also present, such as establishing a more defined chain of command, and getting Steve (our current codemonkey) to maintain a presence on IRC until we can find a decent bugtracker for Kusaba issues.
These changes have been brought on by a realization that our previous, chaotic method of moderation was not working, and that to continue expanding in a stable, efficient way, we had to lay down some rules.
Right now, the transition is a little rocky, with a few moderators handing in their guns and badges, and we're still bickering over a few minor details, but in the long run, this should make 7chan better than ever.

HOUSECLEANING by N3X15 - 01/12/11 @ 07:27 AM CET

We just finished seriously reorganizing the shit out of the boards to make everything less of a clusterfuck. Several boards have been deleted, others have been combined with a a similar board etc. As shit changes, we'll leave a note here.

  • /mus/ was combined with /me/.
  • /zom/ has been combined with /x/.
  • /futa/ has been combined with /d/.
  • /nsfwwp/ combined with /wp/. /wp/ is now General (NSFW stuff allowed).
  • /toys/ = lolgone
  • /7tr/ is gone, since they have a forum and no one moderated it.
  • /pr/ joined /halp/.
  • /n/ was removed, use /h/, /d/, or /fur/ depending on furriness/fucked-up-shit.
  • /pco/ was combined with /co/. /co/ is now General (NSFW stuff allowed).
  • Many test boards were removed.

Update @ 12:13AM: And we're done. Content on the boards removed is gone since the merging tools are fucked, sorry. We realize this isn't popular (judging from the dozens of whiny threads popping up), but it makes our jobs easier and promotes more activity over a smaller number of boards rather than many.
In the long run, this is better for 7chan.

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